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08 강기원 A basic study design for expedited safety signal evaluation based on electronic healthcare data     J.Club

03 강기원 Detection of acute adverse drug reactions in clopidogrel through system using incidence density ratio(IDR) in electronic medical records   TopicSem
20 강기원 Epigenetic Epidemiology of Common Complex Disease: Prospects for Prediction, Prevention, and Treatment     J.Club

25 강기원 Identification and evaluation of a possible signal of exacerbation of colitis during rofecoxib treatment, using Prescription-Event Monitoring data     J.Club

14 강기원 Mining consequence events in temporal health data     J.Club

03 강기원 Applications in Detecting Adverse Drug Reactions : Applications in Detecting Adverse Drug Reactions     J.Club

22 강기원 A strategy for predicting the chemosensitivity of human cancers and its application to drug discovery     J.Club

11 강기원 age cluster validation- PCA in 3d plot  Seminar
21 강기원 Genomic signatures to guide the use of chemotherapeutics     J.Club

05 강기원 The character of age trajectory in population subgroup  Seminar
17 강기원 Gene expression signatures, clinicopathological features, and individualized therapy in breast cancer     J.Club
21 강기원 Results of Male-Aging Cluster in Training & Test set  Seminar

05 강기원 Validation of Biomarker-Based Risk Prediction Models     J.Club
16 강기원 Interpretation of age cluster- men,pre-menopause and post-menopause women  Seminar

13 강기원 Identifying the age related to cluster of physiological function  Seminar
31 강기원 Age cluster-PCA on incomplete data  Seminar

06 강기원 Age cluster : 10-fold cross validation  Seminar
15 강기원 Statistical Analysis of Image Data Provided by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis for Discovery Proteomics  BookReading
18 강기원 Decision support methods for the detection of adverse events in post-marketing data     J.Club
20 강기원 ADR_mining overview  Seminar

01 강기원 missing value management & factor score  Seminar
10 강기원 Computer-Assisted Reading of DNA Sequences  BookReading
13 강기원 Novel integration of hospital electronic medical records and gene expression measurements to identify genetic markers of maturation     J.Club
18 강기원 Multiple imputation & cluster intepretation  Seminar

12 강기원 Aging pattern cluster in human  TopicSem
14 강기원 Scale mistake and Outlier problem  Seminar

09 강기원 Biological aging in human population  Seminar
25 강기원 Changing course in ageing research- The Healthy Ageing Phenotype     J.Club
27 강기원 Making Rules related to the Age Clusters  Seminar
29 강기원 Measuring the Effects of Genes and Environment on Complex Traits  BookReading

09 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [4]  Seminar
21 강기원 aging from molecules to populations     J.Club
23 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [5]  Seminar

14 강기원 Meta-analysis of age-related gene expression profiles identifies common signatures of aging     J.Club
16 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [3]  Seminar

08 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population  Seminar
10 강기원 A method for identifying biomarkers of agings and constructing an index of biological age in humans     J.Club
29 강기원 Biological Age Pattern in Human Population [2]  Seminar

04 강기원 Biological age measurement  Seminar
06 강기원 Further evaluation of the basic nature of the human biological aging process based on a factor analysis of age-related physiological variables     J.Club
29 강기원 Biological Age Model  Seminar

01 강기원 A new approach to the concept and computation of biological age     J.Club
10 강기원 Biological Age in the healthy population [3]  Seminar
24 강기원 Analysis of the BA pattern in the pop.(lifestyle behavior $ dz. risk factor)  Seminar

09 강기원 Biological Age in the healthy population  Seminar
27 강기원 Biological Age in the healthy population [2]  Seminar

20 강기원 Disentangling the Genetic Determinants of Human Aging:Biological Age as an Alternative to the Use of Survival Measures     J.Club
22 강기원 Age Process analysis[1]  Seminar

14 강기원 노화  Seminar

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