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06-27 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행사항 - Clinical data storage [ClinInfo] Seminar
05-16 박유랑 BioEMR 프로젝트 진행계획 [ClinInfo] Seminar
04-18 김옥구 NRL PhactaX 개발현황 및 종료계획 [ClinInfo] Seminar
03-21 이혜원 Progress in developing TMA-OM and Xperanto-TMA [ClinInfo] Seminar
02-26 박유랑 Implementation of Cancer Genomics Object Model [ClinInfo] Seminar
01-22 김옥구 PhactaManager(임상시험자료관리시스템) 개발 현황 [ClinInfo] Seminar

08-17 unknown Clinical decision making at the point-of-care [ClinInfo] Seminar
07-06 정희준 Mapping between the Disease Names of OMIM and MeSH [ClinInfo] Seminar
06-08 박유랑 Integrating MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (first step: generating HL7 Template) [ClinInfo] Seminar
05-11 홍승권 Privacy to the electronic medical record and telemedicine [ClinInfo] Seminar
04-13 unknown A study of effective UMLS indexing in radiology reports [ClinInfo] Seminar
03-16 unknown Presenting of document constraints for structured discharge note [ClinInfo] Seminar
02-17 unknown Implementation plan for TrialDB [ClinInfo] Seminar
01-20 unknown Clinical Guideline [ClinInfo] Seminar

12-23 unknown Web-based Clinical Data Management System --- Mapping Free Text into UMLS Concepts - Progress [ClinInfo] Seminar
11-25 unknown Designing of Web-based Clinical Data Management System [ClinInfo] Seminar
10-28 unknown Critical Pathways [ClinInfo] Seminar
09-30 unknown "Works in progress, Clinical Informatics" [ClinInfo] Seminar
08-26 unknown "Introduction to Clinical Informatics  강남센터, 분당병원 charting 구조 분석" [ClinInfo] Seminar

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