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06 서희원 Drug score distributions for the ten most-prescribed drugs in the 1000 Depressives.  TopicSem

12 서희원 SATIE: a web tool to predict sequential treatments in cancer.  xMutant
28 서희원 Profiling and leveraging relatedness in a precision medicine cohort of 92,455 exomes     J.Club

25 서희원 Variants associated with an increased risk for severe neutropenia in patients receiving 6MP.  TopicSem

05 서희원 Genetic diagnosis of Mendelian disorders via RNA sequencing     J.Club
08 서희원 PanDrugs: Identifying actionable molecular alterations and prioritize drugs  xMutant
28 서희원 Analysis of previously reported variants associated with MP-induced neutropenia in ALL  TopicSem

17 서희원 Identification of variants with a significantly lower frequency in cases than in controls  TopicSem

10 서희원 Pharmacogenomic variants have larger effect sizes than genetic variants associated with other dichotomous complex traits.     J.Club
14 서희원 The analysis of continuous variables in ALL samples.  xMutant
19 서희원 Mercaptopurine induced neutropenia in ALL   TopicSem

15 서희원 VVA: Gene-centered Visualization and Annotation for Exome Variant Analysis  TopicSem

05 서희원 Comparison of significant variants in two Ritodrine induced-side effect cohorts  TopicSem
08 서희원 Rare and low-frequency coding variants alter human adult height     J.Club
19 서희원 Three datasets from gnomAD database and their statistics  xMutant

13 서희원 Association of ADRA1A polymorphism with Ritodrine-induced Pulmonary Edema in 13 pregnant women.  TopicSem
22 서희원 Preprocessing and QC results of 119 ALL WXSs.   xMutant

09 서희원 WXS to Identify Cancer Clearing Genotypes from Matched Donor-recipient Pairs.  TopicSem
21 서희원 Distribution and clinical impact of functional variants in 50,726 whole-exome sequences from the DiscovEHR study     J.Club

12 서희원 WXS to Identify Cancer Clearing Genotypes from Matched Donor-recipient Pairs  TopicSem
28 서희원 Recommended Coverage and Read Depth for NGS Applications.  xMutant
30 서희원 Association of ATP8B4 polymorphism with Ritodrine induced side effects in 13 pregnant women  Seminar

02 서희원 Variant Visualization and Annotation Tool Available Online  TopicSem
02 서희원 Public genome databases: GnomDB, ExAC and ESP6500.  xMutant

22 서희원 Genetic Variation Among 82 Pharmacogenes: The PGRNseq Data From the eMERGE Network      J.Club

05 서희원 CRAM format - An efficiently compressed BAM file  xMutant
07 서희원 Depression WXS QC - 10 samples of FASTQ from Illumina HiSeq 2500  TopicSem

19 서희원 Whole-exome sequencing to detect significantly altered genes causing Ritodrine induced side effects in 13 pregnant women.  Seminar

15 서희원 The settings and parameters for sequencing data analysis.  xMutant
23 서희원 Genic Intolerance to Functional Variation and the Interpretation of Personal Genomes.     J.Club
25 서희원 Evaluation of read-level alignment for F10 variants from Ion Proton.  TopicSem

20 서희원 Comparison between the results of NGS and SNP Type Assays  TopicSem

07 서희원 DIDA: A curated and annotated digenic diseases database      J.Club
11 서희원 Busulfan induced hepatotoxicity associated genes in Busulfan pathway  TopicSem
16 서희원 Descriptive statistics of 397 Korean whole-genome sequencing data  xMutant

04 서희원 Evaluation of filtering strategies to identify disease-associated genomic variants in multiple disease categories.  TopicSem

02 서희원 Effective filtering strategies, comparison of local de novo assembly, depth and T1GP filters  TopicSem
05 서희원 Quantifying prion disease penetrance using large population control cohorts      J.Club
21 서희원 Efficient approach for obtaining high-confident variant calls.  xMutant

15 서희원 Whole-exome sequencing to detect genetic abnormalities causing Ritodrine induced side effects in 13 pregnant women.  Seminar
18 서희원 VVA: Variant Visualization and Annotation.  TopicSem
25 서희원 APCB 2016 Reviews  Seminar
26 서희원 VVA modules : available tests and filters for genome data analysis  xMutant

19 서희원 BOOGIE: Predicting Blood Groups from High Throughput Sequencing Data      J.Club
23 서희원 Ritodrine meta-pathway and sub-pathway scores.  TopicSem

