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10 김혜현 Back on Track: A Mobile App Observational Study Using Apple ResearchKit Framework     J.Club
28 김혜현 Renewal Design of Avatar Beans  TopicSem
29 김혜현 Renewal of Data Workflow from EMR/OCS to XNetHub  BioEMR

18 김혜현 Representation of cCDE and constraints in CHMR   BioEMR
29 김혜현 Progress of DNet CDE FINAL version  TopicSem

01 김혜현 Successful weight reduction and maintenance by using a smartphone application in those with overweight and obesity     J.Club
19 김혜현 Comparison derived DE to composite DE in discussion  TopicSem

06 김혜현 Applying composite CDEs in eCRFs of Pharmacogenetic study  TopicSem

23 김혜현 TTA monthly meeting   BioEMR
28 김혜현 소아암 연구 관련 eCRF 진행상황  BioEMR

07 김혜현 Opening the Duke electronic health record to apps: Implementing SMART on FHIR     J.Club
18 김혜현 CDE template forms status in NIH CDE Browser  BioEMR
23 김혜현 Development and validation of Dictionary cCDE  TopicSem

07 김혜현 BMESH browser 진행상황  BioEMR
08 김혜현 표준회의 12월 월례회의 발표자료  BioEMR
19 김혜현 Revised figures of cCDE types  TopicSem

09 김혜현 Developing Xnet CDE Browser  TopicSem

22 김혜현 Detecting Unplanned Care From Clinician Notes in Electronic Health Records     J.Club
25 김혜현 Preparation of APAMI 2016  BioEMR
27 김혜현 Preparation of APAMI 2016 2  BioEMR

26 김혜현 MDR기반 PHR 운용을 위한 참조모델  TopicSem
28 김혜현 Panel based new design of BMESH browser  BioEMR

01 김혜현 MDR 기반 개인건강기록 운용을 위한 참조모델의 이해  BioEMR
06 김혜현 Developing a data element repository to support EHR-driven phenotype algorithm authoring and execution     J.Club
10 김혜현 Revised evaluation results for semantic relationships of CDEs  TopicSem
22 김혜현 CDE Brower ing  BioEMR

04 김혜현 Constraints and evaluation results for semantic relationships of CDEs  TopicSem
21 김혜현 메타데이터 등록소 기반 개인건강기록 운용을 위한 참조모델      BioEMR

07 김혜현 New figure for CDE relationships  BioEMR

03 김혜현 IoA3 홈페이지 업데이트 - 아바타,메인화면정의  BioEMR
13 김혜현 [TTA회의] 표준3 개요  BioEMR
21 김혜현 Harnessing person-generated health data to accelerate patient-centered outcomes research: the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America PCORnet Patient Powered Research Network     J.Club
25 김혜현 New figures and tables for the paper of composite common data elements  TopicSem

08 김혜현 [TTA Kickoff]Exchnage of MDR based-PHR in multi-centers  BioEMR
20 김혜현 CDE Browser classified by CMO, Forms in Xnet   TopicSem
21 김혜현 [Off meeting]Design of Xnet Web Page  BioEMR
28 김혜현 Design of Xnet Web Page_update  BioEMR

03 김혜현 MELLO 레지스트 현황 및 웹 접속 현황 분석  BioEMR
12 김혜현 An exploratory study using an openEHR 2-level modeling approach to represent common data elements     J.Club
14 김혜현 Review of NIH CDE Repository and Design of CDE Browser  TopicSem
15 김혜현 CDE Browser Design  BioEMR
28 김혜현 Design of BMeSH Browser  BioEMR

15 김혜현 Ensuring Semantic Interoperability in the Course of Clinical Document Exchange using Metadata Registry related Technologies  Seminar
21 김혜현 Avatars Team Review  BioEMR
23 김혜현 Use of the Blue Button Online Tool for Sharing Health Information: Qualitative Interviews With Patients and Providers     J.Club
25 김혜현 MELLO Website Analytics  TopicSem

