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    01 이우승 CovCopCan : An efficient tool to detect Copy Number Variation from amplicon sequencing data in inherited diseases and cancel 
    26 유경훈 ATAV - a comprehensive platform for population-scale genomic analyses 

    04 이우승 Process of Register Sequence data in Public Repository 
    15 권호식 Propensity score analysis and R packages 

    07 이우승 Triple Negative Breast Cancer TMB Analysis 

    02 최선 Handling temporality of clinical events with application to Adverse Drug Event detection in Electronic Health Records: A scoping review 
    9 이우승 Result of BRCA2 CNV qPCR Validation 

    14 최선 Basic operation of Flask 
    17 이우승 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Analysis 
    28 권호식 review : Oligonucleotide microarray 

    10 이우승 NGS CheckMate : Validating sample identity in NGS studies 

    06 이우승 Somatic Mutation Filtering Result with Korea1KG 
    20 권호식 Error and Trouble shooting In TVC and GATK 
    20 유경훈 Perturbation robustness analyses reveal parameters in variant interpretation pipelines 

    08 유경훈 VEF: a variant filtering tool based on ensemble methods 
    08 권호식 Difference in clinical information according to candidate variants in HD-MTX Study 
    22 박유미 GVB score optimization to reduce neutral variant effects 

    04 최선 Consideration on study subjects utilizing UKbiobank 
    11 박유미 Update in UK Biobank data table 
    18 윤선민 Tables and figures of AAP data analysis results using the modified workflow 
    25 이우승 Uveal melanoma germline analysis  

    06 윤선민 Candidate variants list by differential cut-off in Asparaginase associated pancreatitis  
    13 이우승 GATK - Germline copy number variant discovery (CNVs) 
    27 권호식 Study of contrast agent to side effects from additional samples 

    05 이우승 PRISM Drug Repurposing Resource 
    12 유경훈 Rare copy number variants in over 100,000 European ancestry subjects reveal multiple disease associations 
    19 권호식 Discussion for defining phenotypes from UKB 
    26 최선 Drug classification-ATC code, RXnorm 
    26 최선 Drug classification-ATC code, RXnorm 
    30 박유미 Ischemic heart disease group extraction from UK Biobank patients 

    06 최선 Query design for emr study& 
    06 최선 Query design for emr study& 
    20 박유미 Helix UK Biobank browser 
    27 윤선민 Study overview of post ERCP pancreatitis 

    02 윤선민 Therapeutic index measured on FDA approved drugs for population comparison 
    09 이우승 Docker Pusing for release and PyQT for GUI programming 
    09 이우승 Docker Pusing for release and PyQT for GUI programming 
    16 유승원 scientific data collection-multi-omics data sharing(from 2019.10) 
    23 유경훈 Identifying cross-disease components of genetic risk across hospital data in the UK Biobank 
    30 권호식 GeneHancer: genome-wide integration of enhancers and target genes in GeneCards 

    05 유승원 Updates in TCGAbiolinks R package 
    12 권호식 MAC: identifying and correcting annotation for multi-nucleotide variations 
    19 최선 Imbalanced data processing 
    26 박유미 Review of clinical coding classification systems: Read, BNF, and dm d 

    07 박유미 Variant-level comparison between in silico prediction scores and VAMP-seq scores 
    14 윤선민 A coding variant in FTO related to thiopurine-induced leukopenia in East Asian 
    21 이우승 Visualization of Copy Number Variation 
    28 유경훈 A Genocentric Approach to Discovery of Mendelian Disorders 

    10 유승원 ProteinPaint : Exploring genomic alteration in pediatric cancer using ProteinPaint 
    24 권호식 Impact of outdated gene annotation on Enrichment analysis 
    24 유경훈 Global Biobank Engine: enabling genotype-phenotype browsing for biobank summary statistics 
    31 최선 Device Surveillance-CDM 

    05 박유미 The all of us research program 
    19 윤선민 Analysis of genetic and clinical data in AML patients with prolonged neutropenia  
    26 이우승 GDC Tumor Only Variant Calling Pipeline with Uveal Melanoma 

    01 유경훈 A robust benchmark for germline structural variant detection 
    08 권호식 Markers related with Iopromide from Literatures 

    04 박유미 Mutagenesis-based protein structure determination  
    11 윤선민 Candidate variants of regression analysis in AML patients with prolonged neutropenia 
    18 이우승 Caveats and pitfalls of ROC analysis in clinical microarray research 
    25 유승원 R package for BAM file read visualiztion : BBCAnalyzer 

    13 유경훈 A benchmark study of scoring methods for non-coding mutations. 
    20 권호식 Review : Exome sequencing of 20,791 cases of type 2 diabetes and 24,440 controls 
    27 최선 rehab-CDM 

    02 권호식 MTX Genomic markers from literatures 
    09 박유미 Whole-genome reference panel of 1781 Northeast Asians improves imputation accuracy of rare and low-frequency variants 
    16 윤선민 The Medical Genome Reference Bank: a whole-genome data resource of 4000 healthy elderly individuals. Rationale and cohort design 
    23 이우승 Deep-coverage whole genome sequences and blood lipids among 16,324 individuals 
    30 유승원 Introduction of ontology analysis tool : GOnet 

    12 이우승 Copy Number Variation Algorithm 
    18 유승원 miRNA Databases discussion 
    18 유승원 review of miRNA, lncRNA databases 
    18 유승원 review of miRNA, lncRNA databases 
    24 유경훈 VIVA (VIsualization of VAriants): A VCF file visualization tool 

    14 권호식 Clinical data of HD-MTX samples  
    21 채정환 taxol study_tcga data 
    28 박유미 Difference of genetic architectures in men and women with depression 

    12 유승원 discussion : strategies for identification of read errors during Ion Proton based sequencing file calling workflow 

