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04 김민구 Integrating knowedge and data in Bioinformatics  Seminar

17 김민구 RiPeter Draft Final  Seminar

12 김민구 SPM benchmark  Seminar
23 김민구 A single gene network accurately predicts phenotypic effects of gene perturbation in Caenorhabditis elegans     J.Club
26 김민구 Second stalemate in RiPeter  Seminar

15 김민구 SVG in Firefox  Seminar
19 김민구 Novel Integration of Hospital Electronic Medical Records and Gene Expression Measurements to Identify Genetic Markers of Maturation     J.Club

18 김민구 RiPeter GSE-wise variances [RiPeter] Seminar
28 김민구 Imporving DEG identification in small sample datasets using GEO data  Seminar

03 김민구 Sample selection in RiPeter  J.Club
13 김민구 Reproducibility in sample selection [RiPeter] Seminar
24 김민구 Functional Specificity among Ribosomal Proteins Regulates Gene Expression [RiPeter]    J.Club
30 김민구 RiPeter Checkpoint: Reproducibility on multiple datasets [RiPeter] Seminar

02 김민구 RiPeter Bootstrap results  Seminar
13 김민구 A systems biology approach for pathway level analysis     J.Club
26 김민구 RiPeter scenario sample selection  Seminar

08 김민구 A full Bayesian hierarchical mixture model for the variance of gene differential expression     J.Club
18 김민구 RiPeter in empirical and bayesian approach  Seminar

03 김민구 RiPeter의 중간결론  Seminar
31 김민구 Progress in RiPeter  Seminar

09 김민구 Wikirize SNUBI web page  Seminar
13 김민구 Preliminary data on DEGBoost  Seminar
27 김민구 Second data on DEGBoost  Seminar
28 김민구 Integrative molecular concept modeling of prostate cancer progression     J.Club

08 김민구 Gene expression entroyp 일차작업결과  Seminar
11 김민구 Web 2.0  Seminar
18 김민구 Web 2.0: Technical review of RSS and Ajax  Seminar
23 김민구 Improving identification of differentially expressed genes in microarray studies using information from public databases     J.Club
27 김민구 Crosschip review  Seminar

16 김민구 The applicability Entropy to microarray data  Seminar
19 김민구 A genome-wide analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae demonstrates the influence of chromatin modifiers on transcription       J.Club

04 김민구 EM Learning [EM] Seminar
25 김민구 GEO User story: Gene Network Inference  Seminar

16 김민구 Regularities in the expression data [PRM] Seminar
17 김민구 Large-scale identification of novel transcripts in the human genome       J.Club

02 김민구 Context lost in meta-dataset  Seminar
23 김민구 Biclustering benchmark [biclusteringbenchmark] Seminar

10 김민구 Idea review in 2007 [idea] Seminar
27 김민구 Common genetic variants account for differences in gene expression among ethnic groups       J.Club

13 김민구 Gene complexity: half split test  Seminar
16 김민구 Large scale data mining approach for gene-specific standardization of microarray gene expression data     J.Club

03 김민구 Different gene behavior complexity observed in GPL96  Seminar
04 김민구 Predicting rules on organization of cis-regulatory elements, taking the order of elements into account       J.Club
29 김민구 Gene complexity results with plots  Seminar

13 김민구 Larger weight on rare samples  Seminar
30 김민구 Xperanto 이전 [biocandi] Seminar

06 김민구 Another ANOVA viwer in BioCANDI [biocandi] SysBiol
15 김민구 Identification of biochemical networks by S-tree based genetic programming       J.Club
19 김민구 time series microarray 분석방법론 [[time-series]] xMutant

03 김민구 Histone acetylation and transcriptional regulation in the genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae [cca]      J.Club
12 김민구 Using GEO [GEO] Seminar
14 김민구 GEO source count [geo] xMutant
15 김민구 A Primer on Kernel Methods [kernel] SysBiol

11 김민구 Correlation dependent on third gene expression level  SysBiol
17 김민구 Coexpression dynamics     xMutant
22 김민구 Research plan  Seminar

13 김민구 Temporal relation between GO  SysBiol
19 김민구 Correlation changes in module genes across experimental conditions  xMutant
29 김민구 Contributions of low molecule number and chromosomal positioning to stochastic gene expression     J.Club

08 김민구 spm 결과정리  xMutant
11 김민구 Recurrent fusion of TMPRSS2 and ETS transcription factor genes in prostate cancer       J.Club
13 김민구 바이오캔디 모듈 테스트  Seminar
16 김민구 Functional enrichment of sequential pattern with MIPS functional category  SysBiol
29 김민구 Interpretation of inter-module relationship in SPM  xMutant

04 김민구 Shifting and scaling patterns from gene expression data       J.Club
06 김민구 Pararllelizing BioCANDi  Seminar

