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    01 차재현 16S rRNA : OTU vs ASV 

    03 최선 gene 
    03 유준기 ssGSEA: single sample Gene Set Enrichment Analysis 
    17 권호식 dbGaP Data Access 

    06 권호식 SNU OA 게재료 지원 서비스 소개 
    20 차재현 single cell analysis 
    27 윤미선 3Cnet: pathogenicity prediction of human variants using multitask learning with evolutionary constraints 
    1 최선 UKB processing 

    07 차재현 analyzing TCGA variants 
    21 윤미선 An Evaluation of large language models in bioinformatics research 
    28 유준기 CoxPH model for cross-sectional genomic data 

    17 배소정 Heritability Estimation Approaches Utilizing Genome-Wide Data 
    24 권호식 Example data and vignette in R package 
    31 최선 multiplex network    

    06 차재현 Review: Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes identifies driver rearrangements promoted by LINE-1 retrotransposition 
    06 차재현 TCGA_study 
    27 유준기 External DBs for filtering Synthetic Rescue Pairs 

    08 유준기 Idea for identifying synthetic rescue pair  
    15 배소정 Post-GWAS analysis 
    22 권호식 R packages to develop R package 

    04 차재현 Simons Foundation and SFARI 
    18 윤미선 Nine-gene pharmacogenomics profile service 
    18 윤미선 Nine-gene pharmacogenomics profile service 
    25 최선 Trajectory analyses in insurance medicine studies: Examples and key methodological aspects and pitfalls 

    06 유준기 TCGA PanCanAtlas data 
    13 배소정 Phylogenetic analysis 
    20 권호식 (Review) Tutorial: guidelines for annotating single-cell transcriptomic maps using automated and manual methods 

    02 배소정 One-stage object detectors 
    02 배소정 One-stage object detectors 
    16 권호식 AnnotSV: Annotation of Human Structural Variations 
    23 차재현 genomic studies of ASD 
    30 윤미선 Visualizing genomic information across chromosomes with PhenoGram 

    05 차재현 Network characteristics and clustering 
    12 윤미선 EPO resistance index design & Mixed Effects Model 
    26 유준기 Positive selection scoring method 

    07 유준기 Computational genomic approaches to interpret non-coding disease risk variants 
    14 최선 R packages for ML 
    21 배소정 Heterogeneous response to Glucocorticoids in breast cancer cells 
    28 권호식 Performance of CNV callers for WES data 

    03 배소정 Efficiently controlling for case-control imbalance and sample relatedness in large-scale genetic association studies 
    10 권호식 Busulfan and Adverse Drug Events 
    24 차재현 GWA Studies with UKBB data 

    05 최선 GWAS 
    26 유준기 Single-cell whole genome sequencing (scWGS) in degenrative diseases 

    02 최선 RD1 
    09 윤미선 Diffusion model 
    09 윤미선 Diffusion model 
    15 유준기 LRT-q: Rare variant association test for gene expression in multiple tissues 
    29 권호식 Cell types and Functions 

    09 권호식 Cell markers and Stem cells 

    19 유준기 Histological category of cancer and classification of Cancer predisposition genes 

    08 배소정 Rare-Variant Association Analysis: Study Designs and Statistical Tests 
    22 최선 Time series in healthcare_1 

    03 최선 Data valuation 
    10 윤미선 A gene set-integrated approach for predicting disease-associated genes 
    17 유준기 Disease-gene Database: DisGeNET 

    27 권호식 NGS-based HLA genotyping tools 

    08 윤미선 CLIP for Medical Image 
    08 윤미선 CLIP for Medical Image 
    15 유준기 Review of recurrent event models 
    22 배소정 MIMIC-IV database 

    03 최선 낙상예측 
    04 이우승 Data of Signatures of copy number alterations from TCGA 
    11 권호식 Mutect2(Mitochondria mode) 
    16 최선 RNA seq research 
    25 최선 RNA seq research 

    07 윤미선 Identifying interactions in omics data for clinical biomarker discovery using symbolic regression 
    07 윤미선 Star allele calling in CYP2D6 
    07 윤미선 Star allele calling in CYP2D6 
    14 유준기 CIBERSORTx: Determining cell type abundance and expression from bulk RNA-seq data 
    21 배소정 Bioinformatics in vaccine design and virus detection 
    28 임영균 Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy response data  

    16 최선 Reinforcement learning 
    23 이우승 Standard Preprocessing and Analysis of Single Cell Gene Expression Data 
    30 권호식 Association test for variants on X chromosome 

    12 최선 shap value 
    26 유준기 Neutropenia criteria in Infliximab-treated IBD patients 

    07 유준기 All of Us: Genomic data browser 
    14 임영균 MSK-MET, a cohort of over 25,000 patients with metastasis across 50 cancer types.  
    21 이우승 Curated variation benchmarks for challenging medically relevant autosomal genes 
    28 권호식 Mitochondrial DNA variants in gnomAD Browser 

    03 임영균 Project Score / Opentargets review and data curation  
    10 이우승 Comparison of LOH Variant Calling Algorithms 
    10 이우승 Comparison of LOH Variant Calling Algorithms 
    10 이우승 Comparison of LOH Variant Calling Algorithms 
    17 권호식 [Review] Repeated Measures Designs and Analysis of Longitudinal Data 
    24 최선 SAS_statistic 
    31 윤미선 Issues in Identification of pharmacogenetic variants from WGS in Health Showcase 

    10 최선 SAS command for HIRA data analysis 
    24 유준기 Study design - Infliximab response in IBD patients 

    06 유준기 Accessing JGA (Japanese Genotype-Phenotype Archive) data 
    20 이우승 Mutational analysis of triple-negative breast cancer using targeted kinome sequencing 
    27 권호식 Human CNV and complex genetic disease 

    09 이우승 Comparison of CNV Detection tool Performance between Large and Small panel 
    16 권호식 Useful functions for preprocessing clinical data in R 
    23 최선 Plan for HIRA big data analysis 
    30 윤미선 Anomaly Detection for Medical Images Using Self-Supervised and Translation-Consistent Features 

    25 유준기 Variant calling from transcriptome data  

    07 임영균 Cancer register in UKB 
    14 이우승 Aggregate Trend of LOH by eQTL method 
    21 권호식 Sequencing and Imputation 
    28 최선 Morphological Filtering & segmentation metrics 

    09 최선 Research idea challenge using cancer big data 
    15 최선 Public Cancer Bigdata 
    24 최선 Cancer idea challenge_0924 
    30 유준기 Comparing Rare Variant Association Tests 

    02 임영균 Molecular Features for subgrouping cancer patients혻 
    09 이우승 AlphaFold : Highly Accurate Protein Structure Prediction 
    30 권호식 Genebass 

