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04 박유랑 Metadata Registry based integration and transformation between openEHR archetype and HL7 template  Seminar
27 박유랑 CCR : Extended personal health record standard with semantic and syntactic compliance on the ASTM CCR.   TopicSem

06 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 7차 프로젝트 미팅   BioEMR
09 박유랑 CCR 프로젝트 시연 준비   BioEMR

01 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 5차 프로젝트 미팅  BioEMR
22 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 6차 프로젝트 미팅   BioEMR

09 박유랑 Medication spec. and ETL Processes  TopicSem
11 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 4차 프로젝트 미팅   BioEMR

06 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 2차 프로젝트 미팅  BioEMR
23 박유랑 Define medication specification and ETL rules   TopicSem
25 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 3차 프로젝트 미팅   BioEMR
28 박유랑 Quality evaluation of value sets from cancer study common data elements using the UMLS semantic groups     J.Club

12 박유랑 MDR based semantic consistent exchange on clinical document  TopicSem
15 박유랑 CCR & BioEMR 1차 프로젝트 미팅  BioEMR
17 박유랑 Impact of data fragmentation across healthcare centers on the accuracy of a high-throughput clinical phenotyping algorithm for specifying subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus     J.Club
28 박유랑 CCR 프로젝트 진행 계획 및 시연 준비사항  TopicSem

01 박유랑 Qualitative and Quantitative comparison of content constraint models   TopicSem

04 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange  TopicSem

31 박유랑 Validation of a common data model for active safety surveillance research     J.Club

02 박유랑 Method for measuring semantic interoperability   TopicSem
05 박유랑 Integrating clinical research with the Healthcare Enterprise: From the RE-USE 3 project to the EHR4CR platform     J.Club
30 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange (Schematron 기반 구현)  TopicSem

12 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange   TopicSem

03 박유랑 Quality Evaluation of Cancer Study Common Data Elements Using the UMLS Semantic Network     J.Club
21 박유랑 MDR based semantic consistent exchange on clinical document  TopicSem

10 박유랑 Measuring semantic interoperability  TopicSem
13 박유랑 Mapping clinical phenotype data elements to standardized metadata repositories and controlled terminologies: the eMERGE Network experience     J.Club
24 박유랑 Pathway Analysis, Gene Ontology Analysis and Biological Text Mining   TopicSem

06 박유랑 Health Avatars  TopicSem
18 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange -openEHR archetype & HL7 Template  TopicSem

15 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange -HL7 Template implementation-  TopicSem
18 박유랑 Data standards for clinical research data collection forms: current status and challenges     J.Club
28 박유랑 Health Avatars  BioEMR

18 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange   TopicSem

04 박유랑 Gene product overlap in GO annotation  TopicSem
05 박유랑 CCR plus attributes   BioEMR
09 박유랑 The military health system`s personal health record pilot with Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health     J.Club
27 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange   TopicSem

07 박유랑 HealthAvatar CCR   BioEMR
09 박유랑 Achieving semantic interoperability in clinical and biomedical domain based on an international metadata description and registration standard   TopicSem

16 박유랑 Metadata distance network by semantic similarity  TopicSem
19 박유랑 NINDS common data element project: a long-awaited breakthrough in streamlining trials.     J.Club

03 박유랑 Development of semantic similarity based metadata distance measure  TopicSem
08 박유랑 Approaching semantic interoperability in Health Level Seven     J.Club
24 박유랑 CCR Network for Exchange and sharing   TopicSem

06 박유랑 BMESH Release plan  Seminar
08 박유랑 Semantic similarity based metadata clustering  TopicSem

11 박유랑 CHMR Release plan  BioEMR

09 박유랑 Scaling the walls of discovery: using semantic metadata for integrative problem solving     J.Club
11 박유랑 CCR Plus Bug report   Seminar
20 박유랑 Metadata based value inference for integrating data from multiple studies  TopicSem

09 박유랑 Achieving interoperability for metadata registries using comparative object modeling  BioEMR

19 박유랑 Automatic classification of Metadata  TopicSem
28 박유랑 Supporting Ontology-Based Dynamic Property and Classification in WebSphere Metadata Server     J.Club

09 박유랑 MINI-J Semantic web data warehousing for caGrid     BioEMR
10 박유랑 Semantic web data warehousing for caGrid     J.Club
16 박유랑 Reconstruction of GO graph based on GO annotation  BioEMR

