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12 정희준 Health Avatar Platform: a personalized healthcare service platform for interacting healthcare agents and health avatar  Seminar

04 정희준 CancerResource: a comprehensive database of cancer-relevant proteins and compound interactions supported by experimental knowledge     J.Club
07 정희준 1000 genome analysis: race variant about drug targets and enzyme  Seminar

24 정희준 PROMISCUOUS: a database for network-based drug-repositioning     J.Club

29 정희준 PREDICT: a method for inferring novel drug indications with application to personalized medicine.     J.Club

07 정희준 Personal genome sequencing platform  Seminar

22 정희준 Microarray Data Analysis  TopicSem
24 정희준 Sequence data analysis  TopicSem
27 정희준 Discovery and preclinical validation of drug indications using compendia of public gene expression data      J.Club

16 정희준 Gene-Disease Network Analysis Reveals Functional Modules in Mendelian, Complex and Environmental Diseases     J.Club

28 정희준 CCancer a bird’s eye view on gene lists reported in cancer-related studies      J.Club

02 정희준 PathLocdb: a comprehensive database for the subcellular localization of metabolic pathways and its application to multiple localization analysis     J.Club
08 정희준 discuss about integration of analysis result and biological knowledgebase  SysBiol

25 정희준 paper review about COSMIC, Oncomine  SysBiol

12 정희준 Enrichment Map: A Network-Based Method for Gene-Set Enrichment Visualization and Interpretation     J.Club

05 정희준 Contents for AXP  TopicSem
26 정희준 Contents and introduction  TopicSem
31 정희준 Contents   TopicSem

11 정희준 Mutated genes, pathways and processes in tumours     J.Club
15 정희준 Interpretation of high-throughput genomic data using integrated biological pathway resources and biomedical knowledge  TopicSem
29 정희준 a  SysBiol

03 정희준 MetaPath: a pathway extension from gene lists using literature  TopicSem
15 정희준 Flow chat for AXP analysis  Seminar
24 정희준 Concept of AXP  SysBiol
29 정희준 System architecture and analysis flow for AXP  Seminar

04 정희준 Result of Pubmed between 1980 and 1989  Seminar
16 정희준 Systematic analysis, comparison, and integration of disease based human genetic association data and mouse genetic phenotypic information     J.Club
18 정희준 Architecture for AXP 3.0  Seminar
20 정희준 ppt  SysBiol

08 정희준 MetaPath: case study of GBM  TopicSem

16 정희준 purpose of each search method in pathway tools  Seminar
28 정희준 PathText: a text mining integrator for biological pathway visualizations     J.Club

01 정희준 summary  SysBiol
05 정희준 PathTest  Seminar
17 정희준 MADNet: microarray database network web server     J.Club
29 정희준 MetaPath: an integrated pathway database enable to search biomedical context  TopicSem

03 정희준 AXPIII  SysBiol
07 정희준 Parsing pathway data: syntactic integration  Seminar
10 정희준 Organization of AXP concept  SysBiol

03 정희준 Item for AXP III  Seminar
29 정희준 A Pathway-Based View of Human Diseases and Disease Relationships     J.Club

17 정희준 HPD: an online integrated human pathway database enabling systems biology studies     J.Club
19 정희준 Define AXP pathways and integrated methods  Seminar

06 정희준 PID: the Pathway Interaction Database     J.Club
15 정희준 Pathway classification and pathway model  Seminar

04 정희준 Killer application  SysBiol
08 정희준 Review SBGN for PathViz and think about killer item  Seminar
11 정희준 PathComp  SysBiol
16 정희준 Item for PathTest, PathComp  Seminar
18 정희준 pahtcomp  SysBiol
22 정희준 Pilot test for PathComp  Seminar

11 정희준 ArrayXPath III: summary concepts and plan  Seminar
15 정희준 Network analysis  SysBiol
18 정희준 Plan and summary ArrayXPath sub systems  Seminar
30 정희준 PathCase: pathways database system  J.Club

07 정희준 Network biology and ArrayXPath team  Seminar
14 정희준 Plan for NBA team  Seminar
19 정희준 Drug target identification using side-effect similarity     J.Club
21 정희준 Comparison between biological pathway database  Seminar
28 정희준 Biological pathway-based analysis  Seminar
30 정희준 MetaPath: a meta-database for public biological pathway database  Seminar

