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    14 이우승 Prognostic significance of allele-specific loss of heterozygosity in triple-negative breast cancer 

    24 이우승 Prognostic significance of allele-specific loss of heterozygosity in triple-negative breast cancer 

    13 Intern (heeseung) parsing HISAT2 result to sql file format  
    13 Intern (heeseung) Web structure of Healthcare Showcase demo version 

    08 김형준 HAP blockchain 

    14 김형준 Adoption of blockchain technology  

    23 김주연 Parkinsons disease Genomic Analysis 
    23 김형준 Health Avatar Project for Dialysis- and RehabilitationNet 
    23 임영균 Synthetic Cancer Survival 
    23 서명의 PGx of Host and Pathogen in Helicobacter Pylori Infection 
    23 이우승 Loss of Heterozygosity 
    23 유경훈 Whole Exome Sequencing & PGx for Major Depression 
    23 안세환 Factor-specific Pattern Mining of Gene Expression 
    23 최선 Automatic acupoint prescription model 
    23 권호식 MTX-induced Nephrotoxicity in ALL 
    23 정문경 Dietary Intervention using ChatBot for Chronically Ill 
    23 부은경 PGx of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
    23 조민아 Whole Exome Sequencing for Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
    29 김형준 PHR backup in Healthavatar 

    17 김재환 Development and demonstration of RarePedia and Retinitis pigmentosa analysis platform 

    18 김기태 Identifying genes related to age of onset in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients 
    23 이우승 Introduction to Biobank 

    25 김기태 major result of AOS in depression 

    21 김기태 Comprehensive genomic analysis for identifying genes related to age of onset in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients 
    21 김형준 Healthavatar Platform_Mobile Healthcare Platform Facilitating Secure Exchange and Management of Personal Health Record With Permissioned Blockchain 
    21 박유미 Comprehensive genomic characterization of pharmacogenetic, common-disease, and Mendelian-disease genes facilitates the risk gene prioritization. 
    21 윤선민 Genomic analysis of L-asparaginase-induced pancreatitis in 25 Korean pediatric ALL patients. 
    21 임영균 Identification of genomic markers affecting sentivity of tacrolimus 
    21 김주연 Evaluation of systematic synthetic association-contributing variant detection 
    21 유승원 ROC curve analysis of 6MP drug adverse effect 
    21 권호식 Identification of potential genomic markers related with adverse effects of Contrast Media 
    21 한봄 Carbamazepine-induced Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions 
    22 유경훈 Influence of CYP2C19 Metabolizer Status on Escitalopram Tolerability and Response in Depressive Disorders 
    22 부은경 Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease 
    22 김효정 Systematic integration of CPIC guideline into clinical practice: development of PGx CDS pipeline based on the cGDM  

    26 임영균 Identification of Synthetic Cancer Survival and Synthetic Cancer Survival Burden in Lung Adenocarcinoma 
    26 김기태 Dopaminergic and noradrenergic system, Neurotransmission and Brain-related genes are associated with treatment response in 1,000 Korean patients with Major Depressive Disorder.  
    26 이우승 The Progsotic Potential of Loss of Heterozygosity in Breast Invasive Carcinoma 
    26 박유미 Evaluating the utility of PGS as a predictor for 6-mercaptopurine intolerance in pediatric ALL patients 
    26 김형준 Healthavatar platform for conserving originality and secure exchange of personal health record with consortium blockchain 
    26 윤선민 L-asparaginase induced acute pancreatitis in pediatric ALL patients 
    26 김주연 Variants contributing to adverse drug reactions through synthetic association 
    26 김효정 Constructing an Integrated Drug Database for Utilization of Public Data in Korea 
    26 이정훈 TP53 synthetic cytotoxic network for paclitaxel is a biomarker for chemotherapeutic response and prognosis of urogenital cancer 
    27 유경훈 Pharmacogenetics of escitalopram response: a candidate gene analysis 
    27 유승원 6MP-related side effect analysis with normal NUDT15,TPMT phenotype  
    27 권호식 High dose MTX induced renal toxicity in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia  
    27 안세환 Gene-centered Visualization and Annotation for Exome Variant Analysis(VVA) using GDM 
    27 한봄 Steroid-Induced Hyperglycemia in ALL patients 
    27 김재환 RarePedia: A knowledge base for biomedically coherent query result 
    27 채정환 Taxol induced adverse drug reaction in patient with various types of cancer 
    27 정문경 A study protocol to examine the effect of a smartphone-based self-management support system for hemodialysis patients. 
    27 최선 Evaluating the severity of NSAIDs induced adverse effects by K-CDM in nine institutes 

    05 김기태 er 

    23 김기태 AOS in MDD 
    23 유경훈 depression 
    23 김기태 EarlyResponse 

    03 유경훈 depression 
    12 김기태 depression 
    12 유경훈 depression 
    20 김기태 우울증회의자료 

    23 유경훈 depression 
    30 김기태 회의자료 

    02 송유림 석사학위논문 
    02 유경훈 depression 
    15 김기태 임시파일 

    12 Intern Identification of driver mutations in breast cancer 
    12 Intern The correlation of allele frequency and the degree of effect in ADR in population 

    15 Intern Analysis of 2504 genome vcf files of 26 countries, focusing on Vitamin D Receptor 
    15 Intern Normal Karyotype AML 

    25 Intern (Replication) Genomic and Epigenomic Landscapes of Adult De Novo AML    
    25 Intern Analysis of 2504 human genomes from 26 populations, using Python and R 

    30 박유미 A Personalized Gene-level Scoring System for Exome Variants: Comprehensive Evaluation in Multiple Genetic Conditions. 
    30 김기태 Pathway damaging score based on the gene score in the Head and Neck squamous cell carcinomas  
    30 윤선민 Whole-exome sequencing to detect genes causing L-asparaginase-associated pancreatitis in 13 ALL patients 
    30 박호경 Drug adverse effects analysis using GTex tissue specific gene expression dataset 
    30 박지혜 Pharmacokinetic effects of inter-individual variability in drug response 
    30 서희원 Association of ATP8B4 polymorphism with Ritodrine induced side effects in 13 pregnant women 
    30 김주연 Determining ADR risk according to FDA & PREDICT SNP genotypes 
    30 류영재 Identification of prognostic aberrant splicing event pairs using pairwise survival analysis in invasive breast cancer patients 
    30 이수현 Development of Controlled Vocabulary-Based Drug Safety(CDS) Model to Utilize Laboratory and Descriptive Data in Pharmacovigilance  
    30 홍주영 Modeling and Usage of PharmacoGene Pathway Database(PG-path) 
    30 김형준 EasyFormBuilder- Semi-automatic form building tool based on standardized metadata repository for semantic interoperability. 
    30 송유림 Identifying the new susceptibility loci of Alzheimer’s Disease by whole exome sequencing  

    19 이계화 Exome sequencing identifies new candidate mutations for susceptibility to MRONJ  
    19 김기태 Identifying the functional target using the combination of genes across the multiple carcinomas 
    19 임영균 Identification of combinatory mutational effect between genes for patient survival in colon cancer    
    19 이정훈 Synthetic Dosage Cancer Survival:a computational approach for identification of negative genetic interaction 
    19 서희원 Whole-exome sequencing to detect significantly altered genes causing Ritodrine induced side effects in 13 pregnant women. 
    19 박유미 ReAlCap (Reads Alignment Capture) : A fast and handy tool for capturing genomic reads 
    19 이수현 RS-ADR: A reference standard for detection of adverse drug reaction signals using electronic health records database  
    19 박지혜 PharmSafe_Personalized Prevention of Adverse Drug Reactions 
    19 김형준 Form building tool based on standardized metadata repository for semi-automatic semantic annotation 
    19 이우승 Finding Loss of heterozygosity as prognostic marker in Breast invasive carcinoma 
    19 류영재 PharmPortal_A Personal Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase 

    14 김형준 [김형준]석사학위논문발표자료 

    07 이정훈 Keystone symposia 

    15 김혜현 Ensuring Semantic Interoperability in the Course of Clinical Document Exchange using Metadata Registry related Technologies 
    15 서희원 Whole-exome sequencing to detect genetic abnormalities causing Ritodrine induced side effects in 13 pregnant women. 
    15 김형준 Easy Form Builder : Facilitating both semantic interoperability and usability in creating clinical documents based on MDR.     
    15 박지혜 Pharmacokinetic effects of inter-individual variability in drug response 
    15 김현대 Data Validation using attributes of extended DEs    
    15 박유미 Evaluation of exomes from Ion Proton for variants in sequencing-error prone regions 
    15 이우승 Study of Novel Loss of heterozygosity in TCGA 
    16 박지연 Effect of mutation status on post-transcriptional regulation in papillary thyroid carcinoma 
    16 윤선민 The interactome of functional variants in human populations 
    16 이정훈 Synthetic Dosage Cancer Survival Analysis 
    25 박유미 APBC2016 review 
    25 임영균 APBC 2016 review 
    25 서희원 APCB 2016 Reviews 

    11 Intern Association of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations With Survival in Patients With Ovarian Cancer 

    26 박유미 HHA data analysis 
    26 박지혜 SG16 - Rarepedia 
    26 서희원 SG03 
    26 김현대 CCR/CCD converter 
    26 박지연 SG17 analysis 
    26 이계화 SG12_rarepedia_20genes 
    26 이수연S SG04 
    26 서희원 Genetic Characterization of Clonal State in Eosinophilia and Aplastic Anemia Subjects  
    26 윤선민 SG19 
    26 김주연 SG05 rarepedia    
    26 김기태 SG07    
    26 임영균 sg13 
    26 박지혜 COPD Exome Seq Analysis 
    26 박유미 SG02 
    26 이우승 SG11 
    26 엄세인 SG01_Rarepedia 
    26 류영재 SG09    
    26 이정훈 SG14 

    05 이수연S SG04 sequence interpretation 
    05 박유미 Rare LoF variants, genes in SG02 
    05 백수연 Sg14 sequence interpretation 
    05 이계화 SG12 LoF genes 
    05 임재현 SG03 Interpretation  
    05 김기태 SG07 gene interpretation 
    05 임영균 SG13 exome interpretation 
    05 박지혜 SG16 LoF Gene Interpretation  
    05 이우승 Personal Genome Interpretation 
    05 엄세인 SG01_LOF_gene 
    05 류영재 SG09 Interpretation 
    20 윤선민 SG19 interpretation 
    24 김주연 SG05 Interpretation 
    27 박지연 SG17 analysis 
    27 박지연 SG17 analysis 

    24 Intern NGS Data Analysis Protocol 
    24 Intern Prognosis markers in breast cancer 
    24 Intern Validation of Acute Myeloid Leukemia M1 subtype prognostic markers using the TCGA data  
    24 Intern Excess retention analysis of S. cerevisiae perturbation sensitivity and PPI network 

    30 서희원 Assessment of rare germline mutations for cancer susceptibility with synthetic association study  
    30 임재현 Damaging variant’s effect on gene expression  
    30 임영균 Identification of potential synthetic lethals gene using mutation and clinical data 
    30 김기태 Somatic Mutation profile analysis in SQCCs 
    30 이계화 Global Pattern of Pharmaceutical Market Withdrawal/Restriction  
    30 이수연S A new boosting algorithm using biological knowledge for improved personal genome sequence analysis for the personalized prevention of ADRs(PharmSafe) 
    30 백수연 Identification of adverse drug reaction associated gene with personal genome sequence for deciphering personal ADR outbreak 
    30 김혜현 Establishing Semantic Relationships in MDR for Representing PHR 

