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01 우정훈 GEFERENCE: Reference Database for Construing Personal Genome Expression. (BIOCOMP`09 presentation)     J.Club

25 우정훈 RNA-seq Review  J.Club
25 우정훈 Integrative Genomic Analysis  J.Club

19 우정훈 The complete genome of an individual by massively parallel DNA sequencing     J.Club

15 우정훈 Predicting expression patterns from regulatory sequence in Drosophila segmentation.       J.Club

26 우정훈 Cis- and Trans- Loci Influence Expression of the Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene DTNBP1.       J.Club

08 우정훈 A signature of chromosomal instability inferred from gene expression profiles predicts clinical outcome in multiple human cancers       J.Club

06 우정훈 Identifying Genomic Regulators of Set-Wise Co-Expression (presentation for BIBE 2007 )  J.Club

15 우정훈 Promoter regions of many neural- and nutrition-related genes have experienced positive selection during human evolution.     J.Club

04 우정훈 Increasing the Power to Detect Causal Associations by Combining Genotypic and Expression Data in Segregating Populations     J.Club

30 우정훈 The importance of bottlenecks in protein networks: correlation with gene essentiality and expression dynamics.       J.Club

28 우정훈 Heritability and tissue specificity of expression quantitative trait loci.       J.Club

24 우정훈 High-resolution genomic profiling of chromosomal aberrations using Infinium whole-genome genotyping.       J.Club

03 우정훈 Integrating genetic and network analysis to characterize genes related to mouse weight.       J.Club
14 우정훈 How heritable gene expressions are?  Seminar

03 우정훈 Identifying genomic locus which affects multiple gene sets.  Seminar
24 우정훈 SK skin microarray data analaysis  Seminar
29 우정훈 BIOCANDI 점검 (ABI chip)  Seminar

13 우정훈 Complex trait analysis using set-wise genetical genomics approach (졸업 논문 주제 발표 final)  Seminar
23 우정훈 Integrative genetic analysis of transcription modules: towards filling the gap between genetic loci and inherited traits       J.Club

22 우정훈 progress in "Complex trait analysis"  Seminar
27 우정훈 GAW15 briefing  Seminar

09 우정훈 석사 논문 주제 발표  Seminar
11 우정훈 Progress in "Complex Traits Analysis"  Seminar
27 우정훈 Progress in "Complex trait analysis"  Seminar
28 우정훈 Normalization procedures and detection of linkage signal in genetical-genomics experiments.       J.Club

25 우정훈 Inferring Causal Association among Pathways (ICAP) by ‘Genetical Genomics’ approach  Seminar

03 우정훈 The graPT: Genomic inteRpreter About Predictive Toxicology     Seminar
19 우정훈 GAW data analysis 진행 상황  BioEMR

09 우정훈 An integrative genomics approach to infer causal associations between gene expression and disease [genetical genomics]      J.Club
30 우정훈 Gene Set Association Test (for GAW15 data)  MAInfo

06 우정훈 Complex trait analysis of gene expression uncovers polygenic and pleiotropic networks that modulate nervous system function. [genetical genomics]      J.Club
08 우정훈 graPT  Seminar
19 우정훈 Finding gene modulator with latent variable model  MAInfo
23 우정훈 Finding gene modulator via “Genetical Genomics” approach [genetical genomics] BioEMR

01 우정훈 Genetic regulators of large-scale transcriptional signatures in cancer.       J.Club
04 우정훈 progress in GTD database - localize CTD    BioEMR
14 우정훈 Analysis plan for "Genetic Analysis Workshop" data. [genetical genomics] MAInfo
25 우정훈 Progress in GTD database - Parsing localized data for DB input file  BioEMR

07 우정훈 Research plan (about toxicogenomics meta DB)    BioEMR
10 우정훈 Chicken PGC data analysis  MAInfo
21 우정훈 Progress in GTD database  BioEMR

13 우정훈 Conferences 2006 - 2007  Seminar
18 우정훈 Multi-way clustering of microarray data using probabilistic sparse matrix factorization       J.Club
21 우정훈 A novel approach for finding differentially co-regulated gene sets  xMutant

09 우정훈 OA/RA data analysis  Seminar
17 우정훈 Gene factoring with modified R-mode factor analysis  xMutant
18 우정훈 RA/OA data analysis  MAInfo
25 우정훈 RA/OA data analysis (part 2)  MAInfo

07 우정훈 Comparison between Affy and ABI chip  MAInfo
19 우정훈 바이오캔디 모듈 정리 및 MSC 데이터 분석 진행상황  Seminar
20 우정훈 Applying Factor analysis to microarray data  xMutant
28 우정훈 mesenchymal stem cell 분석 진행상황  MAInfo

01 우정훈 Estimate genetic subnetwork with SEM  xMutant
05 우정훈 Statistical methods for ranking differentially expressed genes.       J.Club
09 우정훈 Problem solving in GIST data  MAInfo
15 우정훈 Get over biological problem in statistical microarray analysis  xMutant
21 우정훈 Considering genetic causality in Microarray Analysis  Seminar

05 우정훈 GIST data analysis  MAInfo
08 우정훈 A Theoretical Analysis of Gene Selection       J.Club
11 우정훈 Extensive information for SNP chip analysis  xMutant
19 우정훈 Progress of GIST data analysis  MAInfo

21 우정훈 TBA  MAInfo

01 우정훈 Review of toxicogenomics  Seminar
09 우정훈 Existing and emerging toxicogenomics databases  xMutant
13 우정훈 Prediction of Nephrotoxicant Action and Identification of Candidate Toxicity-Related Biomarkers       J.Club
17 우정훈 Analysis plan of toxicant related data  MAInfo
23 우정훈 Toxicogenomic issues of microarray experiment (review)  xMutant

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