SNUBI Research :: This Week  (10 talks satisfying date is from 2020-07-06 to 2020-07-11)
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06 김지헌 RarePedia analysis of healthy individuals  TopicSem
06 유경훈 Comparative analysis of 12w Escitalopram/SSRI dose conditioning effects  TopicSem
06 안세환 Significant FSGPs estimating FDR  BioEMR
06 박유미 Genotype Data in UKBiobank  SysBiol
06 이우승 Somatic Mutation Filtering Result with Korea1KG  xMutant
09 권호식 Adverse Effects of Contrast Media   TopicSem
09 이우승 Uveal Melanoma Analysis  TopicSem
09 임영균 CAP grade analysis  MAInfo
11 윤선민 De novo variants in exomes of congenital heart disease patients identify risk genes and pathways     J.Club
11 김형준 Development of Comprehensive Personal Health Records Integrating Patient-Generated Health Data Directly From Samsung S-Health and Apple Health Apps     J.Club

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