SNUBI Research :: This Week  (9 talks satisfying date is from 2021-10-25 to 2021-10-30)
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25 안세환 Phylogenetic clustering results of T1GP  TopicSem
25 조원일 The relationship between Type 2 Diabetes patients & polyneuropathy(DPN) in UKBB [sampling]  TopicSem
26 조민아 Liftover using r package, rtracklayer  SysBiol
27 김나영 SMART Markers: Framework for Capturing Patient Generated Digital Endpoints  BioEMR
28 권호식 Adverse effects of Contrast Media  TopicSem
28 최선 Spine Segmentation for Automatic Diagnosis of Scoliosis     TopicSem
28 최선 Morphological Filtering & segmentation metrics  MAInfo
30 정문경 A simulation-based evaluation of machine learning models for clinical decision support: application and analysis using hospital readmission     J.Club
30 부은경 Polygenic basis and biomedical consequences of telomere length variation     J.Club

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