11 서희원 Matched-pair analysis of a breast cancer patient.  TopicSem
13 서희원 Preprocessing and QC results of 27 BronJ WXSs.  xMutant

02 서희원 Loss-of-function variants in CACNA1A and ABI1 interacting proteins from a subject with pulmonary edema  xMutant
05 서희원 Highly significant variants found in Yutopar subjects.  TopicSem
09 서희원 An automated system for statistical test with variants found in Yutopar subjects  xMutant
10 서희원 GEMINI: Integrative Exploration of Genetic Variation and Genome Annotations     J.Club
20 서희원 Workflow of identifying deleterious mutaiton using filter-based method.  xMutant

12 서희원 [Journal review] Informatics for RNA Sequencing  xMutant

19 서희원 Targeted sequencing to detect abnormalities causing Yutopar side effects in 11 pregnant women     TopicSem

11 서희원 Gene score distributions and mutation statistics for 33 WXS from Ion Proton   xMutant
18 서희원 Genome-wide patterns and properties of de novo mutations in humans      J.Club
24 서희원 Comparison between curatedVCF and rawVCF of WXS data from Ion Proton  xMutant
27 서희원 Comparison between curatedVCF and rawVCF of WXS data from Ion Proton  TopicSem

05 서희원 Define a gene-set of Busulfan related genes for PharmSafe score  xMutant
10 서희원 Single-marker analysis for Busulfan project  TopicSem
12 서희원 Gene score distributions for Busulfan, COPD, 6MP and Ritodrine subjects  xMutant
19 서희원 A genome scale of manhattan plot with SIFT score annotation for Busulfan project.  xMutant

01 서희원 Time series analysis of a patient with leukemia M7  xMutant
06 서희원 Analysis results of linear regression with GS and called variants.   TopicSem
29 서희원 Define a set of Busulfan related genes affecting adverse drug reaction using PharmSafe scores  xMutant

06 서희원 Targeted sequencing to detect abnormalities causing Busulfan side effects  TopicSem
17 서희원 Genetic Characterization of Clonal State in Eosinophilia Anemia Subjects   xMutant
25 서희원 Drug2Gene: an exhaustive resource to explore effectively the drug-target relation network.     J.Club

04 서희원 Investigation of systematic errors of called variants through alignment viewer.  TopicSem
05 서희원 Taking a snapshot of aligned reads and IGV batch job scripts  xMutant

06 서희원 Somatic mutations due to higher likelihood of misalignment and PCR artifacts  xMutant
13 서희원 Data structure and mutation statistics in 1KP Phase3  xMutant
14 서희원 Whole-genome sequencing of quartet families with autism spectrum disorder     J.Club
17 서희원 Systematic errors in sequence and read level which affect SNV calls  xMutant

02 서희원 Quality check and alignment results of 9 subjects with Yutopar side effects  xMutant
07 서희원 QC, alignment and statistical test result of 9 WXSs with Yutopar side effects  TopicSem
26 서희원 SG03  Seminar
26 서희원 Genetic Characterization of Clonal State in Eosinophilia and Aplastic Anemia Subjects   Seminar
30 서희원 Low allele fraction mutation detection with GATK joint calling method  xMutant

01 서희원 Characteristics of genes with rare and deleterious mutations in 1KP samples  TopicSem
13 서희원 HTSeq-a Python framework to work with high-throughput sequencing data     J.Club

28 서희원 Distribution characteristics of genes with rare and deleterious mutations in 1KP  xMutant

02 서희원 Sequencing data quality checklist and accuracy measurement  xMutant
04 서희원 A systematic review of cancer GWAS and candidate gene meta-analyses reveals limited overlap but similar effect sizes.     J.Club
29 서희원 Distribution characteristics of LoF Mutations in 1000G and Gene Score with LoF Mutations  TopicSem

12 서희원 WXS analysis of 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL  xMutant
22 서희원 WXS analysis of 6-mercaptopurine related neutropenia cases from ALL  TopicSem

02 서희원 The implications of familial incidental findings from exome sequencing: the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program experience     J.Club
06 서희원 Introduction to Complete Genomics Sequencing Data and CGATools  TopicSem
06 서희원 GMOD JBrowse Genome Browser Settings and Configuration  xMutant

09 서희원 Systematic identification of relationship between marker SNP and cancer susceptibility gene  TopicSem
23 서희원 Reviews in LOVD (Leiden Open Variation Database) Software  xMutant
26 서희원 ISMB_Review: MicroRNA-Gene Association As a Prognostic Biomarker in Cancer Exposes Disease Mechanisms     J.Club