    05 최선 Review: Multi-omics approaches to disease    
    12 윤미선 A Nextflow Genome-Wide Association Study Pipeline 
    12 윤미선 A Nextflow Genome-Wide Association Study Pipeline 
    19 최선 Traces_Python library for unevenly-spaced time series analysis 
    26 유준기 Combining UKB dataset with eQTL data 

    21 이우승 GTEX eQTL data  
    28 권호식 Filtering out false positive variants 

    03 최선 cancer subtype classification and modeling by pathway attention and propagation 
    10 윤미선 Generative Adversarial Nets and its Application in Biomedical Informatics 
    12 임영균 Association IRF2BP1 gene and Pancreatitis 

    01 이우승 LOH of Korean TNBC 
    08 권호식 review : Contrast media 
    15 임영균 MSI analysis in Cancer.  
    22 이우승 Review of Prognosis Potential Loss of Heterozygosity in TNBC 
    29 권호식 Adverse Effects of Contrast Media 

    04 이우승 OncoKB Annotator 
    11 권호식 Charlson comorbidity index 

    25 임영균 metmap 

    28 이우승 TNBC Survival Analysis  

    03 이우승 Korean Uveal Melanoma Exome Analysis Figure 
    17 최선 Training Keras Models Using the Genetic Algorithm with PyGAD 
    24 임영균 Comparison deleteriousness between germline and somatic variants in cancer  

    05 이우승 Recent LOH algorithm review 
    26 임영균 pancreatic cancer WES analysis 

    22 최선 Pytorch tutorial 
    29 임영균 Summary of Pancreatic cancer data analysis  

    10 최선 propensity score matching 
    17 임영균 Identifying genetic variant associated FOLFIRINOX regimen 
    24 이우승 BLAST Result of UVM for Sanger Validation 

    06 권호식 Sex chromosomes and genetic association studies  
    13 임영균 Affecting FOLFIRINOX sensitivity(CAP grade) variants 
    27 이우승 CNV Validation Candidate Selection 

    04 최선 Sklearn.preprocessing package for preprocessing data  
    09 임영균 CAP grade analysis 
    15 이우승 UVM Copy Number Analysis  

    04 이우승 Uveal Melanoma Analysis: Somatic Mutation  
    11 임영균 Variant Analysis with Pancreatic cancer FNA sample 
    18 권호식 Variants related to MTX efficacy or toxicity reported in PharmGKB and Clinical significance in ClinVar  
    25 임영균 Drug response & Prognosis measurement in Cancer Research  

    07 권호식 HD-MTX : BUN & Candidates from Fold-Cr 
    14 임영균 Progression of tacrolimus study 
    21 윤선민 Retrieval of AAP patients with acute pancreatitis caused by drugs in UK Biobank data 
    29 최선 Research design for TEA 

    02 최선 Rethinking drug design in the artificial intelligence era 
    09 임영균 Comparison variants between TSVC and GATK pipeline 
    23 이우승 TNBC survival analysis 

    05 임영균 Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) project.  
    12 이우승 Access and Download the EGA European Genome-Phenome Archive 
    19 윤선민 Figures and tables of WES analysis of AAP in Korean pediatric patients  
    26 권호식 TM7SF3 variant in UKB 

    06 유승원 mercaptopurine study - discussion issues 
    20 권호식 BiobankRead 
    27 최선 Advanced SQL query using sub query, CTE 

    02 최선 유방암과 위암의 항암치료원칙 
    09 임영균 Genetic polymorphism influences the pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus 
    16 윤선민 WES Analysis to search the risk factor of anthracycline-induced prolonged neutropenia 
    23 김기태 A brief history of human disease genetics 

    05 김기태 Identifying genes related to age of onset in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients 
    12 이우승 Packaging Novel Gene-Wide Copy Number Variation Detection Algorithm 
    19 유승원 Gene ontology 분석 툴 정보 공유 : FunSet(an open-source software and web server for performing and displaying Gene Ontology enrichment analysis) 
    26 권호식 The genome Aggregation Database 

    07 권호식 Analysis of HD-MTX induced renal toxicity In Pediatric Patients with ALL  
    15 최선 항암치료원칙 
    28 Genomic analysis of L-asparaginase-induced pancreatitis in 25 Korean pediatric ALL patients. 

    10 김기태 Analysis of OPLL 
    10 윤선민 WES analysis of AML samples according to neutropenia duration  
    17 이우승 Performance Comparison of Ampicon Based Sequencing Conpy Number Detection Tools 
    31 유승원 Introduction : GO-CAM(Gene Ontology Causal Activity Modeling) 

    05 임영균 Networks of Cancer Gene 6.0 
    19 최선 google cloud platform 
    26 Characteristics of candidate genes that cause side effects of L-asparaginase 

    01 권호식 Rare-Variant Association 
    08 유승원 Whole Exome Sequencing : germline variant caller comparison 

    04 임영균 National Omics Data Encyclopedia (NODE) review  
    11 윤선민 MetaDome: Pathogenicity analysis of genetic variants through aggregation of homologous human protein domains 
    18 김기태 Workflow and Kaplan-Meier estimation for MDD  
    25 이우승 Funcotator : FUNCtional annOTATOR 

    13 유승원 discussion : application of drug score, pathway score to 6MP analysis 
    20 권호식 List of public primary datasets and discussion 
    27 최선 Consideraton for development of rehabilitation-CDM 
    27 최선 Consideraton for development of rehabilitation-CDM 

    02 최선 Dimension calculation in CNN 
    09 임영균 Cancer Dependency Map 
    16 윤선민 Case-control analysis identifies shared properties of rare germline variation in cancer predisposing genes  
    23 김기태 Parallel processing in R  
    30 이우승 Optimization Filtering for Detecting Putative Tumor Mutations with Know Cancer Mutations 

    04 김기태 GS-DBA: Gene Set Deleterious Burden Analysis 
    11 이우승 The Progsotic Potential of Loss of Heterozygosity  
    18 유승원 Intersect and combine approach for alginers,variant callers - based on NA12878 gold standard WES data 
    25 권호식 Considerations in Assigning Star Alleles to 1KGP 

    14 국수경 Advantages and disadvantages of the Foundation-Medicine cancer panel in head and neck adenocarcinoma 
    21 임영균 Installation and Run of Neopepsee  
    28 윤선민 Settling the score 

    07 권호식 star allele assignment and annotation 
    14 김재환 Development of knowledge base (RarePedia) and software platform (VAAT & PMAT) for NGS study result based genetic counseling 
    28 채정환 WES seq analysis 

    03 임영균 HCMDB data curation 
    10 윤선민 Analysis of candidate variants in patients with side effects of L-asparaginase 
    17 김기태 Analysis of age at onset in depression 
    25 이우승 Comparison of Inhouse CNV Algorithms and Ioncopy with Microarray CNV Data 
    31 유승원 Homopolymer error types from Ion Proton sequencer 

