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04 김형준 Digital signature and blockchain  BioEMR
09 김형준 Decentralized ID and Zero-Knowledge proof  TopicSem

05 김형준 Healthavatar API and data granularity  TopicSem
08 김형준 HAP blockchain  Seminar
24 김형준 Combining Ontologies and Open Standards to Derive a Middle Layer Information Model for Interoperability of Personal and Electronic Health Records     J.Club

05 김형준 SMART Markers_ collecting patient-generated health data as a standardized property of health information technology     J.Club
14 김형준 Adoption of blockchain technology   Seminar
23 김형준 Health systems with document- or data-element-level data handling  BioEMR

20 김형준 Implementation of HAP blockchain and selection of PHR validation mode in Agent apps  TopicSem

15 김형준 Implementation of HAP blockchain with Avatar app and account management  TopicSem
21 김형준 Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) and blockchain  BioEMR

18 김형준 Update process for HashSeq management in Avatar DB  TopicSem
23 김형준 Health Avatar Project for Dialysis- and RehabilitationNet  Seminar
27 김형준 The HealthChain Blockchain for Electronic Health Records_Development Study     J.Club
29 김형준 PHR backup in Healthavatar  Seminar

01 김형준 Transaction management of HAP with synchronous and asynchrous blockchain  TopicSem
20 김형준 Article Implement an International Interoperable PHR by FHIR—A Taiwan Innovative Application     J.Club
25 김형준 Implementation of Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem

14 김형준 Revision comments and response of Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem

03 김형준 PHR backup storage based on IPFS  TopicSem
03 김형준 PHR backup storage based on IPFS  TopicSem
19 김형준 Blockchain for Secure EHRs Sharing of Mobile Cloud based E health Systems     J.Club
24 김형준 Data communication between XNet and Agent  TopicSem

09 김형준 Figures and tables of Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem

19 김형준 Healthavatar blockchain with added process of sending data by POST API  TopicSem
31 김형준 Using HL7 FHIR to achieve interoperability in patient health record     J.Club

12 김형준 An Architecture and Management Platform for Blockchain-Based Personal Health Record Exchange: Development and Usability Study      J.Club
17 김형준 Process for PHR data in Healthavatar blockchain architecture  TopicSem

24 김형준 Facilitating traceability of PHR data by blockchain  TopicSem

11 김형준 Development of Comprehensive Personal Health Records Integrating Patient-Generated Health Data Directly From Samsung S-Health and Apple Health Apps     J.Club
20 김형준 Review of MyHealthData Platform and Interoperability  TopicSem

22 김형준 HealthAvatar blockchain and PHR type  TopicSem

02 김형준 Toward a Model for Personal Health Record Interoperability     J.Club
21 김형준 Client-side request for PHR validation in Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem

23 김형준 Healthavatar Blockchain_updated research scope and figures   TopicSem

05 김형준 Implementation of Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem
30 김형준 Healthavatar Blockchain_update figures and supplementary data  TopicSem

29 김형준 OmniPHR: A distributed architecture model to integrate personal health records     J.Club

16 김형준 Secure patient-centered health data management and exchange in Healthavatar Blockchain.  TopicSem

12 김형준 PHR validation and PHR data segments in Healthavatar blockchain  TopicSem
28 김형준 Secure and Scalable mHealth Data Management Using Blockchain Combined With Client Hashchain: System Design and Validation     J.Club

19 김형준 Tamper Resistant Mobile Health Using Blockchain Technology     J.Club
21 김형준 Healthavatar Platform_Mobile Healthcare Platform Facilitating Secure Exchange and Management of Personal Health Record With Permissioned Blockchain  Seminar
31 김형준 Mobile Healthcare Platform Facilitating Secure Exchange and Management of Personal Health Record With Permissioned Blockchain  TopicSem

30 김형준 Reviews of other medical blockchain systems  TopicSem

26 김형준 Healthavatar platform for conserving originality and secure exchange of personal health record with permissioned blockchain  TopicSem

26 김형준 Healthavatar platform for conserving originality and secure exchange of personal health record with consortium blockchain  Seminar

09 김형준 Updated process of HealthAvatar Agent API  TopicSem
16 김형준 Process for patient data storage in Healthavatar Platform  BioEMR

12 김형준 Process of uploading data in GDM and Web portal   TopicSem

07 김형준 Current process of uploading data in GDM  TopicSem
23 김형준 Secure and Trustable Electronic Medical Records Sharing using Blockchain     J.Club
28 김형준 GDM database and web  BioEMR

03 김형준 Healthavatar and Agents with Blockchain  TopicSem
17 김형준 GA4GH and Google genomics  BioEMR