    12 박이영 Bayesian inference of genetic models of complex diseases    
    12 서희원 Characteristics of Somatic Mutation in TCGA 
    12 임재현 Genomic characterization of drug perturbation sensitivity 
    12 김기태 Identifying disease variants in genotypic association 
    12 임영균 SNPChase: correcting errors from diverse SNV databases for SNVs 
    12 이수연S PhenoRanker: Personal genome sequence based phenotype ranking algorithm for potential risk prediction 
    12 백수연 PharmRank : Personal genome sequence-based pharmacogenomics drug ranking system for potential adverse drug reactions 
    12 김혜현 MELLO: Medical Life-Log Ontology    
    12 이수현 Early detection of pharmacovigilance signals using controlled vocabularies  
    12 이계화 Aging Pattern Clustering - Gender Differences 
    12 정희준 Health Avatar Platform: a personalized healthcare service platform for interacting healthcare agents and health avatar 

    04 정제균 Integrative Analysis of microRNA-target Interactions with Clinical Outcome 
    04 정용 Functional Characterization of Yeast DNA Motif Clusters using Multiple Annotation Methods 
    04 김도균 Knowledge bootstrapping: A graph-based integration with multi-omics data and genomic knowledge 
    04 서희원 Signature of Nephrotic Syndrome 
    04 임재현 Characterizing gene expression in lung tissue of COPD subjects using RNA-seq    
    04 윤준희 Genomancer: A secure, modular and distributed system for inter-preting personal genome in mobile smartphone environment    
    04 이수연S CARE a Tool for Comparison and Annotation of RNA-editing Sites from RNA-seq Data 
    04 박유랑 Metadata Registry based integration and transformation between openEHR archetype and HL7 template 
    04 김혜현 CDISC Transformer metadata driven semi-automatic transformation of clinical research data to CDISC ODM 
    05 이계화 Detection and annotation of candidate somatic mutations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia with whole exome sequencing 
    05 백수연 MedCassandra : Drug and ADR ranking forecast system based on personal genomic variation 
    05 나영지 Predicting disease predisposition patterns of the personal genome    
    05 조용래 Standard-based Retrieval System for Clinical Research from Data Warehouse 
    05 이수현 Rapid identification of adverse drug reaction using controlled vocabularies 

    11 Intern prediction personality using Gene-environment interaction 
    11 Intern Identification of the diseases with genome sequence  
    11 Intern Cognitive dysfunction and glutamate reuptake 
    11 Intern Novel methods in accurate prediction of secondary structure proteins 
    18 이수연S GDS plan 
    31 Intern Identification of the diseases with genome sequence  
    31 Intern Amino Acid Sequence Pattern Recognition 
    31 Intern A comprehensive network and pathway analysis of candidate genes in major depressive disorder 
    31 Intern Association of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations 

    25 나영지 Predicting disease predisposition of personal genome based on disease hierarchy 
    25 서희원 Loss of function geneset analysis of personal genome using pathway-disease similarity  
    25 Rocky The global impact of genomic variations on miRNAs and their regulatory genes using whole genome sequencing data in human cancer 
    25 조용래 HealthPro: An Integrated Informatics Platform for Clinical Research in Data Warehouse  
    25 정제균 Extracting of coordinated patterns of DNA methylation and gene expression in ovarian cancer 
    25 김도균 Graph based integration with genomic data and genomic knowledge 
    25 이수연S GEE: Gene Expression Data Explore 
    25 이수현 Rapid identification of adverse drug reaction using controlled vocabularies  
    25 백수연 Prioritization of adverse drug reaction susceptibility based on personal genomic variants 

    03 이수연S Rare & Cancer Disease Genome Informatics 
    07 김지훈 Previous seminar summary & current seminar overview 
    07 권창혁 Finding differences using position matching between personal genome variants and somatic variants in COSMIC 
    07 조용래 Development of gene-environment interaction database for personal genome interpretation 
    07 이수연S Clinical risk incorporating genetic-risk estimates for breast cancer 
    07 윤준희 Mining drug-drug interaction using annotated pharmacogenomic phenotype and MBR data 
    07 정희준 1000 genome analysis: race variant about drug targets and enzyme 
    07 박찬희 Cluster File System and adjusting variant calling filtering option 
    07 서희원 Stablishing phenotypic signatures to infer relevant phenotypic characteristics using semantic similarity calculation 

    25 이수연 miRNA target prediction and functional annotation 
    25 이수연S Rare & Cancer Disease Genome Informatics 
    25 권창혁 Personal Genome Interpretation (Promethease)    

    06 김지훈 Phenotypic Signature 
    06 윤준희 Pharmacogenomic Phenotype 
    06 서희원 Gene set wise approach using KEGG databases 
    06 정제균 Human Disease Network from Personal Genome 
    06 권창혁 From Variants to Function 
    28 김도균 Peter Kang from Standford Univ. 

    13 김지훈 Previous seminar summary & current seminar overview 
    13 윤선민 Etiome annotation 
    13 윤준희 Pharmacogenomic annotation 
    13 조용래 Implementing risk prediction service 
    13 이수연S Challenges predicting disease risk 
    13 나영지 Set-wise analysis for genome sequence interpretation 
    13 박찬희 Rare variant analysis 
    13 서희원 SNUBI Sequence Variant Analysis Pipeline and Visualization Tool 
    13 정제균 Sequence comparison in population 
    13 김도균 Interpretation of Structural Variation 
    13 김지훈 Predicting phenotype from genotype 

    07 정희준 Personal genome sequencing platform 
    07 윤선민 Etiome annotation 
    07 윤준희 PharmGKB annotation 
    07 김지훈 SNPedia data structure & Variant annotation 
    07 조용래 Risk prediction method 
    07 김도균 Ancestry, Social network application 
    07 정제균 File format for personal genome  
    07 서희원 Visualization of variant annotation results 
    07 박찬희 NGS Analysis Pipeline using GATK NGS analysis on Amazon Cloud 

    14 Intern [Han Ho-Kyung]Healthcare information protection and privacy under u-Health environment      
    14 Intern (Lee Hyun Min) HD 
    14 Intern [Park_ChangHee] genes Correlation Analysis in Occurrence Patterns  

    16 Intern [Han Soo MIn] Pharmacogenetoc-guided dosage regimen program for Warfarin 
    16 Intern [eun hee rah] constructing phylogeny tree and graph for using protein sequences 

    12 Intern [Eun Hee Rah] Constructing phylogeny tree by using specific Gene sequence 
    12 Intern [Soo Min Han] Pharmacogenetic-guided Dosage Regimen Program for TDM target drugs 

    06 이수연 Converting RNA-Seq data into tag count - read count normalization 
    06 박유랑 BMESH Release plan 
    13 윤선민 AXP Interface Renew 
    13 이수연S Keyword search for Microarray data using evoc term as stemming 

    01 이수연S ArrayExpress data down load 
    01 윤선민 Flow chart for analysis system 
    08 김혜현 CDISC Plan 
    08 나영지 Parallel High Speed Annotation for Next Generation Sequencing 
    15 이수현 ArrayExpress Data Download and Relation List 
    15 정희준 Flow chat for AXP analysis 
    22 송영수 Metagenomics Approach to Recombinants Profiling of T and B Cells 
    22 김도균 Review on genomic rearrangement in cancer 
    22 김혜현 CDISC Project plan 
    29 정희준 System architecture and analysis flow for AXP 
    29 Rocky Attributes list comparison for MAGE-TAB / MINiML 

    04 이수연S Email and week presentation 
    04 정희준 Result of Pubmed between 1980 and 1989 
    04 윤선민 mapping GEO data with eVOC_terms 
    04 김도균 Summary on TCGA data 
    11 박유랑 CCR Plus Bug report  
    11 나영지 ECCB2010 Conference report 
    15 나영지 ECCB2010 report 
    18 이수연S converted GDS attributes to MAGE-TAB attributes and ArrayExpress download 
    18 정희준 Architecture for AXP 3.0 
    25 윤영조 CHMR v3.0 - Variable Data Element 
    25 이수연 Converting NGS data into tag count - tag-to-gene identification 

    06 서희원 Project Management System 
    06 서희원 Rare Disease Input Format 
    06 이수연S Search tool for microarray data 
    06 송영수 Representation of Short Read Sequencing Data as a Vector 
    13 한현욱 Review : DrugBank 
    13 Rocky Plan for SOFT to MAGE-TAB conversion 
    27 이수연 Translating RefSeq sequence and RNA-Seq reads into 17-mer tags 
    27 서희원 Contents and structure of rare disease knowledgebase 

    02 윤선민 Path Finding Approach 
    02 이수연S Make rules for conversion SOFT to MAGE-TAB 
    09 윤영조 CHMR v3.0 Implementation 
    09 이수연 Purpose of Convert NGS reads into tags 
    16 정희준 purpose of each search method in pathway tools 
    16 이수현 Mapping rate between GEO Importer Rule and Our Rule 
    23 서희원 Rare_Disease_Knowledge_Base    
    23 나영지 AnsNGS - Annotation System of structural variation for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    30 이수연S Search tool for NGS data related to microarray data 
    30 한현욱 NCIBI NLP tools 

    01 한현욱 Replication, Progress and Plan of Perturbation Network Analysis 
    01 이수연S Make rules for conversion SOFT to MAGE-TAB 
    05 윤선민 Mapping GEO values on eVOC words 
    05 정희준 PathTest 
    05 윤선민 설계도 
    08 이수연 miRNA_GO : add pval density plot, 127 combination method, validation plot 
    12 Rocky Detecting single nucleotide variants from next generation sequencing data 
    12 송영수 Clinical document ontology 
    15 이수현 Detection of adverse drug reaction using the nurse information 
    15 나영지 Structure-function relationship in miRNAs based on structure similarity 
    19 윤선민 GEO Query method using eVOC ontology 
    19 한현욱 Analysis of pathway tools with search method 
    22 윤선민 Analysis of microarray expression data based on protein structural information 
    26 윤영조 CHMR v3.0 Implementation 
    26 송영수 Symbolic notation for sequencing data 

    03 나영지 AnsNGS: Annotation System of structural variation for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    03 박유랑 Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health 
    07 정희준 Parsing pathway data: syntactic integration 
    07 이수연S Represent of evoc’s hierarchy structure 
    10 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic classification on metadata 
    10 변상재 Bi-directional semantic similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology 
    14 변상재 A method to detect multiple variation 
    14 송영수 Layout Design in CCR 
    17 이수연 miRNA2GO : GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution 
    17 나영지 Potent effect of miRNAs and miRNA stars on target function 
    21 이수현 Mage-tab and GEO data mapping result and plan for insert GEO data in xperanto 
    21 한현욱 Replication, Progress and plan of perturbation network analysis 
    24 박찬희 The Notation for defining Ideal Gene Bi/Triple Set Object 
    24 Rocky Investigating SNPs residing in the MicroRNA-Binding Sites from GWAS on Cancer Related Genes 
    28 이수연 Convert NGS reads into tags to store, map and analysis 

    03 박유랑 CCR implementation plan in Smartphone 
    03 이수연S GEOmetadb: GEO Microarray Search Tool 
    03 변상재 Genetics diseases: insights from high-throughput resequencing 
    03 정희준 Item for AXP III 
    10 박유랑 CCR 시나리오 
    10 나영지 AnsNGS: Annotation System of structural variation for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    12 이수연S the progress of GEO search tool 
    12 윤선민 Syntactic integration -KGML, GPML- 
    17 이수현 Make a mapping table using MAGE-TAB and GEO data 
    17 박유랑 EMR 서식에서 메타데이터 추출 계획 
    17 한현욱 perturbation sensitivity of genes & study of their characteristics 
    17 이수연 To get mRNA and miRNA profiles from RNA-seq data 
    24 한현욱 Perturbation sensitivity of genes 
    31 박유랑 CCR 구현 계획 
    31 송영수 Annotation of Individual Human Genomic DNAs 