12 서희원 Off-target regions and their characteristics  xMutant
16 서희원 Ion AmpliSeq off-target regions and their characteristics  TopicSem
25 서희원 Result of KS test between subjects with and without risk allele  xMutant

15 서희원 Application process for Public Genome Data through dbGAP  xMutant
24 서희원 Personalized genomic disease risk of volunteers     J.Club
30 서희원 Assessment of rare germline mutations for cancer susceptibility with synthetic association study   Seminar

07 서희원 TCGA Protected Mutation Statistics and Validity  TopicSem
10 서희원 Proton Sequencing Data Preprocessing and Pipeline  xMutant
17 서희원 Proton Sequencing Data Alignment Result with BWA  xMutant
24 서희원 Proton Sequencing Data, Unmapped Region  xMutant
30 서희원 Rapid and Accurate Semiconductor-based Sequencing of Whole Exome  TopicSem

12 서희원 A diagram for genetic architecture of disease and its susceptibility  TopicSem
13 서희원 Deleterious mutations and genetic models for discovering pathogenic mutations  xMutant
27 서희원 Protected mutation sets and descriptions  xMutant
29 서희원 Rare coding variants in the phospholipase D3 gene confer risk for Alzheimer’s disease     J.Club

10 서희원 Association Study: Cancer Risk Alleles from GWAS and Rare Mutations  TopicSem

14 서희원 Identify Inherited Rare-Risk Mutations for Hereditary Cancers  xMutant
15 서희원 Identify Inherited Rare-Risk Mutations for Hereditary Cancers  TopicSem
18 서희원 Genetic variants associated with warfarin dose in African-American individuals: a genome-wide association study     J.Club
21 서희원 Cancer genomics research topics and plans for 2014  xMutant

10 서희원 Web-based analysis system flowchart  xMutant
16 서희원 Web-based Analysis System for Associations between genotypes and gene scores   TopicSem
17 서희원 Web-based Analysis System  xMutant
24 서희원 A simple sentense for the research objective.  xMutant

15 서희원 Gene score distribution depends on gene scoring methods  xMutant
19 서희원 Big picture of Association study between genotype and gene score  xMutant
25 서희원 Gene Scoring Methods Comparison  TopicSem
30 서희원 canSAR: an integrated cancer public translational research and drug discovery resource     J.Club

08 서희원 Sorting Tolerant From Intolerant Algorithm and its scores  xMutant
18 서희원 Screening of association between marker SNPs and gene score  xMutant
22 서희원 The number of Ensembl gene IDs in SIFT DB and Ensembl DB  xMutant
23 서희원 Synonymous and nonsynonymous variants SIFT score and gene scoring method  TopicSem

23 서희원 Damaged Gene and Exon Scores for 1000 Genomes Project   TopicSem
28 서희원 Signatures of mutational processes in human cancer     J.Club

21 서희원 The Distribution of Somatic Mutations in POLE and POLD1.  TopicSem
24 서희원 The Exomes of the NCI-60 Panel: A Genomic Resource for Cancer Biology and Systems Pharmacology     J.Club

01 서희원 Bladder Cancer Cell Lines: Four Whole-Exome Sequencing Data Analysis  TopicSem
02 서희원 Overview of International Cancer Genome Consortium  xMutant
09 서희원 Somatic mutation frequency for each cancer and gene in TCGA  xMutant
12 서희원 Characteristics of Somatic Mutation in TCGA  Seminar
16 서희원 Summary of Somatic mutations in COSMIC database  xMutant
29 서희원 In silico Synthetic Lethality Analysis of Endometrioid Endometrial Adenocarcinoma  TopicSem
30 서희원 Search Strategies in cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics  xMutant

04 서희원 Exploring Protected-TCGA Data and Localization Plan   xMutant
11 서희원 TCGA Level 4 Data Structure and Usage  xMutant
17 서희원 Nine Bladder Cancer Cell Lines and its Chemo-resistance Profiles.  TopicSem
18 서희원 Characteristics of driver and passenger mutations  xMutant
20 서희원 Identify high coverage and mutual exclusive mutations  MAInfo
25 서희원 Algorithm for De Novo Driver Exclusivity (Dendrix)  xMutant

07 서희원 TCGA Data Assess Page: Downloadable Link and Specification  xMutant
09 서희원 Summary of pseudogene expressions   MAInfo
11 서희원 Comprehensive genomic characterization defines human glioblastoma genes and core pathways     J.Club
13 서희원 Bladder Cancer Cell Lines: Nine RNA-Sequencing Data Processing  TopicSem