    02 권호식 discussion about HD-MTX analysis 
    08 채정환 . 
    15 박유미 Why do polygenic risk scores get so much hype?  
    22 윤선민 WES analysis of AML samples according to neutropenia duration  
    29 이우승 Comparison of three variant callers(DeepVariant, GATK 4 and SpeedSeq) for WGS 

    04 유승원 Questions about SKAT test 
    11 유경훈 FLASK micro web framework in python 
    11 이정훈 FLASK micro web framework in python 
    18 유경훈 Rare variants in drug target genes contributing to complex diseases, phenome-wide 

    06 채정환 variant study of taxol-ADR analysis 
    06 채정환 variant study of taxol-ADR analysis 
    13 박유미 Genome-wide meta-analysis of depression in 807,553 individuals identifies 102 independent variants with replication in a further 1,507,153 individuals 
    20 윤선민 WES analysis of AML samples according to neutropenia duration  
    27 이우승 PEPTATAC : A robust ATAC-seq pipeline 

    01 이우승 Accurate genotyping across variant classes and length using variant graphs 
    08 이정훈 skin classification 
    16 유승원 discussion : workflow for 6MP analysis 
    23 유경훈 ClinPred: Prediction Tool to Identify Disease-Relevant Nonsynonymous Single-Nucleotide Variants 
    30 권호식 HGVS nomenclature 

    04 권호식 KOVA : Korean Variant Archive 
    11 채정환 taxol-ADR data analysis(FDR/OR statistics) 
    18 박유미 Reviewing the clinical utility of polygenic risk score 

    07 이우승 Preprocessing Pipelines of PacBio and Nanopore Sequencing Data 
    14 이정훈 Basal like triple negative breast cancer is susceptible to drugs targeting cell cycle and histone acetylation. 
    14 이정훈 Basal like triple negative breast cancer is susceptible to drugs targeting cell cycle and histone acetylation. 
    14 이정훈 Basal like triple negative breast cancer is susceptible to drugs targeting cell cycle and histone acetylation. 
    14 이정훈 Basal like triple negative breast cancer is susceptible to drugs targeting cell cycle and histone acetylation. 
    14 이정훈 Basal like triple negative breast cancer is susceptible to drugs targeting cell cycle and histone acetylation. 
    21 유승원 Introduction to COXPRES db 
    28 유경훈 SEQSpark: A Complete Analysis Tool for Large-ScaleRare Variant Association Studies 

    03 유승원 6MP analysis : questions, discussions 
    17 권호식 GDM Visualization using maftools 
    24 채정환 breast cancer patient SNV analysis 
    24 채정환 breast cancer patient SNV analysis 
    24 채정환 breast cancer patient SNV analysis 
    24 유경훈 The VAAST Variant Prioritizer (VVP) 
    31 박유미 Common Disease Is More Complex Than Implied by the Core Gene Omnigenic Model 

    05 박유미 Potentially susceptible genes to major depressive disorder 
    12 윤선민 WES analysis of AML samples according to neutropenia duration  
    19 이우승 Survival Analysis-Cox Proportional-Hazards of TNBC Analysis  
    26 이정훈 Radiogenomics for TNBC: Relationship between Microarray profile and radiomics texture data 

    01 이정훈 WXS for leukemia busulfan-VOD 
    08 유승원 Work flow discussion 
    15 유경훈 Patients subgrouping by antidepressant prescription 
    29 채정환 review; Introduction to bioinformatics algorithms 

    03 채정환 network analysis tools review(cytoscape) 
    10 박유미 Evaluation of drug scores in antidepressants 
    17 윤선민 WES analysis of AML samples according to prolonged neutropenia duration 
    24 이우승 Ewing Sarcoma Diagnostic Analysis  

    06 유승원 VarDrugPub : Deep learning of mutation-gene-drug relations from the literature 
    13 김민정 intra-individual correlation and inter individual correlation using ANCOVA 
    20 유경훈 KRGdb database overview 
    27 권호식 xCell : cell types enrichment analysis 

    01 이정훈  
    01 이정훈 STRING NETWORK for Graph-CNN 
    08 박유미 Are preprints the future of biology? 
    14 윤선민 Analysis of AML exome sequencing  
    22 이우승 Cochle araplasia trio family analysis 
    28 이정훈 WEX for Hepatic VOD and Network propagation 

    04 윤선민 Data integration patient clinical information with medication history  
    11 박지연 TCGA Pan-Cancer analysis for alternative polyadenylation 
    18 이우승 CNV algorithm for KPCDx Panel  
    18 이우승 CNV algorithm for KPCDx Panel 
    18 이우승 CNV algorithm for KPCDx Panel 
    18 이우승 CNV algorithm for KPCDx Panel 
    25 임영균 The most studies genes of all time and of any time 

    07 이우승 Comparing Gene Fusion Detection Algorithm with WGS 
    07 이우승 Comparing Gene Fusion Detection Algorithm with WGS 
    14 임영균 Project DRIVE: deep RNAi interrogation of viability effects in cancer 
    21 이정훈 Inference of candidate Synthetic Cytotoxic Drug (Pyrimethamine, Paclitaxel) 
    28 박유미 The charactericstics of singleton variants in neuropsychiatric disorders 

    02 임영균 Graphtyper: enables population-scale genotyping using pangenome graphs 
    09 이정훈 Regularization Techniques to Detect Biomarker for Cytotoxic Anticancer Drugs 
    16 박유미 Comparing protein evolution based score with molecular function score in PPARG 
    23 윤선민 Data integration patient sample information with medical record 
    30 박지연 Identification of molecular classifiers in thyroid neoplasm 

    12 서희원 SATIE: a web tool to predict sequential treatments in cancer. 
    19 박지연 Prognostic power of RUD (relative usage of distal poly(A) sites)  
    26 이우승 Comparison of Adapter Trimmers for Illumina Miseq Data  

    05 임영균 The Mutational Spectrum of MSI Events and MMR Genes in previous studies 
    14 이정훈 miRNA analysis pipeline and report format 
    21 박유미 Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) program and Bravo browser 
    26 윤선민 The comparison the feature of groups in biological network  