06 김민구 Application of Genetic Algorithm to sequential pattern mining on gene expression data  SysBiol
20 김민구 Sequential pattern mining의 명확한 논리전개를 위한 flow chart  SysBiol
23 김민구 Sequential pattern mining 정리  Seminar
24 김민구 Order-preserving tendency of BP, MF, CC GO-slim term in SMD dataset  xMutant

05 김민구 바이오캔디를 이용한 독성유전체 자료분석  Seminar
06 김민구 Cluster viewer demonstration  xMutant
16 김민구 Rationale for sequential pattern mining  SysBiol
24 김민구 Differential coexpression analysis using microarray data and its application to human cancer       J.Club
27 김민구 Measuring order-preserving tendency of co-regulated genes with Kullback-Leibler divergence  xMutant

04 김민구 spm의 설득력있는 논리전개  SysBiol
07 김민구 바이오캔디를 이용한 독성유전체 자료분석  Seminar
08 김민구 독성유전체 자료분석  xMutant
12 김민구 Assessing the limits of genomic data integration for predicting protein networks       J.Club

10 김민구 Local modeling of global interactome networks       J.Club
16 김민구 Cluster viewer upgrade  SysBiol
26 김민구 Cluster viewer demonstration  Seminar

02 김민구 Multiple test corrections in SPM  xMutant
05 김민구 Get the facts about SGD GO-slim  SysBiol
08 김민구 CEBS review  Seminar
19 김민구 The very first step in mouse lymphoma microarray analysis  SysBiol
30 김민구 Mouse lymphoma microarray analysis 2  xMutant

01 김민구 Temporal relation between GO terms  SysBiol
02 김민구 A procedure for assessing GO annotation consistency       J.Club
12 김민구 terminal GO의 시간적 관계 추론  xMutant
18 김민구 Results on SPM  Seminar

04 김민구 Rank products: a simple, yet powerful, new method to detect differentially regulated genes in replicated microarray experiments.       J.Club
07 김민구 K-means clustering for filtering large number of sequential patterns  xMutant

24 김민구 How to conclude sequential pattern mining  xMutant

04 김민구 Inferring gene-module relations by biclustering on large-scale expression data using sequential pattern mining [AppGen] Seminar
15 김민구 Summary of sequential pattern mining  SysBiol
16 김민구 Principles of transcriptional control in the metabolic network of Saccharomyces cerevisiae       J.Club

17 김민구 FESD: a Functional Element SNPs Database in human  SysBiol
18 김민구 Sequential pattern mining with gap limit & 심규석교수님의 아이디어 구현  xMutant

03 김민구 Current agenda and Overlap matrix visualization  SysBiol
18 김민구 NA  xMutant
21 김민구 Modular organization of cellular networks       J.Club

06 김민구 Manuscripting sequential patterning mining in gene expression data  SysBiol
21 김민구 NA  xMutant

10 김민구 NA  xMutant
16 김민구 Sequential pattern mining에 대한 기본개념과 테크닉들  SysBiol
18 김민구 Mining Gene Expression Data for Positive and Negative Co-regulated Gene Clusters       J.Club
31 김민구 NA  xMutant

01 김민구 Results and biological interpretation of k-gOPSM  Seminar
06 김민구 Current status of OPSM(sequential pattern mining)  Seminar
11 김민구 Relevant work review of k-gOPSM  SysBiol

04 김민구 High-order relation between gene regulatory module can be inferred from subspace clustering across large-scale gene expression data of yeast  Seminar
07 김민구 Order-based subspace clustering  SysBiol
08 김민구 Biological justification of order-preserving submatrix  xMutant
16 김민구 Discovering Local Structure in Gene Expression Data: The Order-Preserving Submatrix Problem       J.Club

17 김민구 The Biginning  xMutant

21 김민구 Finding disease specific alterations in the co-expression of genes       J.Club
31 김민구      J.Club

12 김민구 Transcriptional regultory networks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae       J.Club

04 김민구 "Koogle, the finale" [Grip] Seminar

24 김민구 Network-based approach for the comprehensive mapping between biological identifiers       J.Club

06 김민구 Meta-databases providing collection of hyperlinks       J.Club

10 김민구 A protein interaction map of Drosophila melanogaster       J.Club
27 김민구 "Microarray data 분석현황 (Lung cancer, Thyroid)" [김민구] Seminar

29 김민구 Genome-wide pathway analysis and visualization using gene expression data       J.Club

04 김민구 Comparing protein abundance and mRNA expression levels on a genomic scale       J.Club

23 김민구 Meta-Analysis of Microarrays: Interstudy Validation of Gene Expression Profiles Reveals Pathway Dysregulation in Prostate Cancer       J.Club

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