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12-05 김재환   TopicSem
11-30 김재환   J.Club
10-31 김재환 Development of Genomic variant Interpretation Assistant Tool (GI-AT)  TopicSem
09-21 김재환 Multi-Gene Panel Testing of 23,179 Individuals for Hereditary Cancer Risk Identifies Pathogenic Variant Carriers Missed by Current Genetic Testing Guidelines     J.Club
09-19 김재환 Pilot phase of GV-AT SNUBI development (naive user interface with a sample protocol)  TopicSem
08-08 김재환 Design and development of GV-AT SNUBI with Module functionality extension  TopicSem
07-13 김재환 A Model Information Management Plan for Molecular Pathology Sequence Data Using Standards     J.Club
07-01 김재환 Current status of Genomic Variant analysis Assistant Tool (GV-AT) SNUBI development  TopicSem
05-23 김재환 Current status of Precision Medicine Assistant Tool development  TopicSem
05-04 김재환 Recommendations for interpreting the loss of function PVS1 ACMG/AMP variant criterion     J.Club
04-15 김재환 Development of RarePedia knowledge base and SAG  TopicSem
02-14 김재환 Development of knowledge base (RarePedia) and software platform (VAAT & PMAT) for NGS study result based genetic counseling  MAInfo

12-27 김재환 RarePedia: A knowledge base for biomedically coherent query result  Seminar
11-29 김재환 Rarepedia & Genetic variant annotation assistant tool (VAAT) at Laboratory Medicine Annual Meeting 2018  MAInfo
08-06 김재환 유전체기반 정밀의료를 위한 진료업무흐름 제안 및 소프트웨어 개발  MAInfo

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