    01 박유미 Association of a genetic variant in TSHR with variant angina 
    08 서희원 PanDrugs: Identifying actionable molecular alterations and prioritize drugs 
    16 박지연 Identification of alternative splicing events associated with pathological phenotypes of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) 
    22 박지혜  
    29 이우승 CNV analysis of Cancer Panel 2_0 Data from Pathology Department 

    05 이우승 Comparison Results of vcf Normalization 
    12 임영균 SAFE: Spatial Analysis of Functional Enrichment 
    18 이정훈 SDL pairs validation from cancer cell line data 
    25 윤선민 Asparaginase-associated pancreatitis in pediatric ALL patients 

    07 윤선민 Asparaginase-associated Pancreatitis in pediatric ALL patients  
    14 서희원 The analysis of continuous variables in ALL samples. 
    21 박지연 Changes in alternative polyadenylation analysis from standard RNA-seq 
    28 박지혜 Repositories where researchers can download or upload genomic data  

    03 이우승 Improved VCF Nomralization 
    10 임영균 PARP inhibitors: Synthetic lethality in the clinic 
    17 이정훈 Classification and segmentation in convolutional neural network  
    31 박유미 Identifying personalized candidate genes using case-control score distribution dissimilarity 

    05 박유미 The genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) : An overview of data properties 
    12 윤선민 a significant variant of NEU4 gene  
    19 서희원 Three datasets from gnomAD database and their statistics 
    26 박지연 Further analysis of alternative polyadenylation in TCGA THCA data 

    01 박지연 Experimental validation and further analysis of alternative splicing and polyadenylation in response to Csnk2b deletion  
    08 박지혜 Review of ePGA  
    15 이우승 Result : CNV Detection Algorithm for Cancer Samples 
    29 이정훈 Classification and segmentation in convolutional neural network 

    01 이정훈 GeneScore calculation strategy 
    08 박유미 Translating phenotype into a functional gene-level score using Corriell samples Pharmacogenomic genotypes 
    15 윤선민 Modification of workflow and statistical methods for AAP analysis 
    22 서희원 Preprocessing and QC results of 119 ALL WXSs.  

    04 박지연 The Effect of MITF abundance on posttranscriptional regulation in skin melanoma 
    11 박지혜 Review of variant annotation tools, genome browsers and biological network analysis tools 
    11 박지혜 Review of Glints 
    18 이우승 Survival analysis of Loss of Heterozygosity in triple-negative breast cancer 
    25 임영균 SMC lung cancer data 분석경과 

    07 이정훈 Genetic Programming Based Gene Scoring Method for Common-Complex disease Prediction 
    14 박유미 Evaluating the intolerance of genic sub-regions    
    21 윤선민 Patient Information on L-asparaginase associated Pancreatitis  
    28 서희원 Recommended Coverage and Read Depth for NGS Applications. 

    02 서희원 Public genome databases: GnomDB, ExAC and ESP6500. 
    09 박지연 Overview of Analysis method and Database for genome-wide CLIP experiments 
    16 박지혜 Variant damaging score algorithm list 
    23 이우승 Characters of Singletones in 1KGenome 
    30 임영균 Loss-of-function genetic tools for animal models: cross-species and cross-platform differences 

    05 임영균 LUAD acs-mutation/expression analysis 
    15 이정훈 Mutual exclusive network and inference target from drug sensitivity 
    19 박유미 Functional similarity of genes by CDS length 
    26 윤선민 WXS to detect genes causing L-asparaginase induced pancreatitis 

    05 서희원 CRAM format - An efficiently compressed BAM file 
    12 박지연 Analysis of splicing and polyadenylation in mouse model with MEK deletion  
    21 박지혜 [REVIEW] Mutations and Drugs Portal(MDP) : A database linking drug response data and genomic information  
    28 이우승 Cancer Panel - Comparing 4 different callers on KRAS region 
    28 이우승 Cancer Panel - Comparing 4 different callers on KRAS region 
    28 이우승 Cancer Panel - Comparing 4 different callers on KRAS region 

    01 임영균 Analysis colon cancer in ICGC data 
    08 이우승 KRAS Depth Status of Cancer Panel 
    08 이우승 KRAS Depth Status of Cancer Panel 
    15 이정훈 Microarray analysis for stem cell differentication 
    22 박유미 Review of 5 clustering algorithms in weka 
    29 윤선민 Drug-induced pathways based on CMAP  

    04 윤선민 Drug-induced pathways based on CMAP 
    15 서희원 The settings and parameters for sequencing data analysis. 
    18 박지연 Regulation of gene expression in cutaneous melanoma and its association with patient survival  
    25 박지혜 Review of Human Phenotype Ontology 

    06 이우승 Comparing ROC curve after change of alignment algorithm 
    06 이우승 Comparing ROC curve after change of alignment algorithm 
    13 임영균 Simple example for using Mutect2 
    20 이정훈 Intratumor heterogeneity influences the interaction of neoplastic cells with ECM proteins 
    27 박유미 The relationship between four properties of genes and gene damage scores 

    02 박유미 HAPGEN2 : simulation of multiple disease SNPs 
    09 윤선민 The review of the human disease using network biology 
    16 서희원 Descriptive statistics of 397 Korean whole-genome sequencing data 
    23 박지연 rMATS update and the results 
    30 박지혜 CDC frequently prescribed therapeutic drug classes  

    04 박지혜 [REVIEW]Public data and open source tools for multi-assay genomic investigation of disease 
    11 이우승 SCF- A Standard file format for data from DNA sequencing instruments 
    18 임영균 Lung cancer cell line data processing 
    25 이정훈 Predicting metastasis related gene via intratumor heterogeneity of Lung cancer 

    01 이정훈 Genomic intra- and inter-tumor heterogeneity Softwares and post session research 
    07 박유미 Characteristics of three classic genome scale model building methods 
    14 윤선민 NCI-DREAM drug sensitivity prediction challenge 
    21 서희원 Efficient approach for obtaining high-confident variant calls. 
    28 박지연 [REVIEW] Genetic variation and alternative splicing  

