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07 김미현 Evaluation of matrix factorization methods for the analysis of DNA microarray gene expression data  MAInfo
16 김미현 Evaluation of matrix factorization methods for the analysis of DNA microarray gene expression data  SysBiol
26 김미현 학위논문 정리  Seminar
28 김미현 학위 논문 정리-supplementary site 정리  MAInfo

12 김미현 Improving molecular cancer class discovery through sparse non-negative matrix factorization       J.Club
18 김미현 matrix factorization for clustering and pattern discovery 정리  SysBiol
23 김미현 matrix factorizaiton method validation 정리  MAInfo

01 김미현 Mining Ratio Rules Via Principal Sparse Non-Negative Matrix Factorization       J.Club
05 김미현 NMF with sparseness constraints  MAInfo
21 김미현 (progress) Matrix factorization for clustering and molecular pattern discovery on Microarray  SysBiol
26 김미현 Comparison of matrix factorization and clustering methods  MAInfo

07 김미현 BioCANDI module 보완 -DEDS, ICA, PCA  MAInfo
12 김미현 학위논문 연구계획서  Seminar
23 김미현 Matrix factorization fo microarray data analysis  SysBiol

13 김미현 Review of Matrix factorization  Seminar
17 김미현 Application of matrix factorization to microarray data analysis  MAInfo
20 김미현 Metagenes and molecular pattern discovery using matrix factorization       J.Club
26 김미현 Issues for application MF to microarray data analysis  SysBiol

13 김미현 Review of matrix factorization (ISMB 논문 review)  MAInfo
15 김미현 Review of Matrix factorization (ICA와 비교)  SysBiol
20 김미현 Review of Matrix Factorization  MAInfo

08 김미현 Review of ICA for classification and its application  MAInfo
18 김미현 Application of Revised Version of Neural Independent Component Analysis to Classification Problems of Confiscated Methaphetamine       J.Club

07 김미현 Diagnostic plots for detecting outlying slides in a cDNA microarray experiment       J.Club
25 김미현 DEDS in xperanto 진행상황  MAInfo
27 김미현 review of issues for ICA  SysBiol

11 김미현 Web-DEDS [SysBiol] Seminar
22 김미현 Web-DEDS 보완  SysBiol
27 김미현 ETRI data 분석 plan  MAInfo

07 김미현 Can gene expression profiling predict survival for patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung?       J.Club
09 김미현 Analysis of Lung cancer data using ICA  MAInfo
24 김미현 Progress in DEDS  SysBiol
30 김미현 Progress in lung cancer data analysis  MAInfo

02 김미현 Analysis of Lung cancer data using ICA  MAInfo
24 김미현 Algorithm of ICA - FastICA  SysBiol

13 김미현 Algorithm of ICA  SysBiol
19 김미현 Progress in analysis of lung cancer data Using ICA  MAInfo

08 김미현 [ICAformicroarray] Application of ICA  MAInfo
23 김미현 Estimating gene networks Using Bayesian network  SysBiol
29 김미현 [ICAforMicroarray]ICA of lung cancer data  MAInfo

17 김미현 Application of ICA for microarray data analysis  MAInfo
20 김미현 Independent component analysis of microarray data in the study of endometrial cancer       J.Club
22 김미현 Independent Component Analysis of Microarray data  Seminar
25 김미현 Using BN for estimating gene networks from microarrays and biological knowledge  SysBiol

02 김미현 Statistical significance for hierarchical in genetic association and microarray expression studies       J.Club
06 김미현 ICA to analyze microarray data  MAInfo
21 김미현 Bayesian Network & example of application  SysBiol

14 김미현 affy-analysis of Affymetrix GeneChip data at the probe level       J.Club
18 김미현 PLS method in cancer data analysis  MAInfo
31 김미현 Statistical modeling of sequencing errors in SAGE libraries

30 김미현 Normalization for cDNA microarray data  MAInfo

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