    05 윤영조 Other Public MDR Import(caDSR) 
    05 이수연S Plan of work and Structure of xperanto and GPL,GSM 
    05 윤선민 Comparison of Pathway Structure and Review of INOH and NCI PID 
    05 나영지 Plan for NGS team project 
    07 조용래 Pathway Structure Comprasion(Addition of SBML, BioCarta and WikiPathway) 
    12 박유랑 BioEMR 팀 진행점검 
    12 Rocky eVOC data parsing and its architecture 
    12 나영지 Annotation System for Next Generation Sequencing data (AnsNGS) 
    19 Rocky Plan of work and Gene Ontology structure 
    19 나영지 AnsNGS: Annotation System of structural variation for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    19 정희준 Define AXP pathways and integrated methods 
    19 이수현 Query performance comparison of MySQL view and Oracle view 
    26 이수연S Plan of Develop tool for Predictive personalized disease using miRNA in personal NGS DATA 
    26 이수현 MGED Attribute and GPL,GSM,GDS Attribute mapping 

    02 송영수 Applications for CAP cancer protocol : CoPathPlus 
    02 이수연S Review research trends and result of GEO project 
    02 조용래 Modeiling Comparison (KGML and BioPAX) 
    02 나영지 Progress of NGS data analysis replication 
    08 윤영조 BMESH Implementation CHMR v3 Detail 
    08 이수연 Progree in NGS data analysis - complete maq preprocessing 
    08 조용래 KGML & BioPAX Modeling Comparison 
    08 윤선민 the Trends of Statistics Analysis method in major DATABASE 
    15 이수현 Database Review and progress of GEO project 
    15 나영지 Progress of NGS replicating 
    15 정희준 Pathway classification and pathway model 
    15 박유랑 Standards for achieving interoperability using metadata 
    22 이수연S Input GDS file in 1st DB and Mapping plan 
    22 이수연 complete maq preprocessing & some errors using Arachne 
    22 윤선민 Pathway databases Research 
    22 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic semantic annotator on metadata 
    29 이수연S input GDS file in 1st DB and Mapping plan 
    29 이수연 complete using MAQ and some errors using Arachne 
    29 조용래 Pathway Structure Comparison 
    29 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic semantic annotator on metadata 

    01 박찬희 How to use GEO data (2) ( classify normal and disease in sample description ) 
    01 나영지 Replication plan: DNA sequencing of a cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia genome 
    01 조용래 ArrayXPath interface renewal ver2 
    01 윤영조 BMESH Implementation CHMR v3 
    08 이수연 Plan for NGS Data replications 
    08 정희준 Review SBGN for PathViz and think about killer item 
    08 이수현 Implementation of web-based analysis program using EMR data 
    16 이수연S Work processing of GEO 
    16 나영지 Progress in replicating 
    16 정희준 Item for PathTest, PathComp 
    16 박유랑 USHIK Analysis Plan 
    16 박정수 Correaltion between Gleason score and Androgen independent prostate cancer 
    16 박은영 Pdbase: a database of Parkinsons disease-related genes and genetic variation using substantia nigra ESTs 
    16 이정우 Different gene expression of primary and metastatic tumor 
    16 김진환 Chief Complaint Analysis 
    22 이수연S Review ontology and result of GEO project 
    22 이수연 Progress in NGS data analysis - complete preprocessing 
    22 정희준 Pilot test for PathComp 
    22 박유랑 BMESH 프로젝트 진행 점검 

    04 윤선민 trends in biolpgical pathway-based in analysis 
    04 변상재 Combining NGS with microarray for large scale expression analysis 
    04 조용래 Consider that Extracting context associated phenome envirome and experimental in GEO 
    04 윤영조 DataMart & CHMR Data Classification 
    11 박찬희 GRIPs role in Translational Bioinformatics 
    11 변상재 Next Generation Sequencing Data: Data management and application 
    11 정희준 ArrayXPath III: summary concepts and plan 
    11 조용래 How to handle EMR Data at the DataMart for clinical research 
    18 박찬희 The statistical method to integrate miRNA-mRNA target relationship 
    18 나영지 Strategy for NGS data analysis 
    18 정희준 Plan and summary ArrayXPath sub systems 
    18 박유랑 BMESH : Semantic infrastructure 
    18 김진환 Chief Complaint Analysis related with Initial Impression 
    18 박은영 Pdbase: a database of Parkinsons disease-related genes and genetic variation using substantia nigra ESTs. 
    18 박정수 Gene profiling of the the primary prostate tumors to find the correlation between Gleason grading system and androgen independent state in prostate cancer 
    18 이정우 Different gene expression of primary and metastatic tumor 
    25 박찬희 How to use GEO data 
    25 나영지 Replicating papers: Genome variation discovery with high-throughput sequencing data 
    25 조용래 ArrayXPathⅢ Interface and Visualization Renewal 
    25 박유랑 팀 프로젝트 진행을 위한 교육 

    07 박찬희 Open GRIP Improvement 
    07 나영지 BioCANDI / Transcript / Epigenome 
    07 정희준 Network biology and ArrayXPath team 
    07 조용래 Using EMR data for clinical research 
    14 정희준 Plan for NBA team 
    14 조용래 Using EMR data for clinical research 
    16 초빙강연 간독성 약물 유해반응의 연구 
    16 초빙강연 노인 환자에서 Beers criteria에 해당되는 부적절한 약물처방으로 인한 부작용 평가 
    21 정희준 Comparison between biological pathway database 
    21 박찬희 Path Based System 
    21 조용래 A plan to extract DEs of CRF and EMR 
    28 나영지 High-throughput sequence analysis: work flows and data management 
    28 정희준 Biological pathway-based analysis 
    28 박찬희 Path Based System 
    28 이수현 Data mart 
    30 송영수 Ontology-based integration of cDNA and tissue microarray database management system 
    30 김도균 A graph-based integration of multidimensional cancer genomics data 
    30 나영지 Characterizing microRNA regulatory modules using microRNA-mRNA coexpression data 
    30 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution 
    30 변상재 An improved method to measure the gene similarity using ontological relation of GO terms 
    30 박찬희 Finding gene symbol, cross-reference inconsistency from Gene Centric Databases 
    30 정희준 MetaPath: a meta-database for public biological pathway database 
    30 윤선민 Trends in Biological Pathway-based Analysis 

    02 변상재 Comparison with SVas and SVds 
    02 김도균 Integration of multidimensional genomic data (Databasing TCGA data) 
    04 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution - rank sum and add dataset 
    09 나영지 The potential role of structure of microRNA precursor as a determinant in targeting genes 
    09 정희준 MetaPath: summary of concept 
    11 강기원 age cluster validation- PCA in 3d plot 
    11 송영수 Structural transformation of TMA data from publicly available TMA databases into TMA-TAB 
    16 박찬희 KPGRN Data Public Open 
    18 변상재 Characteristic of GO structure based measure 
    18 정희준 Checkpoint gene set analysis tools 
    23 Rocky Normalization of Differential Expression in Gene Expression Microarrays 
    23 나영지 Possibility of involvement of pre-miRNA secondary structure into mature miRNA function 
    25 이수연 Modify annotation of Affy_Human_Gene_1.0_ST_Array in xperanto 
    25 김도균 Insert TCGA data into Xperanto 
    30 박찬희 GRIP Vision Current and Challenge 
    30 나영지 Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing 
    30 정희준 Netwrok biology and pathway team 
    30 조용래 Using Bio data and Clinical data 

    05 정희준 MetaPath: Introduction (2) 
    05 강기원 The character of age trajectory in population subgroup 
    07 송영수 Functions Added in Xperanto-TMA : export as TMA-TAB, TMA-DES and text file 
    07 박찬희 [Paper Review]What is a gene, post-ENCODE? History and updated definition 
    12 변상재 Distribution of SV measures (2) 
    14 김도균 Kernel methods in bioinformatics 
    14 나영지 Destroying the degree of correlation between memberships in a pre-miR structure cluster 
    19 Rocky Investigating differential regulatory effects of microRNAs in breast cancer from mRNA/miRNA expression profiles 
    19 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution ?rank sum 
    21 정희준 MetaPath: introduction and concept 
    21 강기원 Results of Male-Aging Cluster in Training & Test set 
    26 송영수 TMA data from publicly available TMA database 
    28 박찬희 HIVE - data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hadoop 
    28 Rocky Investigating differential regulatory effects of microRNAs in breast cancer from mRNA/miRNA expression profiles 

    03 송영수 Xperanto-Semantics : Ontology-Based Integration of Tissue Microarray and cDNA Database Management System 
    03 박찬희 Genomic coordinate overlapping similarity in mutually llinked set 
    07 Rocky Investigating miR-based microregulation of the p53 master regulatory network 
    07 변상재 SVDual renewal(week point of Wang’s measure) 
    09 김도균 희귀질환 지식베이스 (GeneTests prototype) 
    09 나영지 Secondary structures of microRNA precursors as potential determinants of targeting beyond seed pairing 
    14 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution ?naive validation test 
    14 박유랑 RDF based metadata exchange format 
    16 정희준 MetaPath: introduction, and replicate Cheung et al (2006) 
    16 강기원 Interpretation of age cluster- men,pre-menopause and post-menopause women 
    21 송영수 Ontology-Based Integration of Tissue Microarray and cDNA Database Management System 
    21 박찬희 Combining Gene Symbol and cross-references info. can increase the number of gene object triplet 
    23 Rocky Investigating miR-based microregulation of the p53 master regulatory network 
    23 변상재 Distribution of SV measures 
    28 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution ?validation test 
    28 나영지 Possibility of involvement of pre-miRNA secondary structure into target function 
    30 김도균 희귀질환지식베이스 - Progress 
    30 박유랑 Metadata exchange format in Biomedical MDRs 

    03 김도균 희귀질환 지식베이스 
    03 박찬희 GeneXrefDB 
    06 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution (2) 
    06 나영지 MicroRNAs with similar secondary structure of precursors participate in similar biological functions 
    10 정희준 MetaPath: 표준 XML 포멧 비교 2 
    10 조용래 CDE-Browser 
    13 강기원 Identifying the age related to cluster of physiological function 
    13 송영수 Development of an Ontology to Integrating Xperanto and Xperanto-TMA 
    17 변상재 SVDF renewal 
    17 심혜진 An extended measure of wangs sematic similarity measure in GO 
    21 박찬희 Is reciprocaly linked set is really same gene? 
    21 김도균 GeneTests prototype 
    24 나영지 Modules based on microRNA-mRNA coexpression data reveal that microRNAs with similar secondary structure of precursors participate in similar biological functions 
    24 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution ?breast and colon cancer 
    27 박유랑 Metadata exchange format & CCR 구현 진척사항 
    27 정희준 MetaPath: 표준포멧과의 비교 3 
    31 심혜진 Reconsideration of the Semantic Value 
    31 강기원 Age cluster-PCA on incomplete data 

