Zehwan Kim

(Okgu Kim before 2014.02)


B.S.: Kyungpook National University College of Engineering,
     Department of Electronic Engineering,
     Information Communication Major (Digital Communication) (1998.02)

M.S.: Seoul National University College of Natural Sciences,
     Interdisciplinary Program in Bioinformatics (2005.08)

M.D.: Kyungpook National University College of Medicine (2012.02)

Ph.D.: Seoul National University College of Medicine,
     Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Informatics (2019.02)

Research Interests and Current Work:


Biochemistry, Molecullar Cell Biology, Medicinal Chemistry

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Clinical Microbiology, Cancer, Pharmacology, and Pharmacogenetics

Pharmacoepidemiology (just interest)

PhactaX: Clinical Trial Process Management System Development
     (on development, funded by National Research Laborary Project
          of the Ministry of Science and Technology)



Professional Experience as M.D. (2012.03 ~ 2018.02):

Work Experience (1998.03 ~ 2005.08):

By Field

Laboratory Medicine:

Principal Database:

Principal Programming Languages:

High Performance Computing:

Distributed Computing:

Principal Web Server Script Language:

By Application


Assistant Tool (AT), Genomic variant Analysis Assistant Tool (GV-AT), Genomic variant Interpretation Assistant Tool (GI-AT)

PhactaX : A package of clinical trial data management programs and websites
     (at Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Trial Center)

Asset & Liability Management (ALM) System
     (at Samsung Life Insurance Corp., Enterprise Risk Management Team)

Database for Internet Phone Call Log Management
     (at Greathuman Corp., Server Development Team and as a Freelancer)

High-throughput Message Broker
     (at Greathuman Corp., Server Development Team)

Undergraduate Student Extracurricular Activity (1993.03 ~ 1998.02):

Hanulso Club (the 7th-term member)

Tiny Operating System (1993)

Guest Book Program (1993)

Usenet Data Retriever (1994)

X Window Graphic File Viewer, 'Hanaro'(1994 ~ 1995)

X Window Text Editor, 'Vada for X Window' (1994 ~ 1995)

Class Scheduler (1997)

Undergraduate Student Intern:

Telecommunication Lab.(1994~1995)

  • Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Protocol Study
  • Asynchoronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Protocol Study
  • Other Protocol Studies: FDDI, Token Ring (IEEE 802.5), Logical Link Control (LLC, IEEE 802.2), DQDB
  • Cryptography Lab.(1996)

  • RSA, DES, IDEA, Diffie-Hellman Cryptography and MD5 Hashing Implementation using C
  • Large-number manupulation (addition, multiplication, exponential, residue in Galois Field (GF)) Impelementation using C
  • Large Prime Number Generation Impelementation using C
  • Eliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Study
  • Discrete Logarithm Problem, Montgomery Algorithm, Euler and Euclid Theorem Study
  • Real-time and Embed Lab.(1997)

  • CORBA Programming using C
  • Database Programming (Oracle Database)
  • Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Study
  • Real-time Intrusion Detection Research
  • Undergraduate Student Research Project:

    Legacy-Transparent Crypto-Communication Program (1997)

  • Funded by Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Implemented symmetric and assymmetric cryptography algorithms
  • Transparent to legacy network communication clients and servers
         (different to telnet and ftp programs that use SSL with different TCP ports)
  • Operates in UNIX environment (Linux, AIX(IBM RS6000), Solaris(Sun Sparc20), Digital OS)