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09 이혜원 Progress in developing template in Xperanto-TMA  BioEMR
10 이혜원 TG2-Knockout mouse Data Analysis     xMutant
22 이혜원 Bombarding MGED with Xperanto-TMA [TMA-OMMGED] Seminar

12 이혜원 Progress in Cybrid Data Analysis     xMutant

14 이혜원 Progress in Xperanto-TMA  BioEMR
20 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA  Seminar
29 이혜원 Progress in Cybrid data analysis     xMutant

09 이혜원 Xperanto-Tox: strategy for data modeling toxicogenomics experiment    BioEMR
11 이혜원 Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) object model for toxicology data, SysTox-OM: design and application.       J.Club
21 이혜원 Progress in Liver Cancer Data Analysis     xMutant
27 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA release and Application Notes  Seminar

09 이혜원 간암 데이터 분석  Seminar
10 이혜원 Mitochondria Cybrid Data Analysis  xMutant
19 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA: implementation for applying templates  BioEMR

01 이혜원 Xperanto-Tox: Integration of Xperanto and Xperanto-TMA for toxicogenomics    BioEMR
05 이혜원 Xperanto-Tox: integrating Xperanto with TMA-OM  Seminar
13 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA: Templates and Data Elements  xMutant
19 이혜원 Creating a discussion group for TMA-OM users  Seminar
22 이혜원 Draft data model for representing toxicological assessments  BioEMR

03 이혜원 Approaches for integration of XPERANTO and XPERANTO-TMA    BioEMR
07 이혜원 Success factors for TMA-OM publication & defense  Seminar
08 이혜원 Liver Cancer Data Analysis: focusing on Recurrence  xMutant
26 이혜원 A new algorithm for comparing and visulaizing relationships beween hierarchical and flat gene expression data clusterings       J.Club

06 이혜원 Liver Cancer Data Analysis: Understanding clinical data on liver cancer patients    BioEMR
18 이혜원 Liver cancer data analysis using BIOCANDI  xMutant
24 이혜원 "Developing a data model for integrative analysis of DNA microarray, Tissue microarray and arrayCGH for cancer genomics research"  Seminar

01 이혜원 BioCandi Module: Filtering Genes with Low Variance  BioEMR
06 이혜원 Data Analysis: Hepatocelluar Carcinoma Data  xMutant

06 이혜원 Visualizing information across multidimensional post-genomic structured and textual databases     J.Club
11 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA : progress in the "XML Export" function  BioEMR

19 이혜원 Hepatocelluar carcinoma data analysis : Preprocessing  xMutant

07 이혜원 Integration of TMA-OM and MAGE-OM: Scenario and draft model  xMutant
16 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA 개발 진행상황: View 부분 구현과 Vocabulary 입력  BioEMR
25 이혜원 Integration of text- and data-mining using ontologies successfully selects disease gene candidates       J.Club

02 이혜원 Integration of Xperanto-TMA and Xperanto [AppGen] Seminar
03 이혜원 Summary of TMA-OM and Xperanto-TMA  xMutant

21 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA : Test using Real Data  BioEMR

11 이혜원 NA  xMutant
21 이혜원 Progress in developing TMA-OM and Xperanto-TMA [ClinInfo] Seminar
24 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA system 개발 진행사항  BioEMR

14 이혜원 Hierarchical clustering analysis of tissue microarray immunostaining data identifies prognostically significant groups of breast carcinoma.       J.Club
15 이혜원 Analysis method review of TMA data for querying Xperanto-TMA  BioEMR

04 이혜원 Object model and database for tissue microarray  BioEMR
07 이혜원 object model and relational database for tissue microarray  xMutant
28 이혜원 NA  xMutant

01 이혜원 [TMA] Relational database for tissue microarray  MAInfo
17 이혜원 NA  xMutant
27 이혜원 The ArrayExpress Gene Expression Database: a Software Engineering and implementation Perspective       J.Club

03 이혜원 An object model and database for tissue microarray  MAInfo
05 이혜원 NA  xMutant

04 이혜원 Object Model for Tissue Microarray Data  Seminar
13 이혜원 An object model for tissue microarray : comparison with DNA microarray  MAInfo
22 이혜원 Object model for Tissue microarray  xMutant
30 이혜원 CEBS object model for systems biology data, SysBio-OM       J.Club

04 이혜원 The tissue microarray data exchange specification: implementation by the Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource.       J.Club

10 이혜원 Summary of Gene Structure  Seminar
18 이혜원 Methods in Lung Cancer Data Analysis  MAInfo
31 이혜원 Predicting genetic regulatory response using classification       J.Club

14 이혜원 Data Analysis - Radiation Data  MAInfo

23 이혜원 Microarray image acquisition and analysis  MAInfo

24 이혜원 Common structural patterns in human genes.       J.Club

06 이혜원 Molecular profiling of mouse lung tumors: association with tumor progression, lung development, and human lung adenocarcinomas       J.Club
24 이혜원 Analysis of Radiation data  MAInfo

10 이혜원 Gene expression profile of normal lungs predicts genetic predisposition to lung cancer in mice       J.Club

06 이혜원 Review of BRB ArrayTools  MAInfo
22 이혜원 A training-testing approach to the molecular classification of resected non-small cell lung cancer       J.Club
27 이혜원 Data processing of Lung Cancer Data  MAInfo

16 이혜원 Expression profiles of non-small cell lung cancers on cDNA microarray : Identification of genes for prediction of lymph-node metastasis and sensitivity to anti-cancer drugs  MAInfo

04 이혜원 Classification of human lung carcinomas by mRNA expression profiling reveals distinct adenocarcinoma subclasses  MAInfo
08 이혜원 Molecular Profiling of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Correlation with Disease-free Survival       J.Club
27 이혜원 Association of genes to genetically inherited diseases using data mining       J.Club

07 이혜원 cDNA Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Pathologic Stage 1A Nonsmall Cell Lung Carcinomas  MAInfo

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