    02 이수연 GO annotation of miRNAs by using hypergeometric distribution?developing methods 
    02 정희준 MetaPath: a meta-model for integaration of standard biological pathway format 
    06 박유랑 Metadata based semantic and syntactic enrichment method in HL7 CDA 
    06 강기원 Age cluster : 10-fold cross validation 
    09 송영수 Mapping of Xperanto and Xperanto-TMA into RDF 
    09 박찬희 Gene Symbol inconsistency when mutually linked set analysis 
    13 Rocky Building Gene Regulatory Network of TP53 and miRNAs in Colorectal Cancer 
    13 변상재 Comparison of Ontology-based Semantic-Similarity Measures-new data : GDS 2577 
    16 김도균 Developing a database for integrative genomics (application in genetical genomics) 
    16 나영지 Identifying and characterizing microRNA modules that co-regulate targets using microRNA-mRNA coexpression 
    20 이수연 GO Enrichment analysis of clustered miRNAs by using three hypergeometric distribution 
    20 강기원 ADR_mining overview 
    23 정희준 MetaPath: 표준 패스웨이 포멧 비교 
    23 박유랑 CCR 구현 계획 
    27 송영수 Mapping of Xperanto and Xperanto-TMA into RDF using D2RQ API 
    27 박유랑 메타데이터의 표현 및 등록 국제 표준에 기반한 의학 및 생명과학 자료의 의미론적 상호 운용성 확보 
    30 Rocky The impact of microRNAs on colorectal cancer research 
    30 변상재 Comparison of Ontology-based Semantic-Similarity Measures-new data : GDS 2577 

    01 정희준 MetaPath: an implementation of meta-database for biological pathway 
    01 강기원 missing value management & factor score 
    04 송영수 Inferences in RDF 
    04 박찬희 Summary [EntrezGene & UniGene] CC & SCC analysis 
    08 Rocky Investigation of regulatory mechanism of miRNAs and p53 : Progress 
    08 김도균 Integration of multidimensional genomic data: Databasing multiple types of annotations 
    11 변상재 Evaluation of GO-based functional similarity measures 
    11 나영지 Identifying microRNA modules that co-regulate targets using microRNA-mRNA coexpression 
    15 이수연 GO annotation for clustered miRNAs 
    15 박유랑 DESH 확장 -CDISC STDM, LOINC- 
    18 정희준 Plan for ArrayXPath 3.0 
    18 강기원 Multiple imputation & cluster intepretation 
    22 송영수 Mapping of Xperanto-TMA into RDF 
    22 박찬희 Can we call ‘is this a same gene?’ if entrez/unigene xref is mutually linked 
    25 Rocky Building Gene Regulatory Network of miRNAs and Genes in Colorectal Cancer 
    25 나영지 Identifying microRNA modules that co-regulate targets using microRNA-mRNA coexpression 
    29 김도균 Xperanto-SNP: A web-based integrated management system for genetical genomics (Adding DACE module) 
    29 변상재 Evaluation of GO-based functional similarity measures 

    04 변상재 Semantic similarity evaluation ?F test 
    07 김도균 Progress in Xperanto-SNP : Genotyping and detecting copy number modules embedded 
    07 나영지 Characterizing miRNA modules that co-regulate targets using miRNA-mRNA coexpression 
    11 이수연 Stem cell microRNA microarray analysis - modify xperanto SOM cluster analysis module 
    11 박유랑 BioEMR version 3.0 계획 
    14 정희준 CelMAP:정리 방향 
    14 강기원 Scale mistake and Outlier problem 
    18 송영수 Inconsistencies between workflow diagram and UML in TMA-OM 
    18 박찬희 Applying Spatial indexing on genomic coordinate data 
    21 Rocky Investigation of regulatory mechanism of miRNAs and p53 : Progress 
    21 변상재 Evaluation of GO-based functional similarity measures using time-course expression 
    25 김도균 Integration of multidimensional genomic data: Schematic overview 
    25 나영지 Identifying microRNA modules that co-regulate targets using microRNA-mRNA coexpression 
    28 이수연 stem cell miRNA microarray analysis - GO annotation in xperanto 
    28 박유랑 BMESH - Ontology, FCA Analysis & SDTM- 

    02 김도균 Upgrade ChromoViz-web: Progress 
    02 나영지 MicroRNAs:Review of Discovery,Biogenesis,and Research Areas 
    06 이수연 Osteoporosis Data Analysis - 변수정리 
    06 박유랑 BMESH (Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health) - 2 
    09 정희준 CelMAP: progress - pathway case study(3) 
    09 강기원 Biological aging in human population 
    13 송영수 A Case of Conversion of TMA-TAB into RDF format 
    13 박찬희 GRIP progress 
    16 Rocky Investigation of regulatory mechanism of miRNA and P53 in colorectal cancer : a computational approach 
    16 변상재 Extended Wang’s measure - Depth Factor- 
    20 김도균 GeneTests and Orphanet 
    23 이수연 Stem cell miRNA microarray analysis 
    23 박유랑 ISO 11179 모델 및 CHMR 수정 
    27 정희준 Case study: modify original pathway using protein subcellular prediction algorithm 
    27 강기원 Making Rules related to the Age Clusters 
    30 송영수 Modifications on TMA-OM 
    30 박찬희 Network & Sub-Network Structure between EntrezGene & UniGene based on its link property 

    02 정희준 CelMAP: progress - 중간정리 
    02 조성범 Finding subsets of microRNA and mRNA using GA 
    05 송영수 TMA data representatioin by RDF 
    05 박찬희 Finding connected components between EntrezGene & UniGene 
    09 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [4] 
    09 변상재 Functional similarity evaluation(1) 
    12 김도균 Upgrade ChromoViz-web: progress 
    12 나영지 Identifying condition-specific combinatorial miRNA regulation 
    16 이수연 Predict miRNA expression profiles from mRNA expressions using machine learning - purpose of this study 
    16 송영수 RDF applications-Sesame and SeRQL 
    19 정희준 CelMAP: progress - select case study 
    19 조성범 Finding subsets of microRNA and mRNA using GA II 
    23 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [5] 
    23 박유랑 Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health 
    26 박찬희 Hadoop - for distributed computing and data storage 
    30 Rocky Investigation of regulatory mechanism of miRNA and P53 in colorectal cancer : a computational approach 
    30 변상재 Functional similarity evaluation(2) - rubustness 

    02 임준호 Drawing a classification tree in Python 
    02 최광윤 Automation for pTARGET analysis 
    02 심혜진 Expand Wang’s semantic similarity measure 
    05 변상재 Gene-Gene interaction network and Functional similarity based on k-core 
    05 이수연 Predict microRNA expressions from mRNA expression profiles using NN - select best features 
    09 나영지 Condition-specific combinatorial miRNA interactions 
    09 박유랑 BioEMR 관련연구 
    12 김도균 Upgrade ChromoViz-web: Implementation simplified SIGMA2 with advanced GRIP (Refine Idea) 
    12 정희준 CelMAP: progress - search literature 
    16 조성범 Set-wise differential coexpression of mRNA and microRNA 
    16 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [3] 
    19 송영수 RDF in biomedical research 
    19 변상재 Extendes wang’s measure and evaluation using k-core 
    23 김도균 Upgrade ChromoViz-web: Replicate SIGMA2 
    23 나영지 Identifying condition-specific combinatorial miRNA regulation 
    26 이수연 Predict let-7 microRNA expressions from mRNA expression profiles using NN - select best features (2) 
    26 박유랑 BioEMR extractor -CDA- 

    02 송영수 TMA-TAB: Presentation before submission to ISMB 
    02 이수연 Predict miRNA expression profiles from mRNA expressions using NN - determine the number of iteration 
    05 정희준 CelMAP: progress - clustering result 
    05 박유랑 BioEMR (Display & Subgroup) 
    08 조성범 Time series analysis with multivariate t test 
    08 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population 
    12 김도균 Research Plan in 2009 
    15 변상재 Gene-Gene interaction network and Functional similarity based on k-core 
    15 나영지 Finding microRNA regulatory modules using miR-association map 
    15 이수연 Predict mRNA expression profile from miRNA expressions using ANN - GA feature selection 
    19 박유랑 BioEMR Multi-center CTMS 
    19 김도균 Identify co-effects of SNP and CNV on gene expression 
    22 정희준 CelMAP: progress - map on pathway 
    22 조성범 Analysis of chronic GVHD microarray data 
    29 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [2] 
    29 송영수 TMA-TAB Implementation : Review on Process of Data Insertion 

    01 정희준 CelMAP: progress - sum algorithm result 
    01 조성범 Power estimation of Hotelling, Cramer and PCT 
    04 강기원 Biological age measurement 
    04 송영수 TMA-TMA implementation in organs other than colon 
    08 변상재 Term-wise measure evaluation(1) 
    08 김도균 A framework for integrative analysis of copy number and gene expression profile based on the summarized data sets : progress 
    11 나영지 Identifying combinatorial condition-specific microRNAs 
    11 이수연 Predict miRNA expression profiles from mRNA expression - various miRNA family set test 
    15 박유랑 Development of CTMS for multi-center clinical trial 
    15 정희준 CelMAP: progress 
    18 송영수 A few modifications of TMA-TAB and Xperanto-TMA 
    18 김도균 A framework for integrative analysis of copy number and gene expression profile based on the summarized data sets : progress 
    22 조성범 Simulation test on PCT, Cramer and Hotelling test 
    22 변상재 Term-wise measure evaluation(2) 
    29 강기원 Biological Age Model 
    29 나영지 Inferring condition-specific miRNAs from miRNA and mRNA expression profiles 

    03 나영지 Identifying post-transcriptional regulatory networks by combinatorial analysis of microRNAs 
    03 이수연 Predict microRNA expressions from mRNA expression profiles using NN 
    06 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 완료 및 시나리오 적용 
    06 정희준 CelMAP: Progress 
    10 조성범 Analysis of chronic GVHD microarray data using ICA 
    10 강기원 Biological Age in the healthy population [3] 
    17 송영수 TMA-TAB implementation: processing of user-defined terms 
    17 변상재 GO measure evaluation 
    20 김도균 A framework for integrative analysis of copy number and gene expression profile based on the summarized data sets 
    20 나영지 Network-based combinatorial analysis of microRNAs 
    24 박찬희 GRIP ( Genome Research Information Pipeline ) 
    24 정희준 CellMAP: an integrated pathways map using cellular location 
    24 김도균 Advanced Chromoviz-web 
    24 송영수 TMA-TAB: A spreadsheet-based format for tissue microarray data 
    24 변상재 Semantic Similarity Measure evaluation using sequence similarity 
    24 조성범 Pathway-based classification analysis of breast cancer microarray data 
    24 이수연 Predict microRNA expression profiles from mRNA expression using Machine Learning 
    24 나영지 Identifying post-transcriptional regulatory networks by combinatorial analysis of microRNAs 
    24 강기원 Analysis of the BA pattern in the pop.(lifestyle behavior $ dz. risk factor) 
    24 강소영 Development of models for predicting biological age (BA) with parameters of screening program 
    27 이수연 Predict microRNA expressions from mRNA expression profiles Using Neural Network ?plan 
    27 박유랑 BioEMR 실전 시나리오 

    02 박유랑 BioEMR 구현발표 
    02 정희준 CelMAP: progress 
    06 조성범 The pooled component test: a variant of Hotelling test 
    06 김지훈 Lattice on BMA semantic space 
    09 강기원 Biological Age in the healthy population 
    09 송영수 TMA-TAB implementation in colon cancer 
    13 변상재 Term-wise measure evaluation 
    13 김도균 Analysis process- Lung and Cervix cancer with Radiation data 
    16 나영지 Identifying combinatorial regulation of microRNAs 
    16 이수연 NN analysis using let-7 microRNAs and their target mRNAs their target mRNAs 
    20 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 및 계획 
    20 정희준 CelMAP: progress 
    23 조성범 Pooled component test with permutation 
    23 김지훈 Lattices on BMA semantic space 
    27 강기원 Biological Age in the healthy population [2] 
    27 송영수 TMA-TAB implementation with five scenario 
    29 변상재 Term-wise measure evaluation 
    29 김도균 Advanced ChromoViz-Web 