    06 채정환 practice:understanding of TCGA data compared with taxol seq-data 
    06 채정환 practice:understanding of TCGA data compared with taxol seq-data 
    13 최선 Comorbidity adjustment in clinical data 
    13 최선 Comorbidity adjustment in clinical data 

    15 유승원 discussions : rare variant tests(burden test) 
    22 권호식 Variants related with MTX-induced renal toxicity or HDMTX from research papers 
    29 김재환 Rarepedia & Genetic variant annotation assistant tool (VAAT) at Laboratory Medicine Annual Meeting 2018 

    04 최선 Introduction to DB 
    11 임영균 Variants calling workflow with GATK4  
    18 김기태 Analysis of onset age in depression 
    25 이우승 TNBC Analysis of LOH Affecting Cancer Survival 

    13 유승원 study : exploration of non-linear method(Random Forest) for 6MP dose prediction( 
    20 권호식 Study : Leukemia and Anticancer drugs 
    27 채정환 Myocardial infarction based study 

    06 김재환 유전체기반 정밀의료를 위한 진료업무흐름 제안 및 소프트웨어 개발 
    20 김기태 [Review]Variant caller 

    02 유승원 circRNA : potential therapeutic target 
    09 이우승 Copy Number Alteration Visualization 
    16 권호식 Mutational Signatures of COSMIC 
    23 채정환 breast cancer patient RNA-seq data analysis 

    04 권호식 Leukemia WXS Conversion 
    11 채정환 Tumor microenvironment 
    18 임영균 pVACseq:A cancer immunotherapy pipeline for identifying and prioritizing neoantigens from a list of tumor mutations 
    25 김기태 UCSC Xena:Analysis tools for cancer  

    07 윤선민 WES analysis of AML samples according to prolonged neutropenia duration 
    16 김기태 EN-RNvs.EY-RYanalysis in depression 
    16 김기태 ENvs.EYanalysis in depression 
    16 김기태 summary 
    21 이우승 Clinical Feature Selection for Cox Proportional-Hazards Mode in SNUH TNBC Analysis 
    28 유승원 introduction : A pathway-centric approach to rare variant association analysis 

    02 정문경 PRISMA: guidlines for systematic reviews 
    02 권호식 Leukemia QC and Annotation 
    09 정문경 Research Interest & Exploring TCGA data 
    16 채정환 coding and non-coding gene variants associated with gene expression and outcome in breast cancer subtypes 
    22 임영균 Moonlight: a tool for biological interpretation and driver genes discovery 
    30 박지연 Bioinformatic tools for transcript quantification and alternative splicing 

    05 이우승 oncopy: a novel method for calling copy number alterations in amplicon sequencing data including significance assessment 
    12 유승원 Computing tumor trees from single cells-oncoNEM 
    28 김기태 iCAGES:integrated Cancer GEnome Score for comprehensively prioritizing driver genes in personal cancer genomes 

    01 김기태 Prediction model of treatment response in depression  
    08 임영균 팀OT & CTRP(Cancer Therapeutics Response Portal) review 
    14 박지연 Similarity of alternative polyadenylation in thyroid with kidney and liver cancers 
    28 윤선민 Modified workflow and statistical methods for AAP analysis 

    04 ... Data integration patient clinical information with medication history 
    11 류영재 Problems with allele matcher switching from VCF to GVCF 
    18 박지연 Alternative splicing in thyroid cancer 
    25 이우승 Analysis of Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) Workflow 

    06 박호경 CPTAC and TCGA Breast Cancer samples, data 
    13 이우승 TNBC and Non-TNBC Kinome NGS data 
    20 김기태 Analysis of depression with cut-off in age of onset  
    27 임영균 Network of Cancer genes 5.0  

    01 김기태 Ependymal tumor analysis 
    08 임영균 tcga followup clinical data  
    15 윤선민 Preprocessing results of 26 AML exome sequencing 
    22 류영재 Significantly regulated multi-isoform genes 
    29 박지연 Comparison of DaPars and RUD method in alternative polyadenylation study 

    11 박지연 Research plan for follicular thyroid neoplasm 
    18 박호경 Depression phenotype and gwas studys 
    25 이우승 Somatic Mutation Analysis with WGS of Small Round Cell Tumor in Brain 

    06 김기태 Analysis of microarray using the GEO data  
    13 임영균 Public Cell lines databases 
    19 윤선민 Visualization web application for interaction  
    27 류영재 Significantly regulated multi-isoform genes 

    09 박지연 The effect of BRAF and RAS mRNA expression on posttranscriptional regulation 
    16 박호경 1000 Depression data and non-baseline clinical variants 
    30 이우승 Package of Cancer Panel for Pathology Department 

    05 김기태 GENIE : Basic characteristics of clinical and genomic data across the various cancer type 
    12 송유림 Introduction to ANNOVAR Update 
    19 임영균 methHC: A database of DNA Methylation and gene expression in Human Cancer 
    26 윤선민 Survival analysis of pancreatitis patients using clinical information  

    07 윤선민 Asparaginase-associated Pancreatitis in pediatric ALL patients 
    14 류영재 Calculating ERK score of THCA samples 
    21 박호경 Genome Analysis Toolkit 4 (GATK4) alpha review 
    28 이우승 OncoKB: A Precision Oncology Knowledge Base 

    24 박지연 Analysis of posttranscriptional regulation using public data in thyroid cancer 
    31 임영균 somatic mutation aggregation workflow used to generate both the public and protected MAFs in the GDC DNA-Seq pipelines.  

    05 류영재 Isoform fraction analysis methodology 
    12 박지연 Further AS and APA analysis in TCGA THCA data 
    19 박호경 NCBI EST ABCB1 information summary 
    26 이우승 How to get controlled access data from ICGC data portal. 

    02 이우승 COSMIC v80 Update : Introduction of COSMIC-3D 
    08 김기태 MEREDITH:Clustering and Visualization tools for TCGA PAN-CANCER with multiplatform genomic data 
    15 송유림 RarePedia protocol 정리 현황 
    29 윤선민 WXS to detect genes causing AAP in 13 SNUH patients 

    01 윤선민 Clinical information of pancreatitis patients 
    08 류영재 Converting GDC UUID to TCGA barcode 
    15 박지연 The effect of BRAF and RAS mRNA expression on alternative polyadenylation in TCGA SKCM and PTC 
    22 박호경 Workflow of Single-Cell DNA Sequencing and case example 

    04 이우승 Transcript-level expression analysis of RNA-seq experiments with HISAT, StringTie and Ballgown. 
    11 김기태 [Review]Pathway based gene signature predicting clinical outcome in cancer 
    11 김기태 [Review]Pathway based gene signature predicting clinical outcome in cancer 
    18 송유림 Association between ApoE genotype and AD 
    25 임영균 Influence of Co-occurring Mutations on Clinical Outcomes in leukemia 

    07 윤선민 Patient Information on L-asparaginase associated Pancreatitis 
    14 류영재 Comparing SURVIV results with results from paper 
    21 박지연 Experimental validation of alternative splicing and polyadenylation in mouse model for Csnk2b deletion  
    28 박호경 SNP and gene name search 

