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2009-06-29 김도균 Xperanto-SNP: A web-based integrated management system for genetical genomics (Adding DACE module)  Seminar
2009-05-07 김도균 Progress in Xperanto-SNP : Genotyping and detecting copy number modules embedded  Seminar
2008-06-09 김도균 Xperanto-SNP draft  Seminar
2007-11-09 김도균 Progress in Xperanto-SNP  Seminar
2007-10-23 김도균 Progress in Xperanto-SNP  Seminar
2007-08-08 김도균 Xperanto-SNP (A web-based integrated system for SNP data management and analysis) [SNPdatabaseXperanto-SNP] Seminar

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