    02 박지연 Review: BRAF vs RAS oncogenes in cancer  
    10 박지혜 Integration of DrugBank and KEGG Drug 
    16 이우승 Review_Computational detection and suppression of sequence-specific off-target phenotypes from whole genome RNAi screens 
    23 임영균 Patterns and functional implications of rare gremlin variants across 12 cancer types 

    05 이정훈 SDCS results in accordance with z score threshold 
    12 이정훈 Plan for calculating intratumor heterogeneity 
    19 윤선민 The interactome of functional variants in 1KP - Gene Score 
    26 서희원 VVA modules : available tests and filters for genome data analysis 

    01 윤선민 The review of variant analysis tool, Sequence To Medical Phenotypes 
    08 이우승 Package for analysing cancer panel data 
    22 이정훈 How to use MuTect, ExomeCNV and EXPANDS. 

    03 이정훈 Overexpression using normal expression in SDL analysis 
    13 서희원 Preprocessing and QC results of 27 BronJ WXSs. 

    02 서희원 Loss-of-function variants in CACNA1A and ABI1 interacting proteins from a subject with pulmonary edema 
    09 서희원 An automated system for statistical test with variants found in Yutopar subjects 
    13 이정훈 Microarray-calcification analysis in 182 breast cancer patients 
    20 서희원 Workflow of identifying deleterious mutaiton using filter-based method. 
    27 윤선민 The correlation between function of genes and variants in 1KP 

    04 이우승 Review: SpeedSeq - ultra fast personal genome analysis and interpretation 
    12 서희원 [Journal review] Informatics for RNA Sequencing 
    15 윤선민 Relationships of variants through PPI in 1kp data 
    22 박유미 Summary of fluidigm results for 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL 

    07 윤선민 The distribution of association with gene and disease according to PPI degree 
    15 임영균 The Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)  
    21 이정훈 Synthetic dosage lethality in LUAD 

    11 서희원 Gene score distributions and mutation statistics for 33 WXS from Ion Proton  
    17 이정훈 Data manipulations and method for gene selection in SDL 
    24 서희원 Comparison between curatedVCF and rawVCF of WXS data from Ion Proton 
    31 이우승 Kataegis and Rainfall plot for TCGA data 

    05 서희원 Define a gene-set of Busulfan related genes for PharmSafe score 
    12 서희원 Gene score distributions for Busulfan, COPD, 6MP and Ritodrine subjects 
    19 서희원 A genome scale of manhattan plot with SIFT score annotation for Busulfan project. 
    26 이우승 Statistical reulst of TCGA protected vcf files 

    01 서희원 Time series analysis of a patient with leukemia M7 
    08 이우승 WES Data Review for RAL study 
    15 이우승 Review of data for Refractory Acute Leukemia study 
    29 서희원 Define a set of Busulfan related genes affecting adverse drug reaction using PharmSafe scores 

    04 임영균 Cox regression with Penalized likelihood  
    10 박유미 Summary statistics of Alzheimer sequencing data 
    17 서희원 Genetic Characterization of Clonal State in Eosinophilia Anemia Subjects  
    24 김기태 Pathway enrichment analysis using the Reactome Functional interaction module of Cytoscape 

    05 서희원 Taking a snapshot of aligned reads and IGV batch job scripts 
    13 임영균 Predicting effects of indels 
    20 김기태 Confounding factor of clinical characteristics in the multivariate survival analysis 
    27 윤선민 Workflow of WGS using GRCh38 reference 

    06 서희원 Somatic mutations due to higher likelihood of misalignment and PCR artifacts 
    13 서희원 Data structure and mutation statistics in 1KP Phase3 
    17 서희원 Systematic errors in sequence and read level which affect SNV calls 

    02 서희원 Quality check and alignment results of 9 subjects with Yutopar side effects 
    09 김기태 Multivariate survival analysis with Cox-proportional hazard ratio model  
    23 박유미 HHA data analysis : Internal Control Issues 
    30 서희원 Low allele fraction mutation detection with GATK joint calling method 

    05 김기태 Error rate correction of multiple hypothesis test 
    12 윤선민 The progress of comparison the feature of two groups in biological network 
    19 임영균 SKCM analysis result 
    26 김기태 Human papillomavirus and survival in Cancer 

    07 윤선민 The result from WGS data analysis mapped by GRCh38 
    14 박유미 Joint calling pipeline for somatic mutations & result stats 
    21 임영균 Variant scores(SIFT, Polphen2..) in CFTR2 database variants 
    28 서희원 Distribution characteristics of genes with rare and deleterious mutations in 1KP 

    02 서희원 Sequencing data quality checklist and accuracy measurement 
    10 임영균 ICGC LUSC Data analysis 
    16 윤선민 KEGG Pathway data download using rest API 
    23 김기태 Mutation landscape graph in the SqCCs 
    31 이우승 Analysis of noncoding regulatory mutation hotspot and its workflow 

    03 김기태 HPV status Data in the TCGA - Squamous cell carcinoma 
    12 서희원 WXS analysis of 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL 
    19 임영균 Syn-lethality: An Integrative Knowledge Base of Synthetic Lethality  
    26 김기태 Dys-regulation of the Wnt pathway in the SQCCs  

    06 서희원 GMOD JBrowse Genome Browser Settings and Configuration 
    14 임영균 Overview of Gene Ontology and its application 
    20 박유미 Systematic meta-analyses of Alzheimer disease genetic association studies 

    02 류영재 An analysis protocol for Ion Proton sequencing data at low level 
    09 김보성 Germline variants associated with lymph node metastasis in Thyroid papillary cancer 
    16 임영균 Condition and application of cox proportional hazard model 
    23 서희원 Reviews in LOVD (Leiden Open Variation Database) Software 
    30 김기태 Review-BioGrid :Database of protein and genetic interaction  

