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08-24 김주연 Characterizing pharmacogenomic-guided medication use with a clinical data repository     J.Club
07-20 안세환 L1000 Viewer: A Search Engine and Web Interface for the LINCS Data Repository     J.Club

02-03 김형준 Building a semantic web based metadata repository for facilitating detailed clinical modeling in cacer genome studies     J.Club

02-11 김형준 Metadata Repository for Improved Data Sharing and Reuse Based on HL7 FHIR     J.Club

12-30 김형준 EasyFormBuilder- Semi-automatic form building tool based on standardized metadata repository for semantic interoperability.  Seminar
09-03 김형준 ODMedit_ uniform semantic annotation for data integration in medicine based on a public metadata repository     J.Club
08-19 김형준 Form building tool based on standardized metadata repository for semi-automatic semantic annotation  Seminar
08-06 김혜현 Developing a data element repository to support EHR-driven phenotype algorithm authoring and execution     J.Club
03-14 김혜현 Review of NIH CDE Repository and Design of CDE Browser  TopicSem

08-14 고인석 HERON Research Data Repository  TopicSem
05-22 고인석 Review of A National Metadata Repository for Empirical Research in Germany  TopicSem

10-06 김혜현 CDISC Standards at Core of FDA Cross-study Clinical Trial Repository Project   BioEMR
06-10 윤선민 MEDLINE/PubMed Baseline Repository (MBR)  SysBiol

12-10 Rocky BioPortal: A Web Repository for Biomedical Ontologies and Data     xMutant
02-09 이수연S Gene Expression Omnibus: NCBI gene expression and hybridization array data repository     xMutant

06-02 정용 MicroGen: a MIAME compliant web system for microarray experiment information and workflow management [MIAMEmicroarrayrepository]      J.Club
05-18 박유랑 BioEMR : Experimental Metadata repository  Seminar

11-22 정용 GEO Final or Not? [GEOIntegrationMicroarray repositoryArrayportMappingPlatformSeriesSample] Seminar

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