03 박유랑 Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health  Seminar
04 박유랑 Harmonization of health data at national level: A pilot study in China  BioEMR
05 박유랑 Harmonization of health data at national level: A pilot study in China     J.Club
10 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic classification on metadata  Seminar

03 박유랑 CCR implementation plan in Smartphone  Seminar
07 박유랑 CCR Brainstorming  BioEMR
10 박유랑 CCR 시나리오  Seminar
17 박유랑 EMR 서식에서 메타데이터 추출 계획  Seminar
31 박유랑 CCR 구현 계획  Seminar

02 박유랑 A metadata approach for clinical data management in translational genomics studies in breast cancer.  BioEMR
12 박유랑 BioEMR 팀 진행점검  Seminar
24 박유랑 A metadata approach for clinical data management in translational genomics studies in breast cancer.     J.Club

13 박유랑 The Enterprise Data Trust at Mayo Clinic: a semantically integrated warehouse of biomedical data     J.Club
15 박유랑 Standards for achieving interoperability using metadata  Seminar
19 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic semantic annotator on metadata (Proposal)  BioEMR
22 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic semantic annotator on metadata  Seminar
29 박유랑 Vocabulary based automatic semantic annotator on metadata  Seminar

16 박유랑 USHIK Analysis Plan  Seminar
18 박유랑 BMESH 프로젝트 진행사항 점검  BioEMR
22 박유랑 BMESH 프로젝트 진행 점검  Seminar

18 박유랑 BMESH : Semantic infrastructure  Seminar
18 박유랑 BMESH: Semantic infrastructure  BioEMR
23 박유랑 Automated Database Mediation Using Ontological metadata mappings     J.Club
25 박유랑 팀 프로젝트 진행을 위한 교육  Seminar
25 박유랑 팀 프로젝트 진행을 위한 교육  BioEMR
29 박유랑 Achieving interoperability between MDRs  BioEMR

14 박유랑 RDF based metadata exchange format  Seminar
19 박유랑 Metadata-Driven Software for Clinical Trials     J.Club
30 박유랑 Metadata exchange format in Biomedical MDRs  Seminar

27 박유랑 Metadata exchange format & CCR 구현 진척사항  Seminar
29 박유랑 Bridging real world semantics to model world semantics for taxonomy based knowledge representation system     J.Club

06 박유랑 Metadata based semantic and syntactic enrichment method in HL7 CDA  Seminar
23 박유랑 CCR 구현 계획  Seminar
27 박유랑 메타데이터의 표현 및 등록 국제 표준에 기반한 의학 및 생명과학 자료의 의미론적 상호 운용성 확보  Seminar

15 박유랑 DESH 확장 -CDISC STDM, LOINC-  Seminar
27 박유랑 The clinical document architecture and the continuity of care record: a critical analysis     J.Club

11 박유랑 BioEMR version 3.0 계획  Seminar
16 박유랑 HL7 RIM: An Incoherent Standard     J.Club
28 박유랑 BMESH - Ontology, FCA Analysis & SDTM-  Seminar

06 박유랑 BMESH (Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health) - 2  Seminar
11 박유랑 Clinical Research Informatics: Challenges, Opportunities and Definition for an Emerging Domain [Clinical Research]    J.Club
23 박유랑 ISO 11179 모델 및 CHMR 수정  Seminar

23 박유랑 Biomedical Metadata Element Standard for Health  Seminar

09 박유랑 BioEMR 관련연구  Seminar
26 박유랑 BioEMR extractor -CDA-  Seminar
28 박유랑 Metadata mapping and reuse in caBIG     J.Club

05 박유랑 BioEMR (Display & Subgroup)  Seminar
19 박유랑 BioEMR Multi-center CTMS  Seminar
31 박유랑 The Common Data Elements for cancer research: remarks on functions and structure.     J.Club

15 박유랑 Development of CTMS for multi-center clinical trial  Seminar
20 박유랑 Research electronic data capture (REDCap)-A metadata-driven methodology and workflow process for providing translational research informatics support.     J.Club

06 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 완료 및 시나리오 적용  Seminar
15 박유랑 Auditing the Semantic Completeness of SNOMED CT Using Formal Concept Analysis     J.Club
27 박유랑 BioEMR 실전 시나리오  Seminar

