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10-16 박지연 Alternative polyadenylation in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC): Comparison of TCGA and SNUH data  TopicSem

10-02 박지연 Significant alternative splicing events in papillary thyroid cancer  MAInfo
09-04 박지연 Cornell RNA-seq data analysis report   MAInfo
07-17 박지연 Alternative Polyadenylation in heart development and disease  MAInfo
05-27 박지연 alternative polyadenylation in heart development and disease  TopicSem
05-22 박지연 Review: splicing analysis of cancer data  MAInfo
01-26 박지연 SG17 analysis  Seminar
01-09 박지연 Thyroid cancer data analysis  MAInfo

11-07 박지연 Thyroid cancer: ROS related gene analysis result  MAInfo
09-30 박지연 edgeR review   MAInfo

09-01 박지연 Research Talk  J.Club

04-14 박지연 Identifying Biological themes Within lists of genes  MAInfo
04-03 박지연 Biological detection of low radiation doses by combining results of two microarray analysis methods       J.Club
03-24 박지연 Monitoring Low Radiation dose by Gene Expression Profiling  MAInfo
02-14 박지연 A Mapping Schema and Interface for XML Stores       J.Club
02-12 박지연 Analysis of variance in thyroid microarray data  MAInfo

12-20 박지연 A New Inlining Algorithm for Mapping XML DTDs to Relational Schemas       J.Club
11-27 박지연 Microarray Data Analysis in Rat Thyroid  MAInfo
10-25 박지연 A Generic Load/Extract Utility for Data Transfer between XML Documents and Relational Databases       J.Club
10-09 박지연 Understanding Stanford Lung Cancer Dataset  MAInfo
09-06 박지연 The Design and Performance Evaluation of Alternative XML Storage Strategies       J.Club
08-28 박지연 Meta-analysis of microarray data in lung cancer  MAInfo
07-03 박지연 An approach to object-relational mapping in bioscience domains       J.Club
06-24 박지연 Object-oriented Analysis of Xperanto System  Seminar
05-26 박지연 The application of the unified modeling language in object-oriented analysis of healthcare information systems       J.Club
05-20 박지연 Database Design and Implementation of MGED Standards  Seminar
04-22 박지연 Implementing MAGE-OM in ontology and relational schema  Seminar
03-20 박지연 Knowledge acquisition, consistency checking and concurrency control for Gene Ontology (GO)       J.Club
03-04 박지연 MIAME-Compliant Data in MAGE-ML and MGED Ontology  Seminar
02-06 박지연 MAPPFinder: using Gene Ontology and GenMAPP to create a global gene-expression profile from microarray data       J.Club
01-14 박지연 Microarray Data Portal  Seminar

11-26 박지연 RDB data export to MAGE-ML  Seminar
11-14 박지연 Microarray data warehouse allowing for inclusion of experiment annotations in statistical analysis       J.Club
10-01 박지연 Microarray Database Implementation: an approach using Relational and Ontological models  Seminar
09-26 박지연 The Binding Database: data management and interface design       J.Club
08-27 박지연 Establishment of microarray database  Seminar
07-09 박지연 MAGE-ML programming using Java API  Seminar
07-04 박지연 Automating data acquisition into ontologies from pharmacogenetics relational data sources using declarative object definitions and XML       J.Club
05-21 박지연 MAGE-ML and XML programming in JAVA  Seminar
05-02 박지연 Argus--a new database system for Web-based analysis of multiple microarray data sets       J.Club
04-04 박지연 Microarray Data Standardization and XML  Seminar

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