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04 정제균 Integrative Analysis of microRNA-target Interactions with Clinical Outcome  Seminar

07 정제균 Testing miRNA-mRNA Association with Clinical Outcome  TopicSem
12 정제균 CAERUS: Predicting CAncER oUtcomeS Using Relationship between Protein Structural Information, Protein Networks, Gene Expression Data, and Mutation Data     J.Club
23 정제균 Testing miRNA-mRNA Association with Clinical Outcome  TopicSem

17 정제균 An abundance of rare functional variants in 202 drug target genes sequenced in 14,002 people     J.Club
21 정제균 Topological properties of Disease-Drug Target Networks  TopicSem

22 정제균 Disease-Disease Pairs Correlated by Damaging Variants   TopicSem

15 정제균 Patterns and rates of exonic de novo mutations in autism spectrum disorders     J.Club
17 정제균 Population-specificity of Damaging Variants in Diseases  TopicSem

08 정제균 Association between diseases from human genomes   TopicSem

18 정제균 Disease Network Construction with Risk Variants  TopicSem
21 정제균 Personalized Pathway Enrichment Map of Putative Cancer Genes from Next Generation Sequencing Data     J.Club

20 정제균 Network-based assessement of gene similarity measures  TopicSem

12 정제균 Transcriptomic landscape of breast cancers through mRNA sequencing     J.Club
16 정제균 Allele frequency distribution of genetic diseases  TopicSem
25 정제균 Extracting of coordinated patterns of DNA methylation and gene expression in ovarian cancer  Seminar

04 정제균 Association between diseases and risk variants in healthy genomes  TopicSem
30 정제균 Analysis of Allele Frequency in Human Genome  TopicSem

10 정제균 A Systematic Survey of Loss-of-Function Variants in Human Protein-Coding Genes     J.Club
14 정제균 Properties of disease-susceptibility variants shared between diseases   TopicSem
27 정제균 향후 연구계획 논의  SysBiol

13 정제균 Disease Network Construction with Risk Variants  TopicSem

09 정제균 Disease Network Construction with NGS Data   TopicSem
28 정제균 Defining the Role of Essential Genes in Human Disease     J.Club

06 정제균 Human Disease Network from Personal Genome  Seminar
08 정제균 Disease Map Construction with Personal Genome   TopicSem
10 정제균 Protein localization as a principal feature of the etiology and comorbidity of genetic diseases     J.Club

14 정제균 Co-emergenece Measure of Multiple Disease Risks using Genome Variants  TopicSem

08 정제균 Methyl-Analyzer—whole genome DNA methylation profiling     J.Club
13 정제균 Sequence comparison in population  Seminar
19 정제균 co-emergenece of multiple diseases in genome  TopicSem

07 정제균 File format for personal genome   Seminar
26 정제균 Analysis of Sequence Motifs Associated with DNA Methylation  TopicSem

20 정제균 A DNA methylation fingerprint of 1,628 human samples     J.Club
26 정제균 Epigenome Data Analysis     TopicSem
31 정제균 Motif Analysis in DNA Methylation  TopicSem

11 정제균 Sequence Informatics for Genome and Epigenome  TopicSem
27 정제균 Functional Association of Co-methylated Genes in Gene Expression  TopicSem

11 정제균 Data Integration Workflow for Search of Disease Driving Genes and Genetic Variants     J.Club
22 정제균 Functional Correlation between Co-methylated and Co-expressed Gene Pairs   TopicSem
28 정제균 Sequence Informatics 진행사항 논의   MAInfo

04 정제균 Comparison of Correlation Measurements between Genes in DNA Methylation and Gene Expression  TopicSem
14 정제균 ExpEdit: a webserver to explore human RNA editing in RNA-Seq experiments     J.Club
24 정제균 Sequence Informatics 진행사항 논의  MAInfo
25 정제균 Prioritization of Candidate Loci from Whole-genome DNA Methylation   TopicSem

12 정제균 Discussion on team project of SIGE team  MAInfo
13 정제균 Measurement of Correlation between Genes in DNA Methylation and Gene Expression  TopicSem

16 정제균 Identification of copuled genes in DNA methylation and gene expression   TopicSem
26 정제균 Measuring the Evolutionary Rewiring of Biological Networks     J.Club

23 정제균 Corrlation Pattern Analysis of Gene in Epigenome Data (Plan)  TopicSem

29 정제균 Combining Network Modeling and Gene Expression Microarray Analysis to Explore the Dynamics of Th1 and Th2 Cell Regulation  J.Club

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