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03 이계화   TopicSem
08 이계화 A systematic approach to the reporting of medically relevant findings from whole genome sequencing     J.Club

20 이계화 Review Cases of Genomic Data Warehouse   SysBiol

15 이계화 The Doctor’s Seq Project:   TopicSem

04 이계화 Patient-centered reconstruction of candiate genes associated with MRONJ event time   TopicSem
07 이계화 Comparison of Approaches for Heart Failure Case Identification From Electronic Health Record Data     J.Club

05 이계화 Development of clinical decision support alerts for pharmacogenomic incidental findings from exome sequencing      J.Club
28 이계화 Doctor’s Seq Project:   TopicSem

24 이계화 Doctor’s Seq Project - Basic Statistics and Incidental Findings  TopicSem

05 이계화 Gender difference of drugscore  TopicSem
12 이계화 Gender Difference in ADR - Review of Article (Systematic Analysis of Adverse Event Reports for Sex Differences in Adverse Drug Events, 2015, Scientific Report)   SysBiol

19 이계화 Exome sequencing identifies new candidate mutations for susceptibility to MRONJ   Seminar

20 이계화 MRONJ analysis with osteoporosis controls  TopicSem
30 이계화 The genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes     J.Club

20 이계화 Multiple prediction score comparison  TopicSem

11 이계화 MRONJ reanalysis results  TopicSem
28 이계화 Comparison and integration of deleteriousness prediction methods for non synonymous SNVs in whole exome sequencing studies     J.Club

04 이계화 Functional Classification of the MRONJ Candidate Genes  TopicSem

19 이계화 Polygenic overlap between schizophrenia risk and antipsychotic response: a genomic medicine approach     J.Club

02 이계화 BRONJ gene centric analysis  SysBiol
29 이계화 MRONJ candidate gene analysis  TopicSem

02 이계화 AF comparison with BRONJ and 1KP   MAInfo
08 이계화 Review: Quantifying the Slightly Deleterious Mutation Model of Molecular Evolution  MAInfo
09 이계화 The contribution of rare variation to prostate cancer heritability     J.Club
13 이계화 BRONJ data analysis: Gene-centric approach  TopicSem
14 이계화 Review:Needles in stacks of needles: finding disease-causal variants in a wealth of genomic data  MAInfo

14 이계화 Correlation Between the Number of Genes and Drug Deleteriousness Score  TopicSem
18 이계화 List of Drugs for Pharmsafe Report   MAInfo
25 이계화 BRONJ variants analysis  MAInfo

11 이계화 BRONJ Data Analysis Plan  TopicSem
13 이계화 Statistical analysis of variants in COPD target sequencing study.   MAInfo

30 이계화 Using SRA toolkit for downloading the exome seq data of 16 BRONJ samples  MAInfo
31 이계화 The UK10K project identifies rare variants in health and disease      J.Club

25 이계화 Statistical analysis of variants in COPD target sequencing study.  MAInfo
30 이계화 Market-Safety Score Distribution of Drugs in DrugBank   TopicSem

15 이계화 COPD targeted sequencing data: variants analysis   MAInfo
17 이계화 A comparison of allele frequency differences between case and control: COPD data  TopicSem
21 이계화 Risk prediction of SNUBI Genome using GWAS catalog  MAInfo

08 이계화 BRONJ-Review of previous research and building an analysis strategy  TopicSem
11 이계화 2015 ACMG guideline review  MAInfo
25 이계화 Factors influencing success of clinical genome sequencing across a broad spectrum of disorders     J.Club
30 이계화 COPD data analysis results  MAInfo

08 이계화 Review of the cardiovascular disease cohort study (ARIC study)  TopicSem
12 이계화 Review: Personalized Pharmacogenomics: Predicting Efficacy and Adverse Drug Reactions  MAInfo
18 이계화 2015 Health Innovator  MAInfo
18 이계화 Health Innovator 2015-2  MAInfo

