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2009-09-05 심혜진 Corpus-based and Knowledge-based Measures of Text Semantic Similarity     J.Club
2009-08-31 심혜진 Reconsideration of the Semantic Value  Seminar
2009-08-17 심혜진 An extended measure of wangs sematic similarity measure in GO  Seminar
2009-07-08 심혜진 Identification and Characterization of Microbial Proteins Using Peptide Mass Fingerprinting Strategies  BookReading
2009-05-27 심혜진 Microarrays - Identifying Molecular Portraits for Prostate Tumors with Different Gleason Patterns  BookReading
2009-02-02 심혜진 Expand Wang’s semantic similarity measure  Seminar

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