    02 박호경 single-cell RNA-seq data analysis workflow 
    09 이우승 Genotype-Tissue Expression(GTEx) Portal 
    16 김기태 [Review] Filtering variant and Direction of effect in SKAT-O test 
    30 임영균 overview of gain of function studies 

    05 임영균 Pembrolizumab MSKCC data analysis 
    12 윤선민 Localization of TCGA clinical data from GDC Data Portal 
    19 류영재 Taking rMATS output files and plotting aligned exon read densities using Sashimi plot 
    26 박지연 Updated splicing analysis of papillary thyroid cancer 

    07 박호경 SEVEN BRIDGES - The Biomedical Data Analysis Platform 
    14 이우승 Review_ Epigenome-wide Association Studies and the Interpretation of Disease -Omics 
    21 김기태 [Review]Towards precision medicine  
    28 송유림 Download TCGA clinical data from GDC data portal  

    03 임영균 Types of measures of prognosis 
    10 김기태 [review]Personalized pathway enrichment map  
    17 윤선민 The summary of TCGA clinical data 
    24 류영재 Manually calculating pentamer motif enrichment in RAS-mutated samples 
    31 박지연 Updated results of skin cutaneous melanoma data  

    06 박지연 Analysis of splicing and polyadenylation in mouse model with Csnk2b deletion  
    13 박호경 multivariate regression model to panel data 
    20 이우승 Review and Practice of HISAT 2 pipeline  
    27 송유림 Descriptive statistics of Alzheimer 

    03 이우승 Brief statistics of Cancer Panel data of HY samples 
    10 김기태 Analysis of WXS data in COPD patients 
    17 임영균 The summary of TARGET project and NCI Genomc Data Commons (GDC) 
    24 윤선민 The implications of the biological network for human health 
    24 윤선민 The implications of the biological network for human health 
    30 류영재 Manually calculating PSI values using junction quantification data 

    06 윤선민 The summary of TCGA clinical data  
    13 류영재 [Review] Identification of highly recurrent aberrant alternative splicing events in HCC through integrative RNAseq analysis 
    20 박지연 Plan of alternative splicing and polyadenylation analysis in TCGA melanoma data  
    27 박호경 TCGA and genotype MLR analysis 

    01 박지연 [REVIEW] Intron retention and Disease  
    08 박호경 genotype and perturbation analysis progression 
    15 이우승 TCGA multicenter calling problem and Validation DP filter 
    22 김기태 Review of cancer subtypes with molecular characters (LGG,KIRC,LAML) 
    29 임영균 Pharmacogenomic agreement between two cancer cell line data sets 

    03 이우승 Brief statistics and Process of evaluation Cancer panel ability 
    11 임영균 Microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer—the stable evidence 
    18 윤선민 Exome-sequence analysis of COAD in TCGA 
    18 김기태 molecular clinico feature  
    25 류영재 MISO pilot results 

    04 윤선민 Cancer genome database: COSMIC 
    11 류영재 MISO review 
    18 박지연 Alternative polyadenylation by mutation type of papillary thyroid cancer  
    25 박호경 TCGA data and perturbation sensitivity 

    02 이계화 AF comparison with BRONJ and 1KP  
    08 이계화 Review: Quantifying the Slightly Deleterious Mutation Model of Molecular Evolution 
    14 이계화 Review:Needles in stacks of needles: finding disease-causal variants in a wealth of genomic data 
    18 임영균 팀운영방향 및 개인 연구주제 토론 
    28 임영균 TCGA data status summary (renewal) 

    18 이계화 List of Drugs for Pharmsafe Report  
    25 이계화 BRONJ variants analysis 

    13 이계화 Statistical analysis of variants in COPD target sequencing study.  

    02 박지연 Significant alternative splicing events in papillary thyroid cancer 
    09 이우승 Review Journal: ClinLabGeneticist 
    16 박유미 Manipulating gene sets for drug score calculation 
    30 이계화 Using SRA toolkit for downloading the exome seq data of 16 BRONJ samples 

    04 박지연 Cornell RNA-seq data analysis report  
    12 박유미 Review of Optimal Unified Approach for Rare Variant Association Test(SKAT-O) 
    18 이우승 Review ClinSeK: a targeted variant characterization framework for clinical sequencing 
    25 이계화 Statistical analysis of variants in COPD target sequencing study. 

    07 이우승 Refractory Acute Leukemia(RAL) data analysis result 
    15 이계화 COPD targeted sequencing data: variants analysis  
    21 이계화 Risk prediction of SNUBI Genome using GWAS catalog 

    11 이계화 2015 ACMG guideline review 
    17 박지연 Alternative Polyadenylation in heart development and disease 
    24 이우승 Kataegis and Rainfall plot 
    24 이우승 Kataegis and Rainfall plot 
    30 이계화 COPD data analysis results 

    05 박유미 Targeted sequencing data analysis of 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL 
    12 이계화 Review: Personalized Pharmacogenomics: Predicting Efficacy and Adverse Drug Reactions 
    18 이계화 2015 Health Innovator 
    18 이계화 Health Innovator 2015-2 
    26 박유미 Candidate gene summary of 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL 
    26 박유미 Candidate gene summary of 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL 

    01 이계화 Cancer genomics review 
    15 이계화 Review of method: Burden test 
    15 이계화 Review of the method :burden test 
    22 박지연 Review: splicing analysis of cancer data 
    29 이우승 Reversal Loss of Heterozygosity 

    03 박유미 Summary of erroneous patterns in busulfan case 
    10 이우승 Review of public genome data: TCGA Lv2 VCF data & 1000Genome phase3 
    17 이계화 Review of cancer genomics: Colon cancer 
    24 이계화 Review: Genomics of cardiovascular disease 

    20 이계화 Review: A comprehensive laboratory-based program for classification of variants of uncertain significance in hereditary cancer genes. 

