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02-28 박유랑 GOChase2 progress [GOChase] Seminar
01-10 박유랑 GOChase 2 final [GOChase] Seminar

12-20 박유랑 Assessing the consistency of GO annotation using orthologous genes [GOChase2] Seminar
10-18 박유랑 GOChase-II review&revision [GOChase2Ontology] Seminar
01-23 박유랑 GOChase 2: a framework for correcting semantic inconsistent annotation and improving accuracy of the functional analysis based on Gene Ontology  Seminar
01-03 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress  xMutant

12-20 박유랑 GOChase 2  xMutant
12-12 박유랑 GOChase-II  Seminar
09-12 박유랑 GOChase II - final  Seminar
09-06 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress - (manuscript & web interface)  xMutant
07-12 박유랑 GOChase 2 progress (web interface)  xMutant
05-10 박유랑 Progress of GOChase 2  xMutant
04-19 박유랑 Progress of GOChase 2- Error (redundant and inconsistent annotation error) confirm  xMutant
03-22 박유랑 GOChase 2: additional errors (implicit and true path rule errors) in GO-based annotations for gene products  xMutant

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