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06 안세환   J.Club
25 안세환   TopicSem

12 안세환 Segmented haplotype estimation and imputation tools (SHAPEIT4)  SysBiol
12 안세환 Segmented haplotype estimation and imputation tools (SHAPEIT4)  SysBiol
25 안세환 Phylogenetic clustering results of T1GP  TopicSem

16 안세환 Results of matching Health Showcase data with T1GP haplogroups  TopicSem
25 안세환 High coverage whole genome sequencing of the expanded 1000 Genomes Project cohort including 602 trios     J.Club

19 안세환 Hierarchical clustering of TPMT haplgroups  TopicSem
24 안세환 TPMT star-alleles and haplogroups of Health Showcase data  SysBiol

06 안세환 Querying against cell viability data(PRISM) in CMap LINCS website  SysBiol
08 안세환 Compare star-alleles and haplogroups in TPMT  TopicSem
24 안세환 Haplotype-resolved diverse human genomes and integrated analysis of structural variation     J.Club

07 안세환 Haplogroupswith hierarchical clustering  TopicSem

08 안세환 Genetic ancestry plays a central role in population pharmacogenomics     J.Club

22 안세환 Deleterious TPMT haplogroups in T1GP  TopicSem
27 안세환 Calling star-alleles from NGS data  SysBiol

04 안세환 Star-allele based phenotypes and haplogroups  TopicSem
13 안세환 Systems Pharmacogenomic Landscape of Drug Similarities from LINCS data: Drug Association Networks     J.Club
23 안세환 Factor-specific Pattern Mining of Gene Expression  Seminar
25 안세환 Diplogroups and star-allele based phenotypes  TopicSem

04 안세환 Introduction of Hail  TopicSem

16 안세환 A systematic comparison of pharmacogene star allele calling bioinformatics algorithm: a focus on CYP2D6 genotyping     J.Club
21 안세환 Functional or Deleterious variants in each haplogroup  TopicSem

05 안세환 A Proteotranscriptomic-Based Computational Drug-Repositioning Method for Alzheimer’s Disease     J.Club
07 안세환 Compare TPMT haplogroup clusterings  BioEMR
10 안세환 Discovering three-dimensional FSGPs  TopicSem
28 안세환 TPMT haplogroup construction  TopicSem

16 안세환 FSGPs with LINCS L1000 data  TopicSem

17 안세환 Drug-induced adverse events prediction with the LINCS L1000 data     J.Club
26 안세환 Discovering cell- and drug-specific patterns with the LINCS L1000 data  TopicSem
26 안세환 Introduction of Phylip  BioEMR

03 안세환 Enrichment Test of drug-specific genes  TopicSem
03 안세환 Enrichment Test of drug-specific genes  TopicSem
14 안세환 The PRISM drug repurposing dataset  BioEMR
21 안세환 Discovering significant and interpretable patterns with LINCS L1000 data  TopicSem

06 안세환 Interpretation significant cell- and drug-specific FSGPs  TopicSem
22 안세환 Improving cell-specific drug connectivity mapping with collaborative filtering     J.Club

02 안세환 Interpretation FSGPs in activator group  TopicSem
02 안세환 Interpretation FSGPs in activator group  TopicSem
06 안세환 Significant FSGPs estimating FDR  BioEMR

01 안세환 Integrative web platform for analysis of LINCS data (iLINCS)  BioEMR
04 안세환 Discovering FSGPs using small molecules classified by Moa  TopicSem
08 안세환 Mechanism of action lists in L1000 data  SysBiol
13 안세환 Evaluation of Connectivity Map shows limited reproducibility in drug repositioning     J.Club

11 안세환 Discovering FSGP using gene expression signature and fold change  TopicSem

06 안세환 The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database  SysBiol
09 안세환 Top 50 FSGPs in LINCS L1000 data  TopicSem
18 안세환 Predict New Therapeutic Drugs for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Based on Gene Mutation and Expression     J.Club
27 안세환 Fold changes of LINCS L1000 data  BioEMR

16 안세환 Determining significant FSGP using permutation  TopicSem
23 안세환 Discovering FSGP for UKBiobank  BioEMR

03 안세환 Permutation testing for the distance measures  BioEMR
06 안세환 Interpretable patterns from LINCS-L1000 data  TopicSem
15 안세환 eVIP2: Expression-based variant impact phenotypic to predict the function of gene variants     J.Club

13 안세환 Visualize interpretable pattern from LINCS-L1000  SysBiol

07 안세환 .     J.Club
23 안세환 Streamlined analysis of LINCS L1000 data with the slinky package for R  BioEMR
30 안세환 Discovering interpretable pattern from LINCS-L1000 data  TopicSem