04 서희원 Summary of comprehensive analyses by TCGA Research Network  MAInfo
09 서희원 Summary of comprehensive analyses: Integrative analysis by TCGA  xMutant
16 서희원 Server monitoring tool: CACTI  xMutant
16 서희원 TCGA Data Download Links and Summary Page Design  xMutant
20 서희원 Personalized Pathway Enrichment Map of Putative Cancer Genes from Next Generation Sequencing Data     J.Club
29 서희원 RNA-seq Analysis: Bladder Cancer Cell Lines  TopicSem

02 서희원 Analysis of 6,515 exomes reveals the recent origin of most human protein-coding variants     J.Club
06 서희원 Preprocessing of COPD miRNA Sequencing Data  TopicSem
19 서희원 Analysis of TCGA Data Structure: What is in the downloaded files?  xMutant
19 서희원 Analysis of TCGA Data Structure: What is in the downloaded files?  xMutant
27 서희원 Characterization of RNA-sequencing and challenges.  TopicSem

04 서희원 Signature of Nephrotic Syndrome  Seminar

05 서희원 Performance comparison of whole-genome sequencing platforms     J.Club
16 서희원 Called SNVs Comparison Between Two Platform Sequencing Techonologies and Promethease.  SysBiol
30 서희원 COPD miRNA sequencing data  TopicSem

07 서희원 Blood genotyping for pretransfusion testing  SysBiol
10 서희원 In silico blood genotyping from exome sequencing data     J.Club
14 서희원 Blood genotyping for pretransfusion testing.  TopicSem

31 서희원 RNA-seq analysis: Label miss matched, Differentially Expressed Isoforms.  TopicSem

26 서희원 RNA-Seq Analysis: how to handle missing values?     TopicSem

13 서희원 RNA-seq analysis: day effect normalization & which FPKM value is suitable?  TopicSem
18 서희원 Highly interconnected genes in disease-specific networks are enriched for disease-associated polymorphisms     J.Club

25 서희원 Reads align with Bowtie2  SysBiol
30 서희원 RNA-seq reads alignment with Bowtie2.  TopicSem

27 서희원 Comparison of RNA data analysis results: Cuffdiff algorithm validation.  TopicSem
30 서희원 A high-resolution map of human evolutionary constraint using 29 mammals     J.Club

07 서희원 Definition of LoF genes and find individual LoF genes.  TopicSem
17 서희원 RNA-Seq Analysis pipeline and fastq quality control  SysBiol
25 서희원 Loss of function geneset analysis of personal genome using pathway-disease similarity   Seminar
30 서희원 LoF variants and allele frequency from 1000 genome.  TopicSem

18 서희원 Loss of Function Gene-set Analysis Of Personal Genome Using Pathway-Disease Similarity.  TopicSem
28 서희원 Detecting and annotating genetic variations using the HugeSeq pipeline.     J.Club

07 서희원 OMIM and Human Phenotype Ontology for Constructing Phenotypic Signature Map  TopicSem
10 서희원 A Combination of Dopamine Genes Predicts Success by Professional Wall Street Traders     J.Club
21 서희원 From Variant to Human Phenotype Term Mapping Result with OMIM & HPO.  TopicSem

01 서희원 Phenotypic signature practicality.  SysBiol
07 서희원 Stablishing phenotypic signatures to infer relevant phenotypic characteristics using semantic similarity calculation  Seminar

11 서희원 Semantic Map for Phenotypic Signature  SysBiol
18 서희원 SNUBI Sequence Preprocessing Final Report  SysBiol
25 서희원 Personal Genome Seminar Preview: Establishing phenotypic signatures to infer relevant phenotypic characteristics using semantic similarity calculation.  SysBiol
30 서희원 Establishing phenotypic signatures to infer relevant phenotypic characteristics using semantic similarity calculation.  TopicSem

06 서희원 Gene set wise approach using KEGG databases  Seminar
10 서희원 Phased Whole-Genome Genetic Risk in a Family Quartet Using a Major Allele Reference Sequence     J.Club
13 서희원 Gene-set wise approach using KEGG databases  SysBiol
28 서희원 Construct bipartite gene-disease graph for measuring vertex(gene) centrality using R.  TopicSem
28 서희원 Research in progress  SysBiol
29 서희원 Construct a Network with Personal Variants  xMutant

