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02-14 김재환 Development of knowledge base (RarePedia) and software platform (VAAT & PMAT) for NGS study result based genetic counseling  MAInfo

12-26 김형준 Healthavatar platform for conserving originality and secure exchange of personal health record with consortium blockchain  Seminar
08-16 김형준 Process for patient data storage in Healthavatar Platform  BioEMR
03-29 김형준 Smart contract and Dapp in Healthavatar platform  TopicSem
02-03 김기태 A Next Generation Connectivity Map: L1000 Platform and the First 1,000,000 Profiles     J.Club

05-17 김형준 Resource Authorization and data access control by HealthAvatar platform  TopicSem
04-05 김형준 Updated database table of resource permission in Healthavatar platform.   TopicSem
03-23 김형준 Database table of resource permission in Healthavatar platform.  BioEMR
03-08 김기태 MEREDITH:Clustering and Visualization tools for TCGA PAN-CANCER with multiplatform genomic data  MAInfo
02-27 김형준 POST API(data creation) in HealthAvatar platform.  TopicSem

12-05 홍주영 PharmGene Platform  TopicSem
11-30 임영균 Loss-of-function genetic tools for animal models: cross-species and cross-platform differences  xMutant
10-26 홍주영 Pharmsafe Platform  TopicSem
10-03 김형준 Specification of source codes in Healthavatar platform server   BioEMR
09-21 김효정 Health Avatar Platform: Component Description  TopicSem
09-07 박호경 SEVEN BRIDGES - The Biomedical Data Analysis Platform  MAInfo
08-29 박호경 Cloud Platform - Pricing  SysBiol
04-18 김효정 Health Avatar Platform: Flexible On-demand Healthcare Information System Architecture   TopicSem
03-09 김효정 Health Avatar Platform; Role Based, Problem-wise Health Information System Architecture  TopicSem
03-05 김현대 SMART on FHIR: a standards-based, interoperable apps platform for electronic health records     J.Club

11-29 김기태 Multiplatform analysis of 12 cancer types reveals molecular classification within and across tissues of origin     J.Club
09-01 김주연 IODINE: prescriber & patient-accessible health information platform  TopicSem

11-23 이수현 Harvest: an open platform for developing web-based biomedical data discovery and reporting applications     J.Club
07-12 정희준 Health Avatar Platform: a personalized healthcare service platform for interacting healthcare agents and health avatar  Seminar
04-30 김기태 TCGA data specifications for multiple data types and platforms  xMutant
01-19 이수현 The EU-ADR Web Platform: delivering advanced pharmacovigilance tools.      J.Club
01-16 서희원 Called SNVs Comparison Between Two Platform Sequencing Techonologies and Promethease.  SysBiol
01-05 서희원 Performance comparison of whole-genome sequencing platforms     J.Club

05-25 조용래 HealthPro: An Integrated Informatics Platform for Clinical Research in Data Warehouse   Seminar
05-07 김혜현 HealthAvatar Platform Scenario  TopicSem
04-25 조용래 Health Avatar Platform  BioEMR
04-07 김혜현 The SMART Platform: early experience enabling substitutable applications for electronic health records     J.Club
03-02 조용래 Search for Clinical Trial Data in BioEMR & Mapper Class in CCR Platform  BioEMR
01-19 김혜현 Life log review in Health Avatar platform   BioEMR

12-22 김혜현 Life log data standard for Health Avatar Platform  BioEMR
12-22 조용래 Platform for estimation and visulization of disease risk prediction  BioEMR
12-21 조용래 Platform for estimation and visulization of personal disease risk prediction  SysBiol
12-13 조용래 Genetic risk platform  SysBiol
11-25 조용래 Design architecture for implementing mapper class in Health Avatar platform  BioEMR
11-05 박유랑 Integrating clinical research with the Healthcare Enterprise: From the RE-USE 3 project to the EHR4CR platform     J.Club
10-14 김혜현 Additional information for SMArt Platform  BioEMR
09-07 정희준 Personal genome sequencing platform  Seminar
07-05 조용래 SMART Platform & Health Avatar  BioEMR
07-05 김혜현 Indivo & SMART platform  BioEMR
06-28 조용래 Smart Platform  BioEMR
05-07 이수연S DSGeo: Software tools for cross-platform analysis of gene expression data in GEO      J.Club
04-07 이수연S DSGEO : Software tools for cross-platform analysis of gene expression data in GEO  xMutant
03-14 조용래 A scenario using TCGA data on Health Avatar Platform  TopicSem

05-29 이수연 Deep sequencing-based expression analysis shows major advances in robustness, resolution and inter-lab portability over five microarray platforms     J.Club

02-14 송영수 Ontology driven integration platform for clinical and translational research     J.Club

11-22 김도균 MD-SeeGH: a platform for integrative analysis of multi-dimensional genomic data     J.Club
01-08 김도균 A framework for integration of probe-level data from heterogeneous microarray platforms (SNP chip)  Seminar

12-14 김도균 A framework for integration of probe-level data from heterogeneous microarray platforms (copy number data)  Seminar

11-22 정용 GEO Final or Not? [GEOIntegrationMicroarray repositoryArrayportMappingPlatformSeriesSample] Seminar
07-12 정용 Primary schema & Extended schemata status [PlatformGEO featuremapping] xMutant
06-14 정용 New approach in importing GEO data into Xperanto (Platform) [in situ oligoraw featuremapping] xMutant
06-01 정용 Interim report of clustering columns in GEO data table : Platform [Technology typeGEOdata column] SysBiol
05-18 정용 Approach of Clustering columns in GEO data table : Platform [technology typedata columnplatformsampleGEO] SysBiol
05-17 정용 Progress in clustering column of GEO data table : Platform [GEOPlatformdata matixcolumn] xMutant
03-25 나영지 Functional annotation and network reconstruction through cross-platform integration of microarray data       J.Club
02-25 정태수 Standardizing global gene expression analysis between laboratories and acroos platforms       J.Club

09-03 정희준 Generalized biological database platform based on cross-referenced tables(XRT)     J.Club
04-02 박찬희 GECKO: a complete large-scale gene expression analysis platform       J.Club

10-14 박찬희 GEO에서 Platform Description header 와 Sample Description header의 분석  SysBiol

12-13 박찬희 Development of Human Protein Reference Database as an Initial Platform for Approaching Systems Biology in Humans       J.Club

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