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09 정태수 on writing PathTalk  Seminar
25 정태수 BioCANDi renewal  Seminar
26 정태수 Discovery of principles of nature from mathematical modeling of DNA microarray data     J.Club

16 정태수 Network measures on tumor and normal datasets  Seminar

07 정태수 Measures on network stability  Seminar
28 정태수 Review on measures for comparing networks  Seminar
31 정태수 Not All Scale Free Networks are Born Equal     J.Club

09 정태수 Another 2 percent of BioCANDi  Seminar
10 정태수 Estimating p-values in small microarray experiments [p-valuet-test]      J.Club

06 정태수 How Scale-Free Are Biological Networks     J.Club
24 정태수 Network measures on TGRC datasets  Seminar

08 정태수 My Bioinformatics in 2007  Seminar
22 정태수 Random Graph Process  Seminar

11 정태수 Singular value decomposition of genome-scale mRNA length distribution reveals saymmetry in RNA gel electrophoresis band broadening [SVDasymmetric gaussian]    J.Club
15 정태수 PathTalk -- what is next  Seminar

25 정태수 Tumor and normal samples in Universal Sample Space  Seminar

30 정태수 Network motif identification in stochastic networks [network motifstochastic network motifmixture model]      J.Club

03 정태수 Prediction model for microbial infection in cultured cells [myco] Seminar
13 정태수 Issues on PathTalk  SysBiol
14 정태수 On parkinson-mouse data [parkinson] MAInfo

09 정태수 Discovering differential co-expression patterns between normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo
22 정태수 Issues on PathTalk [pathtalkkernel]    SysBiol
24 정태수 Reconstructing the pathways of a cellular system from genome-scale signals by using matrix and tensor computations [pathwayEVD]      J.Club

04 정태수 [PathTalk] Geodesic distance in pathway graph [PathTalk] SysBiol
20 정태수 Pathway recognition and augmentation by computational analysis of microarray expression data [PathPlus]      J.Club
25 정태수 PathTalks - reasearch plan [PathTalks] SysBiol
29 정태수 바이오캔디 점검 (김민구 분산 상황) [BioCANDI]    Seminar

20 정태수 BioLattice: similarity of lattices [BioLattice] SysBiol
28 정태수 Differential co-expression patterns between normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo

03 정태수 Visualization and evaluation of structural relationship between gene clusters and biological pathways [PathTalk] SysBiol
18 정태수 A stochastic differential equation model for quantifying transcriptional regulatory network in Saccharomyces cerevisiae       J.Club
24 정태수 Prediction of microbial infection [Myco] MAInfo
30 정태수 Geodesic distance in pathway graph  SysBiol

03 정태수 PathTalk: Visualization and evaluation of structural relationship between gene clusters and biological pathways [PathTalk] SysBiol
06 정태수 Prediction of mycoplasma subtypes  Seminar
08 정태수 Order-preserving patterns in normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo
25 정태수 Standardizing global gene expression analysis between laboratories and acroos platforms       J.Club

11 정태수 Order-preserving patterns in normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo
13 정태수 PathTalk: diameters of gene sets on topological structure of pathways [PathTalk] SysBiol
16 정태수 Run BioCANDi from multiple calculation slaves  Seminar
25 정태수 Order-preserving patterns in normal and tumor samples [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo

21 정태수 Gene set having different sequence patterns [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo
23 정태수 PathTalk: Visualization and evaluation of structural relationship between gene clusters and biological pathways [PathTalk] SysBiol

02 정태수 Detection of microbial infection in cultured cells on the basis of mollecular profiling of host responses  MAInfo
21 정태수 Mycoplasma detection and subtyping  Seminar
25 정태수 DispLay: different sequential patterned moduLes in array data [DiffCoexpression] SysBiol
28 정태수 PathTalk -- where to go with our pathway databases? [PathTalk] Seminar

12 정태수 Detection of infection in Cultured Cells  MAInfo
21 정태수 Kullback-Leibler divergence to measure the biological relevance of given cluster  SysBiol

02 정태수 세포의 미생물 오염 안전성 평가  SysBiol
21 정태수 Required functions in Xperanto-BioCanDI  MAInfo
24 정태수 Biomarker discovery in microarray gene expression data with Gaussian processes       J.Club

03 정태수 Progress in BioCANDI  MAInfo
10 정태수 Required Analysis Modules in BioCANDI  MAInfo
12 정태수 Required analysis modules in Xperanto  SysBiol
20 정태수 Alignment of metabolic pathways       J.Club
24 정태수 Significant genes in GIST data  MAInfo