    05 박유미 Whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing in neurological diseases 
    12 서희원 Off-target regions and their characteristics 
    19 김기태 Survival analysis and Validation of the Mutated Wnt pathway genes in the SQCCs 
    25 서희원 Result of KS test between subjects with and without risk allele 

    01 임재현 Strategies and criteria for filtering highly variable regions in genome 
    08 임영균 Permutation test to compare survival curves and result 
    15 서희원 Application process for Public Genome Data through dbGAP 
    22 임재현 Damaging variant’s effect on gene expression  
    29 임영균 Identification of potential synthetic lethals gene using mutation and clinical data  

    03 김보성 TCGA Protected Mutation Description 
    10 서희원 Proton Sequencing Data Preprocessing and Pipeline 
    17 서희원 Proton Sequencing Data Alignment Result with BWA 
    24 서희원 Proton Sequencing Data, Unmapped Region 

    06 임영균 Identification of synthetic lethal genes in 12 major cancer types  
    13 서희원 Deleterious mutations and genetic models for discovering pathogenic mutations 
    20 임재현 Pipeline for Variant specific gene expression processing 
    27 서희원 Protected mutation sets and descriptions 

    04 김기태 Mutational analysis in 12 Tumor type 
    11 임영균 Identification of synthetic lethal genes in 12 major cancer types  

    07 김기태 MuSic and Dendrix for mutational analysis using in TCGA datas  
    14 서희원 Identify Inherited Rare-Risk Mutations for Hereditary Cancers 
    21 김보성 1000 Genomes Cluster Plot 
    21 서희원 Cancer genomics research topics and plans for 2014 

    03 임영균 Workflow and result of survival analysis in TCGA, BRCA. 
    10 서희원 Web-based analysis system flowchart 
    17 서희원 Web-based Analysis System 
    24 서희원 A simple sentense for the research objective. 
    31 김기태 TCGA Mutational Landscape and Distribution Across 12 Tumors 
    31 임영균 mutation analysis of TCGA LUSC data 

    05 김보성 TCGA VCF Data Parsing and Workflow 
    15 서희원 Gene score distribution depends on gene scoring methods 
    19 서희원 Big picture of Association study between genotype and gene score 
    26 임영균 Synthetic Lethality Analysis of BRCA 

    08 서희원 Sorting Tolerant From Intolerant Algorithm and its scores 
    18 서희원 Screening of association between marker SNPs and gene score 
    22 서희원 The number of Ensembl gene IDs in SIFT DB and Ensembl DB 

    03 임영균 Available public genomes for preprocessing: SIFT/PP2 Score 
    10 김기태 Distributed computing for variants annotation 
    17 임영균 TCGA germline data labeling 
    24 김기태 Geometric mean of SIFT scores per Gene and Exon in Normal population 

    02 서희원 Overview of International Cancer Genome Consortium 
    09 서희원 Somatic mutation frequency for each cancer and gene in TCGA 
    16 서희원 Summary of Somatic mutations in COSMIC database 
    23 임영균 Characteristics of DNA methylation depending on cancer type(TCGA data) 
    30 서희원 Search Strategies in cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics 

    04 서희원 Exploring Protected-TCGA Data and Localization Plan  
    11 서희원 TCGA Level 4 Data Structure and Usage 
    18 서희원 Characteristics of driver and passenger mutations 
    25 서희원 Algorithm for De Novo Driver Exclusivity (Dendrix) 

    07 서희원 TCGA Data Assess Page: Downloadable Link and Specification 
    14 임영균 Resources for Cancer Genome: COSMIC 
    30 임영균 Patterns of Methylation Status and Somatic mutations in Cancer Genome 

    02 임영균 TCGA Data Primer: Barcode and Patient ID 
    02 김기태 Somatic Muatation Data and its Structure 
    09 서희원 Summary of comprehensive analyses: Integrative analysis by TCGA 
    16 서희원 Server monitoring tool: CACTI 
    16 김기태 Coding for TCGA data 
    16 서희원 TCGA Data Download Links and Summary Page Design 
    23 임영균 Review previous studies for methylation-expression relationship  
    30 김기태 TCGA 명세서  
    30 김기태 TCGA data specifications for multiple data types and platforms 

    19 서희원 Analysis of TCGA Data Structure: What is in the downloaded files? 
    19 서희원 Analysis of TCGA Data Structure: What is in the downloaded files? 
    26 임영균 DNA Methylation in TCGA Data and its Structure. 

    10 임재현 Clinical data analysis for COPD  
    22 백수연 Selection of drug list used in Medcassandra and distribution of damaged drug and gene score 

    04 나영지 Predicting disease predisposition patterns of the personal genome  
    18 백수연 Adjustment of drug and ADR ranking using 1000genome 

    06 이수현 Network Biology and Medicine team topic summary 
    13 백수연 Statistics and improvement of drug and ADR ranking 
    29 임재현 genetic interaction for breast cancer 
    29 강병희 genetic interaction for breast cancer 

    30 강병희 A genome-wide genetic interactions map for breast cancer survival 

    04 이수현 Drug-side effect network analysis using ICD/Lab/Nurse rules  
    05 임재현 Plan for metastasis analysis  
    05 임재현 Plan for metastasis analysis  
    18 백수연 Drug and ADR ranking algorithm and validation scheme 
    25 윤준희 Genomancer for GeoNetwork 

    10 백수연 improvement way of ADR ranking algorithm 
    17 윤준희 Modified results of Phenotype drug-drug interaction 
    28 강병희 analysis of epistatic interaction for breast cancer survival 

    05 윤준희 Network result of phenotypic drug drug interaction 
    12 이수현 Drug-Side effect Network construction using nursing statement and lab data.  