28 김혜현 Figures and tables for semantic relationships  TopicSem

23 김혜현 Upgraded CMO  TopicSem

10 김혜현 Standardizing data exchange for clinical research protocols and case report forms: An assessment of the suitability of the CDISC ODM     J.Club
14 김혜현 Compare models, CCD, CCR, and FHIR and apply metadata among them   TopicSem

07 김혜현 Metadata Registry based Creation and Validation of Personal Health Record  TopicSem
17 김혜현 Design of the integrated DE with DE variations according to various VD   BioEMR

08 김혜현 Design of Medication Dictionary cDE for DialysisNet  BioEMR
11 김혜현 Development, implementation, and initial evaluation of a foundational open interoperability standard for oncology treatment planning and summarization     J.Club
13 김혜현 Design of Medication Dictionary for developing cDE  TopicSem

04 김혜현 CCR/CCD 기반 개인건강기록 교환 모델  BioEMR
22 김혜현 Design of metadata based model transformation among different data models  TopicSem
29 김혜현 TTA_standard for MDR based PHR     BioEMR

20 김혜현 Lifelog data in CCR with using MELLO terms  TopicSem

15 김혜현 (김효정) A Log Analysis of Query Patterns on YUHS Clinical Data Retrieval system(CDRS)  BioEMR
20 김혜현 Three DE relationships with its features  TopicSem
22 김혜현 Journal Review_rare disease CDE with HL7 FHIR  BioEMR
25 김혜현 A methodology for a minimum data set for rare diseases to support national centers of excellence for healthcare and research     J.Club

18 김혜현 Definition of rules to descript how DEs are related in extended DE relationships  TopicSem
18 김혜현 Design of revised BMESH with DE generating and registering  BioEMR

02 김혜현 Process of building CCR+ template and conducting CCR+ validation  TopicSem
28 김혜현 Multi-source development of an integrated model for family health history     J.Club

07 김혜현 당화혈색소 예측 에이전트 수정 및 진행상황  BioEMR

20 김혜현 Are Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified EHRs ready for interoperability? Findings from the SMART C-CDA Collaborative     J.Club
24 김혜현 SMART CCDA scorecard  BioEMR
31 김혜현 Build hemodialysis DEs according to ISO/IEC 11179  TopicSem
31 김혜현 CMO Review by Medical Records Technicians  BioEMR

26 김혜현 Statistic result of CMO mapping to SNUH clinical document  TopicSem
26 김혜현 DialysisNet DEs 최종등록을 위한 SNUH DE와 비교 결과  BioEMR

22 김혜현 Overview of CMO with its statistics  TopicSem
22 김혜현 CMO evaluation result with SNUH clinical note  BioEMR

15 김혜현 Mapping result of CDO classes with UMLS  TopicSem
27 김혜현 Computing Health Quality Measures Using Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside     J.Club

02 김혜현 Multi-Institutional Sharing of Electronic Health Record Data to Assess Childhood Obesity     J.Club
06 김혜현 Practical examples of extended relationships of DEs in CCR   TopicSem
13 김혜현 Minor Modification of FamilyHistory and Medication sections in CCR   BioEMR

02 김혜현 Practical usage of extended relationships of DEs in CCR   TopicSem
02 김혜현 Lab panel info in UMLS LOINC  BioEMR

04 김혜현 Variable DE in CCR+ for representing Lab with LOINC  TopicSem
07 김혜현 Toward Enhanced Pharmacovigilance using Patient-Generated Data on the Internet   J.Club

12 김혜현 Complex CCR+  TopicSem
28 김혜현 Representation Lab in CCR+  BioEMR
30 김혜현 Establishing Semantic Relationships in MDR for Representing PHR  Seminar

02 김혜현 Comparison lifelong term mapping rate in SNOMED-CT and MELLO  TopicSem
05 김혜현 Using ontology-based annotation to profile disease research     J.Club
10 김혜현 Current status of CCR with composite DE  BioEMR
24 김혜현 Medication in CCR with metadata id annotation  BioEMR

10 김혜현 MELLO based convertor for representing lifelog terms  TopicSem
25 김혜현 2차 BioEMR 공개방안 회의  BioEMR
26 김혜현 Composite DE in CCR 현황  BioEMR

