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13 부은경   J.Club
18 부은경   TopicSem
23 부은경 PGx of Inflammatory Bowel Disease  Seminar

01 부은경 Comparison of clinical outcomes according to pharmacogenetic information   TopicSem
22 부은경 Comparison of clinical outcomes according to pharmacogenetic information   TopicSem

11 부은경 Comparison of clinical outcomes according to pharmacogenetic information  TopicSem
23 부은경 Discovery of rare variants associated with blood pressure regulation through meta-analysis of 1.3 million individuals     J.Club

24 부은경 Comparison of clinical outcomes between non-WT and WT in IBD  TopicSem

09 부은경 Variant-level explanation for gender difference in PD  TopicSem
12 부은경 FastTargetPred: a program enabling the fast prediction of putative protein targets for input chemical databases  SysBiol
21 부은경 Evidence for secondary-variant genetic burden and non-random distribution across biological modules in a recessive ciliopathy     J.Club
30 부은경 Classification of IBD subjects into three types of drug metabolizers  TopicSem

12 부은경 Validation of PD-associated Variants Using UKBB data  TopicSem
24 부은경 Dynamic incorporation of multiple in silico functional annotations empowers rare variant association analysis of large whole-genome sequencing studies at scale     J.Club

17 부은경 Validation of PD associated variants using UKBB data  TopicSem

08 부은경 High-definition likelihood inference of genetic correlations across human complex traits     J.Club
20 부은경 Summary of Candidate PD-associated Variants and Plan for Validation  TopicSem

20 부은경 Analysis to explain difference in genetic burden between males and females in PD  TopicSem

01 부은경 Additional analysis to identify candidate variants associated with PD  SysBiol
18 부은경 Additional analyses to explain gender difference in Parkinson’s Disease  TopicSem

21 부은경 Comparison of genetic loads between males and females with PD  TopicSem
30 부은경 Complementary genes contribute sex-biased vulnerability in diverse disorders     J.Club

04 부은경 Excess of singleton loss-of-function variants in Parkinson’s disease contributes to genetic risk     J.Club
23 부은경   TopicSem

02 부은경 Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease   TopicSem
26 부은경 Identification of Candidate Variants in Parkinson’s Disease   TopicSem
30 부은경 Variants associated with PD  SysBiol

22 부은경 Genome-wide rare variant analysis for thousands of phenotypes in over 70,000 exomes from two cohorts     J.Club

06 부은경 Synergyfinder: Calculate and Visualize Synergy Scores for Drug Combinations  SysBiol
13 부은경 Variants associated with PD  TopicSem

09 부은경 Variant-level Analysis for Parkinson's Disease  TopicSem

07 부은경 Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease  TopicSem
30 부은경 Discovering personalized driver mutation profiles of single samples in cancer by network control strategy     J.Club

22 부은경 Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease  Seminar

26 부은경 Identifying Gender-Specific Variants in Parkinson  TopicSem
28 부은경 Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease identifies new risk loci and implicates Aβ, tau, immunity and lipid processing     J.Club

08 부은경 Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease  TopicSem

06 부은경 Expanding Parkinson’s disease genetics: novel risk loci, genomic context, causal insights and heritable risk     J.Club
11 부은경 PPMI WES Data Overview and Analysis Plan  TopicSem

04 부은경 Exome sequencing identifies germline variants in DIS3 in familial multiple myeloma     J.Club
30 부은경 Multiple Myeloma: Data Preprocessing  TopicSem

22 부은경 Parkinson's Disease NGS Data  TopicSem

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