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09-15 박찬희 Strategy on adding gene-mesh relationship in GRIPdb     TopicSem
01-11 박찬희 GRIPs role in Translational Bioinformatics  Seminar

12-07 박찬희 Open GRIP Improvement  Seminar
11-30 박찬희 GRIP Vision Current and Challenge  Seminar
04-13 박찬희 GRIP progress  Seminar
03-24 박찬희 GRIP ( Genome Research Informatics Pipeline ) Integrating biological resources for genome research     TopicSem
02-12 김도균 Upgrade ChromoViz-web: Implementation simplified SIGMA2 with advanced GRIP (Refine Idea)  Seminar

11-24 박찬희 GRIP ( Genome Research Information Pipeline )  Seminar
07-14 박찬희 GRIP(Genome Research Information Pipeline)  Seminar

06-29 박찬희 GRIP Advanced Search Page using prototype & scriptaculous-js (AJAX)  Seminar
05-23 정희준 Gene mapping in GPL using new relation table of new GRIP  Seminar
03-21 박찬희 Fast GRIP  Seminar
02-28 박찬희 GRIP 작업사항(사실상 완료)  Seminar

10-18 박찬희 GRIP Problem when auto-update  Seminar
05-22 박찬희 The whole new GRIP  Seminar
04-17 박찬희 new Grip  Seminar
02-06 박찬희 newGRIP 현황 요약  Seminar

09-16 박찬희 GRIP Pathway Mapping  SysBiol
09-13 정희준 Construction of GRIP  xMutant
09-12 박찬희 newGRIP - final  Seminar
09-09 정희준 Frame work of GRIP  SysBiol
08-19 정희준 newGRIP manuscript  SysBiol
07-25 정용 Review of the GRIP  Seminar
06-17 박찬희 attributes of New GRIP  SysBiol
06-10 정희준 Summary GRIP concept for manuscript  SysBiol
05-31 박찬희 New_GRIP :Prosite and Pfam  xMutant
05-30 박찬희 New GRIP Progress( from sequence to protein family ) [AppGen] Seminar
05-06 정희준 Item sets for newGRIP  SysBiol
03-29 박찬희 GRIP Progress ( sequence )  xMutant
03-10 박찬희 GRIP Specs. (미정리..)  SysBiol
01-20 박찬희 GRIP object  SysBiol

12-16 박찬희 GRIP Object 의 property 결정  SysBiol
11-29 박찬희 GRIP Ver 2 Modelling  Seminar
11-18 박찬희 GRIP Version 2 Intro
( GRIP Ver.2 의 modelling 과 open/closed integration issue 들에 대한 논의 )
06-29 정희준 Database of Association between disease and pathway [Grip] Seminar
06-01 한미령 Gene family and protein family [Grip] Seminar
05-04 김민구 "Koogle, the finale" [Grip] Seminar
04-06 박찬희 Data Integrating Issue [Grip] Seminar
03-09 unknown Constructing PharmGKB with GRIP [Grip] Seminar
02-10 unknown From Gene to Pharmacogenetics [Grip] Seminar
01-13 unknown GRIP Interface 구성과 Ensembl localize [Grip] Seminar

12-16 unknown GRIP Monthly Report (12월) [Grip] Seminar
11-18 unknown GRIP Monthly Reports (11) [Grip] Seminar
10-21 unknown SwissProt/TrEMBL in GRIP [Grip] Seminar
10-09 박찬희 GRIP에서의 SNP data  MAInfo
09-23 unknown The goal of GRIP [Grip] Seminar
08-19 unknown MGD (the Mouse Genome Database ) 분석 [Grip] Seminar
02-25 박찬희 Development of SNU-GRIP(Genome Research Informatics Potal)  Seminar

08-27 박찬희 Current Research GRIP Project  Seminar

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