05 김혜현 Design for medical data sharing among multiple institutes with CCR   TopicSem
18 김혜현 BMESH 현황 및 진행계획  BioEMR
20 김혜현 Result of extracting nutrition data for researching of lifelog  BioEMR

04 김혜현 Development and evaluation of an ensemble resource linking medications to their indications     J.Club
13 김혜현 Plan for MELLO Converter  TopicSem

12 김혜현 MELLO with auto completion search function  BioEMR
16 김혜현 Preliminary outcome of MELLO with search function  TopicSem

16 김혜현 A method for inferring medical diagnoses from patient similarities     J.Club
20 김혜현 Preliminary outcome of MELLO with completion of gathering synonyms and definitions  TopicSem

23 김혜현 Assembled lifelog data structure based on MELLO  TopicSem
31 김혜현 MELLO items for representing assemble lifelog data  BioEMR

04 김혜현 MEDINFO2013 Review  TopicSem
06 김혜현 교수님과 회의_환자용 DialysisNet  BioEMR
16 김혜현 CCR/CCD/CCDA? What is our choice?  TopicSem
24 김혜현 Mapping rules for converting CCR to CCD  BioEMR
28 김혜현 Normalized names for clinical drugs: RxNorm at 6 years     J.Club

10 김혜현 The feasibility of QR-code prescription in Taiwan     J.Club

12 김혜현 MELLO: Medical Life-Log Ontology     Seminar
24 김혜현 MELLO based lifelog data model  TopicSem

03 김혜현 The Form Builder in CDISC Transformer  TopicSem
15 김혜현 A corpus-based approach for automated LOINC mapping  J.Club

08 김혜현 Demonstration of the CDISC Transformer (SDTM Transformer)  TopicSem

05 김혜현 1차 에이전트 시나리오 리뷰팀 보고  BioEMR
11 김혜현 HealthPro review and future develop plan  BioEMR
12 김혜현 16차 교수님과회의 - 팀계획_BMESH 현황_HealthPro 현황_DialysisNet_재활의학과   BioEMR
17 김혜현 Demonstration of the CDISC Transformer (ODM Transformer)  TopicSem
18 김혜현 BMESH 현황파악 및 계획  BioEMR
18 김혜현 BEMSH Plan_metadata  BioEMR
20 김혜현 SHRINE: Enabling Nationally Scalable Multi-Site Disease Studies     J.Club
26 김혜현 17차 교수님과회의_HealthPro진행사항_CDO맵핑현황_DialysisNet1차병원테스트계획  BioEMR

02 김혜현 Lifelog Data Model and Management: Study on Research Challenges     J.Club
04 김혜현 Life-log data in CCR : Issue of handling sensor data stream  TopicSem

04 김혜현 CDISC Transformer metadata driven semi-automatic transformation of clinical research data to CDISC ODM  Seminar
14 김혜현 HealthAvatar  BioEMR

28 김혜현 Life-log data in CCR : Metadata driven lifelog classification  TopicSem

08 김혜현 Federated ontology-based queries over cancer data  J.Club
21 김혜현 15차 CCR & BioEMR 교수님과 회의   BioEMR
31 김혜현 Personalized Physiomics Data into CCR+  TopicSem

02 김혜현 13차 CCR & BioEMR 교수님과 회의   BioEMR
10 김혜현 Clinical documentation: composition or synthesis?     J.Club
16 김혜현 Scenario for CCR & Dialysis demonstration including clinical meaning  BioEMR
26 김혜현 Incorporating Personalized Physiomics Data into CCR Standard  TopicSem
30 김혜현 14차 CCR & BioEMR 교수님과 회의   BioEMR
30 김혜현 11차 위탁과제  BioEMR

10 김혜현 Workflow for an Algorithm of Blood Glucose Prediction   BioEMR
11 김혜현 시나리오 TF팀 1st meeting  BioEMR
19 김혜현 12차 CCR & BioEMR 교수님과 회의  BioEMR
24 김혜현 Senario for data sharing demonstartion between CCR and DialysisNet   BioEMR
25 김혜현 CCR meeting with ETRI  BioEMR
26 김혜현 11차 위탁과제 회의  BioEMR
29 김혜현 CDISC ODM Convertor in CDISC Transformer  TopicSem

