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09-05 이시은 Information Retrieval and medical ontology NLP  TopicSem
07-02 이시은 Automatically disambiguating medical acronyms with ontology-aware deep learning  J.Club
06-02 김나영 Ontology classification methods of 731 Unique CDEs  TopicSem
03-31 김나영 CMDO(Clinical MetaData Ontology) for CDE classification  TopicSem

10-18 이시은 Ontology and Heterogeneous Lifelong Mining  TopicSem

12-19 유승원 Gene ontology 분석 툴 정보 공유 : FunSet(an open-source software and web server for performing and displaying Gene Ontology enrichment analysis)  MAInfo
10-31 유승원 Introduction : GO-CAM(Gene Ontology Causal Activity Modeling)  MAInfo
05-30 유승원 Introduction of ontology analysis tool : GOnet  xMutant

03-03 박지연 Identification of protein features encoded by alternative exons using Exon Ontology     J.Club

08-10 김효정 [Review] Therapeutic indications and other use- case-driven updates in the drug ontology  BioEMR
01-02 박지혜 The Use of Gene Ontology Term and KEGG Pathway Enrichment for Analysis of Drug Half Life  SysBiol
01-02 박지혜 The Use of Gene Ontology Term and KEGG Pathway Enrichment for Analysis of Drug Half Life  SysBiol

07-25 박지혜 Review of Human Phenotype Ontology  xMutant

08-15 임영균 The Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)   xMutant
03-21 김형준 Ontology-Based Data Integration between Clinical and Research Systems     J.Club
01-05 김형준 Extending the HL7_LOINC Document Ontology Settings of Care     TopicSem

08-14 임영균 Overview of Gene Ontology and its application  xMutant
04-26 고인석 Cross-domain targeted ontology subsets for annotation: The case of SNOMED CORE and RxNorm     J.Club
04-05 김혜현 Using ontology-based annotation to profile disease research     J.Club

07-12 김혜현 MELLO: Medical Life-Log Ontology     Seminar
02-02 Alexander A gene ontology inferred from molecular networks       J.Club

12-08 김혜현 Federated ontology-based queries over cancer data  J.Club
11-03 조용래 The Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) to enable resource discovery in clinical and translational research     J.Club
03-07 서희원 OMIM and Human Phenotype Ontology for Constructing Phenotypic Signature Map  TopicSem

12-03 김혜현 BioPortal: enhanced functionality via new Web services from the National Center for Biomedical Ontology to access and use ontologies in software applications     J.Club
08-24 박유랑 Pathway Analysis, Gene Ontology Analysis and Biological Text Mining   TopicSem
04-02 김지훈 Improving disease gene prioritization using the semantic similarity of Gene Ontology terms       J.Club
02-15 이수연 Gene ontology analysis for RNA-seq accounting for selection bias     MAInfo

11-13 송영수 The Human Phenotype Ontology     J.Club
09-01 송영수 Introduction to Hypothesis Ontology  TopicSem
08-28 박유랑 Supporting Ontology-Based Dynamic Property and Classification in WebSphere Metadata Server     J.Club
07-29 송영수 Clinical document ontology  TopicSem
07-19 윤선민 GEO Query method using eVOC ontology  Seminar
07-12 송영수 Clinical document ontology  Seminar
07-09 Rocky The MGED Ontology - Its Structure and Standards  xMutant
07-03 김혜현 Toward an ontology-based framework for clinical research databases     J.Club
07-02 송영수 Clinical document ontology  BioEMR
06-10 변상재 Bi-directional semantic similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology  Seminar
05-04 송영수 Sequence Ontology  MAInfo
04-22 윤선민 the Event Ontology & How to extract info using Kegg API  SysBiol
04-19 Rocky Plan of work and Gene Ontology structure  Seminar
04-16 이수연S go ontology structure  xMutant
03-20 Rocky Ontology-driven indexing of public datasets for translational bioinformatics     J.Club
03-19 Rocky OMIE: Ontology Mapping within an Interactive and Extensible Environment  xMutant
02-22 이수연S Review ontology and result of GEO project  Seminar
02-16 이수현 The MGED Ontology: a resource for semantics-based description of microarray experiments  xMutant

