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07-04 조성범 Identification of Pathways related to the Clinical Outcome of the Microarray data using Global Test [AppGen] Seminar
05-30 박찬희 New GRIP Progress( from sequence to protein family ) [AppGen] Seminar
05-02 이혜원 Integration of Xperanto-TMA and Xperanto [AppGen] Seminar
04-04 김민구 Inferring gene-module relations by biclustering on large-scale expression data using sequential pattern mining [AppGen] Seminar
03-12 정희준 Review ArrayXPath [AppGen] Seminar
02-12 정태수 Workflow of array CGH data analysis [AppGen] Seminar
01-08 박유랑 GO Annotator: Web based utility for gene annotation with cross reference relationship in biological databases. [AppGen] Seminar

09-24 박찬희 Beginning of AppGen  xMutant

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