01 이계화 Cancer genomics review  MAInfo
04 이계화 Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP): Phenotype Data Preview  TopicSem
15 이계화 Review of method: Burden test  MAInfo
15 이계화 Review of the method :burden test  MAInfo
16 이계화 Analysis of loss-of-function variants and 20 risk factor phenotypes in 8,554 individuals identifies loci influencing chronic disease     J.Club

01 이계화 Tumor suppressor gene mutation status and chemotherapeutic response in Colon cancer  TopicSem
17 이계화 Review of cancer genomics: Colon cancer  MAInfo
24 이계화 Review: Genomics of cardiovascular disease  MAInfo

02 이계화 TSGs mutation status and survival in Ovarian cancer  TopicSem
14 이계화 Actionable exomic incidental findings in 6503 participants: challenges of variant classification.     J.Club
20 이계화 Review: A comprehensive laboratory-based program for classification of variants of uncertain significance in hereditary cancer genes.  MAInfo

13 이계화 Review of public genome data: 1KP and HapMap project  MAInfo

10 이계화 Clonal Hematopoiesis and Blood-Cancer Risk Inferred from Blood DNA Sequence      J.Club
14 이계화 Mutation in tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapeutic response  TopicSem
26 이계화 SG12_rarepedia_20genes  Seminar
30 이계화 The importance of phase information for human genomics  MAInfo

10 이계화 Homozygous mutation in tumor suppressor gene and chemotherapy response  TopicSem
26 이계화 Mutation in TSGs and chemotherapy response  MAInfo

05 이계화 SG12 LoF genes  Seminar
10 이계화 Tumor Suppressor Gene Biallelic Status and Survival   TopicSem
13 이계화 TCGA tumor suppressor genes  MAInfo
14 이계화 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data  MAInfo
14 이계화 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data  MAInfo
14 이계화 LOH of tumor suppressor genes and chemotherapy response using TCGA data  MAInfo
14 이계화 TCGA data status summary (renewal)  MAInfo
22 이계화 Uncovering the Hidden Risk Architecture of the Schizophrenias: Confirmation in Three Independent Genome-Wide Association Studies     J.Club

01 이계화 Identifying genes associated with chemotherapy response using TCGA data  TopicSem
31 이계화 Unmatched results of genome annotation by multiple tools  MAInfo

12 이계화 Genomic data privacy and security  MAInfo
12 이계화 Genomic data privacy and security  MAInfo

11 이계화 Research Topics in Pink Avatar  TopicSem
14 이계화 cBioPortal review  MAInfo
29 이계화 TCGA-Assembler: open-source software for retrieving and processing TCGA data  MAInfo
30 이계화 Comprehensive molecular characterization of gastric adenocarcinoma  J.Club

14 이계화 Exome Sequencing Annotation Pipeline  TopicSem

09 이계화 Global pattern of Pharmaceutical Market Withdrawal  TopicSem
12 이계화 Exome sequencing annotation pipeline  MAInfo
19 이계화 News  MAInfo
28 이계화 Prioritizing Diesase-Linked Variants, Genes, and Pathways with an Integrative Whole-Genome Analysis Pipeline     J.Club

01 이계화 News about Genomics     MAInfo
08 이계화 Exome-Sequencing annotation strategy  MAInfo
14 이계화 Exome sequencing analysis pipeline review  TopicSem
30 이계화 Global Pattern of Pharmaceutical Market Withdrawal/Restriction   Seminar

03 이계화 Genomic news  MAInfo
09 이계화 Pharmaceutical Market Withdrawal and Genetic Variability of Personal Genomes  TopicSem
10 이계화 Genome News  MAInfo
19 이계화 Identification of potential synthetic lethal genes to p53 using a computational biology approach     J.Club
24 이계화 Genome news  MAInfo

05 이계화 TCGAomics 3-4월 일정표  MAInfo
17 이계화 Drug Market Withdrawal Rate among OCED nations  TopicSem

12 이계화 Regional Drug Withdrawal -UN list Analysis  TopicSem
12 이계화 Consolidated CDA Review 2  BioEMR
15 이계화 InSiGHT     J.Club

