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10-12 최선 BioBERT: a pre-trained biomedical language representation model for biomedical text mining     J.Club
10-08 최선 KCDM WORK  BioEMR
09-19 최선 google cloud platform  MAInfo
08-01 최선 Comparative study of statin drugs  TopicSem
07-27 최선 Cardiologist-level arrhythmia detection and classification in ambulatory electrocardiograms using a deep neural network     J.Club
06-27 최선 Practice of text analysis for medical record  TopicSem
05-20 최선 Drug classification  TopicSem
05-02 최선 Dimension calculation in CNN  MAInfo
04-27 최선 Using RNN to predict heart failure     J.Club
04-11 최선 TSA on renal disease  TopicSem
03-04 최선 K-CDM analysis on renal disease  TopicSem
02-07 최선 NSAIDs induced ADRs _Comorbidity analysis  TopicSem
01-28 최선 NSAIDs induced ADRs_additional analysis  TopicSem
01-12 최선 Active Disease Surveillance in an Electronic Health Database Using a Common Data Model Based Tool      J.Club

12-27 최선 Evaluating the severity of NSAIDs induced adverse effects by K-CDM in nine institutes  Seminar
12-20 최선 NSAIDs induced ADRs detected by K-CDM_additional analysis  TopicSem
11-19 최선 NSAIDs adverse effects detected by K-CDM  TopicSem
11-10 최선 MedEx: a medication information extraction system for clinical narratives     J.Club
10-18 최선 AvatarBeans_Initial draft and considering issues  TopicSem

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