05 김형준 Python script for uploading data in GDM  BioEMR
14 김형준 MedRec Using Blockchain for Medical Data Access and Permission Management     J.Club

13 김형준 GDM process of importing data  BioEMR
19 김형준 GDM process of importing data  BioEMR
29 김형준 Smart contract and Dapp in Healthavatar platform  TopicSem

03 김형준 Building a semantic web based metadata repository for facilitating detailed clinical modeling in cacer genome studies     J.Club
08 김형준 Private Ethereum and Healthavatar  TopicSem
08 김형준 Data importing process of KCDM genome   BioEMR

11 김형준 Updating mobile eCRF for DNet and ANet and Avatar  TopicSem
23 김형준 KCDM genome and FHIR genomics  BioEMR

06 김형준 Secure interconnection between XNet and BioEMR with JSON Web Token.  TopicSem
27 김형준 DNet data import to BioEMR  BioEMR

01 김형준 Whan NoSQL makes better sense than RDBS  BioEMR
01 김형준 Whan NoSQL makes better sense than RDBS  BioEMR
08 김형준 Agent contraction with personal resource authorization list and storing CCR document type data in Avatar DB   TopicSem
15 김형준 OpenEHR archetype structure and REST API  BioEMR
15 김형준 OpenEHR archetype structure and REST API  BioEMR
18 김형준 Comparing the Performance of NoSQL Approaches for Managing Archetype Based Electronic Health Record Data     J.Club

18 김형준 New API standard GraphQL   BioEMR

02 김형준 Opening the Duke electronic health record to apps: ImplementingSMART on FHIR     J.Club
13 김형준 NoSQL databases Casssandra for real time ETL of data warehouse  BioEMR
27 김형준 Agent matching and installation with personal resource authorization list  TopicSem

03 김형준 HealthKit apps with Apples compliance and HIPAA rules  BioEMR
16 김형준 HealthAvatar API based on CCR+ and Composite DataElement  TopicSem
17 김형준 Data Element API in FHIR(DSTU2, 3)  BioEMR
31 김형준 Agent matching process by user authorization list  BioEMR

13 김형준 (team_20170713)GluVue_clinical support tool for interpreting blood glucose data  BioEMR
15 김형준 Automated integration of continuous glucose monitor data in the electronic health record using consumer technology     J.Club
19 김형준 RESTful API with updated authentication and aurhorization in H.A.P  TopicSem

14 김형준 Creating the userdefined CDE through question items in Formbuilder  TopicSem
15 김형준 Open source search engines in CDE search  BioEMR

04 김형준 Resource authorization in Apple ResearchKit  BioEMR
17 김형준 Resource Authorization and data access control by HealthAvatar platform  TopicSem
25 김형준 Role + Attribute based Access Control in H.A.P  BioEMR

05 김형준 Updated database table of resource permission in Healthavatar platform.   TopicSem
13 김형준 Structured input,output data through CHMR Sphinx search engine  BioEMR
22 김형준 C3-PRO. Connecting ResearchKit to the Health System Using i2b2 and FHIR     J.Club

23 김형준 Database table of resource permission in Healthavatar platform.  BioEMR

11 김형준 Metadata Repository for Improved Data Sharing and Reuse Based on HL7 FHIR     J.Club
27 김형준 POST API(data creation) in HealthAvatar platform.  TopicSem

04 김형준 API 개발진행상황  BioEMR
11 김형준 Cordination of value domain of user-defined DE with recommended CDE in Easyformbuilder.  TopicSem

05 김형준 Design of HealthAvatar API and current status of API implementation.  TopicSem
14 김형준 Current process of API implementation  BioEMR
14 김형준 Current process of API implementation  BioEMR
30 김형준 EasyFormBuilder- Semi-automatic form building tool based on standardized metadata repository for semantic interoperability.  Seminar

02 김형준 XNet, Avatar 소개 및 시연 동영상 제작 (APAMI2016)  BioEMR
19 김형준 SMART on FHIR implemented over i2b2     J.Club

03 김형준 Specification of source codes in Healthavatar platform server   BioEMR
24 김형준 Current status of HAP server.  TopicSem

03 김형준 ODMedit_ uniform semantic annotation for data integration in medicine based on a public metadata repository     J.Club
05 김형준 Updated processes of agent registration for API  BioEMR
12 김형준 Process of Agent registration for HealthAvatar API   TopicSem

19 김형준 Form building tool based on standardized metadata repository for semi-automatic semantic annotation  Seminar

25 김형준 Avatar data query of HealthAvatar API  TopicSem
25 김형준 HealthAvatar API (Avatar area)  BioEMR
25 김형준 Data query transaction in Medication CCR table  BioEMR