02 박유랑 BioEMR 구현발표  Seminar
11 박유랑 Translational Bioinformatics: Coming of Age  J.Club
20 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 및 계획  Seminar

11 박유랑 DTS review, BioEMR 구현  Seminar

11 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(6) - Class diagram & UI 구현-  Seminar
25 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(7) -Class diagram 구현-  Seminar
30 박유랑 semCDI: A Query Formulation for Semantic Data Integration in caBIG       J.Club

05 박유랑 A semantic grid infrastructure enabling integrated access and analysis of multilevel biomedical data in support of postgenomic clinical trials on cancer.     J.Club
14 박유랑 Development plan for metadata in clinical research  Seminar
21 박유랑 FDA Result Data Entry Mockup  Seminar
26 박유랑 The Primary Care Research Object Model (PCROM): A Computable Information Model for Practice-Based Primary Care Research     J.Club

07 박유랑 Metadata review     J.Club
13 박유랑 Metadata 기획(1)  Seminar
30 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(5) - DB schema & Class diagram-  Seminar

02 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(3) -요건분석-  Seminar
10 박유랑 HealthMap: Global Infectious Disease Monitoring through Automated Classification and Visualization of Internet Media Reports     J.Club
26 박유랑 BioEMR 구현계획(4) -Interface design & DB schema-  Seminar

04 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 계획 (1)  Seminar
12 박유랑 Epoch: an Ontological Framework to Support Clinical Trials Management     J.Club
18 박유랑 BioEMR 구현 계획 (2) -Project 수행-  Seminar

08 박유랑 Sharing Data and Analytical Resources Securely in a Biomedical Research Grid Environment     J.Club
17 박유랑 CTIS review  Seminar

12 박유랑 Cohort integrated Database  Seminar
29 박유랑 BioEMR 2008 (계획)  Seminar

12 박유랑 The BRIDG Project: A Technical Report     J.Club
15 박유랑 Cohort project progress  Seminar

01 박유랑 Use of SNOMED CT to Represent Clinical Research Data: A Semantic Characterization of Data Items on Case Report Forms in Vasculitis Research     J.Club
07 박유랑 Integration of cohort data  Seminar
21 박유랑 The development of clinico-histopathological metadata for cancer-oriented research  Seminar
28 박유랑 The development of clinico-histopathological metadata  Seminar

16 박유랑 Project (BioEMR & Cohort) progress  Seminar
23 박유랑 NCRI Informatics initiative Review     Seminar

12 박유랑 유전체 코호트 진행사항  Seminar
20 박유랑 Estimating the annotation error rate of curated GO database sequence annotations.     J.Club
30 박유랑 BioEMR & Cohort Progress  Seminar

05 박유랑 Temporal DB review - I  Seminar
21 박유랑 Temporal DB Review 2  Seminar

01 박유랑 BioEMR: Project manager (XPERANTO/TMA 연결작업)  Seminar
11 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model : An Object Model for Cancer Research using Multiple Functional Genomics Data  J.Club
17 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model : An Object Model for Cancer Research using Multiple Functional Genomics Data  Seminar

13 박유랑 BioEMR : Project manager  Seminar
21 박유랑 Design aspects of a distributed clinical trials information system       J.Club

04 박유랑 GEODirect  Seminar
15 박유랑 PhactaManager Review&revision  Seminar
16 박유랑 Global clinical data interchange standards are here     J.Club
27 박유랑 BioEMR:Progress  Seminar

12 박유랑 Dynamic Tables: An Architecture for Managing Evolving, Heterogeneous Biomedical Data in Relational Database Management Systems     J.Club
18 박유랑 BioEMR : Experimental Metadata repository  Seminar

06 박유랑 GEO Direct deposit  Seminar
27 박유랑 BioEMR : Experimental metadata manager  Seminar

16 박유랑 BioEMR Project 진행사항 [BioEMR] Seminar
17 박유랑 A general temporal data model and the structured population event history register [Temporal modelMetadata]    J.Club

28 박유랑 GOChase2 progress [GOChase] Seminar

10 박유랑 GOChase 2 final [GOChase] Seminar
20 박유랑 The CAP cancer protocols--a case study of caCORE based data standards implementation to integrate with the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid. [caCORECAP cancer protocol]      J.Club
29 박유랑 XPERANTO 문제점과 개선방안  Seminar
31 박유랑 XPERANTO Progress (개선방안)  Seminar