    06 박유미 HHA data analysis : protein domain annotation results 
    13 이계화 Review of public genome data: 1KP and HapMap project 

    02 박유미 Summary of Hereditary Hemolytic Anemia Targeted Sequencing data analysis 
    09 박지연 Thyroid cancer data analysis 
    16 이우승 Review of MutSig 
    23 엄세인 VATtools setup 
    23 엄세인 VATtools setup 
    30 이계화 The importance of phase information for human genomics 

    05 안선주 Review of cancer microbiome: viral induced cancer  
    12 엄세인 Replication of PS study 
    19 이우승 Analysis of Noncoding regulatory mutations: Regional recurrence analysis 
    26 이계화 Mutation in TSGs and chemotherapy response 

    07 박지연 Thyroid cancer: ROS related gene analysis result 
    13 이계화 TCGA tumor suppressor genes 
    14 이계화 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data 
    14 이계화 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data 
    14 이계화 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data 
    14 이계화 TCGA data status summary (renewal) 
    21 이우승 Process of non-coding region analysis 
    28 박유미 Analysis of HHA data : Variant calling result and sequence level SIFT annotation 

    10 박유미 SG02 Genome Interpretation processing 
    17 이우승 Comprehensive analysis of DNA data 
    31 엄세인 Sequenza 
    31 엄세인 Sequenza  
    31 엄세인 Sequenza  
    31 엄세인 Sequenza  
    31 이계화 Unmatched results of genome annotation by multiple tools 

    12 이계화 Genomic data privacy and security 
    12 이계화 Genomic data privacy and security 
    26 엄세인 Phenotype-Genotype correlations 
    26 엄세인 phenotype 
    26 엄세인 Phenotype-Genotype correlations 
    30 박지연 edgeR review  

    01 안선주 Review of Statistical Methods: KS test (I) 
    14 이계화 cBioPortal review 
    22 이우승 Analysis result of thyroid cancer with thyroiditis  
    29 이계화 TCGA-Assembler: open-source software for retrieving and processing TCGA data 

    03 박유미 Exome Sequencing pipeline and analysis results 
    11 이우승 G.S.E.A for data analysis 
    18 박유미 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data 

    12 이계화 Exome sequencing annotation pipeline 
    19 이계화 News 
    26 안선주 Experimental Design & Statistical Issues in RNA-seq 

    01 안선주 Thyroid cancer RNA-seq analysis 
    01 이계화 News about Genomics    
    08 이계화 Exome-Sequencing annotation strategy 
    22 박유미 Variant Annotation Tool(VAT) Review 
    29 이우승 TCGA ovarian cancer patient data analysis 
    29 이우승 TCGA ovarian cancer patient data analysis 

    03 박유미 Variant calling pipeline for P0 genome 
    03 이계화 Genomic news 
    10 이계화 Genome News 
    10 안선주 RNA-seq pipeline review 
    24 이계화 Genome news 
    24 이우승 Network based survival    

    05 이우승 TCGA data preview 
    05 이계화 TCGAomics 3-4월 일정표 
    13 박유미 The 1000 Genomes pilot projects 
    20 이우승 NEJM_2009_Molecular origins of cancer :DNA Damage, Aging and cancer 
    27 박유미 SIFT : predicting amino acid changes that affect protein function 
    27 이우승 nature_Comprehensive molecular portraits of human breast tumour 

    16 임재현 Prediction algorithms used in SIFT  
    22 임영균 DNMT3A in OMIM 

    04 임영균 Characteristics of DNA methylation depending on cancer types 
    11 박이영 Algorithms for finding mutated driver pathways  
    18 김기태 GWAS of cancer  

    20 서희원 Identify high coverage and mutual exclusive mutations 
    27 임재현 RNA isoforms of cancer genes 

    02 김기태 Odds ratios of disase variants with gene-gene and/or gene-environmental interactions 
    09 서희원 Summary of pseudogene expressions  
    16 임재현 Data processing for clustering analyses of gene expression in tumors  
    23 임영균 Genes regulating DNA methylation  
    30 박이영 Strategy for integrating omics data to interpret cancer genome 

    04 서희원 Summary of comprehensive analyses by TCGA Research Network 
    11 임재현 Review for Hereditary cancer - oncogene 
    25 박이영 Identifying disease polymorphisms in case-control data 
    25 박이영 Identifying disease polymorphisms in case-control data 

    22 박이영 Summary of GICD Team 
    22 박이영 Summary of GICD Team 
    28 김기태 Current Trends in Proteomics 
    28 김기태 Current Trends in Proteomics 
    28 김기태 Current Trends in Proteomics 

    15 임재현 network based pathway analysis for COPD data 
    15 임재현 network based pathway analysis for COPD data 

    11 강병희 Network analysis for ChIPseq data 
    20 백수연 Summary of MedCassandra 

    27 임재현 Comparison of transcriptome via Drosophilia RNA-seq data 

    09 임재현 Encode(3) : Architecture of Human regulation network  
    11 백수연 process of drug & ADR ranking calculation 
    25 백수연 Drug database integration for cancer drug research 
    26 강병희 A genome-wide genetic interactions map for breast cancer survival 

    13 백수연 Drug integration for drug repositioning using ADR 

    14 임재현 Bipartite Network Analysis for TCGA Kidney clear cell carcinoma dataset 

    19 임재현 Breast cancer transcriptome analysis using weighted PPI Network 
    28 백수연 data extraction for construction of ADR-drug-target relationship 

    01 임재현 Breast cancer transcriptome analysis using weighted PPI Network 
    03 김효진 Consensus clustering of GBM data from TCGA 
    29 임재현 Building And Visualizing Breast Cancer Co-expression Network 

    03 임재현 Comparison of 198 Gene Expression Network Topology 
    10 Rocky microRNA-Drug relationship using NCI cancer cell lines panel 
    12 백수연 Drug repositioning based on adverse drug reaction 
    12 강병희 screen for cooperatively working gene pair in breast cancer 
    13 백수연 Drug repositioning based on adverse drug reaction (수정) 
    13 김효진 Replication for analysis lung adenocarcinoma data from TCGA 
    26 백수연 using adverse drug reaction data - SIDER 

    15 김도균 Summary on TCGA data 
    28 김경화 Core pathways in ovarian carcinomas driven by somatic mutations    

    07 나영지 Predicting the disease potential of personal genome based on disease hierarchy 

    03 이수연 Exome and transcriptome sequencing data analysis 
    10 이수연S CREE a Tool for Comparison and Retrieving of RNA-editing Sites from Next Generation Sequencing Data 
    17 Rocky Classification of renal cell carcinoma subtypes based on gene expression data and mapping genomic variation to NGS data 
    31 윤선민  

    08 이수연S Finding RNA editing sites and genome region annotation  
    13 Rocky Mapping of genomic variation in miRNA and its binding sites using whole genome sequencing data 
    20 나영지 Disease scoring system based on sequencing data 
    27 윤선민 The structure of quad-partite graph by gene, disease, environment and DNA methylation  

    01 Rocky Global mapping of genomic variations on microRNAs, target genes, TFBS, RNA binding proteins with variant knowledgebase 
    08 윤선민 The structure of disease-etiology database on the epigenomic layer 
    15 나영지 Knowledge-based synergistic variant detection from NGS data 
    22 이수연 Genomic similarity in population 
    29 이수연S Finding RNA editing sites and genome region annotation  

    04 Rocky Detection of genomic variations for microRNA and its target sites 
    11 윤선민 The network of disease-association with etiological factors on the epigenomic layer. 
    18 나영지 Considering goal and method 
    25 이수연S Comparison of RNA-editing sites from RNA-seq samples 

