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07-27 조민아 Gene set enrichment analysis tools  SysBiol

06-03 김기태 GSDBA - A computational approach for Gene Set wise Deleterious Burden Analysis  TopicSem
05-09 김기태 GSDBA: Computational approach for Gene Set wise Deleterious Burden Analysis   TopicSem
04-04 김기태 GS-DBA: Gene Set Deleterious Burden Analysis  MAInfo
03-21 김기태 GS-DBA: Gene Set Deleterious Burden Analysis  TopicSem

01-02 김주연 Gene set annotation of genes synthetically associated with PGx variants in GWAS  TopicSem

12-14 김주연 Gene set annotation for genes synthetically associated with PGx variants  SysBiol

10-16 박유미 Manipulating gene sets for drug score calculation  MAInfo
06-20 류영재 DSigDB: Drug Signatures Database for Gene Set Analysis     J.Club

09-24 이우승 Thyroid data analysis using cluster method and different gene set  TopicSem

12-06 서희원 Gene set wise approach using KEGG databases  Seminar
09-19 나영지 Discovery and classification of pathways perturbed in disease state based on gene set approach using whole genome sequencing data  TopicSem
08-08 나영지 Gene set enrichment based on combinatorial variants  TopicSem
06-13 나영지 Identification of disease-specific pathways applying gene set enrichment analysis to variants from next-generation sequencing data  TopicSem

06-26 윤선민 PhenoFam-gene set enrichment analysis through protein structural information     J.Club
03-06 윤선민 ConceptGen: a gene set enrichment and gene set relation mapping tool     J.Club

12-05 변상재 Gene set internal coherence in the context of functional profiling     J.Club
11-18 정희준 Checkpoint gene set analysis tools  Seminar
11-14 정희준 WhichGenes: a web-based tools for gathering, building, storing and exporting gene sets with application in gene set enrichment analysis     J.Club
04-04 변상재 GS2: An efficiently computable measure of GO-based similarity of gene sets     J.Club

09-06 변상재 Gene Vector Analysis (Geneva): A unified method to detect differentially-regulated gene sets and similar microarray experiments     J.Club

11-20 조성범 Analysis of gene set interaction network structure using SEM  Seminar
07-14 정희준 The Gene Set Builder: collation, curation, and distribution of sets of genes [gene set]      J.Club
01-03 우정훈 Identifying genomic locus which affects multiple gene sets.  Seminar

11-10 조성범 Interpretation of gene set interaction analysis  Seminar
10-20 조성범 Gene set interaction analysis [Mantel testgene set interaction] Seminar
06-30 우정훈 Gene Set Association Test (for GAW15 data)  MAInfo
05-12 조성범 Mantel test with pathway gene set II  MAInfo
04-26 조성범 Mantel test with pathway gene set  xMutant
04-05 조성범 Mantel test between gene sets  xMutant
02-22 조성범 Mantel test with gene set  MAInfo
02-21 우정훈 A novel approach for finding differentially co-regulated gene sets  xMutant
01-13 정태수 PathTalk: diameters of gene sets on topological structure of pathways [PathTalk] SysBiol

12-21 정태수 Gene set having different sequence patterns [DiffCoexpression] MAInfo
10-15 김지훈 PAGE: Parametric Analysis of Gene Set Enrichment       J.Club
08-16 조성범 GSEA(gene set enrichment analysis) package  xMutant

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