03 김혜현 Diabetes Management by Social Network  TopicSem
07 김혜현 CCR & BioEMR 10차 프로젝트 미팅  BioEMR
08 김혜현 Portability of an algorithm to identify rheumatoid arthritis in electronic health records     J.Club
19 김혜현 CDISC Transformer: meta-data and CDASH driven semi-automatic transformation of eCRF to CDISC ODM and SDTM model  TopicSem
22 김혜현 9차 위탁과제 실무자회의  BioEMR
22 김혜현 CCR &BioEMR 11차 회의  BioEMR

10 김혜현 CCR & BioEMR 9차 프로젝트 미팅   BioEMR
14 김혜현 Workflow for the CCR demonstration scenario   BioEMR
16 김혜현 NCRC Research in Avatar Team  BioEMR
16 김혜현 Workflow for the CCR demonstration scenario - using Sever  BioEMR
28 김혜현 임상시험 피험자모집 에이전트 설계  BioEMR
30 김혜현 CCR 운영 시나리오  BioEMR

07 김혜현 An i2b2-based, generalizable, open source, self-scaling chronic disease registry     J.Club
25 김혜현 Better Performance of CDISC Transformer as using CDASH  TopicSem
27 김혜현 CCR & BioEMR 8차 프로젝트 미팅   BioEMR
27 김혜현 7차 위탁과제 실무자회의  BioEMR

01 김혜현 HealthAvatar Policy Taxonomy  BioEMR
12 김혜현 From web search to healthcare utilization:privacy-sensitive studies from mobile data  BioEMR
26 김혜현 Social Network를 기반한 당뇨병 환자의 중재프로그램  BioEMR
27 김혜현 Improve matching rate of the CDISC Transformer with CDASH  TopicSem

01 김혜현 에이전트 시나리오 - 초기 설정  BioEMR
07 김혜현 HealthAvatar Platform Scenario  TopicSem
23 김혜현 Diabetes management by intervention as health avatar scenario  TopicSem

06 김혜현 헬스아바타 플랫폼 시나리오  BioEMR
07 김혜현 The SMART Platform: early experience enabling substitutable applications for electronic health records     J.Club
14 김혜현 AMIA Review  J.Club
16 김혜현 Representation of basic results data based on CDISC ADaM model  TopicSem

03 김혜현 Social but safe? Quality and safety of diabetes-related online social networks     J.Club
09 김혜현 Adoption of electronic health records by medical specialty societies  BioEMR
26 김혜현 CDISC Transformer: meta-data driven semi-automatic transformation of eCRF to CDISC ODM and SDTM models  TopicSem
30 김혜현 Simple Review of PCEHR  BioEMR

16 김혜현 Query design in BMeSH browser  BioEMR
27 김혜현 Contents of BMeSH browser  TopicSem

19 김혜현 Life log review in Health Avatar platform   BioEMR
20 김혜현 Use of diverse electronic medical record systems to identify genetic risk for type 2 diabetes within a genome-wide association study     J.Club
30 김혜현 Representation of basic results data based on CDISC AdaM model  TopicSem

03 김혜현 BioPortal: enhanced functionality via new Web services from the National Center for Biomedical Ontology to access and use ontologies in software applications     J.Club
21 김혜현 Completion of the CDISC Transformer (1st phase)  TopicSem
22 김혜현 Life log data standard for Health Avatar Platform  BioEMR
30 김혜현 Development and evaluation of a common data model enabling active drug safety surveillance using disparate healthcare databases     BioEMR

16 김혜현 [mini_j]eleMAP in eMERGE  BioEMR
25 김혜현 Lifelog data from 3-2 part  BioEMR
28 김혜현 New Design of CDISC Transformer with ODM and CDASH  TopicSem

01 김혜현 Using machine learning for concept extraction on clinical documents from multiple data sources     J.Club
05 김혜현 CDISC Transformer with Web Interface  TopicSem
06 김혜현 CDISC Standards at Core of FDA Cross-study Clinical Trial Repository Project   BioEMR
14 김혜현 Additional information for SMArt Platform  BioEMR
27 김혜현 CDISC Transformer - Web program progress  BioEMR
31 김혜현 CDISC Transformer UI & ADaM Plan   TopicSem