    01 김지훈 Evaluation plan for term-wise and geneset-wise semantic measure 
    01 송영수 TMA-TAB : Implementation in Xperanto-TMA 
    04 변상재 A database system for analysis result of microarray data 
    04 김도균 Retrieving TCGA data 
    08 나영지 Association rule mining for large scale miRNA-mRNA expression data analysis 
    08 이수연 Compare the clustering performance using mRNA/miRNA expression profiles 
    11 박유랑 DTS review, BioEMR 구현 
    11 정희준 CelMAP: input list for protein predection algorithm 
    18 조성범 Comparison of informative pathways 
    18 김도균 Plan: Advanced ChromoViz-web 
    22 강기원 Age Process analysis[1] 
    22 송영수 TMA-TAB implementation : Progress 
    25 변상재 Set-wise similarity measure 
    25 김지훈 Evaluation of semantic measure I 
    29 나영지 Identifying tissue-specific combinatorial targeting in microRNA repression of gene expression 
    29 이수연 Predict microRNA expression profiles from mRNA expressions using NN 

    04 김지미 Genome wide association study in Rheumatoid Arthritis 
    04 양웅철 Measuring semantic similarity between sets of GO terms 
    04 정해원 Miraco(MicroRNA/Array Coexpression) 
    04 오가희 An integrative approach to find functionally related genes 
    07 송영수 Intratumoral Heterogeneity of cDNA Microarray Profile : Review 
    07 이수연 Summary of co-transcriptomics datasets 
    11 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(6) - Class diagram & UI 구현- 
    11 정희준 CelMap: 중간정리 
    14 나영지 Regression-based inference of degree of miRNA-mediated gene repression 
    14 김지훈 Application of a new geneset-wise measure for building semantic space 
    18 송영수 Charaterization of Granuloma in Sarcoidosis and Tuberculosis by cDNA Microarray 
    18 조성범 Breast Cancer Data Analysis using boostKDBC-III 
    19 주경민 암줄기세포 표적 치료법 개발의 현황 및 향후 전망 - 교모세포종을 중심으로 
    21 김도균 i2b2 review 
    21 변상재 A database system for analysis result of microarray data : plan(2) 
    25 이수연 First Plan using miRNA/mRNA expression profile datasets 
    25 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(7) -Class diagram 구현- 
    28 정희준 CelMAP: genomic and mRNA sequence 
    28 조성범 Re-anlaysis of boostKDBC simulation data 

    03 조성범 Breast cancer data analysis using boostKDBC 
    03 김지훈 BioCLASS : Semantic space checks 
    07 송영수 Detection of Cytohistologically Discrepant Cases from Pathology Report 
    07 변상재 Microarray data analysis(Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma) 
    10 김도균 Integrative studies for SNPs and CNVs with gene expression data 
    10 나영지 Using expression profiling data to identify miRNA-mRNA interaction 
    14 박찬희 GRIP(Genome Research Information Pipeline) 
    14 정희준 CC2Gene: a re-annotation and gene-centric integration for GPL 
    14 김지훈 BioCLASS-Biological Concept Lattice on Annotated Semantic Space 
    14 송영수 TMA-TAB: A spreadsheet-based format for tissue microarray data 
    14 박유랑 Development plan for metadata in clinical research 
    14 이수연 Co-transcriptomics : comprehensive analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression 
    14 김도균 Integrative studies for SNPs and CNVs with gene expression data 
    14 변상재 Microarray data analysis : an overview 
    14 강소영 Estimation of Mean Sojourn Time with Cervical Cancer Screening Based on Markov Model 
    14 나영지 Inferring effective regulatory activity of miRNAs 
    14 조성범 Comparative Study on Multivariate T test    
    14 강기원 노화 
    17 정해원 MicroRNA/Array COexpression analysis(MRACO) 
    17 김지미 Genome wide association study in Rheumatoid Arthritis 
    17 양웅철 BioCLASS : improving semantic space 
    17 오가희 An integrative approach to find functionally related genes 
    21 이수연 Differential responses to ionizing radiation in two lung cancer cell lines (2) 
    21 박유랑 FDA Result Data Entry Mockup 
    24 김도균 HapMap 사용 및 KPRN SNP DB 소개 
    24 나영지 Inference of miRNA function using co-expression and sequence similarity 
    28 김지훈 Semantic distance distribution for re-selected geneset 
    28 조성범 Analysis of Breast Cancer Data Set using boostKDBC    
    31 변상재 A database system for analysis result of microarray data : plan 
    31 정희준 CelMAP: Progress 

    02 송영수 Liver Regeneration after Partial Hepatectomy 
    02 변상재 우홍균 Analysis 
    09 김도균 Xperanto-SNP draft 
    09 나영지 Integrating gene transcript and miRNA profiling 
    13 이수연 collect datasets for co-transcriptomics 
    13 박유랑 Metadata 기획(1) 
    16 정희준 CelMAP: perform protein localization algorithm 
    16 조성범 Re-anlaysis of boostKDBC benchmark data 
    20 김지훈 BioCLASS work progress 0620 
    20 송영수 Structure of TMA-TAB 
    23 변상재 An analysis of the Differentially expressed genes in A431 treated with rhEGF 
    23 김도균 Integrated association studies for SNPs and CNVs with gene expression data 
    27 나영지 Inferring miRNA regulation using information-theoretic criteria 
    27 이수연 Differential responses to ionizing radiation in two lung cancer cell lines (time=0) 
    30 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(5) - DB schema & Class diagram- 
    30 정희준  

    02 이수연 CCD 데이터 정리 보고 
    02 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(3) -요건분석- 
    09 정희준 My Plan 
    09 조성범 Optimization of SVM in pathway-based classification 
    16 김지훈 BioLattice work progress 
    16 송영수 Reformation of Xperanto-TMA 
    19 변상재 080519 Work process 
    19 김도균 SNP database test 
    23 나영지 Combining Gene Expression with Binding Score 
    23 이수연 co-regulation btw miRNA and mRNA 
    26 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(4) -Interface design & DB schema- 
    26 정희준 CelMAP: perform WolfPSORT 
    30 조성범 Simulation study on boostKDBC, random forest and SVM 
    30 김지훈 BioCLASS work progress 

    04 김민구 Integrating knowedge and data in Bioinformatics 
    04 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 계획 (1) 
    07 정희준 Update Pathway DB and review protein subcellular localization 
    07 조성범 Prediction of GVHD status with donor-patient microarray data 
    11 김지훈 BioLattice software update & analysis plan 
    11 변상재 2008 ERC Project 
    14 김도균 SNP array 5.0 analysis 
    14 나영지 Evolutionary constraints in intronic and intergenic miRNAs 
    18 이수연 원자력 miRNA 데이터 분석 보고 
    18 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 계획 (2) -Project 수행- 
    21 정희준 CelMap: an integrated knowledge map using biological pathways and subcellular location 
    21 조성범 Simulation study on interaction score 
    25 김지훈 BioLattice software update 
    25 변상재 ERC Data mining 
    28 김도균 SNP database Test 
    28 나영지 Co-regulation between miRNAs and mRNAs using gene-coexpression network 

    03 조성범 Power comparison between ordinary and bootstrapped Hotelling test 
    03 김지훈 Unified GO annotation 
    07 강소영 Interleukin-1 alpha gene and breast cancer risk 
    07 변상재 BioCore Replication 
    10 김도균 ADRSNP system(약물이상반응 유전체연구) [약물유전체]
    10 나영지 Validation of miRNA as a regulator in the circadian rhythm 
    14 이수연 Mining co-regulated gene profiles for the detection of functional associations in gene expression data 
    14 정희준 PID example 
    17 박유랑 CTIS review 
    17 김민구 RiPeter Draft Final 
    21 조성범 Monte Carlo based power test 
    21 김지훈 Question of biological interpretation of distance map for toxicant lattices 
    24 변상재 KEGG migratoin 
    28 김도균 What we do for TCGA 
    28 나영지 Patterns of sequence conservation of miRNAs 
    31 강소영 Hierarchical clustering 
    31 이수연 N2a microRNA 

    05 김지훈 BioLattice Update & To do 
    12 김민구 SPM benchmark 
    12 박유랑 Cohort integrated Database 
    15 정희준 pathway database update 
    15 조성범 Boostrapping Multivariate test 
    19 김지훈 SNUBI Unified GO Annotator 
    19 변상재 Biochemical Network Database implementation 
    20 김영훈 Prediction of Tumor Suppressor Genes with Epigenetic Changes by Expression Pattern Analysis    
    20 김승빈 Bottlenecks in the human disease network 
    20 이현 Mapping the local data to the UMLS 
    22 김도균 시료은행 데이터베이스 (약물유전체) [약물유전체]
    22 나영지 Conserved sequences in microRNAs 
    25 김지훈 Unified solution for GO annotation 
    26 이수연 Mining co-regulated genes 
    26 김민구 Second stalemate in RiPeter 
    29 박유랑 BioEMR 2008 (계획) 
    29 정희준 Pathway update 

    04 정희준 Update pathwya database 
    04 김지훈 Incomplete issues in BioLattice 
    08 변상재 Integration of heterogeneous Microarray Data - ArrayExpress Database 
    08 김도균 A framework for integration of probe-level data from heterogeneous microarray platforms (SNP chip) 
    11 나영지 Identification and classification of intronic miRNAs along with intergenic miRNAs 
    11 이수연 advanced idea extracting gene expression pattern 
    15 김민구 SVG in Firefox 
    15 박유랑 Cohort project progress 
    18 정희준 update pathway database 
    18 조성범 Analysis results of lung cancer data with deCorS 
    22 이현 Drug research 
    22 김영훈 Predicting Tumor Suppressor Genes 
    22 김승빈 The human disease protein network based on HPRD data 
    25 김도균 Progress in Pharmacogenomics project [약물유전체]
    25 이수연 Progress in CCD data and mining co-regulated genes 
    29 변상재 GEORetrieval to do list 
    29 나영지 Overview of Affymetrix GeneChip Gene 1.0 ST Array System 

    04 이수연 AB Human Genome Survey Microarray V2.0 annotation & Result of CCD analysis 
    04 정희준 ArrayXPath: Database update 
    07 박유랑 Integration of cohort data 
    07 조성범 Simulation data analysis with deCorS 
    11 김지훈 Current issues on semantic similarity in Bioinformatics 
    11 변상재 Bioinformatics Tools for Biomarkers Discovery 
    14 김도균 A framework for integration of probe-level data from heterogeneous microarray platforms (copy number data) 
    14 나영지 Comparison of genomic structure between intronic and intergenic miRNAs 
    18 이수연 AB annotation 
    18 김민구 RiPeter GSE-wise variances [RiPeter]
    21 박유랑 The development of clinico-histopathological metadata for cancer-oriented research 
    21 조성범 Result of DM data analysis with deCorS 
    28 박유랑 The development of clinico-histopathological metadata 
    28 조성범 Pathway classification analysis using BoostKDBC 
    28 이수연 Feature selection and Rule extraction of time series 
    28 변상재 GEOXperanto 
    28 김도균 Integration of heterogeneous probe-level data 
    28 나영지 microRNA regulation depends on the regional effect 
    28 김민구 Imporving DEG identification in small sample datasets using GEO data 
    28 김지훈 BioCLASS : A semantic comparison of microarray gene expression data 
    28 정희준 CeLMAP: integrated pathways map using cellular location information 
    28 박찬희 Integrative analysis in the study of cancer 

