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02 조성범 Finding subsets of microRNA and mRNA using GA  Seminar
19 조성범 Finding subsets of microRNA and mRNA using GA II  Seminar
21 조성범 Gene expression trends and protein features effectively complement each other in gene function prediction     J.Club

16 조성범 Set-wise differential coexpression of mRNA and microRNA  Seminar
21 조성범 Human microRNAs co-silence in well-separated groups and have different predicted essentialities     J.Club

08 조성범 Time series analysis with multivariate t test  Seminar
10 조성범 Identification of transcription factor and microRNA binding sites in responsible to fetal alcohol syndrome     J.Club
22 조성범 Analysis of chronic GVHD microarray data  Seminar

01 조성범 Power estimation of Hotelling, Cramer and PCT  Seminar
06 조성범 Gene Expression in Fixed Tissues and Outcome in Hepatocellular Carcinoma     J.Club
22 조성범 Simulation test on PCT, Cramer and Hotelling test  Seminar

08 조성범 Network-based global inference of human disease genes     J.Club
10 조성범 Analysis of chronic GVHD microarray data using ICA  Seminar
24 조성범 Pathway-based classification analysis of breast cancer microarray data  Seminar

06 조성범 The pooled component test: a variant of Hotelling test  Seminar
23 조성범 Pooled component test with permutation  Seminar

18 조성범 Comparison of informative pathways  Seminar
27 조성범 Unraveling transcriptional regulatory programs by integrative analysis of microarray and transcription factor binding data     J.Club

18 조성범 Breast Cancer Data Analysis using boostKDBC-III  Seminar
23 조성범 SIRENE: supervised inference of regulatory networks     J.Club
28 조성범 Re-anlaysis of boostKDBC simulation data  Seminar

03 조성범 Breast cancer data analysis using boostKDBC  Seminar
14 조성범 Comparative Study on Multivariate T test     Seminar
19 조성범 Nucleosome positioning from tiling microarray data     J.Club
28 조성범 Analysis of Breast Cancer Data Set using boostKDBC     Seminar

16 조성범 Re-anlaysis of boostKDBC benchmark data  Seminar
21 조성범 Computational epigenetics     J.Club

09 조성범 Optimization of SVM in pathway-based classification  Seminar
24 조성범 Predicting cancer involvement of genes from heterogeneous data     J.Club
30 조성범 Simulation study on boostKDBC, random forest and SVM  Seminar

07 조성범 Prediction of GVHD status with donor-patient microarray data  Seminar
21 조성범 Simulation study on interaction score  Seminar
26 조성범 WilcoxCV: an R package for fast variable selection in cross validation       J.Club

03 조성범 Power comparison between ordinary and bootstrapped Hotelling test  Seminar
21 조성범 Monte Carlo based power test  Seminar
29 조성범 Merging microarray data from separate breast cancer studies provides a robust prognostic test     J.Club

15 조성범 Boostrapping Multivariate test  Seminar
16 조성범 Successful anti-cancer drug targets able to pass FDA review demonstrate the identifiable signature distince from the signatures of random genes and initially proposed targets     J.Club

05 조성범 From protein microarrays to diagnostic antigen discovery: a study of the pathogen Francisella tularensis       J.Club
18 조성범 Analysis results of lung cancer data with deCorS  Seminar

01 조성범 Network-Based Analysis of Affected Biological Processes in Type 2 Diabetes Models       J.Club
07 조성범 Simulation data analysis with deCorS  Seminar
21 조성범 Result of DM data analysis with deCorS  Seminar
28 조성범 Pathway classification analysis using BoostKDBC  Seminar

02 조성범 Summary of BoostKBC results  Seminar
20 조성범 Analysis of gene set interaction network structure using SEM  Seminar

20 조성범 Bayesian modelling of shared gene function       J.Club
23 조성범 Application of simulation data to BoostKBC  Seminar

07 조성범 BoostKBC with pathway infomation III  Seminar
28 조성범 Feature selection in BoostKBC  Seminar

03 조성범 BoostKBC with pathway infomation  Seminar
18 조성범 Matrix formalism to describe functional state of trasncriptional regulatory systems     J.Club
22 조성범 BoostKBC with pathway infomation II  Seminar

04 조성범 Updating with sigmoid function in boost KDC  Seminar
14 조성범 A genomic code for nucleosome positioning     J.Club
18 조성범 BoostKBC with prior information  Seminar

08 조성범 Boosting KBC  Seminar

04 조성범 Effect of correlation structure on the classification performance  Seminar
19 조성범 Bayesian meta-analysis models for microarray data: a comparative study     J.Club
23 조성범 Boosting Kernel Bayesian Classifier  Seminar

13 조성범 Pathway based classification  Seminar

02 조성범 Revision of GSIA and application to the toxicology data II  Seminar
23 조성범 Application of GSIA to the tetracycline data set  Seminar
31 조성범 Predicting the prognosis of breast cancer by integrating clinical and microarray data with Bayesian network     J.Club