09 정희준 MetaPath: summary of concept  Seminar
14 정희준 WhichGenes: a web-based tools for gathering, building, storing and exporting gene sets with application in gene set enrichment analysis     J.Club
18 정희준 Checkpoint gene set analysis tools  Seminar
30 정희준 Netwrok biology and pathway team  Seminar

05 정희준 MetaPath: Introduction (2)  Seminar
21 정희준 MetaPath: introduction and concept  Seminar
24 정희준 KEGGconverter: a tool for the in-silico modelling of metabolic networks of the KEGG Pathways database     J.Club

09 정희준 Developing Decision Support Systems in Clinical Bioinformatics  BookReading
12 정희준 A semantic web approach to biological pathwa data reasoning and integration     J.Club
16 정희준 MetaPath: introduction, and replicate Cheung et al (2006)  Seminar

10 정희준 MetaPath: 표준 XML 포멧 비교 2  Seminar
27 정희준 MetaPath: 표준포멧과의 비교 3  Seminar

02 정희준 MetaPath: a meta-model for integaration of standard biological pathway format  Seminar
23 정희준 MetaPath: 표준 패스웨이 포멧 비교  Seminar
25 정희준 ConsensusPathDB - a database for integraing human functional interaction networks     J.Club

01 정희준 MetaPath: an implementation of meta-database for biological pathway  Seminar
18 정희준 Plan for ArrayXPath 3.0  Seminar
20 정희준 Cerebral: a Cytoscape plugin for layout of and interaction with biological networks using subcellular localization annotation     J.Club
24 정희준 Developing a DNA Variant Database  BookReading

09 정희준 Medusa: a simple tool for interaction graph analysis and STRING database     J.Club
13 정희준 Clinical Uses of Microarrays in Cancer Research  BookReading
14 정희준 CelMAP:정리 방향  Seminar

09 정희준 CelMAP: progress - pathway case study(3)  Seminar
27 정희준 Case study: modify original pathway using protein subcellular prediction algorithm  Seminar

02 정희준 CelMAP: progress - 중간정리  Seminar
19 정희준 CelMAP: progress - select case study  Seminar
28 정희준 PathExpress: a web-based tool to identify relevant pathways in gene expression data       J.Club

12 정희준 CelMAP: progress - search literature  Seminar
21 정희준 An integrative approach for biological data mining and visualization     J.Club

03 정희준 Systematic reconstruction of TRANSPATH data into cell system markup language       J.Club
05 정희준 CelMAP: progress - clustering result  Seminar
17 정희준 KEGG spider: interpretation of genomics data in the context of the global gene metabolic network       J.Club
22 정희준 CelMAP: progress - map on pathway  Seminar

01 정희준 CelMAP: progress - sum algorithm result  Seminar
15 정희준 CelMAP: progress  Seminar

06 정희준 CelMAP: Progress  Seminar
08 정희준 A global pathway crosstalk network     J.Club
24 정희준 CellMAP: an integrated pathways map using cellular location  Seminar

02 정희준 CelMAP: progress  Seminar
20 정희준 CelMAP: progress  Seminar

11 정희준 CelMAP: input list for protein predection algorithm  Seminar
27 정희준 Reconstructing networks of pathways via significance analysis of their intersections.       J.Club

02 정희준 Exploring the functional landscape of gene expression: directed search of large microarray compendia       J.Club
11 정희준 CelMap: 중간정리  Seminar
23 정희준 A gene recommender algorithm to identify coexpressed genes in C. elegans       J.Club
28 정희준 CelMAP: genomic and mRNA sequence  Seminar

14 정희준 CC2Gene: a re-annotation and gene-centric integration for GPL  Seminar
31 정희준 CelMAP: Progress  Seminar

16 정희준 CelMAP: perform protein localization algorithm  Seminar
28 정희준 Use and miuse of the gene ontology annotations     J.Club
30 정희준   Seminar