    02 조성범 Summary of BoostKBC results 
    02 김지훈 BioLattice update 
    06 나영지 Validation plan for circadian rhythm regulation by miRNAs 
    06 박원준  
    09 김도균 Progress in Xperanto-SNP 
    09 변상재 N2a miRNA 
    13 이수연 Feature selection and classification of time series microarray using GP 2nd idea 
    13 김민구 Reproducibility in sample selection [RiPeter]
    16 박유랑 Project (BioEMR & Cohort) progress 
    16 정희준 How to get gold standard for biological study? 
    20 조성범 Analysis of gene set interaction network structure using SEM 
    20 김지훈 Work summary 
    23 변상재 Synovial mesenchymal stem cell analysis 
    23 박유랑 NCRI Informatics initiative Review    
    27 김도균 An integrated system for heterogeneous data management and analysis 
    30 나영지 microRNA regulation depends on the regional effect. 
    30 김민구 RiPeter Checkpoint: Reproducibility on multiple datasets [RiPeter]

    02 김민구 RiPeter Bootstrap results 
    02 박원준 Rich Client Web BioCANDI - Initialization and Requirements 
    05 변상재 Noise sampling method - an ANOVA approach allowing robust selection of DEGs    
    05 나영지 Replicate of Tomlins’ work 
    09 이수연 Feature selection of time series microarray using GP 
    09 김도균 Replicate of CTP (Chromosomal Transcriptional Patterns) 
    12 박유랑 유전체 코호트 진행사항 
    12 정희준 Sematic integration (My approach) 
    16 나영지 microRNA regulation depends on regional effect 
    16 김지훈 Microarray analysis of C.parvum 
    19 변상재 GEO localization 
    19 박원준 RichWeb BioCANDI - Function module 
    23 김도균 Progress in Xperanto-SNP 
    23 조성범 Application of simulation data to BoostKBC 
    26 정희준 Semantic integration (refine idea) 
    26 김민구 RiPeter scenario sample selection 
    30 박유랑 BioEMR & Cohort Progress 
    30 이수연 Advanced idea for feature selection of time series microarray Using GP 

    05 박유랑 Temporal DB review - I 
    05 정희준 Semantic integration 
    07 조성범 BoostKBC with pathway infomation III 
    07 김지훈 geneset extension for semantic distance 
    11 김도균 CRLMM (Corrected Robust Linear Model with Maximum Likelihood Distance) [snpgenotyping]
    11 나영지 Construction of miRNA-mRNA interaction network in circadian rhythm 
    18 이수연 Microarray Feature Selection using GP 
    18 김민구 RiPeter in empirical and bayesian approach 
    21 박유랑 Temporal DB Review 2 
    21 정희준 Semantic integration 
    28 조성범 Feature selection in BoostKBC 
    28 김지훈 Biolattice future directions 

    01 박유랑 BioEMR: Project manager (XPERANTO/TMA 연결작업) 
    01 정희준 GPL probes matcher 
    03 조성범 BoostKBC with pathway infomation 
    03 김민구 RiPeter의 중간결론 
    06 박원준 Rich Web Client BioCANDI 
    08 김도균 Xperanto-SNP (A web-based integrated system for SNP data management and analysis) [SNPdatabaseXperanto-SNP]
    08 김지훈 Working plan for BioCLASS 
    10 나영지 MicroRNA as a Potential Regulator of Circadian Rhythm 
    10 이수연 Data analysis 한혁수 교수,CCD data 
    17 정용 GEORetrieval - Progress in GEOXperanto Query Builder [GEOXperantoQuery builder]
    17 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model : An Object Model for Cancer Research using Multiple Functional Genomics Data 
    22 정희준 Sematic integration 
    22 조성범 BoostKBC with pathway infomation II 
    24 김지훈 BioCLASS work progress 
    24 정용 General research plan: Chronic disease informatics [chronic diseaseobesitydiabetes]
    29 김도균 Copy number variation from Korean SNP data [KoreanCNVSNP data]
    29 나영지 Identification of miRNAs involved in the regulation of circadian rhythm 
    31 이수연 ISMB2007 Review - microarray 
    31 김민구 Progress in RiPeter 

    04 조성범 Updating with sigmoid function in boost KDC 
    04 김지훈 BioCLASS : work progress 
    06 김도균 Work plan: Integrated SNP database and Analysis system [SNPCNVsystem]
    06 정용 Progress in GEOXperanto Database Query interface for entire tables [Query builderGEOXperanto]
    09 김민구 Wikirize SNUBI web page 
    11 나영지 MicroRNA as a Potential Regulator of Circadian rhythm 
    11 이수연 CCD 데이터 분석 상황 
    13 김민구 Preliminary data on DEGBoost 
    13 박유랑 BioEMR : Project manager 
    18 정희준 Progress of Gene mapping 
    18 조성범 BoostKBC with prior information 
    20 김지훈 BioCLASS work progress 
    20 김도균 Copy number and loss of heterozygosity estimation [CNVSNPLOH]
    25 정용 GEORetrieval - Progress in GEOXperanto Query Builder [GEOXperantoQuery builder]
    25 나영지 MicroRNA as a Potential Regulator of Circadian Rhythm 
    27 이수연  
    27 김민구 Second data on DEGBoost 

    01 나영지 MicroRNA as a Potential Regulator of Circadian Rhythm    
    01 이수연 CCD 데이터 분석 계획 
    04 박유랑 GEODirect 
    08 김민구 Gene expression entroyp 일차작업결과 
    08 조성범 Boosting KBC 
    11 김민구 Web 2.0 
    13 정희준 Gene mapping progress in GPL 
    13 박찬희 Object Network Visualization using Cytoscape and eXpanda 
    15 박유랑 PhactaManager Review&revision 
    15 김지훈 BioCLASS : Biological Concept Lattice on Annotated Semantic Space 
    18 김민구 Web 2.0: Technical review of RSS and Ajax 
    18 박찬희 Object Network Visualization 
    20 김도균 Effects of copy number variations on classical genetic studies [SNPCNV]
    20 정용 Query Interface for entire tables in GEOXperanto database [GEOXperantoQuery builder]
    22 나영지 MicroRNA as a Potential Regulator of Circadian Rhythm 
    22 이수연 CCD 데이터 분석 보고 
    27 김민구 Crosschip review 
    27 박유랑 BioEMR:Progress 
    29 박찬희 GRIP Advanced Search Page using prototype & scriptaculous-js (AJAX) 
    29 정희준 Gene mapping in GPL porgresws 

    02 외부특강 Prediction and Design of MicroRNAs Using Probabilistic Graphical Models 
    04 김지훈 geneset functional space using gene ontology 
    04 조성범 Effect of correlation structure on the classification performance 
    07 박찬희 Adding new DB & Adding new DB 
    07 정희준 Gene Mapping in GPL (progress) 
    09 정태수 on writing PathTalk 
    09 김도균 R API for NetCDF [netCDF]
    11 정용 GEOXperanto Query Scenario and Question [GEOXperantoUse scenario]
    11 나영지 Circadian rhythm of mouse liver 
    16 한미령 MCF7 breast cancer data analysis 
    16 김민구 The applicability Entropy to microarray data 
    18 박유랑 BioEMR : Experimental Metadata repository 
    18 박찬희  
    21 나영지 MicroRNA as a Potential Regulator of Circadian Rhythm in Mouse Liver    
    23 정희준 Gene mapping in GPL using new relation table of new GRIP 
    23 조성범 Boosting Kernel Bayesian Classifier 
    25 김지훈 CLASS : Concept Lattice on Annotated Semantic Space 
    25 정태수 BioCANDi renewal 
    30 김도균 Analysis plan for GAW data [CNVGenome-wide associationSNP]
    30 정용 GEOXperanto improvement status [GEOXperantoMGED OntologyBioCANDIterm mapping]

    02 정용 To be a log distribution or not to be? That is the question! [ClassificationDistributionSkewnessLogarithm]
    04 한미령 Identification of periodically expressed genes 
    04 김민구 EM Learning [EM]
    06 박유랑 GEO Direct deposit 
    06 박찬희 A tutorial on statistical methods for population association studies (1/2) 
    09 정용 GEO 활용 방안 시나리오 
    11 정희준 Gene mapping 
    11 김지훈 Geneset functional space using gene ontology 
    13 조성범 Pathway based classification 
    16 김지훈 Revision about BioLattice Article 
    16 정태수 Network measures on tumor and normal datasets 
    18 김도균 HDF and NetCDF [HDFNetCDF]
    18 한미령 Analysis of the molecular subtypes of breast cancer 
    20 정용 Validation and Result of Data processing classification using Logistic Regression [Case-studydata transformclassificationcontingency table]
    23 정용 GEO Query Scenario 
    25 나영지 miRNAs and circadian rhythm 
    25 김민구 GEO User story: Gene Network Inference 
    27 박유랑 BioEMR : Experimental metadata manager 

    02 정희준 CC2Path: import GEO part3 
    02 조성범 Revision of GSIA and application to the toxicology data II 
    05 한미령 Radiation treated CCD cell line data analysis 
    07 김지훈 Lattice application on geneset functional space II 
    07 정태수 Measures on network stability 
    09 김도균 Detect CNVs using GEMCA [CNVGEMCA]
    09 정용 How to facilitate the GEO [GEOThesisIntegrationPubMedMeSH]
    14 나영지 Circadian rhythm regulated by miRNAs and target genes 
    14 한미령 Algorithms to identify periodically expressed genes in time series data 
    16 김민구 Regularities in the expression data [PRM]
    16 박유랑 BioEMR Project 진행사항 [BioEMR]
    19 정용 Microarray Metadata Representation based on GEOXperanto 
    21 박찬희 Fast GRIP 
    21 정희준 CC2Path: import GPL (part 4) 
    23 조성범 Application of GSIA to the tetracycline data set 
    23 김지훈 Lattice application on geneset functional space III 
    26 외부특강 Case Based Reasoning Methods 
    28 정태수 Review on measures for comparing networks 
    28 김도균 Progress in detecting CNVs from Korean population data [SNPKorean]
    30 정용 GEOXperanto 수정 사항 및 현황 [GEOXperantoRaw dataNormalized data]
    30 나영지 Cyclic miRNAs and mRNAs 

    02 김민구 Context lost in meta-dataset 
    02 박찬희 Toy Example for dealing Large matrix 
    07 정희준 CC2Ppath: 
    07 조성범 Revision of GSIA & Application to the Toxicology Data 
    09 김지훈 Lattice aplication on geneset functional space 
    09 정태수 Another 2 percent of BioCANDi 
    14 우정훈 How heritable gene expressions are? 
    14 나영지 Circadian cycling of the mouse liver by miRNA microarray 
    21 김도균 Tool for organizing and visualizing SNP-level summaries of copy number and genotype calls [SNPCNV]
    21 정용 GEOXperanto Final [GEOXperantoSchema integrationGEORetrieval]
    23 김민구 Biclustering benchmark [biclusteringbenchmark]
    23 한미령 MCF-7S cell line data vs cDNA chip data 
    26 김도균 Alogorithms for detecting copy number variation using SNP genotyping arrays [CNVAlgorithm]
    28 박유랑 GOChase2 progress [GOChase]
    28 박찬희 GRIP 작업사항(사실상 완료) 

