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09-15 김혜현 Mapping result of CDO classes with UMLS  TopicSem
08-09 김현대 Automated UMLS-Based Comparison of Medical Forms  J.Club
07-02 김혜현 Lab panel info in UMLS LOINC  BioEMR
05-19 고인석 Mapping results of single ingredient drugs(100 sample) with UMLS(RxNorm)  TopicSem
05-07 고인석 Drug mapping with UMLS(RxNorm) using KPIS in prescription (only single ingredient drugs)  BioEMR

04-29 고인석 Search result in UMLS Browser  TopicSem
04-10 고인석 UMLS Search Browser V1.3  TopicSem
03-20 고인석 UMLS Search Browser V1.2  TopicSem

04-28 박유랑 Quality evaluation of value sets from cancer study common data elements using the UMLS semantic groups     J.Club

09-03 박유랑 Quality Evaluation of Cancer Study Common Data Elements Using the UMLS Semantic Network     J.Club
01-15 김혜현 The UMLS-CORE project: a study of the problem list terminologies used in large healthcare institutions      J.Club

02-20 이현 Mapping the local data to the UMLS  Seminar

06-30 정용 A UMLS-based spell checker for natural language processing in vaccine safety     J.Club

09-29 정용 GEO Progress (Meta table for Sample features) and Future [Meta TableGEOUMLS] Seminar
05-02 박유랑 CHMR 간략화 및 UMLS 연동  BioEMR

06-21 이정애 A study of effective UMLS concept indexing in radiology reports    BioEMR
05-10 이정애 방사선과 보고서의 효율적인 UMLS concept indexing을 위한 연구(보완 및 결론, 계획)    BioEMR
04-13 unknown A study of effective UMLS indexing in radiology reports [ClinInfo] Seminar
03-22 이정애 UMLS indexing 결과 보고    BioEMR
02-21 이정애 Towards linking patients and clinical information: detecting UMLS concepts in e-mail       J.Club
02-16 이정애 UMLS indexing of test set    BioEMR

12-23 unknown Web-based Clinical Data Management System --- Mapping Free Text into UMLS Concepts - Progress [ClinInfo] Seminar
10-13 이정애 Mapping free text into UMLS concepts - Progress    BioEMR
09-22 이정애 Mapping free text into UMLS concepts 2    BioEMR
09-20 이정애 A Pilot Study of Contextual UMLS(R) Indexing to Improve the Precision of Concept-Based Representation in XML-Structured Clinical Radiology Reports       J.Club
09-01 이정애 Mapping free text into UMLS concepts    BioEMR
07-15 이정애 What’s in UMLSKS(UMLS Knowledge Source Server)?  Seminar
05-13 이정애 Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)  Seminar

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