    07 백수연 comparing drug network based on chemical structure vs. gene expression profile simiarlity 
    15 김경화 Functional modularity prediction of pathway-based analysis     
    22 Rocky A systems-based approach to explore interrelationships between drug targets and microRNAs target genes in human cancers using NCI-60 cancer cell lines 

    17 이수현 Biological Process-Drug-Side effect Network construction plan  
    19 임재현 RNA-seq data analysis in breast cancer by protein-protein interaction database 
    19 임재현 RNA-seq data analysis in breast cancer by protein-protein interaction database 
    19 임재현 RNA-seq data analysis in breast cancer by protein-protein interaction database 
    19 임재현 RNA-seq data analysis in breast cancer by protein-protein interaction database 
    24 윤준희 Review progress of phenotypic drug-drug interaction. 

    02 이수현 Drug-Side effect network design and pre analysis result  
    27 김경화 Network approach for identifying oncogenic processes and candidate driver genes in colorectal cancer      

    08 Rocky NCI-60 Cell lines experimental condition and genes expression profiles and drugs sensitivity analysis 

    12 윤준희 Construct DDI Network for Novel DDI 
    15 김기태 Review:OMIM(Tools for genomic analysis of a catalogued gene) 
    19 백수연 summary of paper replication work and discuss next step 
    26 이수연S Calculation Perturbation Sensitivity in Connectivity Map 

    01 Rocky Comprehensive Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Network Regulators and Drugs using Gene Expression Profiles incorporating Genomic Variations 
    08 이수연S plan for calculation perturbation sensitivity score using Connectivity Map 
    22 이수현 Dataset of biological process-drug-side effect network  
    29 서희원 Construct a Network with Personal Variants 

    03 윤준희 Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic pathway mapping strategy 
    17 백수연 drug network construction for drug repositioning 
    17 윤준희 PPI network for drug response prediction 
    17 서희원 Construct a Network with Variants Info. on Disease Network. 
    17 이수현 Biological Process-Drug-Side effect Network  
    17 Rocky Global map of genomic variations on microRNAs, target genes, TFBS, RNA binding proteins using variant knowledgebase to construct a multi-dimensional genetic regulatory network  
    18 이수연S GEE recovery plan 

    06 Rocky Global impact on genomic variations in microRNAs, target genes and drug relationship 
    27 서희원 Construct a Network with Personal Variants. 

    15 Rocky [Replication- Work Progress] - Comprehensive analysis of the impact of SNPs and CNVs on human microRNAs and their regulatory genes 
    22 백수연 Pharmacology network for drug repositioning 

    04 서희원 Construct a Network Linking Personal Variations 
    18 이수연S GEE 복구작업 진척 상황 및 추가 작업내용 정리 

    02 서희원 Assessment of overrepresented variant-set in rare disease associated genetic variants 
    02 이수현 Biological Process-Drug-ADR network to discover the relationship between biological Processes and ADR 
    02 백수연 Pharmacology network for drug repositioning 
    02 Rocky [Replication] - Comprehensive analysis of the impact of SNPs and CNVs on human microRNAs and their regulatory genes 
    14 백수연 Pharmacology network for drug repositioning 
    22 윤준희 Next Generation sequencing and Methylation 
    27 이수현 Biological Process-Drug-ADR network 

    02 김도균 What is TCGA? 
    09 김도균 Brainstorming on Integrative Genome Informatics (Research Topics from each member) 
    23 김도균 Brainstorming on Network biology and medicine 

    07 이수연S DSGEO : Software tools for cross-platform analysis of gene expression data in GEO 
    14 이수현 review about tool for MARQ  
    18 김도균 Brainstroming on integrative genome informatics 
    25 김도균 Brainstorming on Integrative Genome Informatics 

    08 이수연S test 
    10 Rocky GEOquery    
    16 Rocky GEOquery test 
    24 이수현 MARQ: an online tool to mine GEO for experiments with similar or opposite gene expression signatures 
    31 Rocky GEOquery test 

    21 이수연S aa 

    07 이수연S Keyword search for Microarray data using evoc term as stemmng 
    10 Rocky BioPortal: A Web Repository for Biomedical Ontologies and Data    
    15 Rocky Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) 

    05 Rocky MAGE-TAB VS MINiML 
    07 이수연S 1107 
    12 이수연S porter stemming 
    12 이수연S porter stemming  
    12 이수현 idf parsing result  
    19 이수연S Keyword search for Microarray data using evoc term as stemming 
    19 Rocky Attributes list comparison for MAGE-TAB / MINiML 

    01 윤선민 distinct EV_term list 
    01 윤선민 distinct synonym list    
    01 이수현 DB Design _0.1 
    05 Rocky table format    
    05 이수연S SDRF-ADF-IDF relation 
    15 Rocky Parsing headers for adf.txt and unique attributes from sdrf and adf.txt files 
    17 윤선민 ArrayExpress    
    20 윤선민 for Busan 
    21 Rocky Parsing code for sdrf.txt attributes and extracting unique terms    
    24 윤선민 empty file list among adf text 
    24 윤선민 error file list among adf text 
    26 이수현 SDRF Distinct List 
    26 이수현 SDRF Full List 
    27 Rocky Extracting ArrayExpress sdrf/adf/idf unique terms 
    29 윤선민 ArrayExpress adf files 
    31 윤선민 adf relation 

    07 윤선민 ArrayExpress down 
    17 이수연S conversion SOFT to MAGE-TAB 
    17 Rocky eVOC mapping idea    

    06 이수연S Make rules for conversion SOFT to MAGE-TAB 
    06 윤선민 설계도2 
    09 Rocky The MGED Ontology - Its Structure and Standards 
    30 이수연S make a rule 

    04 윤선민 Compelete GEO data handling 
    04 이수연S Represent of evoc’s hierarchy structure 
    04 이수현 update mapping 
    17 윤선민 evoc data calculating 
    17 이수연S Plan of work and Structure of xperanto and GPL,GSM 
    17 이수현 Mage-tab mapping and xperanto table 
    17 이수현 presentation 
    17 Rocky Xperanto Table 
    25 Rocky DNA Microarray 
    25 이수연S MAGE-TAB 
    30 이수연S MIAME and research trend 