16 박유랑 Finding function: evaluation methods for functional genomic data.       J.Club
20 박유랑 Assessing the consistency of GO annotation using orthologous genes [GOChase2] Seminar

08 박유랑 Identification of stage associated genes in breast carcinoma [meta analysisbreast cancer]    Seminar
25 박유랑 AMIA 2006 review [AMIAconference review] J.Club
29 박유랑 Gene-Gene graph  Seminar

18 박유랑 GOChase-II review&revision [GOChase2Ontology] Seminar

04 박유랑 [BioEMR]General form builder [BioEMR] BioEMR

07 박유랑 TMA DES based TMA XML export & import [TMATMA DES] xMutant
17 박유랑 A System for Automated Lexical Mapping [LOINC mappingtext mining]      J.Club
20 박유랑 BioEMR project: General form creator & registry [BioEMRTemplate] BioEMR
28 박유랑 Mapping of local clinical code to standard vocabulary [code mappingLOINC] xMutant

02 박유랑 CHMR 간략화 및 UMLS 연동  BioEMR
03 박유랑 CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) 개발 계획  xMutant
30 박유랑 TMA DES 작업 - XPERANTO-TMA 세부작업  BioEMR

01 박유랑 An XML-based System for Synthesis of Data from Disparate Databases     J.Club
03 박유랑 유방센터 데이터 요약  Seminar
11 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행계획 및 유방암센터 임상자료 Viewer 개발    BioEMR
19 박유랑 암 표준용어체계 및 메타데이터 저장소 개발과 이에 기반한 임상시험 정보시스템 개발  xMutant
29 박유랑 RxNorm: Prescription for electronic drug information exchange       J.Club

08 박유랑 유방암센터 EMR 자료 분석  xMutant

02 박유랑 CHMR  BioEMR
07 박유랑 Review of Knowledge Management System  xMutant
11 박유랑 A statistical approach to scanning the biomedical literature for pharmacogenetics knowledge.       J.Club
14 박유랑 Ontology and relational model in PharmGKB  xMutant

03 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress  xMutant
12 박유랑 CHMR 현황 및 진행계획    BioEMR
23 박유랑 GOChase 2: a framework for correcting semantic inconsistent annotation and improving accuracy of the functional analysis based on Gene Ontology  Seminar

08 박유랑 CHMR: Clinico-Histopahtological Metadata Registry    BioEMR
12 박유랑 GOChase-II  Seminar
20 박유랑 GOChase 2  xMutant
29 박유랑 HL7 Clinical Document Architecture, Release 2  BioEMR
31 박유랑 Overview of BioCreAtIvE: critical assessment of information extraction for biology       J.Club

10 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model :An Object Model for Cancer Research using Functional Genomics Data  BioEMR
15 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model :An Object Model for Cancer Research using Functional Genomics Data  xMutant
21 박유랑 Meta-data registry & a system for clinical trial  Seminar
29 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model :An Object Model for Cancer Research using Functional Genomics Data  xMutant

06 박유랑 A Framework for storing various biological material and multiple functional genomics data : an application in cancer genomics data  BioEMR
11 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model: An Object Model for Cancer Research using functional genomics data  xMutant
13 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model (progress)    BioEMR

03 박유랑 Ontological analysis of gene expression data current tools, limitations, and open problems       J.Club
06 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress - (manuscript & web interface)  xMutant
12 박유랑 GOChase II - final  Seminar
15 박유랑 A Framework for storing various biological material information and functional genomics data (Feasibility Study)  BioEMR

06 박유랑 Healthcare IT Collaboration in Massachusetts: The Experience of Creating Regional Connectivity       J.Club
09 박유랑 XPERANTO (Recent advances & migration)  xMutant
18 박유랑 A Framework for storing various biological material information and functional genomics data  BioEMR

12 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress (web interface)  xMutant

11 박유랑 Standardization initiatives in the (eco)toxicogenomics domain: a review       J.Club
14 박유랑 XPERANTO Progress (Biocandi 2 and Project)  xMutant
23 박유랑 ISO/IEC 11179 와 Entity-Attribute-Value 모델 기반의 임상자료 저장소의 구현  BioEMR
27 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행사항 - Clinical data storage [ClinInfo] Seminar
27 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행사항 ? Clinical data storage  BioEMR