20 이계화 Pharmaceutical Market Withdrawal in Korea  TopicSem

07 이계화 Tracking the clonal origin of lethal prostate cancer     J.Club
19 이계화 Consolidated CDA review  BioEMR
23 이계화 EMR based research : PheWAS review  TopicSem

07 이계화 Diet diary  BioEMR
27 이계화 Pharmaceutical market withdrawal prediction through personal genomic sequence variation  TopicSem

01 이계화 Organizing Avatar Profile   BioEMR
19 이계화 Deleterious- and disease-allele prevalence in healthy individuals insights from current predictions, mutation databases, and population-scale resequencing.     J.Club
28 이계화 Drug Divide  TopicSem

02 이계화 SIFT Score and Drug Market withdrawals  TopicSem
04 이계화 Avatar Diary Designing  BioEMR
25 이계화 Ethnicity and Adverse Drug Reactions   TopicSem

31 이계화 MI-ONCOSEQ_1     J.Club

03 이계화 Row Data Preview of KNHANES 1998-2011  TopicSem
06 이계화 Total and Regional Adiposity and cognitive change in older adults -The Health, aging and body composition(ABC) study     J.Club
12 이계화 Aging Pattern Clustering - Gender Differences  Seminar
31 이계화 KNHANE data analysis result  TopicSem

10 이계화 Clustering analysis result of biomarker of aging  TopicSem

20 이계화 Clustering of age-related change of Biomarkers  TopicSem
25 이계화 Genomic and Epigenomic Landscapes of Adult De Novo Acute Myeloid Leukemia  J.Club

03 이계화 Biomarker of aging   TopicSem
24 이계화 Searching for Some Pattern of Aging   TopicSem

18 이계화 Biological Age analysis of healthy people  TopicSem
23 이계화 A method for identifying biomarkers of aging and constructing an index of biological age in humans     J.Club

05 이계화 Detection and annotation of candidate somatic mutations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia with whole exome sequencing  Seminar
25 이계화 Formal concept analysis and Lattice  TopicSem

07 이계화 Review of 2012 mHealth summit   TopicSem
26 이계화 Clonal evolution in relapsed acute myeloid leukemia revealed by whole genome sequencing     J.Club

01 이계화 A novel, privacy-preserving cryptographic approach for sharing sequencing data.     J.Club
12 이계화 Desinging of CCR+ UI  BioEMR
12 이계화 AML-paired exome seqeuncing data analysis   SysBiol
21 이계화 CCR UI design  BioEMR

05 이계화 AML M2 paired sample analysis plan  TopicSem
28 이계화 AML patients exome sequence Analysis Plan   TopicSem

08 이계화 AML exome and cytoarraychip data analysis  TopicSem
20 이계화 A framework for evaluating the appropriateness of clinical decision support alerts and reponses     J.Club
24 이계화 Advance Medical Directive in CCR   BioEMR

03 이계화 ReDocumentation Plan of CCR+ - Breast Cancer Survivor Treatment Summary  TopicSem
07 이계화 Make your Own Document on CCR   BioEMR

28 이계화 Design of the Breast Cancer Survivor Management Agent  BioEMR
28 이계화 mini_journal] Multimedia EMR  BioEMR

04 이계화 Personal Health Record for Cancer Survivor   TopicSem
04 이계화 Metaanalysis Plan for Obese X-men  SysBiol
25 이계화 Reorganizing the Cancer Treatment Summary using CCR   TopicSem
28 이계화 Variation in Patient-Sharing Networks of Physicians Across the United States     J.Club

09 이계화 Operational implementation of Prospective Genotyping for Personalized Medicine: The Design of the Vanderbilt PREDICT Project     J.Club
11 이계화 Ready for Personalized Medicine?  TopicSem
19 이계화 CCR upgrade  BioEMR
26 이계화 Personalize medicine for cancer survivor-breast cancer  BioEMR

11 이계화 CCR 사용자환경  BioEMR

13 이계화 Patient interest in Sharing Personal Health Record Information. Ann Intern Med 2011     BioEMR

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