    06 윤선민 Epigenetics: A molecular link between environmental factors and disease 
    15 나영지 Knowledge-based predicting functions of variants and identifying combinatorial rare variants 
    20 이수연S Finding RNA-editing site tool  
    27 Rocky Analysis of genomic variation in miRNA and its binding sites using whole genome sequencing data 

    02 Rocky Database schema for miRNA variant annotation 
    13 이수연S Finding RNA-editing site 

    05 한현욱 Integration of functional effect of sequence variations on models of pathways 
    14 윤선민 Disease associated-methylation annotator using NGS 
    19 나영지 Predicting Phenotypic Severity of Uncertain Gene Variants 
    26 Rocky Analysis of genomic variation in miRNA and its binding sites using whole genome sequencing data 

    01 나영지 Discovery of individually combinatorial rare variants in genes related to diseases 
    07 이수연 Sequence comparison in population 
    14 이수연S Comparison of RNA editing sites from multiple NGS data 
    21 Rocky Framework for genomic variation discovery in miRNA and its binding sites from NGS data 
    28 한현욱 From SNPs to pathway 
    28 정제균 Sequence Informatics 진행사항 논의  

    03 한현욱 introduction of metagenomics 
    17 윤선민 Introduction of Epigenetics - DNA methylation and analysis tool 
    24 정제균 Sequence Informatics 진행사항 논의 

    05 나영지 Identification of novel transcripts using RNA-seq data 
    12 정제균 Discussion on team project of SIGE team 
    19 이수연S RNA-seq data processing and analysis 
    19 나영지 PoPoolation A Toolbox for Population Genetic Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data from Pooled Individuals    
    26 Rocky microRNA variants detection from RNA transcriptomic deep sequencing data 

    11 나영지 Problems in manipulating large scale NGS data  
    15 송영수 Targeted next-generation sequencing detects point mutations, insertions, deletions and balanced chromosomal rearrangements as well as identifies novel leukemia-specific fusion genes in a single proced 
    22 나영지 GAMES identifies and annotates mutations in next-generation sequencing projects 
    29 이수연 Differential expression analysis for sequence count data    

    08 나영지 Identifying cancer driver genes in tumor genome sequencing studies 
    15 이수연 Gene ontology analysis for RNA-seq accounting for selection bias    

    07 윤선민 MagicViewer: integrated solution for next-generation sequencing data visualization and genetic variation detection and annotation    
    14 나영지 Problems in manipulating large scale NGS data 

    02 나영지 Novel multi-nucleotide polymorphisms in the human genome characterized by whole genome and exome sequencing 
    09 한현욱 DEGseq 
    16 이수연 Mapping and quantifying mammalian transcriptomes 
    23 서희원 Targeted capture and massively parallel sequencing of 12 human exomes    
    30 Rocky A practical, bioinformatic workflow system for large data sets generated by next-generation sequencing    
    30 이수연 Read Count Normalization 

    05 Rocky Computational classification of microRNAs in next-generation sequencing data sequencing data    
    12 윤선민 Next-generation DNA sequencing    
    19 서희원 Generations of sequencing technologies    
    19 이수연 converting NGS data into tag count 
    26 송영수 NGS and histopathology 

    07 송영수 Representation of Short Read Sequencing Data as a Vector 
    07 나영지 Targeted capture and massively parallel sequencing of 12 human exomes 
    14 한현욱 RNA-Seq : A revolutionary tool for transcriptomics 
    14 이수연 Tag from RefSeq 
    28 Rocky Detecting single nucleotide variants from next generation sequencing data 
    28 이수연 3 tag digital gene expression profiling of human brain and universal reference RNA using Illumina Genome Analyzer 

    31 나영지 Brief description of team 
    31 이수연 converting RNA-seq into tagCount compare with traditional extracting expression profile 

    06 이수연 Convert NGS reads into tags to store, map and analysis & 
    06 나영지 Annotation System of structural variation for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    06 Rocky Detecting single nucleotide variants from next generation sequencing data 
    20 이수연 Convert NGS reads into tags to store, map and analysis - workflow 
    20 Rocky SNVMix: predicting single nucleotide variants from next-generation sequencing of tumors 

    01 이수연 miRNA and mRNA expression profiling from Deep sequencing data 
    01 나영지 AnsNGS - Annotation System of structural variation for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    01 Rocky Work Progress 
    08 변상재 Personal Sequence Omnibus 
    08 이수연 Progress align read seqs in GSE10782 
    08 Rocky MicroRNA Discovery and Profiling in Human Embryonic Stem Cells by Deep Sequencing of Small RNA Libraries 
    08 이수연S maq error 
    08 한현욱 1000 genome 
    15 변상재 genome-wide representation of all DNA variants 
    22 이수연 RNA-seq data convert into tag count 
    22 Rocky Gene expression profiling by massively parallel sequencing 
    22 나영지 rQuant.web: a tool for RNA-Seq-based transcript quantitation    
    22 이수연S MAQ error 

    04 이수연S Plan of Develop tool for Predictive personalized 
    04 이수연 NGS vs. microarray 
    04 변상재 Recommendations for the description of DNA changes 
    04 송영수 Sequence Ontology 
    12 이수연S Plan of Develop tool for Predictive personalized disease using miRNA in personal NGS DATA 
    12 이수연 To get mRNA and miRNA profiles from RNA-Seq data 
    19 이수연 Systematic comparison of microarray profiling, real-time PCR, and next-generation sequencing tech. for measuring differential microRNA expression    
    19 송영수 Lethal combinations of SNPs 
    19 Rocky Deep sequencing reveals differential expression of microRNAs in favorable versus unfavorable neuroblastoma    
    25 변상재 Biocandy Milestone 
    25 나영지 Plan for NGS team project 
    25 이수연 To get Co-transcriptomics data from NGS data, and then analysis 
    25 Rocky Deep sequencing reveals differential expression of microRNAs in favorable versus unfavorable neuroblastoma 
    26 이수연S Source data down load 

    02 변상재 Structural variation databases 
    02 이수연S Copy number variation databases and SNP DATABASE LIST 
    06 이수연 Apollo: a sequence annotation editor    
    06 이수연 DDBJ Read Archive and DDBJ Read Annotation Pipeline : an archive database and an analytical tool for next-generation sequence data    
    07 이수연S miRNA database using NGS data 
    07 나영지 Annotation for Short Read 
    12 이수연 MAQ 예제 
    14 이수연S miRNA database using NGS data-2 
    14 이수연 add personal data 
    14 변상재 Design and implementation of a generalized sequence data model - motivation 
    14 나영지 Annotation System for Next Generation Sequencing data 
    14 Rocky De Novo Genome Assembly using Paired-End Short Reads 
    16 이수연 maq result using human Refseq data download 
    20 변상재 Sequence Annotation - current research 
    20 이수연 NGS and co-transcriptomics 
    21 이수연S miRNA database using NGS DATA 
    27 이수연 A highly annotated whole-genome sequence of a Korean Indivisual    
    27 한현욱 Next generation sequencing Technology 
    27 변상재 Genetics of neurodegenerative diseases: insights from high-throughput resequencing 
    27 Rocky Sequence assembly using paired-end short tags  
    28 송영수 Whole genome sequencing for Korean individual 

