Jung Hun Ohn M.D.

jhohn2 at snu.ac.kr


What I pursue: Happiness of... people on Earth (not Mars... alien.wmf) and me^^

Ultimate Academic Goal: Systems Understanding of Life to Combat Human Disease...

Career Goal: Physician Scientist

Religion: Catholic

Date of Birth: 1976. 7. 12


2009. 9. - Ph.D. candidate, Molecular biology and Biopharmaceutical Sciences, WCU Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, Seoul National University (Supervisor: Kyongsoo Park)

2002. 3. - 2005. 2.   M.S. in bioinformatics, Interdisciplinary program for Bioinformatics, Seoul National University (Supervisor: Ju Han Kim)

1998. 3. - 2002. 2.   M.D., College of Medicine, Seoul National University

1996. 3. - 1998. 2.   Premedical Course, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University

Professional Experience

2007. 5. - 2011. 1.   Internal Medicine Residency (subspecialty in endocrinology), Seoul National University Hospital

2003. 3. - 2004. 2.   PGY1, Transitional Year Program (Intern), Seoul National University Hospital

2002. 3. - now          Researcher, Seoul National University Biomedical Informatics (SNUBI)

Military Service

2004. 3. - 2007. 3.   Republic of Korea Public Health Service

Research Topics


Biological Network Analysis (social analogy)

Combination and Re-use Problems in Cellular and Molecular Architectures.

Perturbation Data Analysis framework

Nano-biotechnology, molecular imaging and chemical genomics

Feedback and Control Systems (kinetic parameter estimation)

Microarray Data Analysis

 - Applications in Immunologic Issues

 - Applications in Hemato-Oncologic Issues

Transcriptional Control and Microarray


Diabetes and metabolic derangement

Altered Gene Expression Program in Diabetes (DGAP) - Transcriptomic level

Nuclear Receptor PPAR, LXR, RXR in insulin resistance and diabetes

Cell Signaling Insulin Signaling, Feedback Regulations in MAPK, PI3K, mTOR pathway

Macrovascular complications in diabetes

Microvascular complications in diabetes

Beta cell regeneration

U health (smart phone) in diabetes care

    MicroRNA in diabetes - Post-transcriptional level

    GWAS (genome-wide association study) for candidate gene finding in Diabetes - Phenotype vs. genotype level

Mitochondrial systems biology

Mitochondrial dynamics in degenerative disease



Papers, peer reviewed

Jung Hun Ohn, Jihun Kim and Juhan Kim, Genomic Characterization of Perturbation Sensitivity. Bioinformatics (2007), ISMB/ECCB 2007

Jung Hun Ohn, Jihun Kim and Juhan Kim, Exploring the Combinatorics of Protein Complexes. Proceedings of BIRD'07 Poster Sessions, Austrian Computer Society (2007)

Jung Hun Ohn, Jihoon Kim, and Juhan Kim, On the Society of Genome: Social Affiliation Network Analysis of Microarray Data. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) 4233: 1062-1071 (2006)

Hee-Joon Chung, Chan Hee Park, Mi Ryung Han, Seoko Lee, Jung Hun Ohn, Jihoon Kim, Jihoon Kim, Ju Han Kim, ArrayXPath II: mapping, visualizing and analyizing microarray gene expression data with biomedical ontologies and integrated pathway resources using Scalable Vector Graphics. Nucleic Acids Research 33:W621-W626 (2005)

Ohn JH, Kim J and Kim JH, Social network analysis of gene expression data. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2003; 958


M.S. Thesis  Title: Exploration of Affiliation Networks for Biologically Relevant Structures. (2005)


1. ISMB2003 poster

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