03 정희준 The OBO Foundry: coordinated evulution of ontologies to support biomedical data integration     J.Club
09 정희준 My Plan  Seminar
26 정희준 CelMAP: perform WolfPSORT  Seminar
31 정희준 The Mouse Tumor Biology database     J.Club

05 정희준 SPIKE - a databse, visulization and analysis tool of cellular signaling pathways     J.Club
07 정희준 Update Pathway DB and review protein subcellular localization  Seminar
21 정희준 CelMap: an integrated knowledge map using biological pathways and subcellular location  Seminar

14 정희준 PID example  Seminar

15 정희준 pathway database update  Seminar
16 정희준 KEGGanim: pathway animations for high-throughput data     J.Club
29 정희준 Pathway update  Seminar

04 정희준 Update pathwya database  Seminar
05 정희준 Towards zoomable multidimensional maps of the cell  J.Club
18 정희준 update pathway database  Seminar

04 정희준 ArrayXPath: Database update  Seminar
28 정희준 CeLMAP: integrated pathways map using cellular location information  Seminar

03 정희준 An architecture for biomedical semantic map: an integrated map from biology to clinical  J.Club
16 정희준 How to get gold standard for biological study?  Seminar
24 정희준 PAZAR: a framework for collection and dissemination of cis-regulatory sequence annotation       J.Club

12 정희준 Sematic integration (My approach)  Seminar
13 정희준 Advancing translational research with the Semantic Web  J.Club
26 정희준 Semantic integration (refine idea)  Seminar

05 정희준 Semantic integration  Seminar
21 정희준 Semantic integration  Seminar

01 정희준 GPL probes matcher  Seminar
18 정희준 Semantic Search among Heterogeneous Biological Databases Based on Gene Ontology [Semantic integration]    J.Club
22 정희준 Sematic integration  Seminar

14 정희준 The Gene Set Builder: collation, curation, and distribution of sets of genes [gene set]      J.Club
18 정희준 Progress of Gene mapping  Seminar

09 정희준 AffyMiner: mining differentially expressed genes and biological knowledge in GeneChip microarray data     J.Club
13 정희준 Gene mapping progress in GPL  Seminar
29 정희준 Gene mapping in GPL porgresws  Seminar

07 정희준 Gene Mapping in GPL (progress)  Seminar
23 정희준 Gene mapping in GPL using new relation table of new GRIP  Seminar

11 정희준 Gene mapping  Seminar
14 정희준 cPath     J.Club

02 정희준 CC2Path: import GEO part3  Seminar
03 정희준 Integrating domain knowledge with statistical and data mining methods for high density genomic SNP disease association analysis     J.Club
21 정희준 CC2Path: import GPL (part 4)  Seminar

07 정희준 CC2Ppath:  Seminar

12 정희준 CC2Path: import GPL  Seminar
13 정희준 GenMAPP2.1  J.Club

01 정희준   Seminar
09 정희준   J.Club
29 정희준 integration of pathway and GO  Seminar

10 정희준 Pathwya Map  Seminar

14 정희준 BABELOMICS: a systems biology perspective in the functional annotation of genome-scale experiments.     J.Club
20 정희준 Pathway map  Seminar

01 정희준 CoPub Mapper: mining MEDLINE based on search term co-publication     J.Club
06 정희준 ArrayXPath: map on homologene     SysBiol

05 정희준 Review pathway systems  Seminar
08 정희준 CellMAP progrerss  SysBiol
12 정희준 GEO localization  Seminar
21 정희준 CC2Path: GEO localization (Step 1)  xMutant

03 정희준 CC2Path progress  xMutant
18 정희준 CellMap for pathway [pathway mapintegration of GO and pathway] SysBiol
24 정희준 CC2Path  xMutant
27 정희준 Graph-based analysis and visulization of experimental results with ONDEX     J.Club

05 정희준 CC2Path Progress  xMutant
06 정희준 Pathway mapping  SysBiol
10 정희준 Cell graph for pathways & (패스웨이 입력현황)  Seminar
15 정희준 CoryneRegNet: An ontology-based data warehouse of corynebacterial transcription factors and regulatory networks     J.Club