    07 나영지 Specific dose responsiveness in B10 to ionizing radiation 
    14 정태수 On parkinson-mouse data [parkinson]

    02 나영지 Data Analysis of Methotrexate in Rheumatoid Arthritis    
    09 정태수 Discovering differential co-expression patterns between normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression]
    16 조성범 Interpretation of Mantel test 
    23 한미령 Meta analysis of AB chip & cDNA chip 
    30 우정훈 Gene Set Association Test (for GAW15 data) 

    12 조성범 Mantel test with pathway gene set II 
    19 우정훈 Finding gene modulator with latent variable model 
    26 한미령 MCF-7 cell line data analysis    

    07 한미령 cDNA microarray 
    14 우정훈 Analysis plan for "Genetic Analysis Workshop" data. [genetical genomics]
    28 정태수 Differential co-expression patterns between normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression]

    10 우정훈 Chicken PGC data analysis 
    17 나영지 Meta Analysis of Microarray 
    24 정태수 Prediction of microbial infection [Myco]
    31 조성범 Selection of gene subset with MDR algorithm in Mantel test 

    01 조성범 Analysis of Human Cancer Microarray Data with Clinical Information; application of Mantel statistics with combination of clinical variables 
    01 한미령 Cancer Stem Cells 
    08 나영지 CCD data primary analysis 
    08 정태수 Order-preserving patterns in normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression]
    22 조성범 Mantel test with gene set 

    04 한미령 Breast AB chip analysis 
    04 나영지 BMT Data Analysis Strategy 
    11 조성범 Microarray data analysis of human cancers with clinical information; application of Mantel statistics 
    11 정태수 Order-preserving patterns in normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression]
    18 나영지 CCD Data Analysis 
    18 우정훈 RA/OA data analysis 
    25 정태수 Order-preserving patterns in normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression]
    25 우정훈 RA/OA data analysis (part 2) 

    07 김미현 Evaluation of matrix factorization methods for the analysis of DNA microarray gene expression data 
    07 우정훈 Comparison between Affy and ABI chip 
    14 나영지 From signatures to models 
    14 한미령 Autism aCGH data analysis using CGH-Explorer 
    21 조성범 Microarray data analysis of human cancers with clinical stage information 
    21 정태수 Gene set having different sequence patterns [DiffCoexpression]
    28 김미현 학위 논문 정리-supplementary site 정리 
    28 우정훈 mesenchymal stem cell 분석 진행상황 

    02 나영지 Genetical Genomics 
    02 정태수 Detection of microbial infection in cultured cells on the basis of mollecular profiling of host responses 
    09 우정훈 Problem solving in GIST data 
    09 조성범 Pathway-based microarray analysis; results with different data sets 
    16 한미령 Autism aCGH data analysis using Biocandi 
    23 나영지 Combining microarray and genetic analysis 
    23 김미현 matrix factorizaiton method validation 정리 
    30 조성범 Comparison of gene expression profiling between different clinical stages 

    05 김미현 NMF with sparseness constraints 
    05 우정훈 GIST data analysis 
    12 정태수 Detection of infection in Cultured Cells 
    19 조성범 Microarray analysis with multple pathways 
    19 우정훈 Progress of GIST data analysis 
    26 김미현 Comparison of matrix factorization and clustering methods 
    26 한미령 Autism arrayCGH data 

    07 김미현 BioCANDI module 보완 -DEDS, ICA, PCA 
    07 전체 BioCANDI progress 
    14 나영지 Codelink chip microarray analysis 
    14 전체 BioCANDI progress 
    21 정태수 Required functions in Xperanto-BioCanDI 
    21 우정훈 TBA 
    28 조성범 Tumor microarray classification using clinical information 
    28 한미령 ArrayCyGHt:a web application for analysis and visualization of array-CGH data 

    03 조성범 Plan for knowledge based microarray analysis 
    03 정태수 Progress in BioCANDI 
    10 나영지 Radiation Data Analysis - Time dependent 
    10 정태수 Required Analysis Modules in BioCANDI 
    17 우정훈 Analysis plan of toxicant related data 
    17 김미현 Application of matrix factorization to microarray data analysis 
    24 정태수 Significant genes in GIST data 
    31 조성범 GSEA & Naive Bayes 
    31 한미령 aCGH_GLAD for Biocandi 

    06 한미령 SKY/M-FISH and CGH Database 
    06 정태수 Significant genes in detecting mycoplasma infection of cell 
    13 조성범 Pathway based tumor classification 
    13 김미현 Review of matrix factorization (ISMB 논문 review) 
    20 김미현 Review of Matrix Factorization 
    20 나영지 Summary of Radiation Data Analysis 
    27 한미령 aCGH analysis review 

    01 이수연 가톨릭대 글리벡 데이터 분석 
    08 김미현 Review of ICA for classification and its application 
    08 이영주 GIST(위장관 간질 종양) chip 실험 
    15 정태수 Analysis of Mycopasma infection data 
    15 한미령 Protein classification from protein-domain and gene-ontology annotation information using formal concept analysis 
    22 나영지 Understanding to the complicated biological responses to IR 
    22 조성범 Microarray Analysis using Prior Biologic Knowledge 
    29 이영주 Macrogen Oligo, ABI, Affymetrix chip 비교 

    04 조성범 The Detection of Outlier Cases with Deviation of Logistic Regression Analysis 
    04 정태수 MycoplasmaKFDA: 감염지표유전자집합 선정 및 민감도 테스트 
    11 나영지 Outline of Radiation Data Report 
    18 정태수 BioCANDI2 in Xperanto 
    25 김미현 DEDS in xperanto 진행상황 
    25 나영지 Affymetrix Arrays: Diagnostic and Analysis Tools 

    06 정태수 Mycoplasma data 분석 
    06 한미령 Analysis of breast cancer arrayCGH data 
    13 나영지 Comparison of Statistical Methods in Replicated Microarray Profiles 
    13 조성범 Analysis of microarray data of lung and cervical cancer 
    20 이수연 ENU 데이터 분석 
    27 한미령 Breast Cancer Array CGH analysis review 
    27 김미현 ETRI data 분석 plan 
    27 이영주 글리벡 저항 임파선암 세포주 ABI chip 실험 

    02 이영주 CRF rat chip 분석 
    02 이수연 AB microarray 분석(2) 
    09 한미령 Array CGH data analysis using CGH-Miner 
    09 김미현 Analysis of Lung cancer data using ICA 
    16 조성범 The Analysis of cervical cancer microarray data -II 
    16 정태수 Complete report templete for microarray data analysis 
    23 이수연 ABI chip 분석 진행 상황 (2-way ANOVA 이용한 Gene Filtering작업) 
    23 나영지 Secondary Analysis of Radiation Data 
    30 김미현 Progress in lung cancer data analysis 
    30 이영주 CRF rat chip clustering 분석 결과 

