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08-24 김기원 PathPlus: extending a pathway using expression profiles based on the known knowledge about the pathway [DataAnalysis] Seminar
07-13 정태수 Prediction model for pathway extension using high throughput biological data [DataAnalysis] Seminar
06-15 윤혜성 Information Extraction from Multi-source data types [DataAnalysis] Seminar
05-18 한미령 Molecular profiling쟯f clinical features in breast cancer using principal components analysis [DataAnalysis] Seminar
04-20 unknown Handling Incomplete Microarray Data [DataAnalysis] Seminar
03-23 unknown Estimating hidden structure in biochemical pathways through microarray data set [DataAnalysis] Seminar
02-24 unknown Pattern-specific genes in gastric cancer data set --- Thyroid microarray data Preprocessing [DataAnalysis] Seminar

12-30 unknown Microarray Data Preprocessing [DataAnalysis] Seminar
12-02 unknown Approaches for data analysis [DataAnalysis] Seminar
11-04 unknown "Analysis of lung cancer data,  Construction of parsimonious two-mode network in yeast" [DataAnalysis] Seminar
10-07 unknown Data Sharing Team Monthly Meeting [DataAnalysis] Seminar
09-02 unknown How to turn raw data into valuable papers [DataAnalysis] Seminar
08-05 unknown Taking the first step in learning from the biomedical data [DataAnalysis] Seminar

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