    03 정용 GEO data update [GEOUpdate Automation]
    03 우정훈 Identifying genomic locus which affects multiple gene sets. 
    05 나영지 Circadian cycling of the mouse liver by miRNA microarray 
    05 한미령  
    10 김민구 Idea review in 2007 [idea]
    10 박유랑 GOChase 2 final [GOChase]
    12 박찬희 50000 * 50000 memory allocation using global arrays 
    12 정희준 CC2Path: import GPL 
    15 나영지 miRNA preprocessing 
    17 조성범 Application of GSIA to the mouse BXD data set 
    17 김지훈 semantic similarity between concepts in lattice with human pathways 
    19 정용 GEO migration to Xperanto [GEOXperantoGEOXperantomigration]
    19 김도균 Partitioning test of SNP database [partitionSNP DB]
    24 정태수 Network measures on TGRC datasets 
    24 우정훈 SK skin microarray data analaysis 
    26 나영지 Circadian cycling of mouse liver revealed by miRNA profile 
    26 한미령 MCF7 analysis 
    29 박찬희 약물유전체 실적 및 계획 [pharmGKB]
    29 우정훈 BIOCANDI 점검 (ABI chip) 
    29 박유랑 XPERANTO 문제점과 개선방안 
    31 박유랑 XPERANTO Progress (개선방안) 

    01 박찬희 Pairwise Linkage Disequilibrium Statistic from Affx 500K snp chip data [snp chip500k]
    01 정희준  
    06 조성범 Prediction of clinical status with array CGH data 
    06 김지훈 semantic similarity between concepts in lattice with pathways 
    08 정태수 My Bioinformatics in 2007 
    08 김도균 System outline from Affy 500K SNP chip data [SNP500K]
    13 우정훈 Complex trait analysis using set-wise genetical genomics approach (졸업 논문 주제 발표 final) 
    13 김민구 Gene complexity: half split test 
    15 나영지 MicroRNA expression profile of mouse circadian rhythm 
    15 한미령 Anoikis resistance gene expression signature 
    20 정용 Thesis Idea (For Brain Storming) [GEODocument clusteringInformation RetrievalText MiningControlled VocabularyMeta-analysis]
    20 박유랑 Assessing the consistency of GO annotation using orthologous genes [GOChase2]
    22 박찬희 AffyMetrix 500k SNP Chip Genotyping & LD statistics 분석 예 
    22 정태수 Random Graph Process 
    27 조성범 Classification of array CGH data with Naive Bayes & mixture model 
    27 김지훈 semantic similarity between concepts in lattice with pathways II 
    29 정희준 integration of pathway and GO 
    29 김도균 Annotation system for Korean population data [SNP500ksystem]

    01 나영지 Standardization of GEO as gene expression data 
    01 김도균 PBM (Protein Binding Microarray) review 
    03 한미령 ROC comparison between logistic & tree approaches 
    03 김민구 Different gene behavior complexity observed in GPL96 
    06 박찬희 SNP 분석방법 및 Databasing 방안 [SNP500kSNP CHIP]
    08 박유랑 Identification of stage associated genes in breast carcinoma [meta analysisbreast cancer]   
    08 박찬희 Modified Cluster index approach for storing SNP Chip Data 
    10 정희준 Pathwya Map 
    10 조성범 Interpretation of gene set interaction analysis 
    13 김지훈 Semantic similarity between concepts in lattices 
    15 김지훈 Would you give me a word of advice for geneset-wise lattices? 
    15 정태수 PathTalk -- what is next 
    17 김도균 Progress in SNP analysis and databasing [SNP500k]
    22 정용 GEO Final or Not? [GEOIntegrationMicroarray repositoryArrayportMappingPlatformSeriesSample]
    22 우정훈 progress in "Complex trait analysis" 
    24 나영지 Categorization of GEO data 
    24 한미령 Research Plan 
    27 우정훈 GAW15 briefing 
    29 김민구 Gene complexity results with plots 
    29 박유랑 Gene-Gene graph 

    09 우정훈 석사 논문 주제 발표 
    11 나영지 [KOSMI paper] Progress in comparison of GO term between doses in B10 data 
    11 우정훈 Progress in "Complex Traits Analysis" 
    13 한미령 Factors affecting breast cancer recurrence - a classification tree approach - 
    13 김민구 Larger weight on rare samples 
    16 김지훈 Lattice similarity measure 
    18 박유랑 GOChase-II review&revision [GOChase2Ontology]
    18 박찬희 GRIP Problem when auto-update 
    20 정희준 Pathway map 
    20 조성범 Gene set interaction analysis [Mantel testgene set interaction]
    23 한미령 Review Summary 
    25 김지훈 Progress in lattice similarity measure 
    25 정태수 Tumor and normal samples in Universal Sample Space 
    27 우정훈 Progress in "Complex trait analysis" 
    27 정용 GEO Progress 
    30 김민구 Xperanto 이전 [biocandi]

    25 정용 SNUBI Server Status [ServerStatusAdministrator]   
    25 우정훈 Inferring Causal Association among Pathways (ICAP) by ‘Genetical Genomics’ approach 
    27 김도균 Chromosome instability in cancer [scan]
    29 정용 GEO Progress (Meta table for Sample features) and Future [Meta TableGEOUMLS]

    03 우정훈 The graPT: Genomic inteRpreter About Predictive Toxicology    
    03 정태수 Prediction model for microbial infection in cultured cells [myco]
    10 김도균 progress in KMA Drug DB [KMA]

    05 정희준 Review pathway systems 
    12 정용 Import GEO data into Xperanto (DNA/cDNA chip part) [DNA-cDNA chipmapping table]
    12 김민구 Using GEO [GEO]
    12 정희준 GEO localization 
    19 한미령 cybrid data analysis    
    26 나영지 Gene Expression in Differential Responses of Time and Dose to IR 

    08 우정훈 graPT 
    08 정용 서버 및 백업 상황    
    15 조성범 SNP Chip analysis 
    15 한미령 Research plan 
    15 신현정 Critical review on SPM for biological modules 
    22 이혜원 Bombarding MGED with Xperanto-TMA [TMA-OMMGED]
    22 박찬희 The whole new GRIP 
    22 김민구 Research plan 
    29 정태수 바이오캔디 점검 (김민구 분산 상황) [BioCANDI]   
    29 나영지 Lung Fibroblast Radiation data analysis 

    03 전체 Brain Storming 
    03 박유랑 유방센터 데이터 요약 
    10 김지훈 Similarity measures for lattices 
    10 정희준 Cell graph for pathways & (패스웨이 입력현황) 
    17 김도균 Drug Information Service 
    17 박찬희 new Grip 
    24 조성범 SNP Chip Analysis 
    24 나영지 Strategy for Microarray Meta-analysis 

    06 전체 마이크로어레이 분석 총정리 
    13 전체 바이오캔디 모듈 테스트 
    13 김민구 바이오캔디 모듈 테스트 
    20 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA 
    27 정용 GEO 총정리, GEO를 이용한 메타분석 계획 

    01 박찬희  
    02 전체 Summary of BIOCANDI modules 
    06 박찬희 newGRIP 현황 요약 
    06 정태수 Prediction of mycoplasma subtypes 
    06 김민구 Pararllelizing BioCANDi 
    13 나영지 Lung Fibroblast Radiation data analysis 
    13 한미령 Protein Lattice 진행상황 
    13 우정훈 Conferences 2006 - 2007 
    20 심재현 Drug Database 
    27 정용 "GEO, for being the best exploiter" 
    27 김지훈 BioLattice Application - relational pattern - 
    27 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA release and Application Notes 
    27 조성범 Research Plan 

    09 나영지 BMT data analysis 
    09 이혜원 간암 데이터 분석 
    09 우정훈 OA/RA data analysis 
    16 정용 약물유전체 자료입력현황 
    16 정태수 Run BioCANDi from multiple calculation slaves 
    16 심재현 강남센터 / Drug database 
    23 김도균 ChromoViz implementation for BioCANDi 
    23 박유랑 GOChase 2: a framework for correcting semantic inconsistent annotation and improving accuracy of the functional analysis based on Gene Ontology 
    23 김민구 Sequential pattern mining 정리 

    05 이혜원 Xperanto-Tox: integrating Xperanto with TMA-OM 
    05 김민구 바이오캔디를 이용한 독성유전체 자료분석 
    05 김지훈 Comparative Genomics for Orientia 
    12 조성범 Research Plan 
    12 정희준 ArrayXPath-III and ArrayXPath-Homolog: 이종매핑.. 
    12 박유랑 GOChase-II 
    12 한미령 Protein-Ontology Lattice 
    19 이혜원 Creating a discussion group for TMA-OM users 
    19 정용 약물유전체 지식베이스 
    19 우정훈 바이오캔디 모듈 정리 및 MSC 데이터 분석 진행상황 
    26 김지훈 Rule mining from BioLattice 
    26 나영지 Research plan 
    26 김미현 학위논문 정리 

    07 김민구 바이오캔디를 이용한 독성유전체 자료분석 
    07 김지훈 BioLattice 투고 원고정리 결과 및 자체평가 
    07 이혜원 Success factors for TMA-OM publication & defense 
    14 한미령 Protein-Ontology Lattice 
    14 나영지 바이오캔디를 이용한 방사선데이터 자료분석 
    21 박유랑 Meta-data registry & a system for clinical trial 
    21 우정훈 Considering genetic causality in Microarray Analysis 
    21 정태수 Mycoplasma detection and subtyping 
    28 정용 Is this the final blow in the GEO wars? 
    28 정태수 PathTalk -- where to go with our pathway databases? [PathTalk]
    28 나영지 Radiation data analysis using BIOCANDi 
    28 임수아 Research plan 

    10 정용 GEO Localization 
    10 정희준 PathTalk [PathTalk]
    24 김지훈 microBLAST 
    24 이혜원 "Developing a data model for integrative analysis of DNA microarray, Tissue microarray and arrayCGH for cancer genomics research" 

    05 정용 GEO Localization 
    05 한미령 protein lattice 정리 및 투고 진행상황 
    05 조성범 "gsea, global test and classification for microarray data" 
    12 박유랑 GOChase II - final 
    12 박찬희 newGRIP - final 
    12 김미현 학위논문 연구계획서 
    26 김윤희 PathTalk [PathTalk]
    26 김민구 Cluster viewer demonstration 
    26 나영지 Radiation data analysis 

    01 우정훈 Review of toxicogenomics 
    01 정용 GEO localization 
    08 한미령 aCGH 분석 도구들의 정리 및 BioCANDi 통합 
    08 김민구 CEBS review 
    13 김미현 Review of Matrix factorization 
    22 김도균 ChromoViz Implementation as a web-based software 
    29 전체 BioCANDi 최종 정리 

    04 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to the Clinical Outcome of the Microarray data using Global Test [AppGen]
    11 한미령 aCGH analysis of ER-positive breast cancer [MAInfo]
    18 정태수 BioCANDI in Xperanto 
    18 김민구 Results on SPM 
    25 정용 Review of the GRIP 

    13 김지훈 Biological interpretation of BioLattice results [SysBiol]
    27 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행사항 - Clinical data storage [ClinInfo]

    02 이혜원 Integration of Xperanto-TMA and Xperanto [AppGen]
    09 정태수 PathPlus - not a single pathway but also topology of pathways [SysBiol]
    16 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행계획 [ClinInfo]
    23 정태수 BioCANDI2 in Xperanto [MAInfo]
    30 박찬희 New GRIP Progress( from sequence to protein family ) [AppGen]