    04 이수연S GEO data structure 
    07 Rocky GPL,GDS,GSE attributes lists 
    07 윤선민 Parsing GDS 
    13 이수현 mapping list 
    14 이수현 mapping table (mage-tab and geo) 
    22 이수연S go 쿼리분석 1차완성 
    24 이수현 geo attribute list and definition 
    24 이수현 mage tab attribute list and definition 
    24 이수현 mapping list ( geo data distict ) 
    24 이수현 mapping table_v0.1 

    02 이수연S grasp structure of xperanto 
    02 Rocky  
    02 윤선민 Research for GPL, GSM 
    02 이수현 Xperanto data description 
    09 이수연S file out source and MAGE TAB 
    09 Rocky eVOC table 
    09 윤선민  
    09 이수현 MAGE-TAB Specification 
    16 이수연S go ontology structure 
    16 Rocky GO Term and its data structure 
    16 윤선민 GSM attr List 
    16 이수현  
    23 이수연S  
    23 Rocky  
    23 윤선민 GPL attr list 
    23 이수현 mage_tab 
    30 이수연S  
    30 윤선민  
    30 이수현  
    30 Rocky GPL Structure 

    01 이수연S Mapping and input GDS file in 1st DB 
    02 이수현 Comparison of MAGE-ML and MAGE-TAB 
    02 이수연S DB list 모음 
    19 윤선민 DATABASE TASK 
    19 Rocky OMIE: Ontology Mapping within an Interactive and Extensible Environment 
    28 윤선민 DB 완료 

    09 이수연S eVOC: A Controlled Vocabulary for Unifying Gene Expression Data    
    09 윤선민 GEO and How to handle GDS file 
    09 Rocky NCBI GEO standards and services for microarray data 
    09 이수현 NCBIGEO-miningtensofmillionsofexpressionprofiles-databaseandtoolsupdate    
    09 이수연S NCBI GEO: archive for high-throughput functional genomic data    
    09 이수연S Gene Expression Omnibus: NCBI gene expression and hybridization array data repository    
    09 이수현 Minimum information about a microarray experiment (MIAME)-toward standards for microarray data    
    16 이수연S  
    16 Rocky  
    16 윤선민  
    16 이수현 The MGED Ontology: a resource for semantics-based description of microarray experiments 

    05 나영지 Progress in B10 data analysis 
    12 정용 Primary schema & Extended schemata status [PlatformGEO featuremapping]
    19 김민구 time series microarray 분석방법론 [[time-series]]

    07 박유랑 TMA DES based TMA XML export & import [TMATMA DES]
    07 나영지 Meta-analytic approach of breast cancer 
    14 정용 New approach in importing GEO data into Xperanto (Platform) [in situ oligoraw featuremapping]
    14 김민구 GEO source count [geo]
    21 조성범 Mantel test with different data sets 
    21 정희준 CC2Path: GEO localization (Step 1) 
    28 박유랑 Mapping of local clinical code to standard vocabulary [code mappingLOINC]

    03 정희준 CC2Path progress 
    03 박유랑 CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) 개발 계획 
    10 이혜원 TG2-Knockout mouse Data Analysis    
    10 나영지 Breastome : Meta-analytic approach of breast cancer 
    17 정용 Progress in clustering column of GEO data table : Platform [GEOPlatformdata matixcolumn]
    17 김민구 Coexpression dynamics    
    24 조성범 Mantel test with weighted correlation 
    24 정희준 CC2Path 

    05 조성범 Mantel test between gene sets 
    05 정희준 CC2Path Progress 
    12 나영지 Comparison of Meta Analysis Methods 
    12 이혜원 Progress in Cybrid Data Analysis    
    19 박유랑 암 표준용어체계 및 메타데이터 저장소 개발과 이에 기반한 임상시험 정보시스템 개발 
    19 김민구 Correlation changes in module genes across experimental conditions 
    26 정용 Plan : Importing GEO data into Xperanto 
    26 조성범 Mantel test with pathway gene set 

    08 김민구 spm 결과정리 
    08 박유랑 유방암센터 EMR 자료 분석 
    15 조성범 Integration of Mantel test & MDR algorithm 
    15 정희준 PahtMeSH + miRNA progress 
    22 정용 GEO localization 
    29 김민구 Interpretation of inter-module relationship in SPM 
    29 이혜원 Progress in Cybrid data analysis    

    07 조성범 BMT data analysis 
    07 박유랑 Review of Knowledge Management System 
    14 정희준 PathMeSH+miRNA 
    14 박유랑 Ontology and relational model in PharmGKB 
    21 우정훈 A novel approach for finding differentially co-regulated gene sets 
    21 이혜원 Progress in Liver Cancer Data Analysis    
    28 나영지 Functional association from time-series microarray data 
    28 정용 GEO progress 

    03 조성범 Result of the survival analysis of liver cancer microarray data 
    03 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress 
    10 정희준 PathMeSH: gene-centric pathway view 
    10 이혜원 Mitochondria Cybrid Data Analysis 
    17 우정훈 Gene factoring with modified R-mode factor analysis 
    17 나영지 Analysis of Time Series Gene Expression Data 
    24 정용 약물유전체 DB 입력 현황 재정리 
    24 김민구 Order-preserving tendency of BP, MF, CC GO-slim term in SMD dataset 

    06 김민구 Cluster viewer demonstration 
    06 조성범 Survival analysis of liver cancer microarray data 
    13 정희준 Association between disease and pathway 
    13 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA: Templates and Data Elements 
    20 박유랑 GOChase 2 
    20 우정훈 Applying Factor analysis to microarray data 
    27 나영지 BMT data analysis results 
    27 김민구 Measuring order-preserving tendency of co-regulated genes with Kullback-Leibler divergence 