07 김혜현 Conversion CDISC ODM model into SDTM model through CDISC Transformer  TopicSem
22 김혜현 Medical Entity Recognition Methods for improving MMtx performance  BioEMR

04 김혜현 CDASH involved CDISC Transformer  BioEMR
06 김혜현 Sharing Data for Public Health Research by Members of an International Online Diabetes Social Network     J.Club
31 김혜현 ODM transformer with SAMPLESTRA  BioEMR

05 김혜현 Indivo & SMART platform  BioEMR
15 김혜현 ODM specific CDISC Transformer plan  BioEMR
25 김혜현 CDISC Transformer for converting ODM with CDASH  TopicSem
26 김혜현 Interoperability Showcase in CDISC: news  BioEMR

01 김혜현 Data interoperability between SDTM model and ODM model in CDISC Transformer  TopicSem
09 김혜현 BMeSH Web Browser Design   BioEMR
14 김혜현 Specific Contents in BMeSH  BioEMR
21 김혜현 Indivo: a personally controlled health record for health information exchange and communication  BioEMR
27 김혜현 BMeSH Web Design Structure  TopicSem

07 김혜현 The Results Database Update and Key Issues     J.Club
09 김혜현 CDISC Transformer progress and ODM overview  TopicSem
17 김혜현 CDISC Transformer progress  BioEMR
24 김혜현 Understanding of RDF  BioEMR
28 김혜현 AGUIA: autonomous graphical user interface assembly for clinical trials semantic data services     J.Club

12 김혜현 CDISC Transformer 진행을 위한 ODM, ADaM, Define.xml 리뷰  BioEMR
13 김혜현 Subsumption test progress in CDISC transformer   TopicSem
26 김혜현 INDIVO overview  BioEMR

05 김혜현 Future Developments of Medical Informatics from the Viewpoint of Networked Clinical Research     J.Club
21 김혜현 CDISC SDTM Variable mapping rule  BioEMR
23 김혜현 Subsumption test result and Method for searching attributes in CDISC Transformer  TopicSem

09 김혜현 CDISC Project Plan in 2nd year focusing ADaM  TopicSem
14 김혜현 BMESH Website Release Plan  BioEMR
28 김혜현 Subsumption test progress and plan  TopicSem
28 김혜현 CDISC transformer 2_paper contents  BioEMR

15 김혜현 The UMLS-CORE project: a study of the problem list terminologies used in large healthcare institutions      J.Club

02 김혜현 The overview of Metamap     BioEMR
27 김혜현 CDISC Transformer interface & its working progress  TopicSem

08 김혜현 CDISC Plan  Seminar
11 김혜현 Other MDRs (MeTEOR, USHIK)  BioEMR
18 김혜현 CDISC Project Plan  BioEMR
22 김혜현 CDISC Project plan  Seminar
25 김혜현 Changed USHIK Structure and its components  BioEMR
25 김혜현 CDISC testset     BioEMR

02 김혜현 Heterogeneity prevails: the state of clinical trial data management in Europe - results of a survey of ECRIN centres     J.Club
06 김혜현 CDISC Transformer Structure  TopicSem

01 김혜현 CDISC Transformer- Mapping rule     TopicSem
30 김혜현 CDISC transformer structure  BioEMR

07 김혜현 The FDA Critical Path Initiative and Its Influence on New Drug Development     J.Club
26 김혜현 SNOMED CT(R) and NCBI taxonomy     BookReading

03 김혜현 Toward an ontology-based framework for clinical research databases     J.Club
23 김혜현 CM, IE, PE, DM ANALYSIS     BioEMR

14 김혜현 CCR Design  BioEMR
28 김혜현 CDISC Standard-based Electronic Archiving of Clinical Trials     BioEMR

23 김혜현 METeOR 진행사항 및 Medical app. in iPhone  BioEMR
30 김혜현 CCR 관련 app. in smart phone  BioEMR

12 김혜현 CDISC Validator review  BioEMR

04 김혜현 USHIK 리뷰  BioEMR

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