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04-29 최선 Case series Report  BioEMR
03-16 최선 Risk prediction for chronic kidney disease progression using heterogeneous electronic health record data and time series analysis     J.Club

05-01 서희원 Time series analysis of a patient with leukemia M7  xMutant

09-22 정용 Construction of regulatory networks using expression time-series data of a genotyped population     J.Club

01-08 조성범 Time series analysis with multivariate t test  Seminar

12-28 이수연 Feature selection and Rule extraction of time series  Seminar
11-13 이수연 Feature selection and classification of time series microarray using GP 2nd idea  Seminar
10-30 이수연 Advanced idea for feature selection of time series microarray Using GP  Seminar
10-09 이수연 Feature selection of time series microarray using GP  Seminar
06-16 이수연 Significance analysis of mcroarray transcript levels in time series experiments     J.Club
03-14 한미령 Algorithms to identify periodically expressed genes in time series data  Seminar

11-22 정용 GEO Final or Not? [GEOIntegrationMicroarray repositoryArrayportMappingPlatformSeriesSample] Seminar
07-19 김민구 time series microarray 분석방법론 [[time-series]] xMutant
02-28 나영지 Functional association from time-series microarray data  xMutant
01-17 나영지 Analysis of Time Series Gene Expression Data  xMutant

05-19 김지훈 Difference-Based Clustering of Time Series Data  MAInfo
04-03 김지훈 Inferring transcriptional regulation relationship from microarray time series data       J.Club
03-20 정희준 The PEPR GeneChip data warehouse, and implementation of a dynamic time series query tool (SGQT) with graphical interface       J.Club

Time-Series-Analysis of Public health data  BioEMR

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