12-30 송영수 Ontology-based integration of cDNA and tissue microarray database management system  Seminar
09-21 송영수 Ontology-Based Integration of Tissue Microarray and cDNA Database Management System  Seminar
09-03 송영수 Xperanto-Semantics : Ontology-Based Integration of Tissue Microarray and cDNA Database Management System  Seminar
08-13 송영수 Development of an Ontology to Integrating Xperanto and Xperanto-TMA  Seminar
08-08 변상재 Improved detection of overrepresentation of Gene-Ontology annotations with parent-child analysis     J.Club
07-30 변상재 Comparison of Ontology-based Semantic-Similarity Measures-new data : GDS 2577  Seminar
07-13 변상재 Comparison of Ontology-based Semantic-Similarity Measures-new data : GDS 2577  Seminar
07-11 Rocky Human microRNA target analysis and gene ontology clustering by GOmir, a novel stand-alone application     J.Club
07-04 변상재 Gene Ontology term overlap as a measure of gene functional similarity     J.Club
06-13 송영수 Integration of Prostate Cancer Clinical Data Using an Ontology     J.Club
05-28 박유랑 BMESH - Ontology, FCA Analysis & SDTM-  Seminar
05-23 변상재 A relation based measure of semantic similarity for Gene Ontology annotations.     J.Club
03-14 변상재 Information theory applied to the sparse gene ontology annotation network to predict novel gene function     J.Club
02-14 송영수 Ontology driven integration platform for clinical and translational research     J.Club

11-29 변상재 An ontology-driven semantic mashup of gene and biological pathway     J.Club
06-28 정희준 Use and miuse of the gene ontology annotations     J.Club
06-21 송영수 Ontology-based, Tissue MicroArray oriented, image centered tissue bank     J.Club

08-18 정희준 Semantic Search among Heterogeneous Biological Databases Based on Gene Ontology [Semantic integration]    J.Club
05-30 정용 GEOXperanto improvement status [GEOXperantoMGED OntologyBioCANDIterm mapping] Seminar
05-04 김지훈 geneset functional space using gene ontology  Seminar
04-11 김지훈 Geneset functional space using gene ontology  Seminar

11-25 정용 AMIA 2006 Review Paper [AMIAHMMText ClassificationOntology] J.Club
11-04 김지훈 A new measure for functional similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology [semantic map]      J.Club
10-18 박유랑 GOChase-II review&revision [GOChase2Ontology] Seminar
05-20 김지훈 A System Based Approach to Interpret Dose and Time-dependent Microarray Data: Quantitative Integration of GO Ontology Analysis for Risk Assessment [microarray]      J.Club
04-15 정희준 CoryneRegNet: An ontology-based data warehouse of corynebacterial transcription factors and regulatory networks     J.Club
02-14 박유랑 Ontology and relational model in PharmGKB  xMutant
01-23 박유랑 GOChase 2: a framework for correcting semantic inconsistent annotation and improving accuracy of the functional analysis based on Gene Ontology  Seminar
01-21 김지훈 Biological profiling of gene groups utilizing gene ontology       J.Club

12-12 한미령 Protein-Ontology Lattice  Seminar
11-14 한미령 Protein-Ontology Lattice  Seminar
11-11 한미령 Plan for protein-ontology lattice  SysBiol
08-05 한미령 Molecule Role Ontology  SysBiol
07-16 정희준 GoPubMed: exploring PubMed with the Gene Ontology       J.Club
06-15 한미령 Protein classification from protein-domain and gene-ontology annotation information using formal concept analysis  MAInfo
02-19 한미령 Gene Ontology related Tools [SysBiol] Seminar
01-15 박찬희 Gene Ontology Multidimensional Scaling Mapping [SysBiol] Seminar

10-16 김지훈 Using the gene ontology for microarray data mining       J.Club
09-04 정희준 TRANSFAC, TRANSPATH and CYTOMER as starting points for an ontology of regulatory networks     J.Club
03-13 박유랑 Ontology Versioning as an Element of an Ontology-Management Framework       J.Club

10-11 박유랑 Extension and integration of the gene ontology (GO): combining GO vocabularies with external vocabularies       J.Club
09-06 박유랑 ChipInfo: Software for extracting gene annotation and gene ontology information for microarray analysis       J.Club
08-09 이정애 The creation of an ontology of clinical document names       J.Club
04-22 박지연 Implementing MAGE-OM in ontology and relational schema  Seminar
03-20 박지연 Knowledge acquisition, consistency checking and concurrency control for Gene Ontology (GO)       J.Club
03-04 박지연 MIAME-Compliant Data in MAGE-ML and MGED Ontology  Seminar
02-27 이정애 Associating Genes with Gene Ontology Codes Using a Maximum Entropy Analysis of Biomedical Literature       J.Club
02-06 박지연 MAPPFinder: using Gene Ontology and GenMAPP to create a global gene-expression profile from microarray data       J.Club

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