02 정태수 Supervised enzyme network inference from the integration of genomic data and chemical information [vertkernel]      J.Club
06 정태수 Significant genes in detecting mycoplasma infection of cell  MAInfo
08 정태수 Filters in Xperanto-BioCANDI  SysBiol
18 정태수 BioCANDI in Xperanto  Seminar

03 정태수 Learning Model for pathway extension  SysBiol
15 정태수 Analysis of Mycopasma infection data  MAInfo

04 정태수 MycoplasmaKFDA: 감염지표유전자집합 선정 및 민감도 테스트  MAInfo
09 정태수 PathPlus - not a single pathway but also topology of pathways [SysBiol] Seminar
18 정태수 BioCANDI2 in Xperanto  MAInfo
23 정태수 BioCANDI2 in Xperanto [MAInfo] Seminar

01 정태수 RunDEDS  SysBiol
06 정태수 Mycoplasma data 분석  MAInfo
29 정태수 Plan to complete PathPlus [pathplus] SysBiol

05 정태수 Pipeline of microarray data anlysis [MAInfo] Seminar
14 정태수 Inferring quantitative models of regulatory networks from expression data       J.Club
16 정태수 Complete report templete for microarray data analysis  MAInfo
26 정태수 Quick & simple: quality control of microarray data.     J.Club

04 정태수 Secondary analysis of arrary CGH data  xMutant
12 정태수 Workflow of array CGH data analysis [AppGen] Seminar
16 정태수 Report form of Microarray data analysis  MAInfo

14 정태수 array CGH data analysis  xMutant
17 정태수 GenRate: A Generative Model That Finds and Scores New Genes and Exons in Genomic Microarray Data [PSB]    J.Club
17 정태수 Sparse Factorizations of Gene Expression Guided by Binding Data [PSB]    J.Club
19 정태수 Processes of Microarray data analysis  MAInfo
24 정태수 Hidden Markov Models Approach to the Analysis of Array CGH Data     J.Club

08 정태수 [Myco] DNA Microarray를 이용한 세포기질 평가  MAInfo
11 정태수 Systematic benchmarking of microarray data classification: assessing the role of non-linearity and dimensionality reduction       J.Club
22 정태수 [PathPlus-human]  MAInfo

06 정태수 Analysis of array CGH data: from signal ratio to gain and loss of DNA regions       J.Club
10 정태수 [DNA Microarray를 이용한 세포誰?평가] 의 분석방법 고찰  MAInfo
18 정태수 CGH-Explorer 및 유사 툴 리뷰  SysBiol

06 정태수 Microarray expression data reflect the pathway knowledge  MAInfo
14 정태수 Determining differentially expressed genes in a microarray expression dataset  SysBiol
25 정태수 Prediction performance of pathway and its network characters [PathPlus] Seminar

01 정태수 [PathPlus] Performance index of prediction for pathway  MAInfo
11 정태수 Decomposition of metabolic network into functional modules based on the global connectivity structure of reaction graph       J.Club

13 정태수 Prediction model for pathway extension using high throughput biological data [DataAnalysis] Seminar
21 정태수 PathPlus  MAInfo
24 정태수 TopNet: a tool for comapring biological subnetworks, correlating protein properties with topological statistics       J.Club

09 정태수 Big Picture of PathPlus  MAInfo

12 정태수 Plan to extend human pathway  MAInfo
22 정태수 Module networks: identifying regulatory modules and their condition-specific regulators from gene expression data [segal]      J.Club
25 정태수 Evaluation methods for pathway prediction model [Xperanto] Seminar

07 정태수 PathPlus  MAInfo
17 정태수 Discovering molecular pathways from protein interaction and gene expression data [segal]      J.Club

10 정태수 Extraction and validation of pathway structure from Yeast genome society  MAInfo

24 정태수 Monthly report  MAInfo
28 정태수 ESPD: a pattern detection model underlying gene expression profiles       J.Club

20 정태수 Scoring clustering solutions by their biological relevance       J.Club

08 정태수 Using Bayesian Networks to Analyze Expression Data       J.Club
27 정태수 Analysis of Gastric data  MAInfo

20 정태수 The topology of the transcription regulatory network in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae       J.Club
25 정태수 Core group of gastric cancers  MAInfo

09 정태수 Subnetwork hierarchies of biochemical pathways       J.Club

29 정태수 Social Network Anlysis of DNA Microarray Data  Seminar

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