09 정희준 PathMeSH + miRNA progress  SysBiol
15 정희준 PahtMeSH + miRNA progress  xMutant
25 정희준 WholePathwayScope: a comprehensive pathway-based analysis tool for high-throughput data       J.Club

14 정희준 PathMeSH+miRNA  xMutant

10 정희준 PathMeSH: gene-centric pathway view  xMutant
13 정희준 ArrayXPathIII: Implementation of Mutual Information  SysBiol

12 정희준 ArrayXPath-III and ArrayXPath-Homolog: 이종매핑..  Seminar
13 정희준 Association between disease and pathway  xMutant
23 정희준 ArrayXPathIII: localize KEGG pathways using KEGG API  SysBiol

25 정희준 Plan for ArrayXPath and add a function  SysBiol

10 정희준 PathTalk [PathTalk] Seminar
18 정희준 PathMeSH 정리  xMutant
28 정희준 Idea for ArrayXPath III  SysBiol
29 정희준 A network-based analysis of systemic inflammation in humans       J.Club

03 정희준 Generalized biological database platform based on cross-referenced tables(XRT)     J.Club
09 정희준 Frame work of GRIP  SysBiol
13 정희준 Construction of GRIP  xMutant
30 정희준 Idea of pathway merge  SysBiol

16 정희준 Summary of CC2Path  xMutant
19 정희준 newGRIP manuscript  SysBiol

16 정희준 GoPubMed: exploring PubMed with the Gene Ontology       J.Club
19 정희준 Scoring of clustered data using Mutual Information  xMutant
22 정희준 Chip2Chip  SysBiol
29 정희준 Biological mode and knowledge based conversion for microarray  SysBiol

10 정희준 Summary GRIP concept for manuscript  SysBiol
21 정희준 PathTalks: the fourth step [PathTalk] xMutant

06 정희준 Item sets for newGRIP  SysBiol
24 정희준 PathTalk: the third step [PathTalk] xMutant
28 정희준 GeneWays: a system for extracting, analyzing, visualizing,and integrating molecular pathway data       J.Club

01 정희준 PathCross: the first step  SysBiol
26 정희준 PathTalk: the second step [PathTalk] xMutant

03 정희준 Manuscript for AXP 2.0  SysBiol
12 정희준 Review ArrayXPath [AppGen] Seminar
22 정희준 MapGO progress  xMutant

13 정희준 The development present status of ArrayXPath 2.0  SysBiol
21 정희준 NA  xMutant
27 정희준 Strategy for ArrayXPath  SysBiol

02 정희준 ArrayXPath plan for NGIC project  SysBiol
03 정희준 GOFCA - apply cell cycle data and liver cancer data -  xMutant
23 정희준 Items of ArrayXPath 2.0  SysBiol
31 정희준 NA  xMutant

04 정희준 ArrayXPath: version 2.0  SysBiol
05 정희준 PathFCA: applied Mouse Kidney Data  xMutant
13 정희준 Local correlation of expression profiles with gene annotation - proof of concept for a general conciliatory method       J.Club

01 정희준 Clustering Analysis using FCA  xMutant
11 정희준 PathMesh: database of pathway and drug related disease  Seminar

04 정희준 TRANSFAC, TRANSPATH and CYTOMER as starting points for an ontology of regulatory networks     J.Club
23 정희준 PathMesh - Writing manuscript -  SysBiol

31 정희준      J.Club

06 정희준 Mapping between the Disease Names of OMIM and MeSH [ClinInfo] Seminar

26 정희준 TRMP: A Dataqbase of Therapeutically Relevant Multiple-Pathways       J.Club
29 정희준 Database of Association between disease and pathway [Grip] Seminar

20 정희준 The PEPR GeneChip data warehouse, and implementation of a dynamic time series query tool (SGQT) with graphical interface       J.Club

28 정희준 Computational knowledge integration in biopharmaceutical research       J.Club

03 정희준 GenePublisher: Automated analysis of DNA microarray data       J.Club

22 정희준 PathMAPA: a tool for displaying gene expression and performing statistical tests on metabolic pathways at multiple levels for Arabidopsis       J.Club

04 정희준 Pathways database system: an integrated system for biological pathways       J.Club

16 정희준 Global functional profiling of gene expression       J.Club

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