07 조성범 Revision of GSIA & Application to the Toxicology Data  Seminar
24 조성범 Microarray data analysis: from disarray to consolidation and consensus     J.Club

13 조성범 Discovering implicit associations between genes and hereditary diseases     J.Club
17 조성범 Application of GSIA to the mouse BXD data set  Seminar

02 조성범 Group testing for pathway analysis improves comparability of different microarray datasets     J.Club
06 조성범 Prediction of clinical status with array CGH data  Seminar
27 조성범 Classification of array CGH data with Naive Bayes & mixture model  Seminar

10 조성범 Interpretation of gene set interaction analysis  Seminar

14 조성범 Discovering disease genes by topological features in human protein-protein interaction network     J.Club
20 조성범 Gene set interaction analysis [Mantel testgene set interaction] Seminar

01 조성범 High-resolution ChIP-chip analysis reveals that the Drosophila MSL complex selectively identifies active genes on the male X chromosome     J.Club

16 조성범 Interpretation of Mantel test  MAInfo
21 조성범 Mantel test with different data sets  xMutant

12 조성범 Mantel test with pathway gene set II  MAInfo
15 조성범 SNP Chip analysis  Seminar
24 조성범 Mantel test with weighted correlation  xMutant
27 조성범 Lung cancer genome analysis with SNP arrays     J.Club

05 조성범 Mantel test between gene sets  xMutant
15 조성범 Genome-wide association study in esophageal cancer using GeneChip mapping 10k array     J.Club
24 조성범 SNP Chip Analysis  Seminar
26 조성범 Mantel test with pathway gene set  xMutant

04 조성범 Epistasis analysis with global transcriptional phenotypes       J.Club
15 조성범 Integration of Mantel test & MDR algorithm  xMutant
31 조성범 Selection of gene subset with MDR algorithm in Mantel test  MAInfo

01 조성범 Analysis of Human Cancer Microarray Data with Clinical Information; application of Mantel statistics with combination of clinical variables  MAInfo
07 조성범 BMT data analysis  xMutant
22 조성범 Mantel test with gene set  MAInfo
27 조성범 Research Plan  Seminar

03 조성범 Result of the survival analysis of liver cancer microarray data  xMutant
11 조성범 Microarray data analysis of human cancers with clinical information; application of Mantel statistics  MAInfo

06 조성범 Survival analysis of liver cancer microarray data  xMutant
12 조성범 Research Plan  Seminar
21 조성범 Microarray data analysis of human cancers with clinical stage information  MAInfo

09 조성범 Pathway-based microarray analysis; results with different data sets  MAInfo
22 조성범 Survival analysis of liver cancer microarray data  xMutant
30 조성범 Comparison of gene expression profiling between different clinical stages  MAInfo

19 조성범 Microarray analysis with multple pathways  MAInfo
25 조성범 Survival analysis of liver cancer data  xMutant

05 조성범 "gsea, global test and classification for microarray data"  Seminar
10 조성범 Intergrative analysis of cancer transcriptome     J.Club
13 조성범 Analysis of Hapatocellular Carcinoma Data  xMutant
28 조성범 Tumor microarray classification using clinical information  MAInfo

03 조성범 Plan for knowledge based microarray analysis  MAInfo
16 조성범 GSEA(gene set enrichment analysis) package  xMutant
31 조성범 GSEA & Naive Bayes  MAInfo

04 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to the Clinical Outcome of the Microarray data using Global Test [AppGen] Seminar
13 조성범 Pathway based tumor classification  MAInfo
16 조성범 An oncogenic KRAS2 expression signature identified by cross-species gene-expression anlaysis     J.Club
26 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to Pathologic Status in Lung cancer using Global Test  xMutant

04 조성범 Pattern Robustness of Diagnostic Gene expression Signatures in Leukemia       J.Club
22 조성범 Microarray Analysis using Prior Biologic Knowledge  MAInfo
28 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to the lymph node metastasis in lung cancer using Global test  xMutant

03 조성범 Identification of Pathway related to the Clinical Outcome within Microarray data using Global Test  xMutant
04 조성범 The Detection of Outlier Cases with Deviation of Logistic Regression Analysis  MAInfo
31 조성범 Identification of pathways related to the pathologic status of squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix using global test  xMutant

13 조성범 Analysis of microarray data of lung and cervical cancer  MAInfo

16 조성범 The Analysis of cervical cancer microarray data -II  MAInfo
28 조성범 Analysis of squamous cell carcinoma microarray data [MAInfo] Seminar

16 조성범 Analysis of Cervix Cancer Microarray Data  MAInfo
21 조성범 Molecular decomposition of complex clinical phenotypes using biological structured analysis of microarray data       J.Club
25 조성범 Analysis of gastric cancer tissue microarray data  xMutant

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