Network Medicine


 Background and motivation


(1) Limitation of prior researches on molecular biology and medicine

  1. Prior researches on molecular biology and medicine adopted the reductionistic approach which views each component of the human body - gene, protein, cell, an organ - with independent one.
  2. This approach has limitation - cannot identify complexity of phenomenon arisen by interaction between cellular components

(2) Necessity need of research on network medicine

  1. Network medicine is one of the biological and medical research areas that it views a life system with one large network to understand the role and function of each component in total biological system.
  2. It is new paradigm of biomedical research- overcome limitation of prior reductionistic molecular biology and medical researches through holistic and integrative approaches and identify the bases of life phenomenon.

(3) Main factors network medicine research available

  1. Emergence of high throughput technologies : next generation sequencing, microarray and etc - accumulation of database for massive biomedical data
  2. Accumulation of database for massive biomedical data
  3. Developing of various tools for analysis of genomic data
Objective target for the research


(1) Molecular network

  1. protein-protein interaction network
  2. metabolic network
  3. regulatory network
  4. RNA network
  5. Perturbation network: pharmacology network, stress response network

(2) Disease or phenome network

  1. Disease-gene network : Diseasome
  2. Environmental-gene network : Etiome

(3) social network

Expected effect


(1)Basic life science

  1. Identify of characteristics of cellular component, evolution, and life itself
  2. Discover features of disease and drug target genes

(2) Clinical science

  1. Excavate expected/prognosis factor of diseases
  2. Predict drug responsiveness and adverse drug reaction
  3. Manage infectious diseases

(3) Industrial market

  1. Develop new drugs
  2. Drug repositioning