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16 한미령 MCF7 breast cancer data analysis  Seminar

04 한미령 Identification of periodically expressed genes  Seminar
18 한미령 Analysis of the molecular subtypes of breast cancer  Seminar

05 한미령 Radiation treated CCD cell line data analysis  Seminar
14 한미령 Algorithms to identify periodically expressed genes in time series data  Seminar

23 한미령 MCF-7S cell line data vs cDNA chip data  Seminar

05 한미령   Seminar
26 한미령 MCF7 analysis  Seminar

15 한미령 Anoikis resistance gene expression signature  Seminar

03 한미령 ROC comparison between logistic & tree approaches  Seminar
24 한미령 Research Plan  Seminar

13 한미령 Factors affecting breast cancer recurrence - a classification tree approach -  Seminar
23 한미령 Review Summary  Seminar

08 한미령 Meta analysis using AB chip & cDNA chip  SysBiol
19 한미령 cybrid data analysis     Seminar
23 한미령 Meta analysis of AB chip & cDNA chip  MAInfo

11 한미령 Multimarker predictive model using machine learning algorithm  SysBiol
15 한미령 Research plan  Seminar
26 한미령 MCF-7 cell line data analysis     MAInfo

07 한미령 cDNA microarray  MAInfo
20 한미령 Multimarker predictive model using machine learning algorithm  SysBiol

23 한미령 Integrating Classification and Association Rule Mining  SysBiol

01 한미령 Cancer Stem Cells  MAInfo
10 한미령 Applying rule mining and FCA to protein with profile & pattern  SysBiol
13 한미령 Protein Lattice 진행상황  Seminar
24 한미령 Association Mining and Formal Concept Analysis  SysBiol

04 한미령 Breast AB chip analysis  MAInfo
06 한미령 Comparative analysis of array CGH algorithms  SysBiol

02 한미령 유방암 AB chip 분석계획  SysBiol
12 한미령 Protein-Ontology Lattice  Seminar
14 한미령 Autism aCGH data analysis using CGH-Explorer  MAInfo

11 한미령 Plan for protein-ontology lattice  SysBiol
14 한미령 Protein-Ontology Lattice  Seminar
16 한미령 Autism aCGH data analysis using Biocandi  MAInfo

14 한미령 What is the next step?  SysBiol
26 한미령 Autism arrayCGH data  MAInfo

05 한미령 protein lattice 정리 및 투고 진행상황  Seminar
23 한미령 aCGH_GLAD  SysBiol
28 한미령 ArrayCyGHt:a web application for analysis and visualization of array-CGH data  MAInfo

05 한미령 Molecule Role Ontology  SysBiol
08 한미령 aCGH 분석 도구들의 정리 및 BioCANDi 통합  Seminar
31 한미령 aCGH_GLAD for Biocandi  MAInfo

06 한미령 SKY/M-FISH and CGH Database  MAInfo
08 한미령 Further steps for protein classification  SysBiol
09 한미령 The Interactive Online SKY/M-FISH & CGH Database and the Entrez Cancer Chromosomes Search Database: Linkage of Chromosomal Aberrations with the Genome Sequence       J.Club
11 한미령 aCGH analysis of ER-positive breast cancer [MAInfo] Seminar
27 한미령 aCGH analysis review  MAInfo
30 한미령 Visualization-based discovery and analysis of genomic aberrations in microarray data       J.Club

15 한미령 Protein classification from protein-domain and gene-ontology annotation information using formal concept analysis  MAInfo

20 한미령 Protein classification from protein domain composition and GO using formal concept analysis  SysBiol

06 한미령 Analysis of breast cancer arrayCGH data  MAInfo
22 한미령 Analysis & interpretation of tripartite lattice  SysBiol
27 한미령 Breast Cancer Array CGH analysis review  MAInfo
30 한미령 Use of Targeted Array-Based CGH for the Clinical Diagnosis of Chromosomal Imbalance: Is Less More?       J.Club

09 한미령 Array CGH data analysis using CGH-Miner  MAInfo
17 한미령 Database localization & How to make matrix?  SysBiol

02 한미령 Breast cancer aCGH data의 문제점 & Normalization  MAInfo
17 한미령 Three-way interpenetration among protein domain, protein, and GO using FCA  SysBiol
19 한미령 Gene Ontology related Tools [SysBiol] Seminar
28 한미령 A method for calling gains and losses in array CGH data       J.Club

12 한미령 Analysis of arrayCGH breast cancer data  MAInfo
20 한미령 GOTree Machine (GOTM)  SysBiol
27 한미령 Review GO tool  SysBiol

01 한미령 Antidepressant를 투여한 cDNA mouse data 분석  MAInfo
09 한미령 VitaPad: Visualization Tools for the Analysis of Pathway Data  SysBiol
15 한미령 Analysis of arrayCGH breast cancer data using GLAD  MAInfo
27 한미령 Detection of low level genomic alterations by comparative genomic hybridization based on cDNA micro-arrays       J.Club

03 한미령 Molecular Profiling of Clinical Features in Breast Cancer Using Principal Component Analysis  MAInfo
13 한미령 Genome-wide array comparative genomic hybridization analysis reveals distinct amplifications in osteosarcoma       J.Club
20 한미령 Antidepressant를 투여한 cDNA mouse data 분석  Seminar
25 한미령 Searching pathway databases  SysBiol

09 한미령      J.Club
21 한미령 Possibility of systematic Multiple-pathways  SysBiol

22 한미령 Survival analysis of Breast cancer  MAInfo

11 한미령 PCA analysis of Breast cancer data  MAInfo
28 한미령 Prediction of prognosis of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer with combination of selected estrogen-regulated genes.       J.Club

01 한미령 Gene family and protein family [Grip] Seminar
16 한미령 27 ER(-) breast cancers with/without recurrence  MAInfo

01 한미령 Expression profiling to predict postoperative prognosis for estrogen receptor-negative breast cancers by analysis of 25,344 genes on a cDNA microarray       J.Club
18 한미령 Molecular profiling쟯f clinical features in breast cancer using principal components analysis [DataAnalysis] Seminar

13 한미령 Gene expression predictors of breast cancer outcomes       J.Club

17 한미령 Differentiation of lobular versus ductal breast carcinomas by expression microarray analysis       J.Club

27 한미령 Stanford Breast Cancer Microarray Data  MAInfo
29 한미령 Molecular classification of familial non-BRCA1/BRCA2 breast cancer       J.Club

11 한미령 Gene expression profiles of human breast cancer progression       J.Club
16 한미령 Molecular profiles of invasive mucinous and ductal carcinoma of the breast cancer  MAInfo

25 한미령 Breast and Ovarian Cancer  MAInfo

14 한미령 Bio-Perl  MAInfo

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