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01-07 윤혜성 A protocol for building and evaluting predictors of disease state based on microarray data       J.Club
01-05 윤혜성 Comments and Improvements of proposing method    BioEMR

12-15 윤혜성 An Evolutionary Approach for Clustering Problem in Data Mining  BioEMR
11-24 윤혜성 HCE Method based on GA for Combining Different Cluster Results  BioEMR
10-27 윤혜성 Heterogeneous Ensemble  BioEMR
10-22 윤혜성 Mining coherent dense subgraphs across massive biological networks for functional discovery       J.Club
09-29 윤혜성 Decision tree based ensemble methods  BioEMR
09-24 윤혜성 Ensemble dependence model for classification and prediction of cancer and normal gene expression data       J.Club
09-08 윤혜성 The problem of combining multiple partitions of a set of objects  BioEMR
08-04 윤혜성 Heterogeneous Ensemble  BioEMR
07-15 윤혜성 Heterogeneous Ensemble  SysBiol
06-03 윤혜성 Cluster Ensemble and Its Applications in Gene Expression Analysis  SysBiol
04-29 윤혜성 Combining Multiple Clusterings  SysBiol
03-24 윤혜성 Approaches to Discover Emerging Patterns in bio-data  SysBiol
02-24 윤혜성 Application of emerging patterns for multi-source data classification and analysis  SysBiol
01-12 윤혜성 Discover emerging patterns in multi-source data  MAInfo

12-22 윤혜성 Feature selection and Multiclass analysis  MAInfo
11-24 윤혜성 Data analysis using Weka  MAInfo
10-20 윤혜성 Linking and Combined Analysis Method based on Information Quantity of Multi-source Data  MAInfo
09-01 윤혜성 Data Integration and Analysis Method based on Information Quantity of Multi-Source Data  MAInfo
08-11 윤혜성 Multi-Source Data Integration and Analysis  MAInfo
07-10 윤혜성 How (not) to protect genomic data privacy in a distributed network: using trail re-identification to evaluate and design anonymity protection systems.       J.Club
06-23 윤혜성 Integration Rules Extraction Using Multi-source Data  MAInfo
06-15 윤혜성 Information Extraction from Multi-source data types [DataAnalysis] Seminar
05-22 윤혜성 An Architecture for Biological Information Extraction and Representation       J.Club
05-19 윤혜성 Combining Distributed Data Mining and Semi-supervised Learning Using Social Network and Association Algorithm Technique  MAInfo
03-31 윤혜성 파킨슨 논문 발표(서울?의학박사 학위 논문)  MAInfo
03-27 윤혜성 A new distributed data mining model based on similarity       J.Club
02-21 윤혜성 CloseGraph: Mining Closed Frequent Graph Patterns       J.Club

12-27 윤혜성 Deriving phylogenetic trees from the similarity analysis of metabolic pathways       J.Club
11-08 윤혜성 Artificial gene networks for objective comparison of analysis algorithms       J.Club
10-30 윤혜성 Problems connected with heterogeneous data type analysis  MAInfo
10-02 윤혜성 Social Network Application  MAInfo
09-27 윤혜성 Improving Information Extraction through Biological Correlation       J.Club
08-21 윤혜성 Multiclassifier Systems - Combining Classifiers  MAInfo
07-24 윤혜성 Active Learning with Strong and Weak Views: A Case Study on Wrapper Induction       J.Club
07-08 윤혜성 A Step to create Automatic View Detection Algorithm Design : A Survey  Seminar
05-06 윤혜성 Experimantal Results of WebKB and BIND XML data  Seminar
04-03 윤혜성 Gene Functional classification by Semi-supervised Learning from Heterogeneous Data       J.Club
03-18 윤혜성 An Overview of Data Models for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways  Seminar
02-20 윤혜성 Mining gene expression databases for association rules       J.Club
01-28 윤혜성 Classifier for XML document analysis I  Seminar

12-26 윤혜성 Clustering gene expression data using a graph-theoretic approach: an application of minimum spanning trees       J.Club
12-10 윤혜성 Graph-Based Clustering Algorithms in Bioinformatics  Seminar
10-24 윤혜성 Handling Very Large Numbers of Association Rules in the Analysis of Microarray Data       J.Club
10-08 윤혜성 Semisupervised Learning for Semistructured Biodata Analysis  Seminar
08-27 윤혜성 From SSD to SSL  Seminar
07-11 윤혜성 Active + Semi-Supervised Learning = Robust Multi-View Learning       J.Club
06-04 윤혜성 Semi-supervised learning  Seminar
05-09 윤혜성 XML documentation of biopathways and their simulations in Genomic Object Net       J.Club
04-18 윤혜성 "Classification Tree and CART, review"  Seminar

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