    02 김미현 Analysis of Lung cancer data using ICA 
    02 한미령 Breast cancer aCGH data의 문제점 & Normalization 
    16 조성범 Analysis of Cervix Cancer Microarray Data 
    16 정태수 Report form of Microarray data analysis 
    25 나영지 Analysis of B10 by Radiation Exposure 

    05 이수연 Ontologizer Review 
    12 한미령 Analysis of arrayCGH breast cancer data 
    12 윤혜성 Discover emerging patterns in multi-source data 
    19 정태수 Processes of Microarray data analysis 
    19 김미현 Progress in analysis of lung cancer data Using ICA 
    26 이영주 CRF rat chip 분석 
    26 이수연 AB microarray 분석 

    01 이혜원 [TMA] Relational database for tissue microarray 
    01 한미령 Antidepressant를 투여한 cDNA mouse data 분석 
    08 정태수 [Myco] DNA Microarray를 이용한 세포기질 평가 
    08 김미현 [ICAformicroarray] Application of ICA 
    15 한미령 Analysis of arrayCGH breast cancer data using GLAD 
    15 이수연 Normalization이후 microarray 데이터 분석 
    22 정태수 [PathPlus-human] 
    22 윤혜성 Feature selection and Multiclass analysis 
    29 김미현 [ICAforMicroarray]ICA of lung cancer data 

    03 한미령 Molecular Profiling of Clinical Features in Breast Cancer Using Principal Component Analysis 
    03 이혜원 An object model and database for tissue microarray 
    10 이석호 Analysis using FDR 
    10 정태수 [DNA Microarray를 이용한 세포誰?평가] 의 분석방법 고찰 
    17 이수연 Research plan 
    17 김미현 Application of ICA for microarray data analysis 
    24 윤혜성 Data analysis using Weka 
    24 이영주 Comparison of labeling methods for Microarray experiments 

    06 김미현 ICA to analyze microarray data 
    06 정태수 Microarray expression data reflect the pathway knowledge 
    13 이수연 A genetic Approach for Gene Selection on Microarray Expression data 
    13 이혜원 An object model for tissue microarray : comparison with DNA microarray 
    20 윤혜성 Linking and Combined Analysis Method based on Information Quantity of Multi-source Data 
    20 이영주 Micorarray Experiment 

    01 윤혜성 Data Integration and Analysis Method based on Information Quantity of Multi-Source Data 
    01 정태수 [PathPlus] Performance index of prediction for pathway 
    15 이석호 Microarray Informatics : START 
    22 한미령 Survival analysis of Breast cancer 
    22 이석호 Lung Cancer Analysis 

    11 한미령 PCA analysis of Breast cancer data 
    11 윤혜성 Multi-Source Data Integration and Analysis 
    18 김미현 PLS method in cancer data analysis 
    18 이혜원 Methods in Lung Cancer Data Analysis 
    25 이석호 Survival data analysis using microarray cancer data 
    25 김기원 PathPlus 

    14 이혜원 Data Analysis - Radiation Data 
    14 김지훈 Bioconductor Basics 
    21 김기원 microarray data preprocessing 
    21 정태수 PathPlus 

    09 정태수 Big Picture of PathPlus 
    09 김지훈 DIB-C 
    16 한미령 27 ER(-) breast cancers with/without recurrence 
    16 김기원 How to add microarray data to PathPlus 
    23 이혜원 Microarray image acquisition and analysis 
    23 윤혜성 Integration Rules Extraction Using Multi-source Data 
    30 김미현 Normalization for cDNA microarray data 
    30 김기원 Scanalyze & Data preprocessing 

    12 정태수 Plan to extend human pathway 
    12 김기원 Micorarray result validation 
    19 윤혜성 Combining Distributed Data Mining and Semi-supervised Learning Using Social Network and Association Algorithm Technique 
    19 김지훈 Difference-Based Clustering of Time Series Data 

    07 정태수 PathPlus 
    14 김지훈 Analysis of responsive genes after Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation Using Evolutionary Algorithm 
    14 박지연 Identifying Biological themes Within lists of genes 

    10 정태수 Extraction and validation of pathway structure from Yeast genome society 
    10 김지훈(H) Analyzing the microarray experiment with the factorial design 
    17 김기원 Pathway Extension through genome society information 
    24 이혜원 Analysis of Radiation data 
    24 박지연 Monitoring Low Radiation dose by Gene Expression Profiling 
    31 윤혜성 파킨슨 논문 발표(서울?의학박사 학위 논문) 

    12 박지연 Analysis of variance in thyroid microarray data 
    19 김지훈 Simulation study to measure cyclicity in microarray expression profile 
    24 정태수 Monthly report 
    26 김지훈(H) ES Cell Differentiation 

    27 김지훈 Monthly report 
    29 김지훈 Preprocessing cell-cycle microarray data using PERL 

    04 김지훈 What should I make bed? T.T 

    06 이혜원 Review of BRB ArrayTools 
    13 김지훈(H) Preparing DataSharing Whole Day Meeting 
    27 박지연 Microarray Data Analysis in Rat Thyroid 
    27 김지훈(H) The Neuronal Differentiation in Mouse Embroynic Stemcell 
    27 김지훈(H) DataSharing Whole Day Meeting: stemcell 
    27 한미령 Stanford Breast Cancer Microarray Data 
    27 이혜원 Data processing of Lung Cancer Data 
    27 정태수 Analysis of Gastric data 

    02 김지훈 Gemone-wide analysis relatiing expression level with protein subcelluler localization 
    02 윤혜성 Social Network Application 
    09 박찬희 GRIP에서의 SNP data 
    09 박지연 Understanding Stanford Lung Cancer Dataset 
    16 한미령 Molecular profiles of invasive mucinous and ductal carcinoma of the breast cancer 
    16 이혜원 Expression profiles of non-small cell lung cancers on cDNA microarray : Identification of genes for prediction of lymph-node metastasis and sensitivity to anti-cancer drugs 
    30 윤혜성 Problems connected with heterogeneous data type analysis 
    30 김지훈 Using ‘gene effect’ to identify periodical genes 

    04 김지훈(H) Introduction to Survival Analysis 
    04 이혜원 Classification of human lung carcinomas by mRNA expression profiling reveals distinct adenocarcinoma subclasses 
    25 정태수 Core group of gastric cancers 
    25 한미령 Breast and Ovarian Cancer 

    07 이혜원 cDNA Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Pathologic Stage 1A Nonsmall Cell Lung Carcinomas 
    14 한미령 Bio-Perl 
    21 윤혜성 Multiclassifier Systems - Combining Classifiers 
    28 박지연 Meta-analysis of microarray data in lung cancer 

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