14 김형준 [김형준]석사학위논문발표자료  Seminar
18 김형준 SMART precision cancer medicine a FHIR-based app to provide genomic information at the point of care     J.Club
20 김형준 HealthAvatar API v4 URI list  BioEMR
22 김형준 Modified URI pattern and query string of HealthAvatar API .  TopicSem

09 김형준 URI pattern of FHIR resource profile2  BioEMR
16 김형준 Design of HealthAvatar API  TopicSem

02 김형준 Portal of medical data models information infrastructure for medical research and healthcare     J.Club
11 김형준 Uploading arthroNet DEs and Forms  TopicSem

02 김형준 Review of formbuilder in MDM portal  TopicSem
16 김형준 Process of generating Arthronet DEs, eCRFs   BioEMR

04 김형준 Review of FormBuilder in MDM(medical-data-model)  BioEMR

07 김형준 Uploading canvas image data elements of Arthronet  BioEMR
15 김형준 Easy Form Builder : Facilitating both semantic interoperability and usability in creating clinical documents based on MDR.      Seminar
27 김형준 EasyFormbuilder 수정 및 추가 진행사항  TopicSem
30 김형준 A system to build distributed multivariate models and manage disparate data sharing policies     J.Club

09 김형준 PsyBase form생성 진행상황  BioEMR
16 김형준 Additional functions in Easyformbuilder  TopicSem
24 김형준 Uploading data elements of an ArthroNet CRF  BioEMR

18 김형준 Processing of Easy FormBuilder   TopicSem
21 김형준 SMART on FHIR Genomics: Facilitating standardized clinico-genomic apps     J.Club
26 김형준 임시DE 생성 (easy Formbuilder)  BioEMR

15 김형준 Easy form builder with search engine(Spinx)  BioEMR

09 김형준 Easy form builder excel template  BioEMR
21 김형준 Easy Form Builder(with excel template)  TopicSem

17 김형준 Easy Formbuilder 진행상황2  TopicSem
22 김형준 Semantic enrichment of clinical models towards semantic interoperability The heart failure summary use case.     J.Club

01 김형준 Junior Avatar Data Element 업로드현황  BioEMR
13 김형준 Processing of Easy Form Builder  TopicSem
22 김형준 Design of Easy Formbuilder process  BioEMR

10 김형준 Processing of BMeSH and EasyFormbuilder  TopicSem
17 김형준 비너스 아바타 진행상황  BioEMR

11 김형준 Multiple Contexts of DE  TopicSem
13 김형준 Updating AI_C table of CHMR DB  BioEMR
23 김형준 Lessons learned in detailed clinical modeling at Intermountain Healthcare     J.Club

08 김형준 Overview of BMeSH browser and Easy Form Builder  TopicSem
08 김형준 Uploading data elements of CHMR  BioEMR

04 김형준 Plan of advanced BMesh and EasyFormbuilder  TopicSem
21 김형준 Ontology-Based Data Integration between Clinical and Research Systems     J.Club

03 김형준 Multilingual Medical Data Models in ODM Format     J.Club
05 김형준 Extending the HL7_LOINC Document Ontology Settings of Care     TopicSem
19 김형준 Tool for Searching for DataElements  TopicSem

03 김형준 Processing error handling of bioemr  BioEMR
08 김형준 UserDefined CRF of BioEMR  TopicSem
24 김형준 SMART CCDA scorecard  BioEMR

03 김형준 Handling error of BioEMR  TopicSem
12 김형준 Current status and future plan for the advanced BioEMR  BioEMR
12 김형준 [review]A user-centered model for designing consumer mobile health (mHealth) applications (apps)  BioEMR

15 김형준 BioEMR 추가기능 개선작업 및 에러 수정진행상항  BioEMR
18 김형준 Procurement of shared data instruments for Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)     J.Club

22 김형준 BioEMR report with additional functionality system  TopicSem

20 김형준 Result of error handling of BioEMR  BioEMR

16 김형준 Automatic Transformation of Data Models with Semantic Annotations  BioEMR

11 김형준 CCR : Metadata Based Extended Personal Health Record Data Model Interoperable with the ASTM CCR Standard  BioEMR
11 김형준 CCR Metadata Based Extended Personal Health Record Data Model Interoperable with the ASTM CCR Standard  BioEMR

21 김형준 Python코드를 통한 CHMR metadata 생성  BioEMR
23 김형준 BioEMR Export(final)  BioEMR

16 김형준 LOINC에서 랩데이터 normal range 쿼리  BioEMR

07 김형준 An offline mobile nutrition monitoring intervention for varying-literacy patients receiving hemodialysis  BioEMR

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