    04 김민구 Inferring gene-module relations by biclustering on large-scale expression data using sequential pattern mining [AppGen]
    11 김미현 Web-DEDS [SysBiol]
    18 김옥구 NRL PhactaX 개발현황 및 종료계획 [ClinInfo]
    25 나영지 Related Study to Low Dose Ionizing Radiation Data [MAInfo]

    05 정태수 Pipeline of microarray data anlysis [MAInfo]
    12 정희준 Review ArrayXPath [AppGen]
    19 김옥구 Integration of Biological Data and Clinical Trial Data [SysBiol]
    21 이혜원 Progress in developing TMA-OM and Xperanto-TMA [ClinInfo]
    28 조성범 Analysis of squamous cell carcinoma microarray data [MAInfo]

    12 정태수 Workflow of array CGH data analysis [AppGen]
    19 한미령 Gene Ontology related Tools [SysBiol]
    26 박유랑 Implementation of Cancer Genomics Object Model [ClinInfo]

    08 박유랑 GO Annotator: Web based utility for gene annotation with cross reference relationship in biological databases. [AppGen]
    15 박찬희 Gene Ontology Multidimensional Scaling Mapping [SysBiol]
    22 김옥구 PhactaManager(임상시험자료관리시스템) 개발 현황 [ClinInfo]
    29 이수연 AB microarray 분석 [MAInfo]

    01 김민구 Results and biological interpretation of k-gOPSM 
    06 김민구 Current status of OPSM(sequential pattern mining) 
    08 김지훈 Formal concept analysis for GO-based cluster annotation 
    13 홍승권 Factors affecting the Diffusion of Electronic Medical Record in Hospital from a Physicians’ Perspective 
    15 서화정 Introduction of CDA related applications and works in progress 
    20 한미령 Antidepressant를 투여한 cDNA mouse data 분석 
    22 김미현 Independent Component Analysis of Microarray data 
    29 박찬희 GRIP Ver 2 Modelling 

    04 이혜원 Object Model for Tissue Microarray Data 
    04 김민구 High-order relation between gene regulatory module can be inferred from subspace clustering across large-scale gene expression data of yeast 
    11 정희준 PathMesh: database of pathway and drug related disease 
    18 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA 
    25 정태수 Prediction performance of pathway and its network characters [PathPlus]

    07 김지훈 Formal Concept Analysis and Application 
    13 김옥구 임상시험 수행 및 자료 관리시스템 개발 
    20 이석호 Affy setup in Xperant/BioCandi 

    10 이혜원 Summary of Gene Structure 
    17 unknown Clinical decision making at the point-of-care [ClinInfo]
    24 김기원 PathPlus: extending a pathway using expression profiles based on the known knowledge about the pathway [DataAnalysis]
    31 박찬희 Can we exchange SOFT formatted GEO into MIAME ? 

    06 정희준 Mapping between the Disease Names of OMIM and MeSH [ClinInfo]
    13 정태수 Prediction model for pathway extension using high throughput biological data [DataAnalysis]
    20 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (create template [Xperanto]

    01 한미령 Gene family and protein family [Grip]
    08 박유랑 Integrating MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (first step: generating HL7 Template) [ClinInfo]
    15 윤혜성 Information Extraction from Multi-source data types [DataAnalysis]
    22 unknown Extracting the absolute coordinate from various microarray data sets [Xperanto]
    29 정희준 Database of Association between disease and pathway [Grip]

    04 김민구 "Koogle, the finale" [Grip]
    11 홍승권 Privacy to the electronic medical record and telemedicine [ClinInfo]
    18 한미령 Molecular profiling쟯f clinical features in breast cancer using principal components analysis [DataAnalysis]
    25 정태수 Evaluation methods for pathway prediction model [Xperanto]

    06 박찬희 Data Integrating Issue [Grip]
    13 unknown A study of effective UMLS indexing in radiology reports [ClinInfo]
    20 unknown Handling Incomplete Microarray Data [DataAnalysis]
    27 unknown SNUBI Microarray Database for MAGE-ML [Xperanto]

    02 unknown Koogle prototype: Key resolving with chaining diverse identifiers [Xperanto]
    09 unknown Constructing PharmGKB with GRIP [Grip]
    16 unknown Presenting of document constraints for structured discharge note [ClinInfo]
    23 unknown Estimating hidden structure in biochemical pathways through microarray data set [DataAnalysis]
    30 unknown Cross-match of biological id and modification of ArrayXPath [Xperanto]

    03 안성준 Xperanto Progress on Jan. 2004 [안성준]
    10 unknown From Gene to Pharmacogenetics [Grip]
    17 unknown Implementation plan for TrialDB [ClinInfo]
    24 unknown Pattern-specific genes in gastric cancer data set --- Thyroid microarray data Preprocessing [DataAnalysis]

    06 unknown Integration and Exchange [Xperanto]
    13 unknown GRIP Interface 구성과 Ensembl localize [Grip]
    20 unknown Clinical Guideline [ClinInfo]
    27 김민구 "Microarray data 분석현황 (Lung cancer, Thyroid)" [김민구]

    02 unknown Approaches for data analysis [DataAnalysis]
    09 unknown Xperanto Progress on December [Xperanto]
    16 unknown GRIP Monthly Report (12월) [Grip]
    23 unknown Web-based Clinical Data Management System --- Mapping Free Text into UMLS Concepts - Progress [ClinInfo]
    30 unknown Microarray Data Preprocessing [DataAnalysis]

    04 unknown "Analysis of lung cancer data,  Construction of parsimonious two-mode network in yeast" [DataAnalysis]
    11 unknown Xperano progress (11) [Xperanto]
    18 unknown GRIP Monthly Reports (11) [Grip]
    25 unknown Designing of Web-based Clinical Data Management System [ClinInfo]

    07 unknown Data Sharing Team Monthly Meeting [DataAnalysis]
    14 unknown "Xperanto Progress,  BioSVG: Current and Future" [Xperanto]
    21 unknown SwissProt/TrEMBL in GRIP [Grip]
    28 unknown Critical Pathways [ClinInfo]

    02 unknown How to turn raw data into valuable papers [DataAnalysis]
    16 unknown Xperanto Progress in August Xperanto Release Plan [Xperanto]
    23 unknown The goal of GRIP [Grip]
    30 unknown "Works in progress, Clinical Informatics" [ClinInfo]

    01 김지훈 Questions about microarray data analysis 
    05 unknown Taking the first step in learning from the biomedical data [DataAnalysis]
    12 unknown Introduction to Xperanto and PharmGKB [Xperanto]
    19 unknown MGD (the Mouse Genome Database ) 분석 [Grip]
    26 unknown "Introduction to Clinical Informatics  강남센터, 분당병원 charting 구조 분석" [ClinInfo]

    01 서화정 Designing of Web-based Clinical Data Management System
    -Modeling of Data Structure for Structured Clinical Document Sharing-
    08 윤혜성 A Step to create Automatic View Detection Algorithm Design : A Survey 
    15 이정애 What’s in UMLSKS(UMLS Knowledge Source Server)? 
    22 김지훈(H) How to deal with a bulk of microarray Data 

    03 김지훈 The consistency related problems to handle microarray data 
    10 박찬희 SNUBI server 시스템 변경 및 전체 GenBank 중 Human/Rat/Mouse 조사 
    12 이권무 Systems Biology - Overview 
    17 서화정 Designing of CDA-based CDMS 
    24 박지연 Object-oriented Analysis of Xperanto System 

    06 윤혜성 Experimantal Results of WebKB and BIND XML data 
    13 이정애 Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) 
    20 박지연 Database Design and Implementation of MGED Standards 
    27 김지훈(H) Visualizing Genomic Data Microarrays 
    29 정태수 Social Network Anlysis of DNA Microarray Data 

    01 김지훈(H) BIOCANDI: a web-based gene expression data analysis tool 
    08 김지훈 Genome-wide expression analysis 
    15 박찬희 Database Integration (Case 1 . LocusLink AND UniGene) 
    22 박지연 Implementing MAGE-OM in ontology and relational schema 
    29 서화정 Designing database for clinical studies 

    04 박지연 MIAME-Compliant Data in MAGE-ML and MGED Ontology 
    11 서화정 Modeling of CDA-based medical record form 
    18 윤혜성 An Overview of Data Models for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways 
    25 이정애 Clustering Using MITree-K Algorithm 

    04 이정애 A study of the comparison between X-ray simulator images and portal images using landmarks in radiation therapy 
    11 김지훈(H) Design and Analysis ofMicroarray Data with Replication 
    18 김지훈 Genome browser implementation 
    25 박찬희 Development of SNU-GRIP(Genome Research Informatics Potal) 

    07 김지훈 Annotation work summary 
    14 박지연 Microarray Data Portal 
    21 서화정 CDA Implementation : How to create clinical document 
    28 윤혜성 Classifier for XML document analysis I 

    03 서화정 Clinical Document Communication based on HL7 version 3 
    10 윤혜성 Graph-Based Clustering Algorithms in Bioinformatics 
    17 온정헌 On the Society of Yeast Genes 
    24 김지훈(H) Recognizing biomedically meaningful regions using HMM 

    05 김지훈(H) Pipielining microarray data analysis 
    12 김지훈 "Genome annotation framework [pdf]
    19 박찬희 MITree 알고리즘의 구현 (Part 1) 
    21 이정애 An Overview of the Clinical Document Architecture 
    26 박지연 RDB data export to MAGE-ML 

    01 박지연 Microarray Database Implementation: an approach using Relational and Ontological models 
    08 윤혜성 Semisupervised Learning for Semistructured Biodata Analysis 
    22 온정헌 Gene to Gene Relationship - A Set Approach - 
    29 서화정 XML-Clinical Data Communication based on Web 
    29 김지훈 Genome annotation strategy 

    03 온정헌 "Revealing modular organization in the yeast transcriptiona 
    10 김지훈(H) Data modelling, Database design 
    17 김지훈 Identification of regulatory elements 
    24 박찬희 Summary my work & Biological database integration strategy 

    20 서화정 The Introduction of web-based XML-Clinical Data Communication 
    27 윤혜성 From SSD to SSL 
    27 김지훈 Chronobiological analysis for the reliable identification of cell-cycle regulated genes from gene expression profiles 
    27 박지연 Establishment of microarray database 
    27 박찬희 Current Research GRIP Project 
    27 온정헌 Transcriptional regulatory network 

    02 박찬희 Adaptive quality-based clustering of gene expression profile 
    09 박지연 MAGE-ML programming using Java API 

    04 윤혜성 Semi-supervised learning 
    18 김지훈(H) Extrapolating microarray data 
    25 김지훈 Chronobiological analysis for the reliable identification of cell-cycle regulated genes
    from gene expression profiles

    02 김지훈(H) Hands-on courseware of clustering microarray data 
    07 김지훈 Automation of Annotation 
    14 박찬희 Introduction to Parallel Computing, Parallel implementation for clustering DNA chip data 
    21 박지연 MAGE-ML and XML programming in JAVA 
    28 서화정 Mis-recognized medical correction algorithm for speech-based electonic medical record 

    04 박지연 Microarray Data Standardization and XML 
    11 서화정 Medical Vocabulary and Classification Systems 
    18 윤혜성 "Classification Tree and CART, review" 
    25 온정헌 Biology of Orientia tsutsugamushi 

    14 김지훈 Introduction to Affymetrix Chip Algorithm 
    21 김지훈(H) Chip Data Normalization 
    28 박찬희 Identification of Genes in Human Genomic DNA 

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