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06-26 김나영 One Step Away from Technology but One Step Towards Domain Experts-MDRBridge: A Template-Based ISO 11179-Compliant Metadata Processing Pipeline     J.Club

12-31 최선 Applying the ADR template for retinal detachment used in K-CDM to UKB  TopicSem

01-18 김혜현 CDE template forms status in NIH CDE Browser  BioEMR

09-21 김형준 Easy Form Builder(with excel template)  TopicSem
09-09 김형준 Easy form builder excel template  BioEMR
02-02 김혜현 Process of building CCR+ template and conducting CCR+ validation  TopicSem

02-04 박유랑 Metadata Registry based integration and transformation between openEHR archetype and HL7 template  Seminar

07-18 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange -openEHR archetype & HL7 Template  TopicSem
06-15 박유랑 MDR based clinical document exchange -HL7 Template implementation-  TopicSem

06-20 박유랑 BioEMR project: General form creator & registry [BioEMRTemplate] BioEMR
05-09 이혜원 Progress in developing template in Xperanto-TMA  BioEMR
01-19 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA: implementation for applying templates  BioEMR

12-13 이혜원 Xperanto-TMA: Templates and Data Elements  xMutant
03-08 박유랑 Common Data Element(CDE)의 저장 포맷(ISO 11179)과 HL7 Template의 최신 동향  BioEMR
03-07 박유랑 Generating XML schemas for DICOM structured reporting templates.       J.Club

07-20 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (create template [Xperanto] Seminar
06-28 박유랑 Integrating MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE(Generating Template)    BioEMR
06-08 박유랑 Integrating MAGE-OM and CDA using CDE (first step: generating HL7 Template) [ClinInfo] Seminar
05-24 박유랑 Integration of MAGE-OM and CDA - 1 (modeling CDA template for clinical data in microarray)    BioEMR

05-16 서화정 Standard method for describing an electronic patient record template: application of XML to share domain knowledge       J.Club

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