    01 우정훈 Estimate genetic subnetwork with SEM 
    01 나영지 Radiation Data Analysis 
    08 김민구 독성유전체 자료분석 
    08 이혜원 Liver Cancer Data Analysis: focusing on Recurrence 
    15 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model :An Object Model for Cancer Research using Functional Genomics Data 
    15 우정훈 Get over biological problem in statistical microarray analysis 
    22 조성범 Survival analysis of liver cancer microarray data 
    29 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model :An Object Model for Cancer Research using Functional Genomics Data 
    29 나영지 Uncovering transcriptional regulation of metabolism by using metabolic network topology 

    04 나영지 Bone Marrow Transplantation Microarray Analysis 
    11 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model: An Object Model for Cancer Research using functional genomics data 
    11 우정훈 Extensive information for SNP chip analysis 
    18 이혜원 Liver cancer data analysis using BIOCANDI 
    18 정희준 PathMeSH 정리 
    25 조성범 Survival analysis of liver cancer data 

    06 이혜원 Data Analysis: Hepatocelluar Carcinoma Data 
    06 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress - (manuscript & web interface) 
    13 정희준 Construction of GRIP 
    13 조성범 Analysis of Hapatocellular Carcinoma Data 
    27 박찬희 약물유전체 DB 수정 사항 정리 

    02 나영지 Affy chip Analysis in BioCANDi 
    02 김민구 Multiple test corrections in SPM 
    09 우정훈 Existing and emerging toxicogenomics databases 
    09 박유랑 XPERANTO (Recent advances & migration) 
    16 정희준 Summary of CC2Path 
    16 조성범 GSEA(gene set enrichment analysis) package 
    23 우정훈 Toxicogenomic issues of microarray experiment (review) 
    30 박찬희 Sequence-Gene , Gene-Protein Category Association table 작성 
    30 김민구 Mouse lymphoma microarray analysis 2 

    05 박찬희 Gene Identifier 를 부여 할 수 있는 idea 
    05 나영지 An error in using FDR 
    12 김민구 terminal GO의 시간적 관계 추론 
    12 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress (web interface) 
    19 이혜원 Hepatocelluar carcinoma data analysis : Preprocessing 
    19 정희준 Scoring of clustered data using Mutual Information 
    26 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to Pathologic Status in Lung cancer using Global Test 
    26 박찬희  

    07 김민구 K-means clustering for filtering large number of sequential patterns 
    07 이혜원 Integration of TMA-OM and MAGE-OM: Scenario and draft model 
    14 박유랑 XPERANTO Progress (Biocandi 2 and Project) 
    14 나영지 Biological Interpretation of Radiation Data 
    21 정희준 PathTalks: the fourth step [PathTalk]
    28 이수연 글리벡 데이터 분석 및 ABI 분석 
    28 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to the lymph node metastasis in lung cancer using Global test 

    03 조성범 Identification of Pathway related to the Clinical Outcome within Microarray data using Global Test 
    03 이혜원 Summary of TMA-OM and Xperanto-TMA 
    10 박찬희 Sequence Level & Gene Level 진행상황 
    10 박유랑 Progress of GOChase 2 
    17 나영지 Liver Cancer 데이터 분석 
    24 김민구 How to conclude sequential pattern mining 
    24 정희준 PathTalk: the third step [PathTalk]
    31 조성범 Identification of pathways related to the pathologic status of squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix using global test 
    31 박찬희 New_GRIP :Prosite and Pfam 

    12 이수연 독성유전체 데이터 분석 
    12 나영지 [Plan]Extension of Venn Diagram 
    19 박유랑 Progress of GOChase 2- Error (redundant and inconsistent annotation error) confirm 
    26 정희준 PathTalk: the second step [PathTalk]

    04 박찬희 Finding human SNPs miRNA genomic position related 
    04 이수연 NA 
    11 나영지 NA 
    11 이혜원 NA 
    18 김민구 Sequential pattern mining with gap limit & 심규석교수님의 아이디어 구현 
    22 박유랑 GOChase 2: additional errors (implicit and true path rule errors) in GO-based annotations for gene products 
    22 정희준 MapGO progress 
    29 박찬희 GRIP Progress ( sequence ) 

    04 정태수 Secondary analysis of arrary CGH data 
    04 박유랑 NA 
    18 김민구 NA 
    25 조성범 Analysis of gastric cancer tissue microarray data 

    07 박찬희 BAC Clones resolved 
    07 이혜원 object model and relational database for tissue microarray 
    14 정태수 array CGH data analysis 
    14 박유랑 NA 
    21 정희준 NA 
    21 김민구 NA 
    28 박찬희 Web based ArrayCGH data analysis tool 구현(1/2) 
    28 이혜원 NA 

    03 박유랑 MIAME/Onc 진행사항 
    03 정희준 GOFCA - apply cell cycle data and liver cancer data - 
    10 이석호 BioCandi : Further Plan 
    10 김민구 NA 
    17 이혜원 NA 
    24 박찬희 NA 
    24 박유랑 Comparison of XPERANTO and mAdb 
    31 정희준 NA 
    31 김민구 NA 

    05 이혜원 NA 
    05 정희준 PathFCA: applied Mouse Kidney Data 
    12 서화정 Clinical-Genomic integration within CDA - INTRO. 
    12 박유랑 NA 
    19 이석호 NA 
    26 김옥구 PK Profile 예측 시스템 연구 
    26 박찬희 약물유전체 genotype data 를 human whole genome 에 mapping 시켜 display 하기 

    01 박유랑 Affy data in XPERANTO(XPERANTO Release plan –1) 
    01 정희준 Clustering Analysis using FCA 
    08 서화정 Extraction of standardized XML DTD (structural constraints) from clinical document 
    08 김민구 Biological justification of order-preserving submatrix 
    22 이혜원 Object model for Tissue microarray 
    22 이석호 BioCandi Reformulation 
    29 김옥구 PharmacoGenomics 관심분야 및 공부현황 
    29 박찬희 KPRN data 입력 페이지 

    17 김민구 The Biginning 
    24 박찬희 Beginning of AppGen 

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