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05 정용 Functional Characterization of Yeast DNA Motif Clusters: 정리 방향  TopicSem
15 정용 Discovery of Stress Responsive DNA Regulatory Motifs in Arabidopsis     J.Club

15 정용 Comparison between motif-centric and gene-centric method for Yeast DNA motif cluster functional annotation  TopicSem

03 정용 한국인 유전율 및 유전체 정보 제공 시스템 개발 계획   TopicSem
22 정용 Functional Characterization of Yeast DNA Motif Cluster: Further analysis  TopicSem

13 정용 Other known motifs occupancy and conservation score patterns according to TFBS/motifs proportions in each motif cluster  TopicSem
23 정용 Functional characterization of motif sequences under purifying selection     J.Club

02 정용 Functional Characterization of Transcription Factor Motifs Using Cross-species Comparison across Large Evolutionary Distances     J.Club
04 정용 Functional Characterization of Yeast DNA Motif Clusters using Multiple Annotation Methods  Seminar
04 정용 Functional Characterization of Yeast DNA Motif Clusters using Multiple Annotation Methods  TopicSem

02 정용 Comparison among DNA Motif Cluster Functional Annotation Methods - the Final Stage  TopicSem
05 정용 Contribution of Transcription Factor Binding Site Motif Variants to Condition-Specific Gene Expression Patterns in Budding Yeast     J.Club

03 정용 Functional Annotation for Yeast DNA Motif Clusters with Three Methods  TopicSem

22 정용 Construction of regulatory networks using expression time-series data of a genotyped population     J.Club
26 정용 Functional enrichment test for motif clusters - Constructing tri-partite graph  TopicSem

29 정용 Functional Enrichment test for motif clusters - sequence clustering using distributed computing  TopicSem

02 정용 Functional Annotation to Yeast DNA Motif Clusters: preliminary study  TopicSem

04 정용 Yeast DNA Motif Functional Annotation  TopicSem
16 정용 Clustering of DNA Sequences in Human Promoters     J.Club

04 정용 Status of text-mining techniques applied to biomedical text [Text miningbiomedical field]    J.Club
17 정용 GEORetrieval - Progress in GEOXperanto Query Builder [GEOXperantoQuery builder] Seminar
24 정용 General research plan: Chronic disease informatics [chronic diseaseobesitydiabetes] Seminar

06 정용 Progress in GEOXperanto Database Query interface for entire tables [Query builderGEOXperanto] Seminar
25 정용 GEORetrieval - Progress in GEOXperanto Query Builder [GEOXperantoQuery builder] Seminar

02 정용 MicroGen: a MIAME compliant web system for microarray experiment information and workflow management [MIAMEmicroarrayrepository]      J.Club
20 정용 Query Interface for entire tables in GEOXperanto database [GEOXperantoQuery builder] Seminar
30 정용 A UMLS-based spell checker for natural language processing in vaccine safety     J.Club

11 정용 GEOXperanto Query Scenario and Question [GEOXperantoUse scenario] Seminar
30 정용 GEOXperanto improvement status [GEOXperantoMGED OntologyBioCANDIterm mapping] Seminar

02 정용 To be a log distribution or not to be? That is the question! [ClassificationDistributionSkewnessLogarithm] Seminar
07 정용 ArrayQuest: a web resource for the analysis of DNA microarray data [Microarray data analysis system]    J.Club
09 정용 GEO 활용 방안 시나리오  Seminar
20 정용 Validation and Result of Data processing classification using Logistic Regression [Case-studydata transformclassificationcontingency table] Seminar
23 정용 GEO Query Scenario  Seminar

09 정용 How to facilitate the GEO [GEOThesisIntegrationPubMedMeSH] Seminar
19 정용 Microarray Metadata Representation based on GEOXperanto  Seminar
30 정용 GEOXperanto 수정 사항 및 현황 [GEOXperantoRaw dataNormalized data] Seminar

03 정용 Combination of text-mining algorithms increases the performance [Text miningcombination]      J.Club
21 정용 GEOXperanto Final [GEOXperantoSchema integrationGEORetrieval] Seminar

03 정용 GEO data update [GEOUpdate Automation] Seminar
19 정용 GEO migration to Xperanto [GEOXperantoGEOXperantomigration] Seminar

20 정용 Thesis Idea (For Brain Storming) [GEODocument clusteringInformation RetrievalText MiningControlled VocabularyMeta-analysis] Seminar
30 정용 Automatic document classification of biological literature [Information RetrievalPhrase-based Document ClusteringSupport Vector Machine]    J.Club

22 정용 GEO Final or Not? [GEOIntegrationMicroarray repositoryArrayportMappingPlatformSeriesSample] Seminar
25 정용 AMIA 2006 Review Paper [AMIAHMMText ClassificationOntology] J.Club

27 정용 GEO Progress  Seminar

25 정용 SNUBI Server Status [ServerStatusAdministrator]    Seminar
29 정용 GEO Progress (Meta table for Sample features) and Future [Meta TableGEOUMLS] Seminar

12 정용 Primary schema & Extended schemata status [PlatformGEO featuremapping] xMutant

01 정용 Interim report of clustering columns in GEO data table : Platform [Technology typeGEOdata column] SysBiol
12 정용 Import GEO data into Xperanto (DNA/cDNA chip part) [DNA-cDNA chipmapping table] Seminar
14 정용 New approach in importing GEO data into Xperanto (Platform) [in situ oligoraw featuremapping] xMutant
24 정용 A text-mining analysis of the human phenome [phenometext miningphenotype-genotype relations]      J.Club
29 정용 Remaking extended schemata & result of mapping to primary schema [in situ oligomappping resultGEO] SysBiol

08 정용 서버 및 백업 상황     Seminar
13 정용 Data integration and genomic medicine [genomicmedicinedata integration]      J.Club
17 정용 Progress in clustering column of GEO data table : Platform [GEOPlatformdata matixcolumn] xMutant
18 정용 Approach of Clustering columns in GEO data table : Platform [technology typedata columnplatformsampleGEO] SysBiol

08 정용 DrugBank: a comprehensive resource for in silico drug discovery and exploration       J.Club
26 정용 Plan : Importing GEO data into Xperanto  xMutant
27 정용 Difficulty in importing GEO data into Xperanto  SysBiol

03 정용 GEO, for better approach  SysBiol
22 정용 GEO localization  xMutant
27 정용 GEO 총정리, GEO를 이용한 메타분석 계획  Seminar
30 정용 Present state of GEO Localization  SysBiol

25 정용 Creation and implications of a phenome-genome network       J.Club
27 정용 "GEO, for being the best exploiter"  Seminar
28 정용 GEO progress  xMutant

16 정용 약물유전체 자료입력현황  Seminar
24 정용 약물유전체 DB 입력 현황 재정리  xMutant

19 정용 약물유전체 지식베이스  Seminar

28 정용 Is this the final blow in the GEO wars?  Seminar

10 정용 GEO Localization  Seminar

05 정용 GEO Localization  Seminar

01 정용 GEO localization  Seminar

25 정용 Review of the GRIP  Seminar

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