10 박유랑 Progress of GOChase 2  xMutant
16 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행계획 [ClinInfo] Seminar
16 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행계획  BioEMR
19 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트: clinical data storage  BioEMR

19 박유랑 Progress of GOChase 2- Error (redundant and inconsistent annotation error) confirm  xMutant
30 박유랑 Genomic Messaging System and DNA Mark-Up Language for Information-Based Personalized Medicine with Clinical and Proteome Research Applications       J.Club

07 박유랑 Generating XML schemas for DICOM structured reporting templates.       J.Club
08 박유랑 Common Data Element(CDE)의 저장 포맷(ISO 11179)과 HL7 Template의 최신 동향  BioEMR
22 박유랑 GOChase 2: additional errors (implicit and true path rule errors) in GO-based annotations for gene products  xMutant
31 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model 진행사항  BioEMR

04 박유랑 NA  xMutant
26 박유랑 Implementation of Cancer Genomics Object Model [ClinInfo] Seminar

03 박유랑 Achieving Evolvable Web-Database Bioscience Applications Using the EAV/CR Framework: Recent Advances       J.Club
08 박유랑 GO Annotator: Web based utility for gene annotation with cross reference relationship in biological databases. [AppGen] Seminar
14 박유랑 NA  xMutant
18 박유랑 Cancer Genomics Object Model(2)  BioEMR

03 박유랑 MIAME/Onc 진행사항  xMutant
24 박유랑 Comparison of XPERANTO and mAdb  xMutant
28 박유랑 First Step: An Object model for Oncology research using Microaray (MAGE/Onc ? OM)  BioEMR

06 박유랑 Exploring the Portability of Informatics Capabilities from a Clinical Application to a Bioscience Application       J.Club
12 박유랑 NA  xMutant
23 박유랑 Guideline and web application for Microarray Experiment in Oncogenomics  BioEMR
27 박유랑 QIS: A framework for biomedical database federation.       J.Club

01 박유랑 Affy data in XPERANTO(XPERANTO Release plan –1)  xMutant
18 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA  Seminar
19 박유랑 Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment for Oncology research (MIAME/Oncology)  BioEMR

14 박유랑 INFOGENMED : virtual laboratory for accessing and integrating genetic and medical information for health applications  BioEMR

16 박유랑 An object model and database for biomedical informatics    BioEMR
28 박유랑 An object model and database for functional genomics.       J.Club

20 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (create template [Xperanto] Seminar

05 박유랑 ArrayTrack.Supporting Toxicogenomic Research at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration National Center for Toxicological Research       J.Club
08 박유랑 Integrating MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (first step: generating HL7 Template) [ClinInfo] Seminar
28 박유랑 Integrating MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE(Generating Template)    BioEMR

01 박유랑 Development of common data elements: the experience of and recommendations from the early detection research network       J.Club
24 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA - 1 (modeling CDA template for clinical data in microarray)    BioEMR

12 박유랑 CDA Release 1.0 DTD Integration - second story    BioEMR

08 박유랑 CDA Release 1.0 DTD Integration    BioEMR
13 박유랑 Ontology Versioning as an Element of an Ontology-Management Framework       J.Club

02 박유랑 Implementation CDE(common data element) in TrialDB    BioEMR

17 박유랑 caCORE: A common infrastructure for cancer informatics       J.Club

22 박유랑 Review of caCORE    BioEMR

10 박유랑 Clinical Trial Registry Systems    BioEMR
24 박유랑 Clinical Trial Registry Systems (review of TrialDB)    BioEMR

11 박유랑 Extension and integration of the gene ontology (GO): combining GO vocabularies with external vocabularies       J.Club
13 박유랑 About NCI CDE(Common Data Element)    BioEMR

06 박유랑 ChipInfo: Software for extracting gene annotation and gene ontology information for microarray analysis       J.Club
15 박유랑 Cancer    BioEMR
29 박유랑 Cancer Coding Standard ICD-O    BioEMR

11 박유랑 역학 DB(CancerDB) schema 분석  BioEMR
25 박유랑 다른 나라의 cancer DB 구축 사례- NCI caCORE I    BioEMR

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