SNUBI Research :: This Week  (8 talks satisfying date is from 2022-01-17 to 2022-01-22)
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17 정문경 Malnutrition Indices (progress)  TopicSem
17 조원일 The NGS study of penicillin allergy history in UKBB[Topic selection]   TopicSem
18 부은경 Case study of thiopurine intolerance in IBD   SysBiol
20 이시은 ECG Labeling and Anomaly Detection  TopicSem
20 권호식 Candidate variants related with MTX-induced elevations in creatinine or MTX plasma concentrations  TopicSem
20 이우승 Mutational analysis of triple-negative breast cancer using targeted kinome sequencing  MAInfo
22 유준기 Exome variant discrepancies due to reference-genome differences     J.Club
22 이우승 The context-specific role of germline pathogenicity in tumorigenesis     J.Club

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