11 안세환 Introduction to Genetic Algorithm  SysBiol
18 안세환 Breast cancer(adenocarcinoma) data in L1000  BioEMR
25 안세환 Discovering significant and interpretable pattern from L1000 data  TopicSem

05 안세환 Drug Gene Budger (DGB): an application for ranking drugs to modulate a specific gene based on transcriptomic signatures.     J.Club
07 안세환 Use of Sharesource in Remote Patient Management in Peritoneal Dialysis: A UK Nurse  BioEMR
24 안세환 FSGP for L1000 breast carcinoma cancer cell lines   TopicSem

02 안세환 L1000 data overview  BioEMR
09 안세환 Overview of L1000 data  TopicSem
16 안세환 Subtype of Cell Lines in L1000 data  SysBiol

20 안세환 L1000 Viewer: A Search Engine and Web Interface for the LINCS Data Repository     J.Club
22 안세환 294 Hugo gene symbols not in cBioPortal  BioEMR
22 안세환 The GCTx format and cmap{Py, R, M, J} packages: resources for optimized storage and integrated traversal of annotated dense matrices  SysBiol
25 안세환 A system that measures the weight of a peritoneal dialysis fluid in real time  TopicSem

03 안세환 Errors in importing Leukemia Data  SysBiol
17 안세환 Datasets in cBioPortal  BioEMR
24 안세환 Importing Leukemia Dataset into cBioPortal  TopicSem

11 안세환 New drug candidates for treatment of atypical meningiomas: An integrated approach using gene expression signatures for drug repurposing     J.Club
13 안세환 Clinical data for each project in GDM  BioEMR
16 안세환 The issues of importing gdm into cbioportal  TopicSem

08 안세환 File Formats of cBioPortal  TopicSem
15 안세환 Select available columns in cBioPortal mutation file  SysBiol

07 안세환 Importing sample data into cBioPortal  TopicSem
07 안세환 File Formats for cBioPortal  SysBiol
25 안세환 About cBioPortal on GDPortal  BioEMR

23 안세환 GenIO: a phenotype-genotype analysis web server for clinical genomics of rare diseases     J.Club

21 안세환 The Mutation Significance Cutoff(MSC)  TopicSem
21 안세환 How to use cBioPortal in GDPortal  BioEMR

03 안세환 VVA Plots include Protein domains  TopicSem
10 안세환 VVA background data of protein domians  BioEMR
20 안세환 Protein domain layer in VVA Plot  SysBiol
22 안세환 PopViz: a webserver for visualizing minor allele frequencies and damage prediction scores of human genetic variations     J.Club
27 안세환 Gene-centered Visualization and Annotation for Exome Variant Analysis(VVA) using GDM  Seminar

05 안세환 How to visualize protein domain in VVA  TopicSem

01 안세환 Changed result table of VVA using GDM  BioEMR
08 안세환 Upgraded VVA Table using GDM  TopicSem
25 안세환 The Cochran-Armitage Trend Test(CATT) in result table of VVA  SysBiol
27 안세환 VarCards: an integrated genetic and clinical database for coding variants in the human genome     J.Club
29 안세환 Re-Calculate Allele Frequency of VVA result Table  BioEMR

06 안세환 Add VEP data to VVA  TopicSem

23 안세환 Add knowledge bases to VVA plot  SysBiol
25 안세환 Gene Graphics: a genomic neighborhood data visualization web application     J.Club

02 안세환 VVA plot using GDM  TopicSem
14 안세환 Genome U-Plot:a whole genome visualization     J.Club
19 안세환 Modify VVA part interface of GDM portal  BioEMR
30 안세환 Modified VVA Interface  TopicSem

07 안세환 GDM and VVA  BioEMR
28 안세환 Apply VVA to GDM  SysBiol

03 안세환 clinical data for VVA  BioEMR
10 안세환 Knowledge Bases for VVA  SysBiol
31 안세환 Add knowledge bases to VVA  TopicSem

23 안세환 Add advanced features to VVA  TopicSem

08 안세환 VVA review and future work  SysBiol
08 안세환 VVA review and future work  SysBiol
08 안세환 VVA review and future work  SysBiol
15 안세환 How to trasfer blood dialyzer data to patients using OCR  BioEMR
19 안세환 Future works of VVA  TopicSem
31 안세환 Visualization portal for genetic variation(VizGVar): a tool for interactive visualization of SNPs and somatic mutations in exons, genes and protein domains     J.Club

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