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04 윤준희 Genomancer: A secure, modular and distributed system for inter-preting personal genome in mobile smartphone environment     Seminar
09 윤준희 GenePING : secure, scalable management of personal genomic data  J.Club

23 윤준희 Plan for transplantation Genomancer to Healthavatar  TopicSem

17 윤준희 Genomancer : Secure, modular and distributed system for interpreting personal genome in mobile smartphone environment  TopicSem
22 윤준희 Atlas2 Cloud: a framework for personal genome analysis in the cloud     J.Club

19 윤준희 Demonstration of Genomancer  TopicSem

24 윤준희 Comparing tools and app in paper work of Genomancer   TopicSem
26 윤준희 Middle of report Genomancer  SysBiol

14 윤준희 Plan for Server-client communication.  SysBiol
17 윤준희   TopicSem
18 윤준희 Updated plan for genomancer included server-client communication codes  SysBiol
25 윤준희 Genomancer for GeoNetwork  xMutant

03 윤준희 Overview of Genomancer test version  SysBiol
13 윤준희 Genomancer test version  TopicSem
18 윤준희 Identifying aberrant pathways through integrated analysis of knowledge in pharmacogenomics     J.Club
31 윤준희 Overview of Genomancer test version and Demo  SysBiol

17 윤준희 Modified results of Phenotype drug-drug interaction  xMutant
18 윤준희 Updated results of phenotypic drug-drug interaction network   TopicSem
18 윤준희 Genomancer UI frame  SysBiol
20 윤준희 Genomancer discussion  SysBiol

05 윤준희 Network result of phenotypic drug drug interaction  xMutant
08 윤준희 Genomancer App version   SysBiol
18 윤준희 Network analysis for phenotypic drug-drug interaction  TopicSem
20 윤준희 Overview of Genomancer modified design  SysBiol

02 윤준희 Similarity fomula for Phenotypic Drug-Drug interaction and Genomancer design  TopicSem
04 윤준희 Plan for Genomancer  SysBiol
19 윤준희 Interpretome: A Freely available, modular, and secure personal genome interpretation engine      J.Club
21 윤준희 Results overview of phenotype similarity for drug-drug interaction  TopicSem

04 윤준희 Naive statistic analysis 1000genome in Pharmacogenomics  TopicSem
04 윤준희 Summary of pharmacogenomics  SysBiol
14 윤준희 PSB Review  J.Club
18 윤준희 Genomancer draft design  SysBiol
24 윤준희 Review progress of phenotypic drug-drug interaction.  xMutant

14 윤준희 Summary of pharmacogenomic research  SysBiol
19 윤준희 Hapmap data processing for analysis in pharmacogenomics  TopicSem
21 윤준희 naive results of 1000 genome analysis  SysBiol
31 윤준희 A comparison of cataloged variation between International HapMap Consortium and 1000 Genomes Project data     J.Club

01 윤준희 PGSeminar presentation overview  SysBiol
07 윤준희 Mining drug-drug interaction using annotated pharmacogenomic phenotype and MBR data  Seminar
15 윤준희 Pharmacogenomics in world  TopicSem
18 윤준희 Using text to build semantic networks for pharmacogenomics     J.Club

02 윤준희 Weekly progress  SysBiol
11 윤준희 Finding Drug-Drug Interaction using Pharmacogenomic Phenotype  TopicSem
12 윤준희 Construct DDI Network for Novel DDI  xMutant

06 윤준희 Pharmacogenomic Phenotype  Seminar
14 윤준희 Summary of SNUBI pharmacogenomic test  TopicSem
17 윤준희 Assessing Vaccination Sentiments with Online Social Media: Implications for Infectious Disease Dynamics and Control     J.Club
21 윤준희 Plan for Pharmacogenomic phenotype  SysBiol
28 윤준희 Finding Drug-Drug interaction using pharmacogenomic phenotype  SysBiol

02 윤준희 VAAST result  SysBiol
03 윤준희 Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic pathway mapping strategy  xMutant
14 윤준희 Pharmacogenomic test using VAAST  TopicSem
16 윤준희 Poster overview  SysBiol
17 윤준희 PPI network for drug response prediction  xMutant
22 윤준희 Drug response phenotype standardization and SNP-phenotype reliability score  SysBiol

06 윤준희 Seminar review  SysBiol
12 윤준희 Pharmacogenomics annotation seminar review  SysBiol
13 윤준희 Pharmacogenomic annotation  Seminar
22 윤준희 Generating Genome-Scale Candidate Gene Lists for Pharmacogenomics      J.Club
26 윤준희 Pharmacogenomics analysis for unmapped variants  TopicSem
26 윤준희 Unmapped variants analysis overview  SysBiol

02 윤준희 PharmGKB annotation  SysBiol
07 윤준희 PharmGKB annotation  Seminar
14 윤준희 Future work  SysBiol
28 윤준희 Pharmacogenomics annotation test and scoring idea  TopicSem
28 윤준희 Future process and review in pharmacogenomics  SysBiol

05 윤준희 SOAP2, SOAP  SysBiol

01 윤준희 Alignment tools and LASTZ  SysBiol
04 윤준희 Pharmacogenetics analysis process  SysBiol
22 윤준희 Next Generation sequencing and Methylation  xMutant

17 윤준희 Time Table  SysBiol
21 윤준희 LASTZ introduction, PharmGKB mapping strategy.  SysBiol

06 윤준희 Pharmaceutical Response in Personal Sequence  SysBiol
13 윤준희 Stepping toward Personalized Medicine in Personal Sequence  SysBiol

26 윤준희 Present situation of Personal Genome Research  SysBiol

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