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08-10 김기태 Pathogenicity and functional impact of non-frameshifting insertion/deletion variation in the human genome     J.Club

12-07 김혜현 BMESH browser 진행상황  BioEMR
09-28 김혜현 Panel based new design of BMESH browser  BioEMR
03-28 김혜현 Design of BMeSH Browser  BioEMR

06-10 김형준 Processing of BMeSH and EasyFormbuilder  TopicSem
04-08 김형준 Overview of BMeSH browser and Easy Form Builder  TopicSem
03-18 김혜현 Design of revised BMESH with DE generating and registering  BioEMR
03-04 김형준 Plan of advanced BMesh and EasyFormbuilder  TopicSem

02-18 김혜현 BMESH 현황 및 진행계획  BioEMR

06-17 고인석 Analysis of current status of BMESH Browser and future works  TopicSem
05-02 고인석 BMESH Metadata Upload  BioEMR
04-18 김혜현 BMESH 현황파악 및 계획  BioEMR
04-12 김혜현 16차 교수님과회의 - 팀계획_BMESH 현황_HealthPro 현황_DialysisNet_재활의학과   BioEMR

02-27 김혜현 Contents of BMeSH browser  TopicSem
02-16 김혜현 Query design in BMeSH browser  BioEMR
01-18 조용래 Introduction of MeSH and studies related to Gene-Environment  SysBiol

06-27 김혜현 BMeSH Web Design Structure  TopicSem
06-21 윤영조 RDRC e-CRF, BMeSH Progress_0621  BioEMR
06-14 김혜현 Specific Contents in BMeSH  BioEMR
06-09 김혜현 BMeSH Web Browser Design   BioEMR
05-09 이수연S GEO value mapping using MESH and eVOC  TopicSem
02-14 김혜현 BMESH Website Release Plan  BioEMR

12-06 박유랑 BMESH Release plan  Seminar
09-15 박찬희 Strategy on adding gene-mesh relationship in GRIPdb     TopicSem
09-03 이수현 BMESH 3.0 Query Design using A_R_ID  BioEMR
08-26 한현욱 gene2mesh  SysBiol
08-07 윤선민 GeneMesh: a web-based microarray analysis tool for relating differentially expressed genes to MeSH terms     J.Club
07-09 윤영조 BMESH v3.0 VD_Field list  BioEMR
07-09 윤영조 BMESH v3.0 Implementation  BioEMR
04-23 조용래 Consider a CHMR Query in searching & BMESH Browser Plan  BioEMR
03-08 윤영조 BMESH Implementation CHMR v3 Detail  Seminar
02-22 박유랑 BMESH 프로젝트 진행 점검  Seminar
02-18 박유랑 BMESH 프로젝트 진행사항 점검  BioEMR
02-04 조용래 Migration BMESH Source & Data from VIOLA to EOS  BioEMR
02-01 윤영조 BMESH Implementation CHMR v3  Seminar
01-29 조용래 BMESH Browser  BioEMR
01-18 박유랑 BMESH : Semantic infrastructure  Seminar
01-18 박유랑 BMESH: Semantic infrastructure  BioEMR

05-28 박유랑 BMESH - Ontology, FCA Analysis & SDTM-  Seminar
04-06 박유랑 BMESH (Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health) - 2  Seminar

03-09 정용 How to facilitate the GEO [GEOThesisIntegrationPubMedMeSH] Seminar

03-15 정희준 PahtMeSH + miRNA progress  xMutant
03-09 정희준 PathMeSH + miRNA progress  SysBiol
02-14 정희준 PathMeSH+miRNA  xMutant
01-10 정희준 PathMeSH: gene-centric pathway view  xMutant

10-18 정희준 PathMeSH 정리  xMutant

10-11 정희준 PathMesh: database of pathway and drug related disease  Seminar
09-23 정희준 PathMesh - Writing manuscript -  SysBiol
07-06 정희준 Mapping between the Disease Names of OMIM and MeSH [ClinInfo] Seminar

김형준 Design of BMeSH Browser with easy form builder   BioEMR

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