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04-15 송영수 Whole Genome-Wide Association Study Using Affymetrix SNP Chip: A Two-Stage Sequential Selection Method to Identify Genes That Increase the Risk of Developing Complex Diseases  BookReading

01-08 김도균 A framework for integration of probe-level data from heterogeneous microarray platforms (SNP chip)  Seminar

12-22 박찬희 AffyMetrix 500k SNP Chip Genotyping & LD statistics 분석 예  Seminar
12-08 김도균 System outline from Affy 500K SNP chip data [SNP500K] Seminar
12-01 박찬희 Pairwise Linkage Disequilibrium Statistic from Affx 500K snp chip data [snp chip500k] Seminar
11-08 박찬희 Modified Cluster index approach for storing SNP Chip Data  Seminar
11-06 박찬희 SNP 분석방법 및 Databasing 방안 [SNP500kSNP CHIP] Seminar
05-15 조성범 SNP Chip analysis  Seminar
04-24 조성범 SNP Chip Analysis  Seminar

10-11 우정훈 Extensive information for SNP chip analysis  xMutant

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