02 서희원 Construct a Network with Variants Information on Disease Network  SysBiol
08 서희원 Gene-set Wise Approach for Disease Susceptibility Genes on PubMed.     SysBiol
16 서희원 Gene-set wise approach using KEGG pathway.     SysBiol
17 서희원 Construct a Network with Variants Info. on Disease Network.  xMutant
22 서희원 Phenotypic signature using genomic variant annotation on semantic network.   SysBiol
23 서희원 Phenotypic signature using genomic variant annotation on semantic network.  TopicSem
26 서희원 Predicting phenotypic variation in yeast from individual genome sequences     J.Club
30 서희원 Genotype Look and Feel: Genome Data Mining for Phenotypic Signature.  SysBiol

05 서희원 SNUBI Sequence Variants Analysis Pipeline and Visualization Tool  SysBiol
10 서희원 Increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine with the use of proton pump inhibitors  TopicSem
13 서희원 SNUBI Sequence Variant Analysis Pipeline and Visualization Tool  Seminar
19 서희원 Unknown Variant Effect Imputation by Nearby Annotated Variants.  SysBiol
27 서희원 Construct a Network with Personal Variants.  xMutant
31 서희원 Sequence Analysis Pipeline Verification Strategy.  TopicSem

02 서희원 Visualization of variant annotation results  SysBiol
07 서희원 Browsing SNUBI Sequences - GBrowse VS. JBrowse.  TopicSem
07 서희원 Visualization of variant annotation results  Seminar
24 서희원 S tructural variation in two human genomes mapped at single-nucleotide resolution by whole genome de novo assembly.     J.Club

04 서희원 Construct a Network Linking Personal Variations  xMutant
31 서희원 Genome Browser - Browsing SNUBI Sequences.  TopicSem

02 서희원 Assessment of overrepresented variant-set in rare disease associated genetic variants  xMutant
04 서희원 Assessment of overrepresented variant-set in rare disease associated genetic variants  SysBiol
22 서희원 SNUBI Sequences SIFT Analysis  SysBiol
23 서희원 Exploring the Genetic Basis of Variation in Gene Predictions with a Synthetic Association Study     J.Club
29 서희원 Quick Look: Tabix     SysBiol

03 서희원 File Formats for Genome  SysBiol
08 서희원 Fracture Risk Associated with Proton Pump Inhibitors  TopicSem
10 서희원 SNP Set Enrichment Analysis Associations with Rare Variants  SysBiol
11 서희원 Whole-Exome Re-Sequencing in a Family Quartet Identifies POP1 Mutations As the Cause of a Novel Skeletal Dysplasia     J.Club
21 서희원 SSEA Data Set from Publication     SysBiol

11 서희원 Gene-set wise approach for disease susceptibility using SNP profiles.  TopicSem
21 서희원 Rare Disease Knowledgebase and Exome Sequence Data  SysBiol

20 서희원 Finding Relationships Between Disease and Gene-set.  TopicSem
30 서희원 Population sequencing of two endocannabinoid metabolic genes identifies rare and common regulatory variants associated with extreme obesity and metabolite level.      J.Club

02 서희원 Contribution of Genomic Variants to Human Phenotypes in Functional Genomics  TopicSem
19 서희원 Discovery of common Asian copy number variants using integrated high-resolution arrayCGH and massively parallel DNA sequencing      J.Club
28 서희원 A Gene-set Based Approach to Link Genes to Diseases.  TopicSem
29 서희원 Metadata parsing progress     BioEMR

14 서희원 Discovery of common Asian copy number variants using integrated high-resolution arrayCGH and massively parallel DNA sequencing     BioEMR

23 서희원 Targeted capture and massively parallel sequencing of 12 human exomes     MAInfo

15 서희원 Signup_Procedure  BioEMR
19 서희원 Generations of sequencing technologies     MAInfo
28 서희원 CCR Plus App Bugs Report  BioEMR

03 서희원 Project Management System  BioEMR
03 서희원 Rare Disease Input Format  BioEMR
06 서희원 Project Management System  Seminar
06 서희원 Rare Disease Input Format  Seminar
16 서희원 RE:Rare Disease Input Format  BioEMR
27 서희원 Contents and structure of rare disease knowledgebase  Seminar

13 서희원 CCR Plus Database Schema     BioEMR
13 서희원 Rare Disease Input Data Analysis     BioEMR
20 서희원 RE:CCR Plus Database Schema  BioEMR
20 서희원 Rare_Disease_ Step1.  BioEMR
23 서희원 Rare_Disease_Knowledge_Base     Seminar

23 서희원 Relations in biomedical ontologies     BioEMR
30 서희원 Relations in biomedical ontolodies  BioEMR

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