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18 고인석 Validation Progress of RxNorm Mapping Algorithm  TopicSem

05 고인석 Personal health records: a randomized trial of effects on elder medication safety     J.Club
16 고인석 Development of Web Application for Mapping Drugs in Prescription with RxNorm  TopicSem
30 고인석 Discussion about validation of RxNorm mapping algorithm  BioEMR

11 고인석 처방전 QR코드 인코딩 이슈  BioEMR
18 고인석 Development Plan of Web Application for Mapping Drugs in Prescription with RxNorm  TopicSem

07 고인석 Drug mapping with UMLS(RxNorm) using KPIS in prescription (only single ingredient drugs)  BioEMR
19 고인석 Mapping results of single ingredient drugs(100 sample) with UMLS(RxNorm)  TopicSem

16 고인석 Entity Relationship diagram of KPIS database  TopicSem
16 고인석 코드 시스템 manual mapping in CCR and KPIS ER schema  BioEMR
26 고인석 Cross-domain targeted ontology subsets for annotation: The case of SNOMED CORE and RxNorm     J.Club

06 고인석 Mapping problems and normalization process of ingredient in KPIS  BioEMR
08 고인석 Automated Mapping of Pharmacy Orders from Two Electronic Health Record Systems to RxNorm within the STRIDE Clinical Data Warehouse     J.Club
24 고인석 Algorithm for mapping single ingredient drugs in prescription with RxNorm  TopicSem
26 고인석 Review: Establishing Semantic Interoperability of Biomedical Metadata Registries using Extended Semantic Relationships  BioEMR

19 고인석 Ingredient mapping with RxNorm  TopicSem

16 고인석 Example of ingredient column extension  BioEMR
27 고인석 Ingredient column extension  TopicSem

04 고인석 Web parsing solutions on KPIS web site  TopicSem
05 고인석 Web parsing problems on KPIS  BioEMR
14 고인석 Normalization and standardization of electronic health records for high-throughput phenotyping: the SHARPn consortium     J.Club
30 고인석 KPIS Data Analysis and Database Creation  TopicSem

04 고인석 XML creation for prescription  TopicSem

07 고인석 Sample of prescription encoding  TopicSem
26 고인석 Utilizing RxNorm to support practical computing applications: Capturing medication history in live electronic health records     J.Club

07 고인석 Evaluating standard terminologies for encoding allergy information     J.Club
09 고인석 International standard codes for medicine and medical supplies  TopicSem
11 고인석 Review of standard codes for prescription contents  BioEMR

14 고인석 HERON Research Data Repository  TopicSem

15 고인석 A method for encoding prescription contents with RxNorm  TopicSem
20 고인석 Mapping Partners Master Drug Dictionary to RxNorm using an NLP-based approach  J.Club

17 고인석 Analysis of current status of BMESH Browser and future works  TopicSem

02 고인석 BMESH Metadata Upload  BioEMR
22 고인석 Review of A National Metadata Repository for Empirical Research in Germany  TopicSem
24 고인석 PUBLIC METADATA(CADSR, USHIK) download and analysis  BioEMR
25 고인석 The ISO/IEC 11179 norm for metadata registries: Does it cover healthcare standards in empirical research?     J.Club

10 고인석 UMLS Search Browser V1.3  TopicSem
29 고인석 Search result in UMLS Browser  TopicSem

20 고인석 UMLS Search Browser V1.2  TopicSem
30 고인석 The effect of electronic medical record system sophistication on preventive healthcare for women  J.Club

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