SNUBI Research :: This Week  (10 talks satisfying date is from 2019-09-16 to 2019-09-21)
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16 채정환   TopicSem
16 권호식 Adverse Effects of Contrast Media  TopicSem
16 김주연 Examination of Stargazer through application to 1000 Genomes Project data  BioEMR
16 안세환 Subtype of Cell Lines in L1000 data  SysBiol
19 최선 Research plan for automatic systematic review  TopicSem
19 김재환 Pilot phase of GV-AT SNUBI development (naive user interface with a sample protocol)  TopicSem
19 윤선민 Analysis of genetic and clinical data in AML patients with prolonged neutropenia   xMutant
19 최선 google cloud platform  MAInfo
21 김재환 Multi-Gene Panel Testing of 23,179 Individuals for Hereditary Cancer Risk Identifies Pathogenic Variant Carriers Missed by Current Genetic Testing Guidelines     J.Club
21 박유미 Massive parallel variant characterization identifies NUDT15 alleles associated with thiopurine toxicity     J.Club

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